Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost 5.05 - This Place is Death PRE-EPISODE DISCUSSION


PalmerEldritch said...

judging by the tiny size of that picture in the original post our LOSTies will be shrunk tonight!

awesome. i hope they keep getting smaller and then have to go all "Inner Space" to help a pregnant Rousseau birth Alex.

memphish said...

Gee is LOST ripping off Batman The Brave and The Bold where Aquaman and some other dude I don't know had to battle bad guys inside Batman?


PalmerEldritch said...

nicely done, holli.

jordan, call up that bacon place and see if they've filled the opening (twss?).

Scott and Steve said...

ACK! trying to re-size and re-upload. Not working well...standby

PalmerEldritch said...

Aquaman and The Atom.

...or so i've been told?

memphish said...

My son could tell you, but he's not here right now. I'll confirm with him when he returns.


andrew. said...

oops. i posted in the defunct thread, pardon my repost:

- actually i just finished my rewatch of The Wire on Monday. I took a break after season 4 because it is pretty devastating, and, thinking about it, going from my most favorite season straight into my least favorite seemed like a bad idea.
Season 5 is great, but the act of consciously trying to tie it all in a neat little bow can cause some missteps (spoilers: Lost season 6)
I don't suggest listening to the commentaries unless you agree with the premise that The Wire is head and shoulders beyond most television, as the actors, writers and producers of the series like to make that point constantly.

- Seeing Chris Partlow & Frank Sobatka on Fringe a couple of weeks ago was a beautiful thing (no, despite my best efforts i can't seem to quit Fringe)

- I just got season 1 of Big Love, so that's the next series to plow through for me.

- i think they're setting up the spin-off sitcom starring Rick Moranis as the wacky Dharma scientist who's always getting up to hijinks with that crazy Hanso-funded technology.

Alirio said...

All I want to see shrunk-down are John Locke's man-boobs!!!

mb said...

FINALLY. fixed the size problem (TWSS) - the 'picture' button in the blogger post editor wasn't working for some reason.

Sorry - Locke's man boobs are back.


memphish said...

The Kid confirms The Atom.


PalmerEldritch said...

hey, Locke's in pretty good shape for a... 48 year old. he can still kill boar and throw knives at annoying british women.

wait... maybe he'll kill charlotte!!!

"Sorry. Force of habit."

Stephanie said...

I bet Charlotte dies tonight.

Anonymous said...

Annie dies tonight? Probably.

mb said...


from my Stephen Colbert Desk calendar:

Dating Do's For the Ladies

During the meal, order something that will get his attention, like a side of bacon for dessert.

I can't think of anything sexier

Jordan from the 206 said...

I'm thinking I might need a baconator to go with my 40 oz PBR for Lost tonight.

mb said...

YESSSSSS Jordan! I think you do!


PalmerEldritch said...

Tha Kid, hmmm... maybe Rousseau or Montand kills her? and the Others take Montand's arm in retaliation?

can Miles talk to Montand's arm or Patchy's eye?

no bacon tonight. but a giant italian sandwich. mmmm!

memphish said...

Just looked at the picture. Whose boobs are bigger? Juliet's or Locke's?


Stephanie said...


memphish said...

Steph, if you didn't like the last Island scene you need to give up, cause this not that sappy Jate shit is the fate of the show.


Malcolm said...

this episode was death.

there were some parts that i really liked, but the writing seemed jagged and cliche, and something about the cinematography bothered me. i hated the new way they did the white flashes, with the camera shaking and whatnot. we were really spoiled with the greatness of the first three.

i'll be the first to call it, but certainly not the last...i think that "i can't have chocolate before dinner" or whatever shit she said will be some kind of codeword, or significant. otherwise, thats a shitty way to go out. but can't say i'll miss her.

i like that she called daniel a strange, creepy man. im sure that made him feel good.

with all my criticism, the last half of the episode was pretty solid. loved christian. loved elouise, loved charlotte (dying!)

jin was kinda anoying, and i wish we saw more of the french team stuff, or learned about the sickness. the time travel stuff still confuses me, still. are we supposed to believe that danielle doesn't remember jin at all? oh, and how gross was monton's arm? and john's compound fracture?

ok. im done blabbering. g'night SAS-ers!

PalmerEldritch said...

new thread for people who've seen the episode.

Chris JC said...

Chaps - I realise there's a new thread and all but when an episode's aired do you mind laying off the details until the post episode thread, pls?