Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Answers Vol. I

Craig is sans martini class.
Dylan is holding martini glass, or is that plastic?

To answer Chad's questions:
1. do you guys have innies or outies?
* To my knowledge, both Dylan and I have innies.

2. where do you guys work?/how do you feel your days?
* Dylan is a Enterprise Content Consultant for an adult novelty company. Craig is an "on-air personality" on the KKWD morning radio show in Oklahoma City (market 53 if you're keeping score.) And as far as 'how do we FEEL our days,' we feel relatively content about them.

3. are your guys married and do you have kids?
*Neither heave been married, nor have kids.

4. screw numbering
* What a douchey thing to say.

_how long have you known each other?
We met the summer of 1998 at AMC Theatres Memorial Square 8 in OKC. Our first conversation was about "There's Something About Mary" promotional hair gel the studio sent to the theatre. The hair gel was passed on to us by our good friend Ryan Howard who, coincidentally, used to drive a gold Pontiac Bonneville.

_what kind of equipment do you use to record your podcasts?
*We record at the Citadel Broadcasting complex at which I work. Production Room Three has two Shure SM7B Studio microphones and we use Cool Edit Pro to "chop it up" (it's an industry term, a lame industry term at that.)

_i'm lactose intolerant. are you?
*Dylan has minor allergies and is allergic to bannanas, Craig has a bad ass immune system.

Chad: Not a Douche

The title "douche" (and choad) is offically retracted from association with Mr. Newsome and his likeness. Chad got "digital attitude" engraved on his new iPod.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Questions and Salutations

You don't just have to send us theories, recipes, poetries, etc. Email us questions you would like answered. Keep in mind we will only answer the extremely personal ones. Also if you would like to know what the monster really is just ask.

Make sure to tell us what town/city you live in and/or what college/university you attend/graduated from/root for during the tournament, and we will salute/shout out your haven/hamlet.


Thursday, November 24, 2005


A chatter-free MYOKoM w/ SaS

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Eko's Stick

Here's the image rotated so you can read easier.

What's he carving?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Other 48 Days

You mean I've got to put up with an hour with these guys?

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