Thursday, November 24, 2005


A chatter-free MYOKoM w/ SaS

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alex said...

myokom sounds like a perscription drug. and it's got sas(s)? i can be down with that.

Chad said...

hey guys, i just ordered a new ipod and i got the words "digital attitude" laser engraved on the back. i hope this changes the opinion of people who think i'm a douche. i mean seriously, if iwas a douche, would i have an ipod that says digital attitude on the back.... i think not.....

chad: not douche
alex:mega super ultra douche

aimee in little rock said...

Laser engraving "digital attitude" is kind of a douche-y thing to do. That's kind of on the same level as giving yourself a nickname.

alex said...

haha. tell em, aimee.

Chad said...


Katie said...

Hey guys,

Your podcast makes me laugh out loud while I'm working in my lab (neuroscience) and makes me look crazy in a lab studying, well, craziness. Way to undermine my work!

The Transmission: Great informative podcast.

MYOKOM with SAS: Makes me pee my pants whilst duplicating brain receptor DNA.

Too bad my labmates don't watch LOST or my iPod would be hooked up to the shoddy sound system they have rigged up. Oh well, more for me.

I thought you would like to know what the crawler on the bottom on the screen says here. (This is from WPVI, the Philadelphia ABC affiliate, since I'm home for Thanksgiving; Boston ABC affiliate crawlers can be supplied later): Snow in the forecast! (We got, literally, 3 seconds of snow here. Last winter in Boston, we were getting 2 feet of snow at a time...WHAT PUSSIES!) Ok, it doesn't look so funny now that I've typed it out, but I thought it was funny. But I guess it isn't.

Also, those Chuck Norris jokes are gold.

Keep up the great work.

~Katie from South Jersey living in Boston

(I live five blocks from Fenway Park coincidentally so I see Curt Schilling in every embarrasing bloody sock pose EVER...SAS > Curt Schilling)

PS: MYOKOM does sound like a prescription drug, but aren't prescription drugs the best kind? (I would know)

Anonymous said...

alex and chad = douches

chad said...

that's mean, and uncalledfor. alex and are the only ones who can accuse others of douchery.

Mike said...

Katie, I love girls that pee their pants.