Friday, February 08, 2008

Dharmalars: Confirmed Dead

Ben and Ralph are back in full force. It's probably Lost podcasting at it's finest, maybe. Join them as they discuss the multi flashback episode "Confirmed Dead"!! Jimmy gives examples of a common musical technique used to convey tension and we get some Fantastic calls from some of our most loyal fans. Did we mention Fan Karaoke?

What Happened to You- The Offspring
The Miracle - Queen
Fill the Void - Oingo Boingo
Final Countdown - Michael Giacchino
Then She Did - Jane's Addiction
Theme to the Tiki Wonder Hour - Combustible Edison
Joanna - Dre "Callin' out of La"

Click Below To Listen:
Confirmed Dead


Ralph- said...

you are probably going to want to skip directly to the last chapter!!!

PalmerEldritch said...

it's past 1 AM but i can give that last chapter a try before i go to bed.

holy god. this is going to be awesome.

PalmerEldritch said...

ok, that fan karaoke was a fuckload of fun.

hat's off to Dre.

now, off to bed where i'll have "Joanna" stuck in my head all night.

Ralph- said...


memphish said...

Man nothing's better than a Saturday morning with Dre, calling out of LA.


redrabbitblue said...

Awsome job from Dre he should sing a song every week! I was rockin out. To bad sorry Mary

Malcolm said...

im listening now. im in the middle of the jimmy segment. great show, you guys.

Malcolm said...

i looked up that picture of ben on lostpedia after ralph said there was nothing plugged into the computer, and the files name is "Ben you've been punked.jpg" high five lostpedia.

Chris JC said...

I will stick on my newly arrived Dharmalars T-shirt (in "terrifyingly fat bloke" size) to listen to this.

It's VERY yellow, isn't it?

SMKGrl said...


That was the greatest thing EVER!! Seriously. I wanna party with Dre. Words can't describe how awesome that was. Please...DRE....please don't ever stop calling in. You're all aces.

I think I'll be laughing for quite awhile. That just made my flippin day.

Silent Bob said...

ok, so, in the title credits, i find it odd that 3 of the four new characters are main cast members, but a certain one of them is not.
does that mean that this character is going to die, or just drift out of the picture. hmm. sorry if someone already said this. i havent been on the blogspot in a while.

oh, and yeah. dre, that was awesome.

dharmalars, screw the bad reviews. the one about the phone calls was stupid. they gave you a bad review basically because they wanted you to comment on the calls, which you usually do on the next show anyways. i love the dharmaline. i might skip it the first time, and then go back and listen to it again later, or whatever. and for that other douchebag, FUCK YOU! the dharmalars are fucking funny as shit, and making a reference to an old tv show is a joke. if it makes me nearly fall down laughing, its a fucking joke. sorry for the language. once again, keep up the good work guys.

and thirditively, never listened to the transmission in the past, but after you guys mentioned it, im listening now, and theyre great. please keep up the good work. now if only myokom with sas would come back too. *hint hint*

Ralph- said...

i am going to head over to myspace and let dre know that you all love the singing and tell him that he needs to come over to the blogspot!

PalmerEldritch said...


first thing in my head when i was waking up. man, that's a fun song. and Dre's rendition was even more fun. funner?

now, i have to listen to the rest of the podcast. and the Transmission. and Jay and Jack.

already listened to the latest from Ripples Dip though.

PalmerEldritch said...

Landocalrissan Butler barely makes it out of Death Star alive.

Is Landocalrissan as good a name as Monkeytron?

stephsmith said...

ralph-, I have previously extended an invitation to Dre to join his fan club over here at the blogspot.
I'd really like to record a karaoke of The Pina Colada Song but sadly I have Vista.

Chris JC said...

Does having Vista preclude one from getting caught in the rain and making love at midnight?

stephsmith said...

That among many other things.

Chris JC said...

I'm going to start the idea that Charlotte is the "man" on Ben's boat.

She's looking for him and has a picture, sits in a group with him for ages and makes no mention - even turning her back on him?

She seems to be the only one wearing a bullet proof vest and, whaddaya know, needs it immediately?

Admittedly there's the truth that she couldn't know where she was going to come down, but I've learnt to look the other way for LOST, and I'll take this one coincidence out of three than those other two out of three - it's a percentage difference that I can't ignore.

Michael could turn out to be ON the freighter, but who knows?

Basically, all the fan speculation leads to Michael, so I'd like to offer a semi-realistic alternative area for discussion.

memphish said...

Chris, I'm with you that it isn't Michael, but my theory is Ben's "man" is Regina. I don't think Michael has it in him to learn all those details about CS Lewis. Miles freaks about the possibility that Dan's going to tell Jack his last name, why would he tell Michael his birthdate? But maybe Michael got Frank drunk and learned it all.


Chris JC said...

Mikhail was still in business up until a couple of hours before (and may still be) so the lion's share of what Ben knows about the NPBers has likely come from him, same as everyone else.

redrabbitblue said...

I just got over the polar bears jumping islands now i have to think of them chillin in the desert with collars on..I got it there dharma dogs so fathfull are they, that they search the world looking for there masters...
oohhh good polar bear here boy i got a fish bisquit.
Nono thats my arm bad polar bear bad...

Ralph- said... is making some changes! are you on the front page?



DenAss said...

aw hell, if no one else is gonna do it ...


DenAss said...

btw, everyone else is saying Michael could be "the man" on the freighter. What about the "little man" that saved Locke's ass. Walt.

Maybe he's Ben's Man on the boat.

Maybe he's communicating with Ben through Jacob.

Maybe I've been hittin' the blunt with Dre again...

memphish said...

I was so going to take a picture of my shirt in a drawer after that last podcast and someone beat me to it. Dang.

I like the Walt theory too because he could read the Freighties minds and get all those details and then mind them over to Ben or something freaky like that.

Taller Ghost Walt -- bring it on.


PalmerEldritch said...

the polar bears in Tunisia where just looking for some Jawas to eat.

that's a LOST reference and a Star Wars filming location reference in one fell swoop. one gigantically nerdy fell swoop.

denass, welcome the hell back. long time no see. very cool to have you back around the blogspot.

sweet new main page, Dharmalars.

p.s. boobs.

Chris JC said...

Still going with Charlotte. I don't really subscribe to it, but want to see how workable it is. Factor in her reaction to 815's "discovery" and the Hydra station collar coupled with the fact that, assming Ben REALLY has someone on the boat, he doesn't mind revealing this fact right in front of her.

I'm not normally one for the theories, so I'm just seeing how long I can sustain this.

producer ryan said...

Yeah. I can't think of Tunisia without thinking of Star Wars...or this afternoon's feature on Colorization Theater: Two for Tunisia.

DenAss said...

Thanks, Palmer. Nice to be back here with some new Lost episodes to talk about too.

Maybe this has already been discussed, but with the strike apparently ending, has anyone heard from Cuseloff of season 4 will be 16 episodes now? It kinda feels like they would just barely have enough time to get back to production and bang out eight more (TWSS - couldn't resist) before summer break. (Just like High School) ;-)

Alirio said...


The only reason I was able to get a picture of my shirt in a drawer out so fast was that I was folding laundry while listening to the show :-)

Puckett said...

One thing that's been bothering me is when Sayid goes to make a call on Miles' phone he says "What can it hurt?" to which Miles replies "Oh, it can hurt!" Did anyone else notice that or think it's something we should be speculating about?

redrabbitblue said...

So he ( mr bear) died from eating to meny jawas
not enough jawas
or all jawas

redrabbitblue said...

Thank You for the edit job Ralph. An undharmalars like move sensoring the people....but a very wise one in this case. If there was more...i cant say for sure. great show i dig all your great insight in the stuff that lost fans can't find on all the other shows. The accurate facts, the use of swear words, the second by second recap.
Boobs (a very big part of lost).
The very fact that you, Ben,and prodcucer(of the year Ryan, sorry Jay)can stay on target with out straying away from topic is applaudable.
The jokes always on target with stuff i don't get or have yet sceene!!!
The entusiastic review of new and old movies that make me go see things i would not normaly Know About ect.ect.
Brick...won of the best movies i have seen in a few years!
All in All Thanks Ben Ralph and let us not forget Dr. Giggles .
Screw bad reviews

In the future Ralph if Jorge Garcia calls in to the Dharmaline..And some nut case (like me) is babbling half sense (some stuff understanable/most not) ERASE HIS DUMB ASS!!!!
save him from being the idiot you have to listen to before you get to the good stuff..
Thank You'all everybody and morning

Polar Bear Questions coming soon..Tansinia far from east coast of ausstraila????

PalmerEldritch said...

Tasmania? South of Australia
Tanzania? South of Kenya
Tunisia? Northern Africa

drunk posting and typing "Tansinia"? priceless

seriously though, Tunisia in northern africa is where Baroness Charlotte Von Snootypants found the polar bear.

i think Mr. Bear must have died from not chewing his Jawa properly. sure, they're bite sized but they can still get stuck in your windpipe.

those both are potential TWSSs. :\

redrabbitblue said...

I was sorrta sober at the time:( my spelling as i've said ...very bad Any way lets find the bear problem anwser!!!...
The prick head cusaloff will not let me droop iittt
I tried..I said to my self look at all the other ?'s hatches,monsters,locke the dog wisperer? ben the WANTED? I thought kate?
So I calm my crazy brain with the small questions...why would the polar bears go from one island to an other..Simple question..Nooo Anwsers came..Then I got a post on this blog (could not find it in recent posts mus've been older...) from the blue ray dvd extra's with a polar bear anwser from EVERYbodys fav. CusssA loff..Not going to get into it other then to say the having babys on the island is or was solved with the Polar bears!! thats my insanity and i thought i was sticken to it but tommorow is a nother day!?

Ralph- said...

Ha ha...Redrabbit!!

Here is the thing about the Dharmaline... I PLAY ALL CALLS...with the exception of 2. i think that you were only the 3rd person to not have their call played.

BUT, i had to play some of your calls. the reason being, The Dharmaline is an excercise in self control. Many a lessons have been learned on the dharmaline. People hear themselves and think, Wow i should probably tone it down if i ever call in again... ha haaa. i love the dharmaline. it can be a real bitch sometimes.

incidentally, the only two calls i have not played on the show are 1) some kid who called in who was way too young to be participating in a show that is so foul mouthed. I told the kid in an email that he can sneak the dharmalars past his parents like playboys, but he couldnt be a part of the show. 2) some dude called in and was fucked up wasted and was talking about getting into girls pants and then proceeded to give his phone number.

sooo..... there is some calls that get cut out, but for the most part, once you make the call, you are out there for the world to see. : )

I have very little control over what goes on in that segment!

Dre from LA said...

Sup ppl, I'm glad you guys like the song. I was gonna send another but I cannot find the instrumental.. so when I do, I will kick it out baby. Hey I'm diggin the new look on also

Chris JC said...

Fuck me! It's Dre!

Hello Dre!

PalmerEldritch said...

welcome to the blogspot, dre.

wow. Ramsays' Kitchen Nightmares is on BBC America in the other room and, boy howdy, that dude can swear up a storm. he's not a very happy guy, eh?

Jordan from the 206 said...

Dre, Welcome!


producer ryan said...

Thanks, Dre. For everything, really.

Ralph and I worked on the site yesterday afternoon. It's only a beginning, and there are opportunities for improvement. The big thing is that the site is now more easy for us to upgrade and update; something that wasn't really possible before.

Look for improvements in the coming days.

Jordan from the 206 said...

So I watched Shoot Em Up last night. HA HA HA! What a ridiculous totally nonsensical stupid yet oddly enjoyable movie. lol. It was like Children of Men meets Kill Bill meets Kung Fu Hustle meets something with A LOT of guns. I suggest it if you can stand something totally ridiculous and that never stops. And the explanation for plot, HA!

Jordan from the 206 said...

Nice vid Ralph.

Somebody needs to make a picture of them in their Dharmalars shirt running from a swarm of bees. That would be hilarious.

memphish said...

There should be Benny Hill music in the background of that right Jordan?

Welcome Dre!

Good job Ryan!

Making LOST, not as easy as you might think as Josh Holloway says. How fit do you stay for all those shirt-off scenes?
Staying in shape is part of playing Sawyer. But they would give me three days' notice and I was, like, 'Come on, guys, I'm not 25 years old any more. You have to give me at least six days'. Now I have my moles in the production team who call me and go 'Dude, shirt-off coming up'.


Dre from LA said...

Thank you guys for the great show. Producer Ryan i know you get this alot but your laugh is crazy it makes me laugh.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.


PalmerEldritch said...

jordan, i've heard Shoot 'Em Up sucks. but The Bellucci is in it. is she not?

stephsmith said...

Shoot Em Up is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Too bad.
Josh Holloway is getting a bit thick in the neck ala season one. He needs to take up with a psersonal trainer again.

Big Dre fan

Jordan from the 206 said...

Uh, yeah The Belluci is indeed in it. (Drools)

And I wouldn't disagree with anybody that said it sucks. However I must've been in a mood where it didn't bother me. It was so stupid and in no way took itself serious. It entertained me for an hour and 20 min. I laughed more than a few times. I'd say give it a shot. But DO NOT have any type of expectations AT ALL. lol.

Also watched Eastern Promises. Very good. That one I do recommend.

Chris JC said...

Hugh Laurie's presenting a BAFTA award in his proper accent.

I haven't heard it for a while so it freaked me out a bit.

stephsmith said...

I felt sure you'd like Eastern Promises, Jordan.
I'm watching Farewell My Concubine, Sunshine and Superfly. All at the same time.

Chris JC said...

I've got my copy of Shaft in Africa back. I own it but have never seen it - I lent my Shaft (careful, now) box set to a friend years ago, and had only seen the first one.

Tomorrow I may manage to magically make time to see Shaft's Big Score as well, but Shaft in Africa is a complete must before the evening.

By the way - if that's Dre in his own avatar, then the dude looks pretty much how I always pictured him. Sweet!

DenAss said...

First, about Shoot 'em Up ... Outstanding movie if you like ... wel... shoot-'em-ups. Just imagine if Jerry Bruckheimer didn't take himself seriously, what his movies would be like. That's pretty close to what this is.

And it doesn't hurt that Monica Belucci is in it as well. So if you like completely over the top unrealistic blow the hell out of everyone in your way movies that don't even PRETEND to be serious, this is for you.

And Jordan, you totally missed the Kablamo back there at 42. Next up ... 69.


Trevor McFur said...

We watched 'Sunset Boulevard' this weekend (the one from the 50s ... not sure if it's ever been remade or not). I've never seen it before, but this is a truly excellent film. It's also very weird, especially for an old B&W film. Amazing performance by Gloria Swanson as the over-the-hill and completely off her rocker silent film star. Definitely worth a rent if you like old movies.

stephsmith said...

Trev, Sunset Boulevard is excellent. Now stick Double Indemnity in your queue.

stephsmith said...

Now, I'm watching SNL season one with the young'un.

Alirio said...

I remember Hugh Laurie from Black Adder!

Oh Prince Regent was soooo stupid.

Dre, I gotta say you kicked some serious ass with that song, I was not expecting anything that good.

As for polar bears in Tunisia. I have a degree in Anthropology with a speciality in Archaeology.

Anthropologists come in four basic flavours:

1-cultural - lots of reading and writing of books based on spending time with specific cultural or ethnic persuasions (some wearing loin cloths)

2-medical - lots of studying the past medical practices of historically known and pre-historic cultures. Sorry did I fall asleep there like Buster visiting George Bluth in Prison? Yeah, I did.

3 - physical - human evolution is written, debated, and re-written by these types. Most of them enjoy recreating spears and stone tools on week-ends FOR FUN!

4 - archaeologists - we spent time and money going to places like Mexico digging up the remains of long-dead people like the MAYA and mostly finding some 2,000 year-old garbage pile and then your professor expects you to write a 5000 word essay that won't even count for full credit because you spent most of your time wasted (very popular pass-time amongst archaeologists)...

Back to the Polar Bear... anthropologists research people and cultures - present and passed.... not bears!

It bugged me when I first saw the episode and I figured it out... Charlotte doesn't give a rat's ass about the bear... she heard a rumor about that dharma logo.

An anthropologist would be interested in the bear if and only if it provided some insight into another subject... the people behind that dharma logo and the four-toed people it identifies....

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it...

PalmerEldritch said...

RIP Roy Scheider :(

DenAss said...

Roy Scheider died in Little Rock? RIP Chief Brody.

So Aimee... Where were you on the night of the 10th? hmm?

stephsmith said...

The Strike is over. What that means to us.
It will take 4-6 weeks to get back to actual filming.
NO discussions have been had regarding the logistics of a return to production.
The industry is planning on extending the TV season to the end of June.
If the season is extended a maximum of 6 episodes could be produced.
Regardless, a minimum of 3 new episodes will be produced.
There has been NO discussion with regards to whether the un-produced episodes will be made up.

PalmerEldritch said...

the membership gets to vote on lifting the strike on tuesday (super duper tuesday?). i imagine that they'll to lift the strike. and we can get some more LOST goodness thrown our way. w00t!

i want an episode where the "Log Carrying Guild" goes on strike with disastrous results.

Trevor McFur said...

Steph, where did you read that? I really hope that they don't try to cram 8 episodes of Lostie goodness into 6 episodes.

Chris JC said...

What are all those logs FOR anyway?

PalmerEldritch said...

Ralph and Jordan, NetFlix chooses Blu-Ray.

Chris, they need all those logs cuz the extras are busy building multiple Jacob's Cabins to freak Hurley out.

Chris JC said...

I figured it was for a bunch of Ana-Lucia style hostage pits.

PalmerEldritch said...

at the bottom of each pit, a fearsome Ana-Lucia?

Chris JC said...


stephsmith said...

I still can't get over the detective referring to Ana Lucia as gorgeous.
Trev, I got that info from

PalmerEldritch said...

Maybe Ana-Lucia wasn't always permanently pissed off?

redrabbitblue said...

Alirio thanks for the insite loved the post
couple thoughts!
short recap #1 wearing lion cloths sounds toastie! #2 I think this could be interesting the removal of ones heart with a sharp rock and a pointie stick??.? #3 some people go to the opera for fun!!!I'd rather make spears! #4 not sure why they take away credit for being wasted most of are greates leaders,musicians,painters,inventors ect.ect.were fucked on somthin or another. So that sucks dumb schools diggin up the dead never was so sure on if I would want to be dug up that is the root question?
# oh ya no five well back to the polar Bears I thank you for the intrest. My true concern lies in why would a polar bear be in warm climate? Screw Dharma there someone elses concern to come up with an anwser.. My task lies in the polar Bears Origin So from what I've thus far gathered i s Dharma was running experiments on the bears, there is some who say they can live longer on the island, with stand the climate, HAVE BABBIES, Gain a fish Buisquit quicker then Sawyer.
These are also Bears that like to travel..Case one 2 or maybe 3 have been on island 1 One confirmed dead Sawyer with a pistol (ainn't happen lost, Sawyer is gettin alot fucd up) two stabbed several times id say still alive three burned with Lock'O'torch..or 2 and 3 are the same bear...if so hes been gettin the Ben treatment!!
thats what i'm up to in my actual bear theory all FACT.
thank you good morn

redrabbitblue said...

Maybe..Anna was drunk on a bottle of captin jacks rum she found whilist diggin meny a hole!

Chris JC said...


Captain Morgan...?

Jack Morgan?

Hey, now, little mouse!
I hope we understand one another
Hey, now, little mouse!
Show me what to do!

PalmerEldritch said...

i think there was a reference to making animals adapt to new environments in one of the DHARMA videos or in the Rachel Blake Alternate Reality Game two summers ago. so, maybe DHARMA chose a tropical island and a desert as two prime locations for making polar bears adapt to their non-native environments.

wish i knew where to find that. maybe i just imagined it?

jimmy, i enjoyed your latest podcast. just know that i said my horrible jawa joke was a Star Wars reference. not the location of Tunisia.

redrabbitblue said...

Palmer i'll dig it up i just started to read up on the 1st lost game shit! I was computer lost inept at the time..Ive been looking it up here and there from time to time when some old podcast im catchin up on drops some Racheal whate comment..I got more to say on the bears...just to dumb at the time to make any sorta sense!!

memphish said...

Damon speaks to E!

Executive Producer Damon Lindelof Says: "Indeed, it would appear that we are in the endgame of the strike. Personally, I couldn't be more psyched to be part of this union. Like any negotiation, some parts suck and some parts surpassed my wildest expectations for what we could accomplish, but most of all I'm left with a feeling of pride.

"As for Lost (pending the actual lifting of the strike, which we vote for on Tuesday), a game plan should begin to manifest by the end of the week. All I can say is that Carlton and I and the rest of the writers have every intention of making sure you guys get more episodes this season beyond the eight already completed. How many and how they will be aired is a conversation we'll be having with our bosses, but as soon as we've got a plan, we'll tell the fans first."

What We're Hearing: Lost's actors are on standby, and the show is expected to produce more episodes this season. Fingers crossed! The bigger question is who'll keep the golden Thursday at 9 p.m. time slot once those Seattle Grace docs also return...How 'bout we put Sawyer and McDreamy in a cage and let 'em duke it out? ('Cause we know who'd win...)


Ralph- said...

"endgame" - ugh

elias said...

Alirio - I never worked a trench without the promise of a crate of beer at the end of each day.

School of Humanities muthafuckas!

The BAFTA show was mostly awful but some good wins and a coupla funny speeches just about saved it. They didn't half milk Heath Ledger's death though - apparently he was more important to cinema than Ingmar Bergman.

PalmerEldritch said...

i think that BBC America was pimping the hell out of the BAFTAs the other day but were neglecting to mention the television aspect at all. just the film stuff.

Ralph- said...

Matthew Fox interview over at

Jordan from the 206 said...

Cool news for us Palmer about bluray and netflix. It's been looking that way for a while now overall. Nice knowing ya hd.

As for Lost returning to work. So they are saying that the max they could add on would be 6 episodes. I guess that's pretty cool, but why couldn't they get just 2 more out and complete the season?

Here's my question to you guys. If we get the best case scenario and they film 6 new eps, making season four a 14 ep season, what does that mean about the missing final 2 eps? Do the writers just take the 8 episodes of content and cram them into 6? Or do they hold them off for next season and make it 18 episodes over 16? Or would those missing 2 be lost forever?

Jordan from the 206 said...

From the same article at Eonline that Holly referenced earlier:

THE OFFICE: Expected to produce six to 10 new episodes this season. Praise Allah! And Jim and Pam. And Dwangela. Amen.

30 ROCK: Coming off its recent Golden Globe and SAG Award wins, NBC is hoping for as much as Tina Fey and friends can possibly deliver. According to one writer close to the series, that is expected to be five to nine additional episodes to air in April and May.

HEROES: Though an official decision has not yet been made, the most likely scenario is that Heroes will not return to our small screens until this fall. We've heard from a few crew members that they've been told they are not likely to return to set this season. Word is, the writers want a bit of breathing room to get the storyline up and running. Stay tuned on this one...

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The crown jewel of the Sci Fi Channel should finish out its fourth and final season, but per writer Jane Espenson, it's almost certain that, schedule-wise, the story will be split into two separate miniseasons. The show completed 14 episodes before the strike hit, and at least the first 10 will air beginning Apr. 4. The second batch could premiere in the fall or even sometime in 2009.

And sorry Palmer:

(P.S.: As for Katims' other series, Bionic Woman, well, let's just say it's been hit by a truck and won't be coming back from the dead with new, fancy parts. Ever.)

PalmerEldritch said...

but... i got a free t-shirt!

Trevor McFur said...

Not sorry that Heroes is gone until next year. I was hoping to see more of Ned and the Pie Ho's, though.


Executive Producer Bryan Fuller Says: "We're all thrilled the strike is coming to a close and we can drop the politics and get back to the creativity. Many of the shows are getting 'return to work' letters this week from their studios, but we won't be one of them. Previously, Warner Brothers said they wanted us to start writing the moment the WGA allowed us to go back to work so we could get a jump start and begin stockpiling scripts for season two. But I got the call on Friday that they didn't want us to go back to work until March, regardless of the strike outcome.

"That's not to say there won't be some informal meetings with the writing staff beforehand to discuss arcs for season two, but we're essentially on hold until March (at least in an official capacity). The first order of business will be to sit down with ABC to discuss their thoughts on the nine completed episodes from what I like to call our 'teaser season'—what they liked and what they didn't—and then we'll set about crafting season two and continuing the adventures of the Pie Maker and friends."

What We're Hearing: Hear that? It's the sound of die-hard fans around the nation chanting "We want Daisies! We miss Chuck and Ned!" So, it seems we'll get a lesson in patience while we wait for more eps of this show that is made of all kinds of awesome.

FutureAlly said...

ok i just now listened to the dharmalars, even though i knew dre was gonna sing. it still caught me offguard.

/welcome to the blogspot, dre!
//good job on the singing.

andrew. said...

- welcome Dre! I've enjoyed your short podcasts tacked onto the tail of the Dharmalars. The karaoke was nice too.

- I had an idea for an intro to the 'Lars when the last season of Lost ended and i even got the courage up to sing it but the microphone i used was so shitty that it didn't work out at all. Probably for the best.

- such good news on the writers' strike.
* The Sci-Fi network was threatening to split the last season of Battlestar even before the writers' strike. They've got some serious balls to call it one last season but spread out the airing over two _seasons_. I tried to watch "Tin Man" this weekend and just couldn't do it, Sci-Fi might just want to go ahead & greenlight any BSG content they can get their hands on.
* i'm not heartbroken that Heroes won't be back. It's fun keeping up with it, but i'm not really invested.
* it sucks that Pushing Daisies won't be back this year. Maybe it will give them time to rethink Paul Reuben's character a little.
* happy that i can watch the Daily Show again without feeling like i am crossing picket lines.
* Big hopes that LOST can finish out its full season. Based on the number of episodes the cheapy comedies (The Office, 30 Rock...) are committing to, that sounds like a tall order.

PalmerEldritch said...

i really hope that they can safely tell the Season 4 story within the confines of "Season 4: The First Try" and "Season 4: OK, we got a few more episodes." hopefully that'll mean 16 episodes in Season 4 but i could deal with 14 and two extra episodes in season 5.

MB said...

Like Jordan said - do we lose 2 eps? Man will I be pissed if they try that crap. I've gotten used to the idea that we're getting these condensed 16 ep. seasons, but don't compress it any more people! Please.

producer ryan said...

Check out the Dharmalarmy page at Or not. Whatever.

PalmerEldritch said...

ryan, nice job.

Bai Ling is the height of fashion. sadly, as the girlfriend pointed out, this is one of Bai Ling's better fashion choices.

Trevor McFur said...

You always gotta be careful when you click on those Bai Ling links. You never know when you're gonna click onto a Snausage party.

stephsmith said...

She looks like a Christmas tree.

stephsmith said...

Very nice, producer Ryan. Why haven't I ordered my shirt yet?

redrabbitblue said...
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redrabbitblue said...


redrabbitblue said...


redrabbitblue said...


redrabbitblue said...

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