Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Eko's Stick

Here's the image rotated so you can read easier.

What's he carving?


Mike Hollywood/Industry said...

Just as important, what's he carving it with? Did he come across some artifact? Does he know something about primitive tools?

Catoms said...

a little off topic but had a link to but never worked out. I searched for catoms and found this:

TINY robots that can turn into any shape - from a replica human to a banana to a mobile phone - are being developed by scientists in the United States.

The new science of claytronics, which will use nanotechnology to create tiny robots called catoms, should enable three-dimensional copies of people to be 'faxed' around the world for virtual meetings.

A doctor could also consult with a patient over the phone, even taking their pulse by holding the wrist of the claytronic replica, reports New Scientist.


Ralph- said...

I think that he is marking down things he wants to remember.