Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Anonymous said...

Hey I don't know if anyone mentioned it but this website>

has a pretty cool windows screensaver for pushing the button(s).

aimee in little rock said...

I finished "Dirty Work" by Stuart Woods. I thought it was going to be a totally lame detective novel or something, but it was actually pretty cool. Very Tom Clancy-ish, only a lot more fun.

The line is very gray between who is good and who is bad, and of course someone stands in the middle while they're sleeping with both sides.

One of the more important things I wanted to bring up involving this book and the show. I can't remember which episode it appears in, so I may need some help. This book was written in 2002; only 2 years before Flight 815 crashed; and definitely since Desmond's been on the island. I'm wondering the following:

1) Is this book the least bit important, or was it put up there randomly by the prop folks, with all the other books in the Swan?

2) If Desmond's been there for three years, and this book is only two years old (in Lost time, not our time), then how/when/who brought it to the Swan?

Mike Campbell said...

was there a new website to do to tonight?

I went to the math section of hanso and found there was a new map with a bunch of icons on it. but i don't know what they stand for. you can click them and it gives you facts about the area. and some of the facts are missing numbers

aimee in little rock said...

I completely forgot to bring this up about the finale when I watched it again. During the dreamy sequence with Desmond, as he's being dragged by Kelvin to the Swan, the strange screen flashes got me wondering about hidden images.

So I slowly advanced the video, and there's definitely two distinct things that I saw, but someone should verify to make sure I'm not crazy.

At one part, it looks like an image of a man sitting on the beach, with his arm stretched out across his knee. It looks like something is on the ground near him, something square shaped and blue. It happens about the time you see Kelvin on the beach; it looks like he's sitting too. But it's definitely not Kelvin, because theirs no yellow suit on the man.

The second part I noticed was as Kelvin is dragging Desmond through the jungle. There are some flashes, where it appears the screen has sort of a double exposure. The image in the background looks like a shot of trees, but something rather large and rectangular in sitting in the trees.

I took some screen shots of it that I can email, so let me know if anyone wants to see what I'm talking about.

Katie said...

You're absolutely right, Mike. There's new stuff on the MFI page. You can click on various countries and get facts about them. If you hover over the icon in the middle of Asia, you'll see a mirror image of a short message. Then, try these steps (Note: all of these figures were lifted from the CIA website):

-Click on the dollar sign in the US, and in the blank that's in the bubble that pops up, put in 42,000 and hit enter
-Click on the syringe in Italy, and enter 10.4 in the blank and hit enter
-Click on the person in Sudan and put 2.55 in the blank and press enter

A circle should appear south of India. Click on the circle and enjoy!

Persephone also posted a new message at reading "+1". Since the last site that was found (and, subsequently, never decoded) was, was tried and a picture came up. This picture has ultimately been taken down (at least as of last night it was, but it might be back up now), though thankfully someone saved the picture so we could all play with it. Someone went in and "randomized the pallet" and did a bit more tweaking. It seems that there is a message under the right eye of the person in the picture. It relatively clearly says "save me". This could tie into the morse code from the map of Hanso sitings and also to the hole2 clue, as someone made the picture into an audio file (don't ask me how) and it seems to also say "Save me". No one knows what it means yet, but I'm sure we'll fine out.

That's it for now!

Ralph- said...

Aimee, i would love to see those screen caps! i have already loaned out my season 2 dvds. just send it to my email address if you still have it, or just send it to the sas gmail account. it is funny that you forgot to mention that, i though that we covered eveything on the finale discussion page. damn there was a lot of info in that episode!

aimee in little rock said...

Well I didn't watch it again until Monday (when I could be home alone) and I sat there with a pad & pen to take notes (like I used to).

The first few times I'd go back and forth through that sequence I thought my eyes were just playing tricks, but once I caught the freeze frame images, I knew something had to be there.

I'm at work so I'll email them to you when I get home since they're on my laptop.

Katie said...

Yay, more clues!

A new DjDan podcast is out. If you go to his site and find the 6/1 podcast, it will take you to Go into the site like you did back when it was new. There is a new folder owelles. In it, you'll find a youtube link to the new podcast, with the video as a sort of commetary.


The WWPDP part of was updated this afternoon. Also updated was the picture found at The message has changed on the face. Under the left (your left, that is) eye, you can see a mirror image of d2o. D2o is the chemical symbol for Deuterium Oxide, or more commonly referred to as heavy water. Now, go to and then to the WWPDP part and click on the press release. Click on the word "miracle" and put in the new password "heavy water". LOTS of cool stuff in here. Scroll around and make sure you go to all of the parts of this clue.

If the heavy water password doesn't work on the first try, try accessing the site from here.
If that still doesn't work, use the normal routes (clearing the cache, signing back into the newsletter).

PS: I was having trouble navigating when I first got into the new clue. Click and drag on the knobs. You'll understand what I mean when you get there and it'll save you a whole bunch of time trying to figure it out.

sayten said...

totally off topic here - check out how un-frightening the others are: clicky.

Elvis said...

Sayten, wrong pic i think.

Are you talkin about the one where it shows Fanry, Zeke, Ms.Klugh and Picket?

Yeah man, theys all smiles and look all jazzed up.

aimee in little rock said...

I haven't kept up with the Lost Experience in weeks; I don't think I can catch up now. I've been so into the books, that I kept putting it off. Oh well, maybe next year.

aimee in little rock said...

By the way, DON'T read "A Hooded Crow" - it's so fucking boring. I've been "reading" it for three days, and I've only managed to finish about 3 chapters. I just can't get into it, it's so lame.

Elvis said...

I haven`t been into the Lost experience at all :(

It`s just too confusing, shit man.

Elvis said...

I just wanted to trow a link to my blog here.

I don`t know what i`ll be talking about but i suppose we`ll see


Lauren from SC said...

I know it's not lost experience material, but...

Apparently the Fox News website is participating in an online game for the upcoming movie "Snakes on a Plane",2933,197976,00.html

Kathleen said...

I've been quite annoyed with the "Experience" lately, espcially with the flashing letters on that picture, that you can't quite see, and you are suppose to figure out that is spells "survivor guilt" that is just ridiculous!!!

I've been having the same "Mac" related problems as well. I've been experimenting with different browsers as well... so far I think I've found a possible solution. I've been following all the blogs and stuff of Netscape (it's been so long, I didn't even think I still had a copy of it anymore!!) it works well to tab between all of the blogs. But when i try to pull up the Hanso Foundation, it starts out working okay, but then when I put in a password it freezes.... so I have to go back to Safari for that. So that's what I've gotten so far... Safari for Hanso, and Netscape for eveything else.

Anyone else have a better solution??


aimee in little rock said...

I just had this crazy ass dream last night that I was Henry Gale's wife, it was so funny. The surprise twist at the end was that I wasn't myself, I was actually Libby.

My Lost dreams are always so funny and twisted. Details are at my dream blog.

sayten said...

lost prediction generator.

aimee in little rock said...

Is it me, or is the blog a little too quiet? Craig, Dylan, Ryan, Ralph, Jimmy, Katie, Mike, Jelly, Wesh, Sayten, Elvis, whoever, where is everyone?!?

Hollerin' Holly said...

I hear ya Aimee. :)

Although that Lost prediction page was pretty cool...but I only read a couple.

Hollerin' Holly said...

I think we need a new topic...

Jimmy said...

Here's one. How's my date going to go tonight? :)

Jimmy said...

Actually, I've been a bit AWOL this last few weeks. The place I work for is in dire straits financially, and I have been told to start looking for more work...hmmm. 8 years is a good run anywhere though.

But I did watch the finale again this weekend. I remembered early in season 2 that Desmond mentioned that the magnetic wall made the fillings in his teeth hurt everytime he walked past it.

So when he missed the button and the plane was downed, why didn't Desmonds teeth fly out!

Stupid post, I know. I am really, really bored here this last hour.

aimee in little rock said...

How well your date goes will depend on what the girl is like. What do you know about her?

aimee in little rock said...

Personally, I think they're all crazy, so you're probably screwed no matter what.

Oh, and you should probably check for an Adam's apple.

Ralph- said...

i check the blog in hopes for a new episode, but i am still waiting. i had a really busy weekend, whick included recording a podcast with ben yesterday morning at 9am as well as shooting a video podcast for our associated films video podcast, which will be up next week or the following. saturday i went to a party from 3pm until 3:30 am! so the podcast we recorded yesterday morning sounds like shit, and i cut out about 30min. of the junk we recorded. today i went grocery shopping with stevi, and cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom. i just got done taking a three hour nap. my head hurts. i will hopefully be able to put up the podcast up tonight. until then, everyone have a relaxing monday. i'll be back before you know it.

Obsidianrock said...

I'm still around, checking in daily for a new episode. Is there suppose to be one this week or is that wishfull thinking?

I just saw the DaVinci Code last night and I liked it although I would hate to have seen it without reading the book. There is alot of explanation in the book whereas they had to rush it in the movie or else it would have been 6 hours long. So I would definitely recommend reading the book, it's much better.

aimee in little rock said...

I give the Da Vinci Code one thumb up, but it seemed kind of long for what seemed like a small amount of useful material. I never read the book, so that's probably why. Ian McKellan was the only really interesting character; I didn't become interested in the movie until he showed up.

Mike Campbell said...

I've been checking in every now and then. This weekend i had some friends over so i didn't get online much, But the summer job search continues.

I don't know why i need a job, silly money. Wanting to go to concerts isn't cheep i guess.

Anyone have any killer summer plans? My highlight is going to see Dave Matthews Band two nights in a row at Fenway Park, Should be a great weekend. Anyone going to any shows this summer?

Elvis said...

Yeah Aimeee, it sure is quite round here.

Does anyone know if that ol bastard Craig is still podcasting?

I sent him a great 5 minute comment that`ll surely tickle anyones "Elvis bone"

Mike Campbell said...

BTW - Good Luck every surviving today. 6-6-06 a bunch of scary numbers. Hope to hear from everyone tomorrow :)

aimee in little rock said...

I hope Craig puts something out, even if it's just horrible recordings of Dylan trying to do the Elvis voice.

I'm going to Las Vegas in 26 days, over the 4th of July week. I've learned how to play craps, so I can do more than just slots now. My only real goal is to finish one of the 3-foot tall drinks, but there are some decents shows in town. The top of our list is to see Pearl Jam at the MGM and maybe Howie Mandell for shits and giggles.

aimee in little rock said...

We REALLY wanted to go to the UFC fight, but that's on the day after we leave, and it's too late to change our tickets.

Ralph- said...

well aimee, if you want to hear some horible recordings, you will be very excited to learn that you will get me and ben today, though i still hope that craig puts something up. i really like craig and ryan, it sounds so much more professional than me and ben sounding off like a couple of douchebags

Katie said...

Ok so, I also saw The Da Vinci Code. Not horrible, not great either. About an hour into the movie, the movie shut down and the lights came up. Something was messed up and we sat in the theater for 20 minutes before they could fix it. That was really annoying, plus there was some of the cheesiest dialouge EVER ("I need to get to a library...and FAST!"). I saw X-Men on Sunday. The dialouge was also cheesy, but once again, I didn't hate the movie, but I didn't like it so much either. I knew about "Doesn't this bitch know who I am?..." line, but my boyfriend didn't and I kept my mouth shut about it so it wasn't ruined for him (I'm notoriously horrible with keeping LOST spoilers to myself...Meng doesn't like to be spoiled) but our friend ruined it the night before we went. So, the only really funny line was ruined. The only really great thing that I think they did right with this movie is that is wasn't very long.

Aimee, I'm jealous of you going to Vegas. I hope you have lots of fun. Still jealous, though.

On's front page, there's a poll. I love how today's is "Is something bad going to happen today, 6-6-06?". 92% of people said "no"...but...don't bad things happen every day? Bad things happen all of the time, to say "no" to that question is stupid, though asking the question is even more stupid.

Watch me get hit by a bus on my way home from work.

aimee in little rock said...

Katie, please don't get hit by a bus! What a stupid poll; I'm sure right now, there's at least a couple million people who think right now they're having the worst day of their life. Someone's getting murdered right now; probably several people are getting raped.

I don't think any of that has anything to do with the FUCKING DATE!

Speaking of which, we just had like, 5 homicides since Sunday so I'm swamped! It's the apocalypse!!!

Jimmy said...

It's nice to see the blog alive, even if the podcast isn't up.

Ralph, you don't give yourself enough credit, mate. You do a good cast and besides which, you were instrumental to the survival of MYOKOM. I look forward to hearing you guys as soon as I'm able, wether your gravelly voiced or not.

Speaking of gravelly should hear mine. I talked my ass off last night for about 7 hours. No Aimee...there was no adams apple!! Considering I knew next to nothing about my date, it worked out very well and I was pleasantly suprised.

I'm fucking knackered though!

Look both ways before you cross the road, Katie! There's an article I read this morning stating that Satan is officially lame now, due to the commercial aspects of todays date. E.g. Anne Coulter launches a book today called "Godless", "The Omen" remake starts today...Slayer start their tour. $atan!

You cannot beat the original "Damien". Creepy little bastard!

Katie said...

Seattle Jimmy has a point, Ralph. If you're posting something, I want to hear it!

Ann Coulter is a nut. Sometimes when I'm in a bookstore, I read what's there, but I make my boyfriend hold it up for me because I don't even want to touch it. Everything she writes is just so strange because it's all based on twisted facts and even shit she just makes up! I cannot stand that woman. She needs psychological help. Seriously. I can't be the only one to feel this way, but somehow people actually like her.

I'm going to lunch in a bit, and I go to the Dunkin Donuts in the hospital across the street...I'm going to be EXTRA careful today. Not because it's 6-6-06, but because I don't want to be the definition of irony.

Jimmy said...


100% agreed on Anne Coulter. I'm an uber leftie liberal politically...and your right. She loves to slam the liberals with accusations of not looking into facts, yet she blatantly makes shit up. If there's a market for it, someone will capitalize. I think she doesn't believe half of what she says, and does it purely to make money.

Simply put, she makes money by spouting hatred, whilst the homeless program I work for is in danger of closing because of lack of funds.

And that's all I'm saying. This isn't a political blog, I know.

Katie said...

Seattle Jimmy,

You're right. I'm also a dirty liberal pinko commie, as Coulter would call the likes of me.

There's obviously a market for her pollution, there's a whole cable channel devoted to the same type of thing, but Faux News can't be overtly crazy or people would see through it...or would they?

Either way, she can't be serious. She's GOTTA be doing it for the money!