Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Losties: The End

Kimberley and Aimee are preparing for the final Losties awards podcast, and most likely, the final episode of TLI as well.

Email us your votes to!

1. Best Episode (besides the finale!)
2. Worst Episode
3. Best Death Scene
4. Best New Character
5. The 'Snake in the Mailbox' Award (for the biggest OMG moment!)
6. The Chuck Norris Achievement Award (for excellence in ass-kicking)
7. Hottest Male Character
8. Hottest Female Character
9. Best Villain
10. The Tear-Jerker Award
11. Most Changed Character
12. Most Annoying Character

** Feel free to add any additional categories and comments for either season 6 or all-time!

Namaste, bitches!