Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bitches

Ten years ago, Oceanic 815 crashed into 18.65 million televisions, and the modern geek was born. 

This was before the days of smartphones and tablets and Netflix binges. We suffered together through 8-month hiatuses, writer's strikes, and Nikki and Paolo. 

In September 2004, a Google search of the word "podcast" produced 24 results. Today, there are 23,100,000. By March 2009, six of the top ten tv/film podcasts were Lost-related. The other four were NPR, filmspotting, screenwriting, and porn. That's right, people wanted to talk about Lost more than porn.

We developed the most intensely loyal fan community the world had ever seen since Trekkies. We collaborated on a global scale during ARGs, fought against American Idol, and made the fucking President's State of the Union Address our bitch.

We were dorks before dorks were cool. We made geek sexy, and turned obsession into an artform.

Happy Birthday, Losties. And of course, Namaste, bitches.