Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Three Minutes" - episode discussion


Ralph- said...

i liked this episode. i enjoyed the Pre Title sequence more than anything, but i have to tell you this. what pissed me off about the first 3 episodes of season two was seeing the scene with locke being held up by desmond 3 times, not to mention seeing it on the "previously on lost" portion of the show. i just felt like we got screwed by having to rewatch a lot of the same stuff we had already seen. onther than that, it was fine. So is desmond on that boat or what?

Katie said...

Good episode. Obvious set up, though a good set up at that. I can't wait for the finale.

Desmond is def on the boat. I bet he tried to escape and he drifted back to the island like Jin, Sawyer, and Michael.

Mike said...

Hi, Great to hear you podcasting again!
This is just a response about your 'is Karl pilkington for real' discussion.
The bloke is definately for real, he started off as gervais and merchant's producer for their xfm show. They soon realised how funny he was, and started getting him to speak live on air. Karl's stories that surfaced through the xfm shows have certainly been recycled in the podcasts, but i think thats cause they're just so damn funny!
Check out the archive of their xfm shows here:

Also check out this brilliantly funny podcast from Adam and Joe.

Jimmy said...

I really enjoyed that episode. A lot happening, and a ot to think about.

Did anyone find the "Charlie and the vaccines" sequence a bit odd? On a few boards people were talking about his kindness and how sweet it was. I took it that he knows a LOT more than the rest of them. Hmmm...maybe I'm missing something?

Scott and Steve said...

Sayid is awesome!

sayten said...

yeah i have a real bad feeling sayid is gonna get bumped off - he's already been getting way too little screen time.

Ralph- said...

if sayid gets killed (which he better not, cause he is the only smart one), than what will happen with the Walt is a drippy mess story line? While watching the episode last night, i actually said "Sayid is the Best" out loud. he is seriously the only character on that show to stay consistantly smart. he asks the right questions, he trusts nobody, he figures shit out, and he does not get duped like Jack Kate Sawyer locke, and the rest of these fools. the way that all these morons are acting, i kind of wish that hurley still had his food stash, and lived happy without getting caught up in all this island retardation.
i wish that damon and carlton would put the smart back into lost, and stop making some good character do stupid things just to keep the story going. Jack is a doctor, yet he is willing to let michael (who has obviously lost it) call the shots? remember when michael knocked out Locke and made Jack close the armory with him inside? they showed that scene again last night, yet Jack trusts michael, and questions sayid? COME ON! Locke has go the right idea, by leaving the bunker and hanging out on the beach away from everyone else.

By the way, i have a hunch that after locke had seen charlie throw away those mary statues, that he got up and went to continue Eko's work on the church. i feel that Locke and Eko's dreams not only switch, but so did their rolls on the island. Locke will forgive charlie, and start to help charlie build the church.

what was the deal with charlie's vaccine? are claire charlie and aaron going to start to get the sickness? does the "vaccine" contain small amounts of radiation, so that people can be monitored on the island?

what about Eko's cross? what will he find with the electro magnet? is it even a magnet? or did sayid just mention that he thinks its a magnet. i am pretty sure that "Gale" said Magnetic Sound, as a decoy to whatever is really beind that wall.

this episode was too much re-hash and not enough answers!

sayten said...

i thought it was lame that in the flashback there was no real justification for him killing anna lucia. (IE: because she killed one of the others, they could have told michael to kill her). michael might as well have gone into the hatch to "shoot" henry, faked a fight with henry and let him shoot his own way out of the hatch. instead he does the double homicide without even needing to. the strange inconsistency made his story annoy me all the more.

ofri said...

Ralph, supposedly the finale is full of answers. I'm totally psyched for it. I am really worried about who is going to get killed next week. It better not be Sayid. He's the shit. I was thinking it could be Hurley. It'd be sad, but I could deal with it. Not Sayid or Jack or Kate.
As for Charlie and Locke, it's not so much a matter of Locke forgiving Charlie as it is Charlie forgiving Locke. Locke is the one who punched him out and was moving in on his woman. He may have gotten over it though. The vaccine was really weird. Where did he get it? Was it in Sawyer's stash? I can't remember if Vincent led him to the stash before or after he gave Claire the vaccine. At this point I think Claire would have to be an idiot to give her baby something like that without consulting Jack, or taking it herself for that matter since she seems to be breastfeeding.

aimee in little rock said...

I really enjoyed this episode, but not in the "Kablamo!" kind of way from the previous 2 episodes though.

I am so grateful that the island has someone like Sayid. As soon as I saw Michael & Sayid talking, I KNEW that Sayid would identify that Michael was lying. At this point I'm not sure who kicks more ass, Sayid or Eko. Probably Sayid since Eko's mostly self-involved and Sayid actually cares about helping the others. Not those Others; the other others.

I must've missed something, but where did Charlie get those vaccines from? Sawyer's stash? My fucking phone rang during this part; I need to start unplugging that stupid contraption.

Was it just me or did Walt's voice sound funny, almost like it was dubbed? Maybe he's going through puberty now and they had to digitally recreate his voice. I don't know, it just sounded odd.

Katie said...


Charlie got the vaccines from the food drop.

I've also heard a lot about the dubbing of Walt's voice, although I didn't notice it. I'm about to watch the episode again and give you my thoughts.

Never though I'd say this, but I agree with Sayten. Why would Michael have to shoot AL (and, incidentally, Libby)? The only thing that I can think of is that Michael is being controlled by the Others somehow (telepathically or something of that nature) and when Mrs. Klugh said, "It doesn't matter what you tell them. Whatever you say, they will be angry enough to come," I thought it was a weird thing to say. Why would they be angry if he just came back and told him the story, and let Phenry go some other way? I understand why they did it the way they did (MR wanted out, Libby's death heightened the emotion because AL is a major bitch), but it was definitely annoying.

Katie said...

PS:7th Heaven is back!


7th Heaven: The Cockroach of TV shows

aimee in little rock said...

Thanks Katie, I don't know how or when I missed that. It's good to see you back at the blog, congrats on getting employed.

Ralph- said...

i was thinking about walt's voice too. i watch the "Boogie Man" episode of My Name is Earl, and i swear that Malcolm David Kelly's voice was deeper in that episode than it was in "Three Minutes".

i am not sure if i missed something, but has anyone confirmed that someone else was going to die this season?

i saw Jorge Garcia on Conan last night, and he said that his mom was not into Hurley as much as some of the other characters. He called her up and let her know that someone on the show was getting killed off, and she replied "it's not sawyer, is it?" it was a funny story, but why would Jorge talk to his mom about a death on the show, unless it invovled him?

i dont want anyone else to die. we lost Shannon Ana and Libby. i feel that if you start killing off people left and right, than it wont leave as much as an impact as say Boone. are the lost writers getting lazy, and tired of coming up with ways to keep this a real ensemble show? we need to get back to more lost group activities and less one person stories.

i could go on forever about this show.

aimee in little rock said...

I agree Ralph. The majority of Season 1's success was the writers sticking to the principle "Less is more".

Right now they're fucking with that simple formula, and I believe its the reason Season 2 has suffered the loss of many viewers.

Ralph- said...

i remember when it was cool when Sayid went off on his own in "solitary" (i believe that was the episode) and when hurley went off on his adventure in "Numbers". now with everyone against each other, and going off and doing their own thing, it forces everyone to keep secrets, and makes the show uninteresting. i want to to know what jack thinks about the pearl station, i want eko to survey the medical bunker. i want other characters to get invovled with other people's stories. it is all just one character one situation now. i just want more interaction. remember when they use to work as groups? i think that the last time we saw a group setting out to do something was in "The Hunting Party". sinse then, we have gotten Sawyer and Hurley looking for a Frog, Kate and Jack looking for the Line in the sand, eko and locke looking for the question mark. i miss the good old days where Jack Charlie Sawyer Locke Boone Kate Sayid and a butt load of people would tag along so that we could get muliple takes on any given situation. now all we get are people being left out of the loop. i want there to be a scene in which every single survivor of 815 sweep the whole island for answers. i just want people to use reason on the show again.

SAYID IS NOW OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE, which means that he will probably be the next one to die, even if it means that the producers dont feel like finishing up his loose ends, like they did with Libby.

Ralph- said...

sorry for all the longs posts. i guess this episode really put a dent in my head.

Katie said...

new Lost Experience clue is out!

New numbers on

It's been decoded.

I won't post it here just in case, but if I get the ok I will.

Just a heads up for those who keep up with it.

Ralph- said...

are these numbers significant? are they coordinates or something? does anyone know the real deal with i heard about it months and months ago, but never really found out what it meant. right now BS1 says Time God. it use to say Catoms and one time it said Smart dust. do you think that bigspaceship1 has anything to do with the game?

Katie said...

persephone has been communicating with the players a lot this way. It's always numbers, but it's not always encrypted the same. This encryption is base64. Once decoded, it's anagrammed to the message.

Want more?

Jimmy said...

You know, it only occured to me last night, that Jin is virtually out of the loop altogether. It backs up all that Ralph is saying.

I did think Walt was dubbed a bit. I also thought he looked a bit older and they made lots of quick camera shots and lots of movement and half lighting to hide this, I thought.

Also Micheals arrival at the others "fake" camp was full of similar camera work. The very quick shot of three people working on a fishing net was clearly showing that they had NO idea how to work that net. Much like the two weird dudes with fake looking moustaches guarding the hatch door. Bizarre, innit? It's up there with "The Prisoner" for the weirdness.

I thought "Ms Clue" or whatever her name was may have been dubbed at first. Sometimes it's as simple as the sound not being so good on the day. She seems very interesting!

What did Alex mean when they were meetign at "the line", and she said "He's delivering a message". A message to stay away from the line, or a message of another sort. A message to Locke? Did Locke lead them to that very spot after all?

What are the odds of bearded guy tripping up Micheal with a Bolas?

Ralph- said...

because we know what kate knows about the fake beard, and what walt told michael about how the people are not who they claim. Why the hell doesn't anyone realize that this is not a trap? i think that the ignorance factor is too high! with all these secrets, it makes everyone look like an idiot.

katie, i will put up a thread for the lost experience. put up everything you have learned, and if people want to check it out, they can!

Jimmy said...


What you just wrote did strike a chord with me.

If my daughter yelled out "They are pretending", and if I had any knowledge of the fake beard stuff (which I don't think he does, as no one fucking shares info), I doubt I would follow through on this course.

It really does make the Ana Lucia shooting seem extreme!

Here's an idea. Go to the hatch and say to Jack and co "'s the deal. They say if you, Kate, James, and Hurley are the only ones who accompany me, and we bring back Henry, they will give me Walt."

So it might be a lie of sorts about "Giving Walt back", but on the way up there I would make a plan amongst everyone in case they renegge on the agreement. Get Sayid on it and say "Follow us with your own team or whatever". Fight the fuckers, I would!

Yes, it is all a bit maddening.

Jimmy said...

I also think that Desmond is on the boat (which is a no brainer) and he is "infected". He is panicking or dying and decided that he needs the help of the Dr.

You heard it here :)

Ralph- said...

i will say that Celvin is on the Boat! we know that Celvin wandered the jungle (that is how he found desmond), we know that desmond thinks that the outside world is contaminated. Desmond says Celvin is dead, but there is no Body in the bunker. could it be that celvin brought desmond down into the bunker, told him some BS about the dangers of going outside,then leaving the bunker never to return? this would make desmond believe that celvin is dead, when in reality celvin secured the sailboad while keeping the experiment going with his new replacement!

Jimmy said...

And on a similar you think Locke has somehow manipulated Eko into beign HIS replacent?

Good theory, Ralph. I'm sticking to Desmond. Maybe Desmond found Kelvin and they are both on it?

sayten said...

on that note, I'm totally confused by Eko's newfound motivation for button pushing. Obviously he sees his dream with his brother as being very important, but the degree that he doesn't even question or seem confused by the dream is sorta surprising. and what about that whole interaction with charlie - It seems like all the characters are behaving completely out of character.

Ralph- said...

maybe Eko was telling locke to "go about his life" and not be a slave to what he does not believe in. locke has been confined to that button, and eko is letting him know that locke does not need to deal with it anymore. he has freed lockes faith, and now locke is a believer again. that is why he took off the splint. It is like the wizard of oz, locke had the use of his legs the whole time, he just needed faith. eko gave him that faith back.

sayten said...

makes sense to me, i guess.

there's more promo pics up now. be sure to check out both pages, but it's semi spoilery stuff just so you know.

musselsfrombrussels said...

about Charlie and his vaccines, he mentionned he found them on the palette (from the air drop)

musselsfrombrussels said...

oh and Ralph, about the "Sayid is the Best" I totally agree, my gf and I were crying out "Super Sayid" when he stated the bloody obvious. We were shouting at Kate, Jack and even Hurley too because they seemed to be on the verge of having a moment of luciduty, but no, this is Lost, they just can't put 2 and 2 together...

MusselsFromBrussels said...

got myself an account to be able to edit my posts.

I actually meant "a moment of lucidity"

Anonymous said...

the episodes are definitely on an upswing.

i agree that Michael's actions weren't as motivated as i was hoping. It would have made more sense for him to have seen the others in their normal, presumably hi-tech living/working conditions. Then he would come to conclusion that he and the survivors wouldn't stand a chance against the others and that it was in his and Walt's best interest to cooperate with the others. He could struggle with the idea of betraying his friends but then justify it to himself by saying things like 'we were just strangers thrown together,' 'how well do i really know them' and 'i don't owe them anything.' My spoiler-free prediction is that Michael bites the farm in the finale, but goes out trying to redeem himself.

The introduction of the extra vaccine was a good move. It made sense that it would be in the supply drop. The question is if the vaccine is going to end up infecting Claire and her pup or if everyone else is going to be in dire straits while her character gets to be strong and in-charge for a change. A sudden dependence on a vaccine could force our survivors to make ugly decisions in the future and attack the others to secure their own supply. Moral ambiguity is good and necessary in American television.

i think it's an interesting choice to kill off Libby and to have her and Christian Shepherd's back-stories continue to influence the Lost plot from beyond the grave. I'm looking forward to more there.

i just have coathanger TV and i don't actually get ABC so i have to either buy Lost off itunes or ride the lawless international waters of the internets to see the show. i was pretty annoyed that the Hanso Foundation commercial wasn't included in the itunes download. So i'm glad that people like Ralph & Katie are keeping up with the Lost Experience so i can ride their coattails. I used to enjoy reading the Cloudmakers boards for the AI internet game, though that game's clues seemed much more dependent on arcane or field-specific knowledge.

I'm glad the MYOKMW/SAS is back, and i'm looking forward to more obsessive yet grounded & critical coverage.

sorry this post is a novella.

Ralph- said...

i was watching the CTV canadian preview @
and i noticed that Eko blocks Locke's hand while Locke is swinging the machete! and did you see all those nuematic tube canisters?!?