Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lost Score Revisited 4

Join Jimmy as he examines the music of "Expose", before throwing us into a catfight! It's the naughtiest Lost Score Revisit to date, and it's all Aaron Spelling's fault!

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Lost Score Revisited 4


Ralph- said...


t-dot kim said...

...ahhh, I'm 2.

Look forward to it James

t-dot kim said...

Great stuff Jimmy! I enjoyed that. Although I'm not completely sold on the Rump Shaker Theme.

I agree with the Kate vs. Juliet catfight comments. Promos have a way of fooling us. I saw a Canadian promo earlier tonight and it was...different...than the US one. However, I'd like to see Kate come out on top. (I know, I know, that's what she said)

I loved it.

PS> Also, was born in the 80s and I remember watching Dynasty.

Ralph- said...

it shows up throughout the episode. if you listen to when Nikki is running through the jungle at the begining of the episode, you hear it again.

Jimmy said...


I agree Ralph. Yes, there was so much talk of girlfighting I just thought I'd honor the blogspot.

Fucking loved Dynasty!

memphish said...

Happy Birthday Palmer!

I hope all your presents are covered in Dharma Whipped Topping and there are at least 2 girls who can wipe it on themselves as you unwrap each present.


memphish said...

Today in preparation for Left Behind we can get Wrestler Names. Mine is Velvet Blondzilla. Appropriate I am a blonde.

Velvet aka Holli

stephsmith said...

Palmer, I sincerely hope you're left satisfied and smiling tonight. Happy Birthday.
All this Rumble in the Jungle talk is reminding me of Krystal and Alexis battling it out in the fountain.
There is no way it can live up to our expectations.

Lil' Vendetta

B. Linus said...

my wrestler name is insane animal adonis. great show as usual jimmy.

PalmerEldritch said...

Headhunter Rhino here.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I'm about to dive into some coffee and donuts. Mmmm...

Not Krispy Kreme but Dunkin' Donuts will do.

Jimmy, excellent segment. Loved the TOS music. Ben and I were talking about that the other day. If they sample that music, I'll laugh my ass off. The whole segment was podcasting gold. Thanks for such an enjoyable commute this morning.

/girlfriend's wrestler name is Soul Sister Pandora... ga-row!

memphish said...

Great show Jimmy. I cannot get Rumpshaker out of my head now. I blame Ralph. I'm going to rewatch and listen to the first and second Jack and Ethan fights. Maybe that background music will repeat for the female us vs. them match-up.

Holli (Velvet)

aimee in little rock said...

Rump shaker theme...love it!

Happy Lostnesday Birthday Palmer!

- Mistress Wildcat

Blogger2 is gay - i am Teej, hear me roar said...

Is there a prize for 13th?

Headhunter Angel of Death is my wrestler name. Shite - i'm as skinny as Mr Bean, can't say i'd be very good at wrestling.

During my college years, me and some mates came up with Mexican drug dealer name, mine was Timino Jellymanianos, hence the Manianos gamer tag i have on XBOX Live, and the various other call signs i have.
Ah, college, what a waste of time that was.

elias said...

Great little episode again Jimmy. I backed Juliet too.