Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lost Experience

Anyone had any luck with 1-877-HANS ORG??


Katie said...

I did.

I called it a bazillion times.

It's the same as the UK stuff EXCEPT that you don't always get Persephone on the line on Option 1. It's the same password though.

Scott and Steve said...

I only got Persephone like 1 out of 10 times.

When I send a message to Joop, it says "connection timeout." Is that happening to anyone else?

Katie said...

when you send a message to Joop, it shouldn't matter what you put (I know "persephone", "breaking strain", and "anything" works) you should get to a weird looking screen that looks like cell dividing (before you ask, NO I cannot tell if it's mitosis or meisosis) and you just have to connect the two "cells" together (click one and then the other). You'll do this 3-4 times, then there will be a red cell, click on that, and you'll get a few letters that I think we've seen before. Even though these are things we've seen before, you should probably do the steps to keep up with the game.

PS: You probably have to "log in" at the newsletter link with the password before you can access this part. I'm not sure about this though.

Jimmy said...

Yes, I did all that and got to the document about the Tanzanian coastal cross species virus! Which makes me wonder.

Do you think they are all off the coast of Tanzania? Remember there was a chat a while back about Arzt (sp?) going on about monsoon season, yet it never actually came? It would explain Eko's brothers plane! But not flight 815, unfortunately.

Katie said...

freemont brit:

I should note, because I saw this happen at LJ, that Zanzibar is part of Tanzania. People were going on wild goose chases about Zanzibar and how it isn't Tanzania, but, alas, it is.

That said, Zanzibar is the island off the coast of mainland Tanzania.

Also, I'm not totally suprised that monsoon season didn't come. Either they aren't in the geographical place that they think they are and/or the magnetic "shield" or what have you shields then from any of those normal weather patterns. I'm also much better with genetics and molecular biology than I am with meteorology, so I'm pulling a lot of this out of my ass.

Katie said...

Oh, and the sickness they are talking about is a strain of meningitis that jumps from monkey to human because of the blending of the genetics of humans and primates. I can figure that out if I want to, but until it seems that I have to, I won't. It would be really difficult only knowing that it jumps species because of "genetic blending". I'd need a little more information (chromosome homology vs. allele crossover or deletion of exons vs. insertions of negative controls).

However much I'd like that my knowledge would help the LOST Experience, I don't think we'd need to know that much.

A girl can dream.

Jimmy said...


I'm impressed!

I can just remember Sawyer or Jack saying "I thought the weather was supposed to never did" or something to that effect, and I thought then if they were really anywhere near Fiji.

I was aware that Tanzania and Zanzibar are geographically in the same locale...I didn't know off the top of my head much else. But I've always been really bugged by that Nigerian plane!

It would be sad, ultimately, if you needed a biology or physics degree to understand Lost...but it might be going that way :) But when you think about it, if I was thrown in a jungle randomly anywhere on earth I might not be any the wiser about where I was. Especially if I originally knew I was around the Pacific Islands. There's only so many trees I can identify!

Katie said...

Here's thing, freemontbrit:

A Nigerian plane and a commercial plane headed for LA ended up crashing on the same island. This, statiscally, is highly improbable. I'll crunch the numbers if you really want me to, but I'm sure you don't. The point is, I make no assumption whatsoever where there people are.

Also, when a place is close to the equator, I would assume (remember, all this meteorology shit is coming out of my ass and my limited knowledge of the subject) that the fluctuation of season would be minimal EXCEPT for the rainfall levels. It is evident that rainfall has been about the same since Arzt talked about the monsoon season, and it's been about a month since the whole raft debacle took place. So, from these peripheral clues, we can deduce that there's some kind of manipulation (whether it be from mathematics and technology or a magnetics shield...whatever) going on.

But then again, I could be totally wrong. And that's cool, too. :)

Katie said...

One more thing:

I'm graduating on Saturday! Mom, Dad, Grandmom, and my Aunt/Godmother are all coming up tomorrow.

Should I make a MYOKoM w/SaS sign?

Votes will be taken until 10 pm EST 5/5

aimee in little rock said...

Um, I have nothing to say about this scientific malarkey; it's completely over my head. However, I am glad that we have a member such as Katie who can actually understand this. I'm proud of Lost for not "dumbing down" their internet wild goose chase, but come on, give a girl a break.

Jimmy, you're haunting my subconscious and I don't know why. Katie, congrats on graduation, make the sign!

aimee in little rock said...

This is going to be a very busy off-season; I don't think we're going to have enough time to even notice there aren't any new episodes.

Besides the Hanso site, there is another piece of the puzzle with Gary Troup's book, The Bad Twin. If you go to, you can watch an interview clip with the author "Gary Troup", which mentions Alvar Hanso (and an interesting reaction from Gary when the interviewer mentions him), but also there's a website for Gary Troup (did I mention that's an anagram for "Purgatory") at

This is fun! You guys can handle the scientific stuff, I'll work on the information analysis...

sayten said...

for the most part this guy is pretty full of shit, but he did notice a really strange production error - why would they use two obviously different timers? link

aimee in little rock said...

For those without the time, patience or flash-enabled work computer, here is a decent rundown of the Hanso site stuff:

aimee in little rock said...

Here is a link with a breakdown of the phone menu, with translations:

Anonymous said...

That weird thing that comes up with the cells and the lines joining them together, then intersecting with all the other lines that are made - does that look anything like the lines on the map that Locke saw to anyone else? Or is just me trying to see something that's not really there?