Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Other 48 Days

You mean I've got to put up with an hour with these guys?

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Steve said...

You guys rock! You have created a very funny and sometimes informative podcast.

I noticed you were having a little trouble with your sign off so I thought I'd give you my opinion on how you could wrap it up.

Since you both have a slight case of tangentitis I thought it would be really funny if you just fade out over your conversation. The idea came to me when you started talking about Back To The Future. I just started laughing and thought it would be hilarious if it faded out. It probably wouldn’t have been funny on the first tangent, it probably has to be the third or so, and the fade out would act as if the listener gave up on you because obviously you’re done talking about lost. Anyway, just a thought, take it or leave it.

Keep up the good work; I'll keep listening because I’m sure you’ll keep talking.

Steve from Toronto

DesmondsBrother said...

You guys have the worst Lost podcast out there. I accidently downloaded your piece of trash when I thought I was downloading LostCasts. Now there is a real podcats with some real thought behind it. How about more content and less of you two morons blowing each other. You guys suck so hard it is unbelieveable. I award you no points. And we are all stupider for having listened to your podcast.

Tom said...

Hi guys: I like your podcast, I've been subscribing for a few weeks, but the music that you play beneath your voices is completely distracting. For one thing, it's too loud compared with the level of your voices to be able to concentrate on what you're saying. But beyond that, it's just uneccessary and annoying. I end up fast-forwarding, hoping to find the spots where there's no music.

Forgive me if this is a subject you've addressed before, but even if you have, it needs to be brought up again. For example, go back in your "What Kate Did" episode and listen around the 39 and 40 minute marks. It's like two people at a party trying to have a conversation by talking loudly over the band.

Intro music, transitional music, sure, but why throughout the show? Please make it stop. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Thanks, and otherwise keep up the good work.

Tom in Seattle

Jesus H. Christ said...

I think LostCasts bid to get more listeners by posting fake comments on the websites of the other podcasts is pretty fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are so funny that I don't mind and actually enjoy when you go of topic. You're the podcast is for the Lost loving non-geeks.

Long live MYOKOMWSAS!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you're awesome, plain and simple, but I recently heard on your show from Cliff, your first audio comment, that the woman that wanted to adopt Aaron and Desmond's girlfriend were the same girl. I disagree, but the woman on the boat that threw the "bomb" onto the raft at the end of Exodus, Pt. 2, is definitly (sp?) the same as Desmond's girlfriend.

Tim in Boston