Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dharmalars ep.1

Instead of getting a good night sleep, Ben and Ralph- meet at the LaPalma Recording Studio to bring you the first episode of Dharmalars. There is a very special appearence by our resident laugher, "The Other Ryan". Ralph- and Ben discuss their failed predictions from the Lost season two finale, Damon and Carlton's reaction to a hard hitting question as well as some non lost junk. They should have probably gotten some more rest.

CLICK HERE for the mp3 feed.
Headcrack - Tulsi
19-2000- Gorillaz
Satchidanada- Dan the Automator
Our Man Flint/Your Father's Bob-lip - Jerry Goldsmith
Sunshine Superman- Donavon
Dragon City- Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
Direct Drive- Ursula 1000
La Hammond Inferno/Skeewiff vs. Big Les/Mr. Bongo- Ursula 1000
Anaheim- They Might Be Giants


aimee in little rock said...

Thanks guys!

Ralph- said...

sure thing.

Katie said...

hot...too bad I'm at work.


aimee in little rock said...

I wish I had iTunes on my work computer. I was able to listen to it at work when you had the mp3 up using Windows Media. Your post says "mp3 feed", but when I clicked on it, it's an mp4. I guess I'll just have to wait!

aimee in little rock said...

Ralph your new avatar is having a strange effect on me, after I've had the Henry Gale dream. How much of a freak am I???

Mike Campbell said...

Ralph - Putting it on my iPod now and going for a drive to listen to it. I hope there is something on here about Ben watching Twin Peaks so we can talk about how cool of a character Special Agent Dale Cooper is :)

Thanks for staying up late to make it!

Bubba in TX said...

Hey Guys, I almost NEVER write in (I'm shy that way), but I just listened to Ep. 1 of "Dharmalars" and I LOVED it.

I laughed out loud several times, but for some reason, my favorite exchange was the following:

Ralph: ...Atlantians have four toes.

Ben: And where did he get THAT?!

Ralph: I don't know. Probably your precious Wikipedia.

Also, you guys were SPOT ON about Carlton and Damon being sarcastic assholes on The Official Lost Podcast. I almost can't listen to them, but I do it because every once in a while they give some quality LOST info. Would you consider ripping them a new one about their attitude if you get to ask them a question at ComiCon (sp.?)

Oh, one more thing I agree about was Ralph's (or was it Ben) assessment that the actual cliffhanger wasn't as "crap-in-your-pants-worthy" as it could have been. I'm sure I will care about Penelope next season, but for now...meh.

I hope you guys keep up the podcast. BTW, sorry I rambled here. I tried to write to Ralph at his My Space account, but you have to join My Space and I'm against it for moral reasons. Don't ask.

Katie said...

Bubba in TX,

I'm the same way about myspace. My reason is because it's owned by Rupert Murdoch. I also don't read the NY Post or watch Faux News.

aimee in little rock said...

Ugh! Politics! Please don't.

Mike #2 said...

Hey SAS'ers... This is my first post here, but I'm a long-time MYOKOM fan, both of the podcasts and the feedback here on the site.

I'm so glad to see that new shows are still popping up over the summer... It's the only thing I've got to look forward to until the mini-season starts in September.

Ralph... I recognize the computer cursor in your new Dharmalars logo, but when I see it in that direction, all I see is Strong Bad.

Scott and Steve said...

I wish I had a way to listen to MP3s, not just to check youse guyz out, but because my friend posted a link to an acapella version of "Angel of Death" by Slayer on myspace. C'est la Navy vie.


Ralph- said...

my avatar gave you a nightmare?!?
cool, i was hoping that it would have an effect on the world.

aimee in little rock said...

Hey Dylan! It's good to hear from you again. By the way, your Elvis impersonation is HORRIBLE! We miss you, so keep posting whenever you can, it's been somewhat dry around here lately.

aimee in little rock said...

And welcome first-timer Mike. We already have a Mike here, so I hereby dub you Mike #2.

Nick said...

Ok, this is my first time posting, but ive been listening to MYOKoM for months, and I decided to finally comment. Awesome Job, Ralph and Ben. great to see that you're still part of the "myokom network" and that 2.0 was not just a 1 time thing as filler.
Awesome job, guys.

Mike Campbell said...

Ralph you should force feed those Twin Peak episodes to ben!!! They are so great and would make a nice little rant for your podcast. Wish i could go to Comic Con always wanted to check that out, even though i am not big into comic's...strange.

Make sure you swing by Kevin Smith's booth and give a report about what he was up to with clerks 2.

Ralph- said...

i am not into comics that much. but comic con is a great place to go if you are into film and television. last year i met bruce campbell, lance mungia (dir. Six String Samurai). i sat in on the lost panel and saw magie grace and josh holloway. Carlton and Damon were on that panel as well, even though i did not know them at the time. i got to see a sneak peak of The Island, for free. It is a lot of fun, and no matter how much of a nerd you think that you are, you will think of yourself as the collest guy in town once you enter the doors of the convention center. it is a real blast!

Ralph- said...

oh yeah, i also shook hands with kenny baker (who has squishy hands) and Peter Meyhew (who has giant hands) and Ray Park.

Ben said...

Thanks for all the positive comments, guys!

Mike Campbell: I'm the one that's going to have to force feed Twin Peaks to Ralph. I'm a fan from way back, but he's never seen it, so we'll each have a different perspective on the show. Mine will probably be, "Gee, Dale Cooper sure kicks a large amount of ass."

aimee in little rock said...

I have to confess I've never seen Twin Peaks before either. Someone...without me having to google it...summarize the show in 5 words or less!

Ralph I am so jealous you're going to ComicCon and even more jealous that you've seen Josh Holloway. Where is it at?

Ralph- said...

it's in san diego california. i took some footage from last years lost panel, i will see if i can edit somthing together to put up.

Mike Campbell said...

Aimee - Every Scene has a Twist. (there is your Summay)

Ralph - Do it up. would like to see some more footage!

aimee in little rock said...

Is ComicCon anything like that movie "Trekkies", that shit was hilarious!

I just saw this guy on Last Comic Standing who looked just like Damon Lindelof, with the glasses and everything.

Jimmy said...

Great stuff guys...I have iTunes at work and listened there.

10 points out of 10 for managing to throw a "Forbidden Zone" reference in there.
I truly wished at one point I had been sitting down with you throwing theories etc back and forth. I am SO with you with Damon and Carlton. I actually think they treat the fans like shit, yet they are their bread and butter.
Well done, and Ben and the other Ryan too (who had a lot of good shit to say, actually)

Dylan: Oy! It's always good to see your text, and ignore that chick from Little Rock...I love your Elvis impression :)

New Posters: Welcome, it's been great to see these new/old listeners creeping onto the blog.


Anonymous said...

anybody have any tips on playing this file?
i have a video ipod and the latest itunes but i never have any luck with m4a files.

Ralph- said...

i know crap about sound files. i do know that there is a way to convert m4a on itunes however. i believe if you right click, that option will come up. i will talk to "The Other Ryan" and see if we cant start putting up mp3 files. i want to thank all of you for the kind support.

i came really close to editing out Ben's Forbidden Zone comment due to the fact that i figured nobody would know what the hell we were talking about, kudos to you!!! i dont recommend that film to anyone, unless you are insane!

aimee in little rock said...

Can anyone identify a link between Hurley and Henry Gale that involves Mr. Clucks? Is this source making shit up, or have I forgotten something? I was just looking at this connection chart that shows a link between them, and all it says is "Mr Clucks". Here's the location:

Dylan don't listen to that Brit from Seattle - you know it was terrible (but still hilarious).

aimee in little rock said...

Now that I'm examining this chart closer, I can see it's pretty full of shit, and very far fetching in some parts. Some of the connections are based on what we know, and the rest are all speculation.

Katie said...

Aimee, you're right. Most of it is speculation, some of it is not. You would think there would have been an easier way to organize that. Some of that is just so strange, it just might be true. Also, notice that Rose is Walt's grandmother? Way to pidgeonhole all black people to be related to one another.

Dylan: Good to hear from you. Hope everything is fine with you. Don't be a stranger.

aimee in little rock said...

Katie I thought the same thing about the Walt-Rose thing, that was so stupid.... What??? Another black person on the island?? Wow, they must be related?!?!!

Ralph- said...

i think that dylan does a great impression of "our elvis" but not "elvis". keep the calls coming in!

Ralph- said...


"Lost" castaway Naveen Andrews is set to join the Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino ensemble pulp pic "Grind House" reports Variety.

Andrews takes on the role of "a badass military scientist," according to the producers. Pic is heading into production in Austin, Texas, this summer.

Andrews will join "Planet Terror," the zombie movie that is Rodriguez's portion of the project. Pic's cast already includes Freddy Rodriguez, Rose McGowan and Josh Brolin.

The Weinstein Co. recently picked an Easter 2007 release date. Andrews is also starring with Jodie Foster in Neil Jordan's "The Brave One" over the Summer.


aimee in little rock said...

That's awesome, it's so excited to see these actors start really breaking through, and Naveen Andrews is f'ing hot!

Ralph- said...

all the girls that watch Lost with us tend to be in love with Naveen. my wife on the otherhand is in love with Daniel Dae Kim. I was a big fan of Libby, but now i would have to go with Sun or Kate.

do you know if there is lost experience stuff going on today? should i post an update thread?

Mike Campbell said...

Yeah there is a countdown going on. I just checked and it had 4 hours until it hits zero. The countdown is from Persephone says she needs more time to hack the site. So there should be something soon...

Yeah Grind House i am VERY excited for that movie.

aimee in little rock said...

Of the sexy bitches of Lost,

Sawyer is my favorite personality on the show, because I don't know where he's going to end up, good or bad, the writers can't seem to make up their minds either, and I like being on my toes. I don't need to explain his physical attractiveness.

Sayid is a totally different sexy story. I'm fairly confident about knowing his personality, and he's just so kick ass because he's always right and always intelligent about it.

Jin is hot in the hot-guy good looks kind of way, but as far as his character is concerned, they really can't do a whole with him until they can break that language barrier.

Jack is getting to be so annoying to me, but I still believe they are all fortunate to have him. And he's hot in the joe-schmo kind of way.

Charlie isn't really "hot", he's cute I suppose, but nothing about him really stands out about him in the looks department. Sawyer has the eyes, Jin has the great skin, Sayid has the overall seductive face, etc. Hurley's kind of in this department too.

I'm still too pissed off at Michael, but he's got the sexy intensity going for him.

I'm still too embarassed to talk about Henry Gale.

Ralph- said...

I didnt discuss this, but didn't Henry Gale's outfit when he got off the boat look like he should own his own buisness in san francisco, selling wooden windchimes, insense, african tribal masks and pillows from india?

Mike Campbell said...

This is going to be a random question, but... Whats a good DVD burning Software. I am using a friends DVD burner and they didn't give me any software.

Scott and Steve said...

you guys have major e-cred!


Ralph- said...

i dont even know what that means. sometimes ben says shit, and i have no idea what he is talking about. as you can tell, he is smart and well spoken, and i am not.

sayten said...

how bout jack showing up in the new rambo movie....oh, if matthew fox could only try and save his career before it blows up in his face.

Anonymous said...

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