Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some Answers

Looks like Damon and Carlton are dishing out some answers. Not on their Podcast, but in this interview for TV Guide. Check it out here


Ralph- said...

have i mentioned to you guys that i am not a fan of Carlton?

notahowiefan said...

Oh for god's sake, why not?

aimee in little rock said...

It's 9:09 pm and I just lifted my jaw back up.

Lauren from SC said...

Jesus H. Hanso!

I think I chipped a tooth my jaw hit so hard.

Scott and Steve said...

:) :) Jesus H. Hanso!! haha

Lauren from SC said...

because I saw the commercial for "Drowned Alive" of course...

notahowiefan said...

Wow! That was quite a shocker! I guess Jack will never find out about Ana and his father. Not to mention Hurley never finding out about Libby.

Ralph? Is there anything you DO like about Lost?

Katie said...

Has ANYONE been able to get through on the phone line??

ofri said...

Wow. That sucks. Poor Ana Lucia. I feel like that was so unnecessary. Do you guys think Libby survived? It seemed like she was shot in the stomach, and in the promo for next week we see someone (Kate?) saying "she's dead" rather than "they're dead." I kind of wish she would die just so I don't have to sit through any more awkward, forced romantic scenes between her and Hurley. I'm kidding, of course, but only partly.

Lauren from SC said...

I sortof doubt that they killed off Libby just yet... They haven't resolved anything with her, they've just started to raise questions with the whole mental institution thing. Boone, Shannon, and Anna Lucia all had all the loose ends neatly tied up before they got a visit from the reaper.

Then again, if she did get shot in the stomach (which apparently is the popular spot to get shot on Lost), then I'm not sure how she's really going to recover from that. It doesn't necessarily kill you quick, but I don't think It would be easy to repair on a desert island with a sewing kit and some duct tape. But hell... it's a magical crazy healing island. Maybe they'll find the helipad in the next episode.

Anonymous said...

damon and carlton talking about ana lucia's death:

Scott and Steve said...

I've been calling non-stop and can't get through.

sayten said...

don't you think it's sorta weird that both ana-lucia and shannon were both redeemed in their flashbacks, and both had SEX, and both were shot.... in their last episodes?

sex = grisly island death

Ralph- said...

HOLY GODDAM CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dudes, i am about to leave for Oahu! and i just saw a really amazing episode od MOTHER FUCKING LOST!!!!!!!! and Libby isn't dead according to aimee's theory about wrapping up flashbacks, and ana lucia is dead, and sawyer fucked her in the jungle, and DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! i am probably the happiest camper right now! Fuck SOS! VIVA "Two For The Road"!

but seriously, this is why i got into Lost, and i have to tell you, that was awesome! worth the wait!

Katie said...

Ok, I got through a whole bunch of times and the only thing that is different is that you don't automatically get Persephone in Option 1. I haven't got her at all, but it seems that the password is the same. All the other options are exactly the same as the UK voicemail deal.

Also, as of right now (1:50am EST) it's pretty easy to get through.

aimee in little rock said...

After I watched it, I thought my resolved backstory theory was blown out of the water, but if Libby was to survive, I suppose it would work.

Ana Lucia telling Jack that the reason she was in Sydney would be pretty difficult considering she didn't even know Christian's real name. They would need another uncommon line like the Red Sox one, in order for one of them to make the connection, because the only thing she knew about Christian, aka "Tom" was about his son, and his alleged daughter in Sydney.

aimee in little rock said...

And by the way, I think we can safely say that Lost has completely redeemed itself from its season 2 disappointments. I think the double homicide caught everyone by surprise; I never heard ANYTHING about it on the internet, which is so rare; to have nothing leaked out about something this big. Did anyone hear anything?

It looks like Eko might bite the dust next week; did I see him falling from a cliff?

Whoever said Libby might survive could be right. If she were alive, she could identify Michael as her shooter, and it looked like he was sitting in a "holding cell" like Henry Gale's during the preview. Maybe they locked him up. I'm totally guessing here though; those previews happen so fast.

I can't believe Sawyer had sex with that skanky Ana Lucia. He just lost major points for me.

Great fucking episode!

aimee in little rock said...

I just watched GMA and saw the "secret" deleted scene....WOW.

I don't think the world would keep turning without us knowing that Hurley had a pot-bellied pig named Chester, and Libby was jogging with him before her "fatal" trip to the Swan.

Seriously though, I'm just happy to see anything about Lost. And grateful I have cable TV in my office.

ofri said...

aimee, cut sawyer a break. people have needs.
I hadn't made the connection between sex and death. Sun and Jin have had sex, but I guess since they're married the writers don't feel the need to punish Sun. Oh and how lame was that scene in which Jin gave Hurley a thumbs up? Ugh.
I'm pretty sure Libby survives. I mean the gang on the beach would have just found out about the gun as this was happening and a gunshot wound to the stomach is a very slow (and, I think, evitable) death. I don't know about three gunshot wounds though.
Also, I feel like if they had talked long enough, Ana Lucia and Jack could have figured out that she knew his father, but at this point it doesn't really matter anymore. Sawyer told Jack that his father loved him and wanted his forgiveness, and that's really all he needed.

Jimmy said...

Bloody hell, that was a suprise wasn't it? Looking forward to getting home tonight and watching again, but FUCK!

Can I quickly announce here and now that as far as I am concerned, Libby is as dead as a doorknob. She looked pretty dead to me. The "Libby survived" talk reminds me of the "Ana wasn't the one who shot Shannon" theory that wouldn't die for weeks.

1. Eko won't die, because they showed it in the previews. He'll get broken up badly, pray a lot (possibly in his Church, finished or not), and the Islands healing power will fix him quickly ..he will believe it is God.

2. Michael did this not because he has become an Other, or a traitor, but because the Others have told him they are going to kill Walt unless he does what they want. Problem is I'm not sure what he has to do just yet.

I have to say though, that a double killing so out of the blue really rocked the show some.

Oh = Death? Maybe getting drunk, arrested for DUI, and causing trouble on the set is what did it :)

aimee in little rock said...

Ofri, don't get me wrong, Sawyer is still my favorite, I was just disappointed with his lack of taste and his total stupidity in not knowing Ana Lucia would steal his

I thought the Jin thumbs-up thing was funny.

Jimmy, I think your #2 theory is probably the most likely. Otherwise, why would he apologize to her prior to shooting her? If he was "one of them", I don't think he'd regret it as much. Henry Gale didn't apologize while he was trying to strangle Ana Lucia.

Katie said...

Michael obviously did not want to do what he did to AL and Libby. He was literally shaking and scared, so he may not be an Other, but I'd say duping your fellow survivors into a place of trust and then shooting two of them for your own ends makes him a traitor.

Katie said...

Oh, and the whole scene with Jin was hilarious! When Libby said, "this is our beach...Jin is right there" and the camera pans over and there's Jin messing with the fish, Meng and I just BURST OUT laughing. Then the thumbs up came, and Meng was happy that Hurley was basically gonna seal the deal.

Whoops! Spoke too soon, Meng!

Ofri said...

Well, Jimmy, Carlton and Damon have said that Michelle Rodriguez only wanted to be on the show for a year and that her DUI has nothing to do with Ana's death, and I believe them.
Libby is not dead. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it, until next week at least. She hasn't even had a flashback yet, unless you count the end of "Dave." Personally I don't mind if she dies. She's not that interesting to me, mental hospital and all. I just have a feeling she's sticking around.
Aimee, I, too, was surprised at Sawyer for being duped by Ana Lucia's feminine guile. I thought he was just so horny he didn't care, but I guess he's not as shrewd as he'd like everyone to think.

Jimmy said...


I read the Damon and Carlton interview. I wasn't actually totally serious what I wrote. I thought to myself that it would be pretty fucked up if they genuinely got sacked because of it. It's not like the show is run by baptists...well at least it shouldn't be.

But, there is a part of me that wonders if all was actually happy on set?? It seems when producers or other actors constantly have to say "I know other sets have had problems, but she was fine on ours", and/or "She's a nomadic spirit, really" ... wether I'm right or wrong, I often think that where's there smoke there's usually fire.

And either doesn't matter now, does it. We have a major, major plot point to deal with. I'm actually still thinking about just how blown away I was. A couple of seconds after he got the gun, I suddenly thought "Shit, is he going to shoot her?", and then Libby getting a couple or 3 through the cushion! Wild!

Oh yes...sorry, mate, but I'm bloody sure Libby is toast. Something about that faraway shot when it was quite, and Michael stood there and in frame were the two me that shot implied double death.

I'm writing oddly today...tired!

Jimmy said...

Aimee and Katie..

right you are, and the "I'm sorry" line, coupled with the fear made it clear he wasn't into doping this at all.

Wasn't there an interview, or was it one of the very first Official podcasts in which it mentioned that Michael was going to go right to the emotional limit this season? Seems so, doesn't it!

I am going to miss the tank top though :(

Jimmy said...

Me again, sorry...

So I was thinking, that this really leaves Kate, Claire and Sun as the only women under say 35, right? I'm not sure if this is intentional, or that more female lead characters start to come forward in coming seasons. Perhaps (and I hope) they may explore Alex's character. We saw a little of her (if that was indeed her)...much in the way there was a flashback of AL chatting to Jack in the bar a few weeks before it became apparent that she was going to be a major character.

I hope so if only because I find Sun to be dull as mud. Aimee posted a week back a very good point (counter to mine) about Sun's character development.

Also, I'll bring up that "call sheet" that has been doing the rounds. If it is in fact genuine then we will see a Libby flashback (sellinig Desmond a boat or something). I guess you can have a flashback explored through another characters point of view if you were involved in it. Like we know a lot about Jacks Dad through the experience of others who dealt with him.

So I am sure we will see AL and Libby again in flashback somehow.

I would love it if by next season a lot of the flashbacks were all during the time on the island. Things we didn't see or know about, much like the Clair ep in the medical hatch, or even in the way Bernard got the radio and heard Boone. Take note, Carlton!

Katie said...


I hate to think that introduction of new female characters is because people might lose interest without them; however, it seems that way.

My feminist side cringes.

Ofri said...

Jimmy, it looks like you're right about Libby. I was curious to see what other people thought about it and googled. Apparently Cynthia Watros signed on to do a sitcom over at CBS. While I have no problem being proven wrong, I think it's pretty dumb of her to voluntarily leave Lost for a sitcom (on CBS, no less) that will probably be cancelled. But this way she gets more air time I suppose, and probably more money. Poor Hurley. Maybe he finally will figure out where he knew her from and then on top of being grief stricken, he'll be fully convinced he's bat shit insane.

Katie said...

Cmon people. I didn't really wanna say it, but I will now.

Libby is dead.

Swimming with the fishes.