Monday, November 28, 2005

Questions and Salutations

You don't just have to send us theories, recipes, poetries, etc. Email us questions you would like answered. Keep in mind we will only answer the extremely personal ones. Also if you would like to know what the monster really is just ask.

Make sure to tell us what town/city you live in and/or what college/university you attend/graduated from/root for during the tournament, and we will salute/shout out your haven/hamlet.



colin_cristopher said...

ok, i'll kick off.

i'm colin and i'm from desmonds neck of the woods, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND.

a question, a question?

why don't you post your mugshots so we can put names to faces? or are they too horrific?

up to you, mahalo and aloha (shit, wrong blog)

namaste and good luck.

Aaron said...

About the music volume. I also experienced a similar problem with the music drowning out your speech. I stuck it out but it was very distracting. So not just the guy you mentioned in your last podcast. BTW, I actually enjoy the rambling...but expect less of it when Lost resumes with the new episodes. BTW 2, I listen to most of the Lost podcasts you mentioned with my favorite being The Transmissions (again, I still dig your rambling. the bit about your teacher with the roy rogers gear... :) I also listen to Ricky Gervais, Democracy Now, and Diggnation. One more thing...about the music you play, I'd suggest tunes without vocals as they distract from your conversations. The new Boards of Canada is pretty cool...may not be appropriate "Lost" material but there you have it. Peace.