Friday, June 16, 2006

Well, there are more ARG updates for this week. Unless you guys are done with it, I will keep posting the update banner above. Let us know if you want to keep the updates going.



Obsidianrock said...

If you listen to TheLostExperienceClues podcast they have a phone conversation with Persephone and she says her next hack will be to change the music on the Hanso site to the theme song from Growing Pains.

It's definitely for real, there's no way it can be a joke. (wink, wink)

Mike #2 said...

Ralph, I still like the ARG updates... I don't watch much ABC, other than Lost, so it's nice to have a place to find the new developments listed, if I don't see the latest marketing tie-in... er, "Hanso Commercial."

I'm getting more interested in the game now that it's less "These guys you've never heard of before are dirty businessmen" and more teasing us with material of actual relevance to the show. Playing "Simon" with the hatch heiroglyphs was kinda creepy!

And am I the only one whose dork-radar blipped when Dr. Pepper started marketing that there are 23 flavors in every bottle?

Mike Campbell said...

yeah its kinda fun sometimes. If that hack happened it would be SO FUNNY. But the DJ Dan podcast did talk about nanomachines looking like a smoke cloud. I know its prob just there to make us think about old smokey, but it would be sweet if thats one of the ways it ties into the show.

Also if you haven't signed the petition over at do so. its getting close to 10,000 and they said they would do something with it if it got that high.

Obsidianrock said...

Apparently, the lost experience revealed that the acronym Dharma stands for:

Department of
Research on

Not sure if it's true or not but if it is then that's a big reveal.

notahowiefan said...

Yes. Please. Keep it up.

aimee in little rock said...

All weekend and no posts? I had a rough weekend with 3 days of migraines, headaches, and spiders, so that's my excuse. I did get a nice email from Dylan though, so that cheered me up.

Ralph- said...

my brother in law is a police officer and somthing happened to him on friday. something bad. so i spent all weekend taking care of my nephews. he is okay now, but it could have been real bad.

Click Here
for the story.

Mike Campbell said...

Sorry to hear that Ralph. Hope he will be ok.

I found this article at Variety, Its about hwo the lost creators are mad at the "real" writer of Bad Twin. I thought it was interesting.

Mike Campbell said...

Well the Hanso site is down. And there is this video:

On the clues website they think its the intro to the next act of the game. looks cool :)

aimee in little rock said...

I'm sorry to hear about your in-law Ralph, but I'm glad he's okay!

Anonymous said...

aww, how awful ralph! I hope he'll get better soon. I'm so sorry!

(i vote yes for arg updates btw)

Wesh said...

website was acting weird. I'm the above anonymous.