Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TLI: 316

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Better late than never, I say. I think The Island didn't want TLI to do a podcast this week. I'm thinking something bad is going to happen to me after I post this. Every time I tried to record, edit, or upload...something went wrong. Damn you Jacob.
TLI discusses Season 5, episode 6, "316". Aimee is here for half the podcast, but you get Kim for the whole 1:08! Wait, 108...what?!?!? AAAAAAHHH. (Seriously, a fluke, I didn't make it 1:08 on purpose)

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t-dot kim said...

Playlist: "We will miss you, Dharmalars"

Boyz II Men - It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Ashlee Simpson - Goodbye
Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye
Dave Matthews Band - Say Goodbye
Jagged Edge - Goodbye
Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger
Blink 182 - Goodbye, So Long
The Beatles - Goodbye, Hello

t-dot kim said...

I dare you to NOT laugh during the first 3 mins...


James said...

Great stuff, Ladies :)

Herlihy said...

ooh! yay!

Chris JC said...


I think I will say goodbye to the Dharmalars in my own way: Robot Rock.


Chris JC said...

And with a Dharmalars avatar, naturally.

Heck, forget Robot Rock, listen instead to the tune it samples.

memphish said...

Hot Damn! TLI for Lostnesday prep.


mb said...


listening now


Chris JC said...
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Chris JC said...

I totally meant to send TLI a voicemail. Possibly in the old guise.

Maybe next week.

Chris JC said...

MB, how long have the US iTunes store been offering classic Doctor Who episodes? Cos it's taken until now for the UK version to do the same thing. You're welcome, world.

Chris JC said...

Got to the Kate Hate section of the episode.

Kim - are you saying that you CUN'T stand Kate?

JonFromNKY said...

C an't

U nderstand

N ormal

T hinking

Chris JC said...


t-dot kim said...

lol... ;) no I didn't say that

Chris JC said...


JoeSC said...

The new podcast was freakin' sweet!

More to come...

mb said...

Chris - if my memory serves (which it rarely does) I noticed the classic Who episodes on iTunes over here about a year ago. But I'm pretty sure iTunes had already been selling them before I noticed, so I'm not sure exactly when iTunes STARTED offering them up.

Also -

KIM: "Someone was saying that the reason why 815 crashed in the first place was because that was the one time that Desmond was late pressing the button, so that's why there was an actual physical crash


This made me think about the Swan imploding and what that might mean IF Jughead is buried there (I'm going to assume that it IS for arguments sake AND that it was NOT swallowed up and destroyed by the implosion).
What are the chances that Jughead is no longer safe (i.e. leaking or ?).

Jordan from the 206 said...

Chris, You mentioning Kent gives me a good excuse to post another Almost Live! clip. As some on here already know, it was an old sketch show that was local to the Seattle area where I live back 10-15 years ago. So lots of local in jokes ripping on different neigboUrhoods. There is a city called Kent located about 30 min south of Seattle, which had/has a bit of a reputation for being backward. So with that, here is Cops: In Kent.

Chris JC said...

It's odd as they aren't very similar, but it reminded me of this bit of regional Welsh comedy.

Mr. Bill said...

As always Ladies great show!

Thanks Kim for the plug that was unexpected!!!

Jordan from the 206 said...

Kyle in Kintuckee was so right!! How the hell did nobody freak out when all the O6ers went on the same flight. Especially all next to each other. You'd think that after what they went through and how well known their faces had to have been, that the moment ONE of them got on a plane, that people would take notice. Let alone all of them (I don't count babies).

Stephanie said...

I'm so hoping Aimee's hopped up on pain pills.

PalmerEldritch said...

fun podcast, ladies/lady!

good stuff.

andrew. said...

- another great TLI podcast, and a perfect use of Boyz II Men for the Dharmalars tribute. Good on ya.

Holder said...

Yeah, killer music. Say Goodbye by DMB is freaking awesome...it's about banging your friend, and who can't relate to that old chestnut? Goodbye, So Long...that is one of my favorite Blink songs, especially the live version on The Mark, Tom, and Travis show...how awesome is it that they are coming back, by the way? And did anyone see the Always Sunny where the gang a-capella'd the shit out of It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday? Humortastical wonderment.

Malcolm said...

ben and ralph! why!? you were my first and favorite podcast!

no...i understand. im sure its draining to do a podcast every week. hell, i can barely wash dishes every week.

but TLI, my new favorite podcast now that the 'Lars have bit the dust, you better keep up the good work. and dharmalars? can't you do a farewell podcast? maybe one last episode for tonight's lost? it looks like it'll be a good one.

anyways...best of luck to all your future aspirations, ralph, ben, and ryan. jimmy, you need to keep the dharmalars alive. and aimee, best of luck on your move to oklahoma, and i hope you get well soon.

Terry_O_Locke said...
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