Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Ralph- said...

Aimee pointed this out yesterday, but Hugh McIntyre will be apearing on Jimmy Kimmell Live tonight. i dont know if this will be crucial for the the Lost Experience, but i am sure there might be a clue or something in there. it will be interesting, to say the least.

Scott and Steve said...

I don't get it! How the heck was this last link disovered??

Lauren from SC said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's only a blurry picture of Dustin Diamond.

Katie said...

The last link was discovered from decoding Persephone's lat message (a mouse does not rely on only one hole) and linking it to her new number posting (2). Someone tried it on a whim, and it worked!

The Hugh McIntyre thing was pretty lame. Catch it if you can on youtube or something, but it was nothing to stay up for.

Onto tonight's clue!

During the season 2 finale, a new Hanso Foundation commercial aired. The site is There are 5 total job listings, each with grey letters peppered with the normal black. Collecting all of the letters and anagramming them, you come up with "Inmate Asylum". Underneath all of the job listings, though still within the white box, there is a link back to the Hanso Foundation website. Like the last clue, you must follow this link or it the password may not work properly. Go to the "Board of Directors" section and use any log in name (doesn't matter) and use "inmate asylum" as the password.