Monday, February 25, 2008

TLI: Eggtown

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Aimee & Kimberley of TLI discuss "Eggtown", the Kate-centric episode. Someone's been keeping a secret...

Also check out MB's spoiler blog for spoiler discussions, but please keep the SaS blogspot spoiler-free!

Enjoy Responsibly!!!

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t-dot kim said...

"Eggtown" Playlist:

Criminal - Fiona Apple
I've Got Your Picture - Patsy Cline
Bad Girl - Madonna
Guilty As Charged - Dave Matthew Band
Xanadu - Oliva Newton John & ELO
Keeping The Faith - Billy Joel
Tease Me Tonight - Aaron Hall
Bad Girls - Donna Summers
Small Town - John Cougar Mellencamp
***Surprise Alternate Opening Song***

andrew. said...


Chris JC said...

Turned on iTunes and there you were, all ready to surprise me! That follow up to my teaser call will have to wait, I guess - you'll have longer to wonder what I was talking about ;)

Chris JC said...

Hey, good news Aimee!


Chris JC said...

AIOKC, I guess :D

memphish said...

Way to spoil TLI Chris! JK. Welcome back Aimee! Good job ladies. So happy to have you in my ears.


Chris JC said...

I was concerned about that when I posted it, but then - like Doctor Emmett L. Brown - I figured: what the hell?

redrabbitblue said...

PalmerEldritch said...
i've figured out the 31 minute discrepancy between the freighter and the island!

They were in the middle of daylight savings time!

memphish said...

Aimee: All I have to do is stay in one position one or two years.

Holli: TWSS.

PalmerEldritch said...

new thread? jordan and i had a pretty good discussion of the skankiest My Little Ponies ever going on in the last thread.

i present (again): Struts!

rrb, i stand by the timezone theory. that'd be so awesome if they explained it away like that and everyone on the show accepted it.

oooh! new TLI. i'll have to hook my headphones up to the laptop and listen while trying to look busy.

Chris JC said...

I saw the Struts discussion. In fact - I emailed the link to my wife. Subject line? "Whorses".

PalmerEldritch said...

you beat me to that joke by mere moments! luckily i'd already e-mailed my girlfriend with the joke before i read your post. :)

Stephanie said...

Kimberley, you make those glasses look so good.

redrabbitblue said...

I just found this awsome site with a bunch of awsome poles I wont anwsaer 1 and i think 6 or 7 cause it takes too much thought but i think polls are a good time! specialy when you get a lot of people involved :)

redrabbitblue said...

WOW how the hell did I underline 8:45 as a link? Don't anwser I'm sure its obvious but Hey cheack out
8:45..way cooler then 8.15

redrabbitblue said...

Memphish or any of ya'all did you find the way kate talked about "aaron" way more possesive then may have needed to be? it almost was like she thought Aaron was born from her? Probly just Tues. read in it too much cause I've been thinkin about it since last fri. AM!

Trevor McFur said...

"i think polls are a good time! specialy when you get a lot of people involved :)"

Where's Ally when you need her?

OK ... TWSS!

redrabbitblue said...

I'm sorry Ally please come and make fun of me:)
I was standin on a corner one day when a girl came up on me and said .HeyShort Small and Bald why are you not ...

I need help.(I'm not funny)

MB said...

Right on Aimberly! Thanks for the new show - listening now!

Denass - your dog is f'in hilarious :D That was awesome - can't wait to show it to the daughter and wife.

Spoiler seg will be up late tonight or tomorrow folks. Rock on.

Trevor McFur said...

I third the hilarity of beagle vs. blower. Makes me want ot go out and buy a leaf blower just to see my own beagles react.

memphish said...

RRB, I think Kate's dialogue about her son, the baby, etc. was pretty forced throughout the whole episode but just in order to maintain the ending. Nothing more to read into it other than that. ABC apparently put up a video podcast with Evangeline Lilly discussing it, but then took it back down I don't know why. But EL says she doesn't know how Kate has come into possession of Aaron, kidnapping, given him, etc. But she makes it pretty clear it is Claire's Aaron.

Also in that video Kris says there will not be an audio OLP with Damon and Carlton this week.

And Ralph, next week the video podcast is supposed to feature the props dude who I think is the guy you think played Jacob. His name is Rob Kuiker (sp?).


MB said...

CONGRATS Aimee! Very cool. MYOKOMwSAS comes full circle - lol - awesome.

MB said...

LMAO - WTF is that suprise song?!? That's awesome!
(I'm old - everyone else probably knows it right?)


t-dot kim said...

Thanks Steph!

MB, you can thank Jordan for that song. It's his favourite song of all time! :P

PalmerEldritch said...

that alternate opening was a TLI valentine to the fans.

kim, the glasses look nice. but do they come in focused?

FutureAlly said...

i feel like i don't ever come on here anymore. thanks for picking up the twss slack, trevor.

i have yet to listen to dharmalars and now there's new TLI? it'll be a sweet afternoon in ally's ears.

can't wait to hear the "surprise song" but who needs a surprise song when you have xanadu?

elias said...

I won't spoil it but it was a great easter egg at the end. also - good to have Aimee back.


PalmerEldritch said...

Bored at work? Not any more!

PalmerEldritch said...

damn good point, elias. welcome back, aimee. it was a lot of fun to have you back. good luck with the surprise that Chris ruined for all of internetica. can't blame him though. he's five hours in the future when we all already knew.

Chris JC said...

In the same way that I don't read the episode discussions until the episodes have been on, I don't look at these until I've heard the podcasts, so assumed the same for all - apologies.

Although that future excuse is also pretty good.

PalmerEldritch said...

nah, dont worry. it was just an excuse to make the future excuse.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Geez. Slow day at ol' blogspot.

Yeah, I tried to get Kimb to use that song as the open. I felt it was quite appropriate given Sawyer's getting stonewalled this past ep. MB, the artist's name is Afroman & the song is titled "She Won't Let Me". Truly a modern day "Don Giovanni".

Palmer, You find out how sucky the Lost game is yet? I can't find anything on it. Usually that's not a good sign.

Jordan from the 206 said...

The other song I suggested for the open was "Brenda's Got a Baby" by 2Pac.


Got aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


PalmerEldritch said...

positive Via Domus review

but that's about the only one besides the video review of the guy who thought it sucked monkeybutt from a thread a coupla days ago.

Jordan from the 206 said...

To give her credit, Kimbo did use my other suggestion for the open. Even if it was the tamest of the bunch. lol.

Hmmm. That review is much more flattering than that video one somebody posted on here the other day.

DenAss said...

redrabbitblue, your post inspired me to think about other awesome poles. I then came across this and this.

palmer, MB and Trevor, glad you liked the beagle vs. blower clip. I've been meaning to get that on video for a long time. It's even funnier in person. Who knew a dog's cheeks could expand that big? Unless of course you've ever given a dog CPR before. Not that I've ever done that of course.

also, MB: Love the Aimberly gloss. Brilliant!

Aimee, congrats on your announcement. I won't spoil it for those that haven't either heard or figured it out yet.

And as for Lost... I'm really starting to wonder where the show is going with all of the references to "other world" type places e.g. Alice in Wonderland, Xanadu, etc... Is this going to be something that can be explained scientifically? Science Fictitiously? Completely fictitiously?

And seriously, no Cuseloff this week? How will I ever understand what's going on now? Their forthcoming insight will be sorely missed. That, and the hilarity of their no-pants jokes. I never get tired of those.

DenAss said...

TLI: Eggtown

28:38 Kim "Maybe Sayid has traveled in and out of the wormhole"


redrabbitblue said...

I do have to say I'm behind the first pole..s work ethic:)denass.
Thanks Memphish the dialoge seemed funny but I guess it was plot importanent( I need a frickin dictionairy:)
I own one afroman song and it's in a folder with cheach and chong:)
And thanks Palmer I will not be bored at home now As i ride this skate board into a wall over and over.

DenAss said...

ok, I messed up the youtube link in my previous post. sorry. here is the correct link for "Beagle vs. Blower.


redrabbitblue said...

Redrabbit goes all brainy on ya all.

"There is another interesting possibility for breaking the light-barrier by an extension of the Casimir effect. Light in normal empty space is " slowed" by interactions with the unseen waves or particles with which the quantum vacuum seethes. But within the energy-depleted region of a Casimir cavity, light should travel slightly faster because there are fewer obstacles. A few years ago, K. Scharnhorst of the Alexander von Humboldt University in Berlin published calculations4 showing that, under the right conditions, light can be induced to break the usual light-speed barrier. Under normal laboratory conditions this increase in speed is incredibly small, but future technology may afford ways of producing a much greater Casimir effect in which light can travel much faster. If so, it might be possible to surround a space vehicle with a " bubble" of highly energy-depleted vacuum, in which the spacecraft could travel at FTL velocities, carrying the bubble along with it. "

So iguess this is the bubble I see and here mentioned from time to time very interesting stuff I could see the island surrounded in a casimir bubble.

redrabbitblue said...

Try antcity

Jellymanianos said...

And to celebrate, i found this: Minus Garfield

Chris JC said...

Wow, Jellyman, that's insane.

I'd previously encountered the concept of removing Garfield's speech bubbles (in accordance with accepted Garfield lore that Jon can't ACTUALLY hear what the cat is thinking - so it's a way of us seeing it from Jon's point of view). But to remove the character entirely? Jon is suddenly even more terrifying.

The ones I meant are here:


I think there must have been legal problems as they are now redrawn rather than edits of existing Garfield strips.

Brennan said...

Happy Birthday Aimee!!!

Chris JC said...

Woop! Another round of February Birthday.

Y'know - it's densely birthed considering it's the shortest month.

I'm guessing there isn't much else for a couple to do in May of the preceding year.