Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Post Episode Discussion: 316


andrew. said...

open on eyeball

Mr. Bill said...

Ray is Jacks flippin Grandfather!!

To reiterate: I'm calling it...Ray was on the island in 1954 with Hawking and Widmore.

The whole thing might be Christian's daddy issues.

So much...stuff this episode...can't handle...The Pain.../nosebleed

t-dot kim said...


JoeSC said...

II swear, if Ben got bloodied up the way I think he did, I'm going to be fucking pissed... Too soon!

I wonder if we are going to get a single episode that's going to explain how Sayid and Hurley made it onto the plane or if they're going to give those stories separate episodes...

And Locke, NEVER would have thought he actually killed himself... I'm more excited than ever to see how that panned out now!

On a side note, I really hope Frank made it back to the island as well. I thought he was a great character last season and was really hoping we'd get to see him some more this year.

I really want to go back and rewatch this episode right now, but my DVR fucked up and didn't record the episode.

Sometimes I hate technology more than Jacob!!!

JoeSC said...

Well said Kim! I never liked Kate to begin with... Now she just pisses me off every time she's on screen.

Mr. Bill said...

Me too Joe,

Penny has never been much more than an ancillary character, although she has some real strong and powerful ties but if Ben got bloody trying to hurt her...
I felt so angry when I saw him in that scene when he was on the phone.I felt like someone had hurt one of my own family members...I wanted to take him out!

I'm pissed, just when there seemed to be a glimmer of hope that he was doing something good he does the unforgivable...

I don't know why I'm getting worked up about it. LOL
We don't even know that is what happened...

Blah blah blah...Sorry bout that.

James said...

Hey...why the Kate hate?

Holder said...

Can anyone else find anymore parallels?

-Ben running late, like Hurley
-Sayid with a marshall, like Kate
-Hurley with Guitar, like Charlie
-Sun playing with ring, like Rose
-Kate...seemed kind of strung out, ie Charlie. OR maybe she got pregnizzle like Claire.
-Jack gets a coffin on a plane again, but I also sensed a little Locke in Jack's believe-y attitude.
-Also, the middle-eastern looking guy who was on the plane said "Sorry for your loss", and I recall someone saying that to Jack in the Pilot episode.
-Maybe the Marshall was the token Latina?

When Jack was putting the shoes on Locke, was I the only one hoping Locke would pop up and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"?

And what about Jack putting WHITE shoes on Christian and BLACK shoes on Locke?

Mr. Bill said...

Nice connections Holder!

Mr. Bill said...

snap Kablamo!

Jordan from the 206 said...

Got tons of thoughts and comments. But they will have to wait til tomorrow. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Thought the ep was great! Felt like the old style Lost that I've been missing! Exciting and on the edge of my seat most of the time. Lots of things happened that lead to many questions. I think it's official. I enjoy getting questions more than I do getting answers. Til tomorrow blogspot. Go LOST!

Brennan said...

Hurley was reading "Y the Last Man" in Spanish. It's about all but one man suddenly die on the planet. I've only read two of the ten volumes and it's written by Brian K Vaughn who is one of the writers/producers on Lost.

Really great episode. Was not expecting Frank on the plane. So, did the plane actually crash or were they beamed down by the island?

-LT Smash

memphish said...

Ben may have killed someone for revenge before boarding the plane like Sawyer. But like Sawyer, I hope he made a mistake and killed the wrong person. If he killed Penny or worse Charlie there will be nothing he can do ever to redeem himself to me.

Surely Desmond did not take that boat from London to LA.

I don't understand why none of them tried to get Walt to come back, nor do I understand why they were all flying in first class when none of them flew it last time.

So what did Kate do with Aaron in order to go on her booty call? Claire's mom or sent to Korea or worse sent to her mom?


Chris JC said...

I think Clemetine's mommy may be taking care of Aaron.

Narnia time - the station which is the gateway to a mystical world of wonders is The Lamppost (presumably The Wardrobe was slightly too obvious).

Middle Eastern Chap in the queue was, I believe, in Vantage Point. He was placed in the episode so oddly that I'm assuming we'll see him again.

Did anyone bring an Ajira Airlines water bottle with them? Oh, and did anyone expect Ray to yell "the wrong kid died!"?

Chris JC said...

Also: the besuited "Jack" dive into the water is one of the best stunts I've seen on LOST - simple but looked great.

Chris JC said...

Triple Chris!

I'm sure that The Transmission received information that next week would be the "week off", but checking out old ABC press releases, it seems it's still on for the 25th. Written by Cuselof and directed by Jack Bender: good times.

JonFromNKY said...

The Middle Eastern fellow is most likely going to be our new antagonist. I don't know for who, or what, he will be representing, but that's really the only thing this season hasn't introduced yet in comparison to the previous 4.

PalmerEldritch said...

so, did someone call the eye opening AND the flight number?

didnt even make the Ben/Penny connection on the dock til i read it here. and, boy, does it grind my gears! ben is a piece of crap. but we already knew that.

good call on Clementine's mom taking Aaron.

PalmerEldritch said...

maybe that fellow will be working for Widdy Cent.

and will Dez go off on his boat only to be caught in a storm and dragged to the Island?

memphish said...

My new theory is that Hawking sent the O6 to Dharma days to kill young Ben before he can take part in the Purge, though he claims not to have ordered the Purge.

Did you notice both Kate and Sayid are already back to their Island hair. Oh, Sayid's off Island hair, how I will miss you.


Chris JC said...

Desmond took up the hair slack in this one.

Herlihy said...

"I've always wondered this myself. Seems we get plenty of dudes. Yet never one single female. Although maybe if we ask nicely, Chris will wear a wig for his next post.

/was gonna say Herlihy. But that would've been construed as mean. :P"


I didn't like this episode nearly as much as anybody else seemed to do... The scenes with Elouise seemed really dumbed down, and as someone who works with numerous teachers, she had a distinct teacher voice going on. Actually really annoyed me.

The scene with Ray also annoyed me, it seemed really superfluous and didn't really gel into the episode. It was a lazy shoehorned way of getting something of Christian's.

I think Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mother, hence the whole "never ask me about aaron again"

I really hope that next week isn't just about Locke... I hope it's mixed in with stuff on the Island cos i'm sorta missing Faraday's shenanigans.

memphish said...

If Kate is pregnant with Shephard spawn I will have morning sickness all over the EW Lost cover.


PalmerEldritch said...

mrs. hawking was pretty annoying, herlihy. you are correct there.

it did seem like she was holding class for first graders.

the scene with Ray worked for me on only two levels. the parallel between Ray leaving the nursing home for anywhere else and Jack leaving his f-ed up life for anywhere else. also, for the shoes to be brought into Jack's life by "destiny" which helped shape Jack into a "man of faith."

also, loved Ben's story about Thomas being used to basically say "shut up, jack."

Jordan from the 206 said...

I don't buy Ben killing Penny for a second. To me that was the intended impression they wanted the audience to take from seeing Ben all bloodied up. But for it to be just that. Typical Lost misdirection. Nothing this show has ever done would every lead me to think that's where that story line will go. At least I don't think so.

Not a Jater. But how about that kiss? Kate just about bit Jack's face off.

clementinesdaddy said...

Other parallels:

1)"That's what a leap of faith means, Jack." -Mrs. Hawkings

Didn't Locke say the same thing to 2)
Like someone mentioned, another Spanish language comic brought on-board. Does anyone (Brennan?) know about the plot of said comic book?

3) Ben get up to go to the bathroom right before the turbulence (just like Charlie)

My favorite line of this episode:

"Wait a second...
we're not going to Guam, are we?" -Frank the Tank

So what does everybody think are the reasons the other O6 came back? Here are some guesses on my part:

Hurley: Another ghost (Libby?) tells him something that convinces him that he can end all of his suffering if he goes back.

Sayid: He was caught for one the assassinations he did for Ben (Ben turned him in?)

Desmond: As much as I hate to say it, Desmond is coming back for revenge... (poor Penny... or WAIT! maybe poor LITTLE Charlie! Ben's gonna get a lot of hate mail if THAT is true...

clementinesdaddy said...

Oh, yeah! Can't wait to hear from the J-Crew (James, Jin, Juliet, and now without John) on the island again. That seems to be the REAL story of Lost this season.

Too bad the next ep seems to be so Locke centric.

PalmerEldritch said...

maybe Ben went to kill Penny and Desmond beat his @$$ and when Ben said he needed revenge against Widmore, they all had a "wait. i hate him too!" pow wow and decided that the best punishment for widdy was to let penny and desmond go free and not let widmore be a part of their lives.

then we'd have Penny still alive, Desmond taking off on his boat (with Penny and baby-Charlie), and Ben still would be beat up but not a murderer.

of course, we won't know any of this until we see the dramatic seen after it previously having been hyped as Ben having killed Penny.

maybe she'll leave Desmond for a bit cuz she's sick of this Island stuff? then Desmond can take off on the boat and keep telling everyone that Ben "took Penny from her" and the audience can be outraged for a few episodes.

or maybe he killed her. but i sure hope not!

PalmerEldritch said...

err... uh... seen = scene apparently.

Herlihy said...

Did anyone else notice that the opening of Jack's eye at the beginning of the episode was the exact same shot in the pilot, then they cut to Jack laying around in the Jungle... for the second time?

PalmerEldritch said...


"Blogger t-dot kim said...


why not? everyone else has.

i keed, i keed.

did everyone like Ben's joke about his dead mom?

"How can you read?"
"Because my mother taught me."

that Ben's a real character.

it'd've been awesome if he made Jack feel like a douche.

"Because my mother taught me. Not really though because she died when I was young. While I was being born, actually. My father and I always blamed me for her death. Him more than I did though. And he would verbally abuse me as a child. About her death and how I was the cause. It gave me some really deep seated emotional issues, Jack. So, thanks for asking me how I learned to read. Dick."

Stephanie said...

This episode was so enjoyable that I forgive Cuse for being an ass.

I have seen Middle Eastern guy in Hideous Kinky, Three Kings, Sleeper Cell, The Kite Runner. Don't remember him from The West Wing, Hildago, or I Heart Huckabees. He's going to be in GI Joe. He seems to the go to Middle Eastern guy as of late.

Alirio said...

I have not hated a character on a TV show as much as I hated Ben last night when I thought he killed Penny.

Last scene of the episode knocked my tuque off!

Ralph- said...

"the wrong kid died"

Good episode, looking forward to seeing what happens next. Looks like we are in the hey day of the Dharma Initiative and maybe the skips have stopped? Probably shouldn't have watch the "next week on lost" but figured that that dude wasnt gonna remain dead for long.

this season is terrific!

PalmerEldritch said...

knee jerk?

Ralph- said...

Frank Lupidus was hands down my favorite moment! you can really see his brain working and feel for him. but something tells me that Frank knows he is in good company. If he knows his plane is going down he is in good hands.

Herlihy said...

Frank Lapidus looked totally bizarre without his beard and with his straightened hair.

Are TLI recording tonight?

PalmerEldritch said...

odd to see him without a beard. but, yeah, that dude is the man. definitely a highlight.

also, how creepy was Kate talking to Jack about his shoes/Aaron?

"Why keep something that makes you sad?"


Mr. Bill said...

He might have pulled a Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger.

and I think Kate gave Aaron to Clementine it seems like it was either that of Miss Littleton. Right?

Ralph- said...

without his beard, lupidas just looked like Jeff Fahey

Herlihy said...

Mr Bill - Surely you mean Cassidy not Clementine?

memphish said...

Some good ratings news for a change.

American Idol won the night of course, but LOST zoomed back up over a 5.0 rating among adults 18-49. A few weeks from now, it will face off against American Idol, and that will drop (last week, against an expanded Idol, Lost pulled a 4.4 in the overnights), but for fans of LOST, it won’t matter any.
LOST bested Lie to Me across the board, though it was a narrow margin in total viewers, but that’s before the minute or so of Idol gets removed in the final numbers.


Mr. Bill said...

Oops yes Cassidy not Clementine.


And thanks Holli for the Sawyer killed the wrong guy Parallel with Ben.

Lets hope that is true.

Herlihy on the scene with Ray, I thought that Jack was going to give Locke the watch his father gave him in the mobisode.
The shoe scene did seem a little forced but I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Ray.

andrew. said...

- I would agree with everyone that killing Penny seems to be too obvious a misdirection, but then we've been ahead of the curve on most of the reveals this season. I knew immediately where Ben was off to when he said 'I made a promise to someone' but people that were shocked to see Eloise Hawking last episode probably didn't.
The problem with it is that there is no way that Desmons & family made it from London to LA on their boat in the timeframe given.

- I also loved Frank being the pilot. Is he going to be on the island though? This time we didn't get a crash (for budget reasons?) and if the island beamed him off with the others then that plane has no pilot!

- I was really resistant to the idea that Christian Shepherd had been on the island before, but now it seems pretty obvious. It makes sense too that he was a mess, drinking all of the time, and flying to places like Australia, trying to crash on the island again.

- I liked this episode a bunch, but i'm a little surprised that everyone loved it as much as they did. Watching the episode I was very conscious of how much the show had shifted to being a sci-fi serial. I decided that I'd been taking it too seriously and just to roll with it more.
I think specifically the scene in the retirement home was what made me think "well this is just a silly TV show trope." Even if Ray becomes a plot point, the idea that Jack, wrecked with the idea that he would be going back to the island forever would take that phone call about his kooky grandpa escaping from the home again. Maybe if we'd met Ray before, and there was a sense that Jack was trying to say goodbye to his former life before resigning himself to live on crazy island, it would have worked, but it really just came out of nowhere, and said "here's those shoes you needed."

- My guess is that Saïd Taghmaoui will be a good guy, but the sort that will begin by fighting with our heroes before settling in.

- I keep getting LOST in Jin's island curls

- I don't think the "Y The Last Man" comic cameo goes much beyond it being a Brian K Vaughn comic (and a good one) and referencing the Green Lantern comic in the pilot.

- I agree with everyone that Charlie's ghost told Hurley to take the flight, and that Ben orcehstrated Sayid's arrest (although arranging that he would be extradicted on that specific flight is a stretch)

- Aaron, my initial guess was Claire's mom but Cassidy is a good guess too.

- I wonder why they decided to introduce Ajira Airlines instead of just using Oceanic. Are they trying to make sure people stop trying to make the Oceanic thing into a big conspiracy?
With Mrs. Hawkings exposition and some other moments in last night's episode, I got the sense that TPTB were trying very consciously to explain things in such a way that they didn't start any mysteries they didn't intend to.


JoeSC said...

I had a dream last night about Ben trying to kill Penny, but when he gets to where she's supposed to be, Widmore is there instead with a group of henchmen that proceed to beat the crap out of Ben (similar to the video from Ji Yeon, I believe)... At some point, during this beatdown, Ben lets it slip that he has found the island again and manages to get away before Widmore can press him on it anymore...

I still can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that he knows that Ms. Hawking lives in LA, who she is and what she does, but doesn't user her to try and find the island again... There was obviously a falling out somewhere in their story and I'm psyched to see what could have caused that.

JoeSC said...

Also, the timing of this and next weeks episodes makes me think that this second half of this season is going to feel like a completely different season...

To explain, the last two episodes (This Place is Death and 316) really felt like build-up to a season finale, which logically would make next week's episode the "season finale"...

That will be the 8th episode of the season and I think will probably bring to a close any real-time off island events. From episode 9 on, it's going to be almost exclusively on-island (with all of the off-island stuff dealing with everyone else's story right before they got on the plane to come back).

Ben, Sayid, Hurley, Kate and Sun all have HUGE questions lingering about what happened before they got on 316 and with the number of episodes left, I'm really feeling like each is going to get its own flashback episode (or flash-forward depending on when it is on the island now)...

That's just my crackpot theory, but it could just be wishful thinking.

Chris JC said...

Thinking about the Aaron question again. I'm wondering if Cassidy would live too far away, making Mrs Littleton the most likely candidate being that she was in town, leaving Mrs Austen being an emotionally complex standby.

In favour of Cassidy is the season 4 scene of Kate on the phone to someone widely believed to be Cassidy which I seem to recall suggested that casual visiting at short notice was viable (esp since Kate has to be careful where she goes) so maybe Cassidy has moved to LA or close by, making the Aaron drop possible after all.

Last option: bundled the kid up and posted him to Mrs Paik.

I don't know if any of the guesses in this post will turn out to be a hit, but it's clear that this post contains a lot of Mrs.

andrew. said...

maybe what kate did was tuck her little man into bed and... blew the whole house sky high! too dark?

International-J said...

Here's another parallel:

Jack and the letter is similar to Sawyer and his letter.

t-dot kim said...


I enjoyed this episode a lot! Aimee and I may record tonight depending on how she feels. It was her first day back to work after her accident yesterday and said she was tired. I told her when she comes home if she wants to rest we can record later. Around 9pm EST--I think that's around 2am for you Brits :( and 6pm for all of you on the West Coast.

First off, anyone who thought Desmond took the boat he and his family are living on from England to LA--seriously? No effing way.

Kate is a C*NT. (I stress KATE and not Evangeline Lilly) Get out! She used and abused Jack in this episode. Sure, I always liked Jake and Kate together, but this was just so heartless--she had an itch that needed to be scratched. "I gave Aaron away, now bang me tonight so I can forget about it for 45 minutes". Jog on!!!

It NEVER crossed my mind that Ben killed/harmed Penny or baby Charlie. Seeing him bloody made me think it had something to do with Sayid being in handcuffs when it was revealed. However, why would Sayid be in handcuffs forced to go to Guam of all places!

The one scene I absolutely hated, that felt forced was with Ray aka Grand-dad. I'm sure Ray will come back in future episodes, but it really felt forced to me. Someone made a good point about "fate and destiny" as to why Ray was the one to give Jack his father's shoes--meh, I don't know. It just felt forced imo.

LOVED seeing Frank, LOVED Desmond telling the island to fuck off, LOVED Sayid in handcuffs and his reaction to seeing the other members of the O6 get on the flight, and LOVED Ben in this ep.

Where's Walt?? I think he should have gone back with them.

Ok...I think that's enough for one post.

andrew. said...

"I gave Aaron away, now bang me tonight so I can forget about it for 45 minutes". Jog on!!! that was really generous of you to give Jack the benefit of 45 minutes =P

t-dot kim said...

Jack seems like a Republican.

Trevor McFur said...

I loved last night's ep, by far my favorite of the season. Agree with whoever said that, "We're not going to Guam, are we?" as the best line of the episode. The only thing that bugged me was the completely dumb Jack...
--doesn't think until he gets on the plane to ask what's gonna happen to everyone else
--not thinking to ask once, "Ummm, why do we have to go back again?"
--"Golly! What a crazy coincidence that Sayid and Hurley are here too!"
--Crazy Kate shows up in his bed, and tells him that she did something with Aaron but never ask her about it, and he's OK with that because he's getting laid? Way to think with the hammer, Jack (although in his defense, I would imagine Crazy Kate is a fantastic lay

And what about Waaaaaallllllt?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

t-dot kim said...

...a waspy Republican. Isn't 45 minutes standard?


clementinesdaddy said...

Ooohhh... if I wasn't a Democrat I would say that you were being very rude, Kim! lol

But you have to give it to the Shepards... They are the only family on Lost with at least 4 generations of proven genealogy... That's got to count for something....

PalmerEldritch said...

did anyone else start singing Skee-Lo when Jack's piece of paper said only "I wish?"

Stephanie said...

Did I miss something? Republicans last 45 minutes?

Chris JC said...

Republican Guards last 4.5 hours

Stephanie said...

Jack's from Cali. I expect him to me a democrat. But maybe I'm just generalizing.

I wanted Jack to take Ray with him to the magic island so he won't have to keep trying to escape that horribly depressing retirement home.

PalmerEldritch said...

that retirement home looked a lot nicer than any of the ones i've been to.

Chris JC said...

I wanted Jack's granddad to give Agent Mulder more secret governmental information.

t-dot kim said...

No Steph, you didn't miss anything. I was trying to be funny.

TLI update: looks like IF...yes IF we record tonight it will be at 10pm EST. Most likely we'll move it to Saturday afternoon because Aimee is still a bit out of sorts from her car accident. I don't want her to push it during her recovery. I'll keep you posted.

Chris JC said...

Speaking for myself, Aimee's recovery is more important than sticking rigidly to a podcasting schedule I like TLI but I wouldn't want it to be detrimental to the health of either of you.

Mr. Bill said...

Did I hear the Wilhelm Scream when the flashes started on the plane?

JoeSC said...

Yeah, I had a total "Cocoon" moment when Jack was talking to Ray in the home...

"Imagine that somewhere there's an island, and on that island is a magic box... a box that's so magical is puts your silly card tricks and disappearing bunnies to shame!"

Side note... do you think that bunny was time-travelling? Maybe sent from the past by Widmore to spy on Ray and possibly learn the O6's plan? Now I'm just delusional... I really need a nap!

JoeSC said...

Yeah, don't stress yourselves out guys.. We've got 6 more days until the next episode and somehow I don't think the world would end if you didn't record... although I'd prefer not to find out! :-)

PalmerEldritch said...

"Yeah, I had a total "Cocoon" moment when Jack was talking to Ray in the home..."

Wilfred Brimley is Jacob!

JoeSC said...

Wilfred Brimley is Jacob!"

(as *not* seen in the Room 23 video) ...Jacob loves you like he loved Quaker Oatmeal!

andrew. said...

He's pissed because Dharma started muscling in on his Quaker Oats oatmeal market with their generic brand.
[evil dark humor] they trapped him in his cabin with a ring of sugar[/evil dark humor]

PalmerEldritch said...

now that you mention it, the cat over at Mikhail's station did look a little like Wilfred Brimley.

was Jacob keeping an eye on our heroes?!

Mr. Bill said...


memphish said...

How do you get diabetic testing supplies delivered to the Island?


PalmerEldritch said...

jab a Widmore pregnancy test into a major artery. multi-functional!

Jordan from the 206 said...

I liked this episode a bunch, but i'm a little surprised that everyone loved it as much as they did. Watching the episode I was very conscious of how much the show had shifted to being a sci-fi serial."

I really liked this ep. But yeah, during when Mrs Hawking was explaining the sci-fi stuff, it was really hard not to think, "Wow, this show is nothing like it used to be." But oh well. Like you said, you kinda just have to go with it. As long as the ep's are fun and exciting like this one was, I'm ok with it. Just don't be crazy sci-fi and get boring! That I can't handle.

And to further explain my comment from earlier about enjoying getting questions more than getting answers. I don't mind getting answers. But just answers on their own aren't exactly exciting. That's why the eps where they time travel just to witness something happen to explain an island mystery or give more info aren't that interesting to me. This ep gave a bunch of new info, but it also set up a bunch of new questions to ask. What did Ben do to get bloody? Where is Aaron? Why was Sayid arrested (and sent to Guam of all places? Who told Hurley to go to the island, and why does he have a guitar? So many questions. But that is what has always made LOST so great. Being exciting and getting the viewers thinking. The time traveling to explain mundane island mysteries doesn't fit into what made the show so good.

mb said...

Ben orcehstrated Sayid's arrest (although arranging that he would be extradicted on that specific flight is a stretch)

This was my first thought as well - but it is true that getting him on that flight might be a stretch. ALTHOUGH - Guam does have several military bases there - perhaps his extradition/deportation would involve the military?
Maybe it's just me not wanting Ben to have killed Penny - indeed THAT would give Desmond a reason to go back to the island.

also - I agree that it seems impossible that Des and Penny sailed to LA, but do we have a definite timeline for when Des went to see Widdy etc.? How long ago? I'm just too lazy to look it up.

Claire's mom is the most logical option to give Aaron to - but you never know which storyline they are going to use to drop a WTF moment with.

NICE call on the Lampost/Narnia reference Chris - totally missed that.

Mrs. Hawking didn't bother me (or the straightforward explanation). Frankly, since they have 25 (26?) eps left - some things are going to have to just get explained with a speech.

JoeSC - really like your dream about Widmore stopping Ben from killing Penny. Widmore could have had Desmond followed, seen Ben in front of the Church, then had Ben followed.
My God - I did NOT imagine that I might actually become thankful to Widmore for ANYTHING.

Loved your observations on the parallels between the Pilot ep. and this one (re: everyone on the plane and the similarities w/815). Did not catch several of those.

"That (next week) will be the 8th episode of the season?

Actually it will be the 7th episode :)

/pushes nerd glasses back onto nose and tucks his "Lostnerd" calendar/organizer back into his pocket-protected shirt pocket

mb said...

"The time traveling to explain mundane island mysteries doesn't fit into what made the show so good."

I do agree with this. I think the narrative cost of the fast-pace timejumping of the first 5 episodes, has been the sacrifice of some mystery.

Chris JC said...

I was a supporter of the time jumping storyline, but I'm big enough to see that the moment they stop we get our strongest episode yet.

The ting is that this season FEELS like it's the last one - as if they are getting ready to tie everything up. Knowing that there's one more after this is kinda screwing with me right now.

Thanks for the Narnia props, MB. Obviously by the time I went to Lostpedia it was already there and widely recognised, but hey.

Herlihy said...

The ting is...

I didn't realise you were one of those londoners, Chris. You feel me bwedwin.

Chris JC said...

Come round my yard and say that, ya get me?

Chris JC said...

Did I arks you, though?

mb said...

lol @Chris

/Can I arks you? Can I arks you a question? Can I arks you a question now? I only want to arks you a question? Can't I just arks you a question? I'm only arksing you a question....
do you fancy Billie Piper sir?

t-dot kim said...

Who wants to participate in the OSCAR POOL?

Send me an e-mail to I have to send you an e-mail invite to join the group

"Cast your votes and compete with friends. The New York Times will score your ballot in real time on Oscar night, starting at 8 p.m. ET, Sunday February 22. Make sure to get your ballots in early. Voting will close Sunday at 7 p.m."

PalmerEldritch said...

stupid picture time!!

Marvin Candle

thanks, io9. thio9!

Anonymous said...

F the Oscars!

They've lost all meaning. It's become a marketing machine for artsy films that would not make a mili without Oscar buzz.

"316" was great. I am not sure what to expect for next week's episode since it was originally meant to air before "316".

I didn't watch post show clips, etc, but know that it explains what happened to Locke.

I kinda wanted Desmond to tell Jack to "do the opposite" of whatever Hawkins tells him to do.

How useless was it that Desmond went to see Hawkins? What did it accomplish?

PalmerEldritch said...

in the LOST world, it didnt accomplish much cuz Mama Hawking was already putting together a rescue op. but Daniel and Desmond didnt know that. so, if Jack was just popping pills and dancing on bridges, then i guess it would have been up to Desmond to get the gang back together for the rescue op.

so, yeah, in-story, it was a superfluous attempt to get help that would have been useful if Ben wasn't already planning the return to the Island. so, i can't blame Daniel for setting Desmond in motion.

in the writers' room, it was just a cool way to get Desmond and possibly Penny to LA.

Herlihy said...

Loving the use of "superfluous" Palmer... I have to say, that is my favourite word.

t-dot kim said...

"F the Oscars"??!?!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I love the Oscars

Mr. Bill said...

I wonder if he meant Finally! the Oscars.

memphish said...

I have no interest at all in the Oscars. I haven't seen any of the movies and can wait until pictures of the dresses hit the interwebs. I'll be watching The Amazing Race once we get home from Sunday night family dinner. This week -- taco bar. I'm bringing the homemade guacamole.


Trevor McFur said...

I love the Oscars, and I only go out to the movies maybe 3 times a year. The preshow stuff that my wife likes is a bit much for me, though. I'm just sorry that Jon Stewart isn't hosting again this year.

Herlihy said...

Is it just me or has the gone mental again?

PalmerEldritch said...

not an Oscars fan. sometimes, the results are interesting. but the "cute" celebrity interaction before they present an award is awful. and the in between stuff. and the pre-show. and most of the speeches. and a lot of undeserved awards are given out. meh!

but it's cool when someone or something i like wins.

why bother watching when i can watch the interesting stuff on youtube the next day?

herlihy, more impressive than simply my use of the word "superfluous" is that i didn't copy it off of a word-a-day calendar. heck, at one time i could use a semi-colon correctly.

Trevor McFur said...

The possibility of catching a train wreck live is part of the fun.

Mr. Bill said...


I'll ask around

Bill Yells,

Hey blogspot has the gone mental again!!?


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping it PG.

My favorite word is "facetious".

Speaking of Oscars / movies,
has anyone seen "A Face in the Crowd"? For some reason, that movie is in my head.

Side note: "Network" is straight jock of "A Face in the Crowd." But I guess if "Blown Away" can come out at the same time as "Speed" and "Dante's Peak" at the same time as "Volcano" . . . I forgot where I was going with this.

Anonymous said...

Also re: "Fuck Kate"

I would like to throw my name in the hat for perpetration of such an act.

Even though Kate was supposed to look like crap, she looked even hotter.

I like vulnerable women? Maybe it was the lighting?

Yeah. . . yeah, I'm gonna go with lighting.

Herlihy said...

Facetious. What annoys me about that word is that many people think it's supposed to be used in the same vein as sarcasm... when it's not.

JoeSC said...

Sorry Kim, but I think I only saw about 3 movies this year... I'm probably the worst person to get into an Oscar pool.

JoeSC said...

Oh, and I don't think I've watched the Oscars since sometime in the late '90's... yeah, I'm not gonna be picking anything! :-)

JoeSC said...

In fact, the year Titanic won all those awards was the last time I watched... I lost all respect for the show after that travesty!

JoeSC said...

One last comment before I'm out for the night...

This was just pulled from the Lostpedia entry for "316":

"The episode aired on Feb. 18. On this day there are exactly 316 days left in the year."

I like to consider myself relatively perceptive... I really don't know if I want to meet the person who though up that fact...

***Intro "Twilight Zone" Theme***

JoeSC said...

Alright, I lied... One more thing... this was TOO good to pass up!

From Neilsen Ratings for week ending Feb. 1st:

For the week, American Idol had the most absolute DVR viewing with 4.85 million DVR viewers for the Tuesday airing and Lost had the greatest share of overall viewing that came from DVR. 25.4% of Lost’s viewers watched it on DVR, but almost half of that DVR viewing occurred the same night that it aired.

Lost fans, rabid much? And how many of those were watching it for the second time same night? My guess is a whole hell of a lot!

andrew. said...

i'm reposting from another forum that was reposting from another forum...

courtesy of darth_fenris
(Thu Feb 12 2009 17:28:41)
in the 108 Bad Lost Jokes thread
on the Lost message board of

How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich, by the Losties

1. Gather ingredients
2. Point gun at ingredients and shout "HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH OUT OF YOU?!?!?"
3. Breathe heavily through your nose as though you were about to hit ingredients
4. Give up and make the sandwich yourself, and eat it bitterly

1. Make separate sandwiches, one with peanut butter and one with jelly
2. Take a bite of the peanut butter sandwich, declaring it the best
3. Take a bite of the jelly sandwich, declaring it the best
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 ad infinitum
5. Follow peanut butter or jelly sandwich into grave danger

1. Throw the jar of jelly at wall, sneering "I don't need no sandwich"
2. Call the mascot on the jar of peanut butter lots of clever nicknames
3. Huff and puff and stomp around and grumble a lot
4. When no one's looking, make perfect, even, symmetrical peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sit in a corner, enjoying every bite

1. Sit idly by, believing that the ingredients will find a way to make a sandwich out of themselves
2. Lose faith and make the sandwich anyway
3. Realize that you were the instrument by which the ingredients chose to make a sandwich after all
4. Run around the room and grab everyone's knives, insisting that their sandwiches will do the same in time

1. Make sandwich
2. Eat sandwich
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 ad infinitum

1. Procure 23 milligrams of uranium-20
2. Set hadron supercollider to eight megajoules
3. Program a sandwich-making macro using Cobol or Visual Basic
4. Act all tough-like

1. Eat sandwich
2. Call the sandwich "brother"
3. Place peanut butter slice over jelly slice
4. Spread jelly on the other slice
5. Spread peanut butter on one slice
6. Take two slices of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly

1. Steal someone else's sandwich
2. Claim you coerced them into making the sandwich for you all along
3. Say you'll tell them everything if they make you another sandwich
4. Stare at them all creepy-like

1. Lay out plans for one of the most intricate, fascinating, and delicious sandwiches of all time
2. Just as you start making it, get shot

1. Apply peanut butter
2. Disappear for eight months
3. Apply jelly
4. Disappear for eight months
5. Eat sandwich

1. Mmmmmmm, peanut butter...

Holder said...

MINOR THEORY that I haven't seen..I believe it's an original!

Hurley has spent some time off-island (maybe ghost Charlie is teaching him?) learning to play guitar. Assuming the are in Dharma's genesis....Hurley programs 'Good Vibrations' in the Looking Glass security keypad.

On a seperate Hurley note, it would be cool if Charlie tells him to bring a guitar to the island because "it has saved my life before, maybe it will save yours", because it looked like Hurley would have drowned has he not has the guitar with him.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Assuming everybody is back in the early Dharma 70's now. Makes the scene with Faraday at the beginning of the season a whole lot more interesting. At the time we were thinking that it was just him there doing something. But now that scene seems to be apart of some grander plan that the Losties are going to be hatching (pun intended). I'm guessing they are going to be going toe to toe with a group of evil Dharma people led by snooty young Charles Widmore. Cool stuff.

mb said...

Nice theory Holder - I like it. Gonna go with you on that.

Rewatched "This Place is Death" and "316"

Again liked the parallel between Christian telling Locke "that's why they call it sacrifice" down in the cave, and Hawking telling Jack "That's why they call it a leap of faith"

Do we know that Ben knows that Desmond is married to Penny? I know he always seems to have his ways of getting information, but I can't remember ever being shown that he WOULD know that.

memphish said...

Andrew I love that list.

MB, Both Penny and Desmond have on wedding rings.

Holder I like the idea that Charlie taught Hurley to play the guitar. That's a nice twist. I just figured ghost Charlie wanted a new guitar.


Redrabbitblue said...


Mr. Bill said...

Almost as good as an actual pb&j Andrew!

"I don't need no sandwich"


memphish said...

Awesome news story of the day.

Woman Captures Suspect with Wedgie

Veterinary technician Yvonne Morris of Salt Lake City, Utah apprehended a man she saw breaking into a co-worker’s car in an unorthodox manner. She chased the suspected thief, then grabbed his boxer shorts and pulled! After administering the wedgie, she took him in a head lock until police arrived. The unidentified man was arrested for attempted burglary and outstanding warrants.


PalmerEldritch said...

thank goodness the crook didn't have wedgie proof underwear!

clementinesdaddy said...

Ooooh... I like the "guitar saving both Charlie's and Hurley's lives" theory, Holder! Nice!

I am hoping that anyone previously on island is "sucked" down during the flash. (ie- Sayid, Ben, Frank, and maybe the Middle Eastern gentleman?!?!)

Can't wait to see more of Frank. He is the modern day cowboy. Tough, gruff, no-nonsense, but someone whom you know has got your back.

andrew. said...

- While i suspect that everyone with a cast credit got beamed down to the island, I really like the idea that Ben didn't. I can just imagine him realizing that the losties are gone, that they returned to the island without him. He'd be trapped at 30,000 feet, crying, practically clawing at the floor to get to the island he knows was just so close.

- i was also a little confused about Ben knowing that Desmond being in LA meant that Penny was too. I guess we're still jumping to conclusions, and, even if its true, it's not hard to imagine that the secret other network filled him in.

PalmerEldritch said...

guess ben could have just been beaten up by Widdy's boys.

Stephanie said...

I didn't think Ben could go back to the island after turning the donkey wheel. I know the show has established Ben lies.

PalmerEldritch said...


mb said...

"MB, Both Penny and Desmond have on wedding rings"

True - but I was wondering how he would know that Penny and Desmond even knew each other at all. The Lampost was the first time he met Desmond right?

"i was also a little confused about Ben knowing that Desmond being in LA meant that Penny was too."

Yes - that is a better way of wording my question.

memphish said...

Ben's best friend Jack told him.


andrew. said...

- Palmer, i'm confused. Is every Friday Burger Day? I'm starting to suspect that you may be a plant from the international hamburger bun lobby.

- so tonight's the last Late Night With Conan O'brian. I haven't watched that show in a really long time but I liked it, especially when he strayed from the formula and let things get a little sloppy. It will be interesting to see how his style changes with the earlier audience. I hope Conan trumps Jay Leno in the ratings.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Not quite sure why so many people seem to be on this Ben killing Penny thing.

1) The Ben at the dock scene seemed too obviously an obvious misdirect.

2) Never in a million years would I expect this show to do something that dark.

3) Nearly universal tv or movie rule. If a character doesn't die on screen, they are most likely NOT dead (SEE: JIN). A beloved character being killed off will nearly always be used for shock value and a gut-wrenching emotional scene. No anti-climatic off-screen deaths.

4) It was about one day later!!!! Not only is it insane to think that Ben and Penny took their boat across the Atlantic and around entire continents (cuz I really doubt they would ever do that in that boat). It is even crazier for people to think they did so in less than a day!!! Remember a couple episodes a go when Mrs Hawking told Ben that he had 72 hours? Well in this ep she tells the group that they about about 30 hrs or so left. That means the last couple episodes combined only were a day or so long.

But once again, I will stick to obvious tv 101. I highly doubt the show would ever kill off Penny, given the lovey dovey Desmond-Penny relationship and it's effect on the viewers. And if they ever did, they sure as heck would use it for a super shocking, super emotional OMG scene. They wouldn't have it be an early hinted at slow reveal. But again, if you don't see somebody die, they aren't dead! (JIN!) And if a show that prides itself in tricking it's viewers with masked voice reveals, slow facial reveals, and "Ray, Ray, Ray, Grand dad!" type stuff, guess what?! It's trying to trick you! Never buy into the obvious on this show. Especially when it doesn't make sense.

Stephanie said...

I expect Penny and little Charlie are still in London while Dez jumped on a plane to Cali.
Can't figure out why Ben is looking like Rianna these days.

Holder said...

Damn...that was coooold, Stephanie.

And thanks for the positive feedback on my little theory, y'all.

PalmerEldritch said...

"4) It was about one day later!!!!"

unless his story wasn't taking place at the exact same time as everyone else's story.

but, yeah, i doubt we've seen the last of Penny. it may be revealed (and we'll see) Ben killing her or attempting to kill her. i still think it'd be cool if Ben made everyone think that he was gunna kill her (especially making US think he was) and then end up doing something different after getting his ass kicked by Desmond (despite Ben's ninja skills). whatever happens (they all realize they hate Widmore, Penny leaves Desmond, Penny makes Desmond help his friends, whatever) is all dramatic and leads to Desmond taking off on his boat and ending up on our favorite Island.

Herlihy said...

I didn't think for a moment that Ben went and killed Penny. But then i don't tend to theorise too much. All i thought was "Ben looks a bit worse for wear, wonder what happened".

Jordan from the 206 said...

My guess is that Ben got all messed up doing something to ensure Sayid got arrested and on that flight. That makes more sense to me.

memphish said...

But why would Sayid getting arrested in LA put him on a flight to Guam? My theory on Sayid is that Ben turned him in for that guy in The Seychelles we saw last season and the way you get back to the Seychelles is via Guam.

According to LOST for Idiots otherwise known as the pop-ups in the previous episode it said Ben had Sayid killing people hired by Widmore who were stalking the O6. Maybe Ben went to eliminate One Of Them and they weren't as surprised by his little stick as he thought they would be.


Chris JC said...

I think my theory is the best.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Holli, I don't think there is any good way to explain why Sayid is arrested and being taken to Guam. What happened? He was arrested and the police said, "Arrest this man! And send him to Guam! NOW!" lol.

Then again, I have no idea what you're talking about with the Seychelles. ??? Just like how I didn't know who Montand was. Man, I suck at Lost. You guys put me to shame time and again. Who am I fooling posting here to begin with?

Jordan from the 206 said...

"unless his story wasn't taking place at the exact same time as everyone else's story."

Really don't think they'd be that confusing. We witnessed both O6 and Des stories at the same time, and they've now both intersected.

Plus Des seemed to be in a bit of a hurry when he decide to head to LA. I'm not boating expert, but I don't think taking their dinky little boat would be the way to make that trip. Ever, let alone when you need to get somewhere in a hurry.

PalmerEldritch said...

chris, that is FANTASTIC. very good job.

jordan, he sailed to Maine and walked to LA. but not just any walk. a speed walk.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Was I the only person who found it really funny/odd whenever Jack called Ray, "Grandad"? Not in a mysterious, deeper meaning kind of way. Just in that it sounded funny how Jack said it. Like it didn't fit his character to use that word, or that Matthew Fox was just saying it funny. Also in that he calls him Ray a few times, then suddenly starts calling him Grandad. I realize it was just another form of the slow reveal that Lost loves nowadays. Another "back to the camera", if you will. Still, made me laugh a bit.

Quick blog census. Anybody here ever call their grandfather, "grandad"? I know there's a ton of different ways people address a grandfather. My dad used to call his "pop pop". I myself said "grampa" for my US one, and "bapou" for my Greek one overseas.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Palmer, You mean speed walking like this?

From an awesome old local sketch show called "Almost Live". Back before he became Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Chris JC said...

My grandparents had all died before I was born as my own parents were getting on a bit themselves.

However, "Grandad" or "Grand-Dad" would likely be my name of choice.

I note in US movies and TV it tends to err towards "Grandpa" or "Grampa".

I had never heard "Pop-Pop" before Arrested Development, although I like the logic of it.

Mr. Bill said...

It was Granddad for me.

However lots use Grandfather

Chris JC said...


Jordan from the 206 said...

From my brief knowledge, at least from my family, "pop-pop" came back back east. As my grandfather's family came from Pennsylvania. Wonder if either Andrew or Trevor are familiar with it being a thing over there?

PalmerEldritch said...

good ol' Almost Live. Comedy Central used to have repeats back in the day. used to have The Young Ones too which i can barely remember.

Jordan from the 206 said...

They play re-runs here still. I remember back in the day, myself and a friend tried to go to a taping, but we weren't over 18, so they wouldn't let us in. I never saw it on Comedy Central. I wonder if they kept in all the local news stuff. Sure was a lot of local humor and inside jokes that I wouldn't think would play as well abroad. Still was a damn funny show though.

t-dot kim said...

Holli...."My theory on Sayid is that Ben turned him in for that guy in The Seychelles we saw last season and the way you get back to the Seychelles is via Guam."

Whaaaat?? What are/is The Seychelles? What guy?

Did I miss an entire episode??

memphish said...

The guy in the Seychelles was the guy on the golf course in the opening of The Economist who Sayid shot for beating him in a bet. Mr. Avalino or something like that.


mb said...

I forgot to ask before now - was anyone else envisioning multiple bloopers in The Lampost with that pendulum. How many times did Desmond and Hawking get knocked onto their asses before they made it through the scene.
It'd be a funny blooper :)

Chris JC said...

If Des were a proper Scotsman he'd have given that pendulum a massive kick off course as he passed.

mb said...

I watched a bunch of Almost Live on Comedy Central way back. Always enjoyed Billy Quan

Stephanie said...

My grandfather was called "Paw Paw" by everyone. Morgan differentiates between her's as "Paw Paw" and "Pa Pa".

andrew. said...

- I've heard "pop-pop" used, not aware if its a regional thing. Back in Virginia, I called my granddad and grandmother "De-dad" & "Me-maw" but i'm not sure where that came from either.

- lol'd at the Ben caption Chris.

memphish said...

I had a Granddaddy. My dad went by Papa. My father-in-law is Grandfather, but his dad was Nandad.


memphish said...

So Homeland Security let's this guy through security, but not my toothpaste.


Anonymous said...

Super LOL! Good picture.

mb said...

I also forgot to ask if anyone else took note of the music when Jack was boarding the plane and looking around at the others?
It was a hybrid of themes - someone correct me but I THINK it was a version of the piano from "Life and Death" fr. Seas. 1, but twisted with a creepy string melody that they've used b4 (don't remember when - WHY don't I own all seasons).
I really liked it - I'm hoping Jimmy mentions it.

JoeSC said...

I'm right there with you MB... I think the music in this episode really struck a chord with me, much more than any episode in a long time. Jimmy, I am eagerly anticipating your analysis of this one!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I noticed the music too. Maybe an Ajira theme?
I had a dream that I finally got to see TLI record on ustream.

Mr. Bill said...

Just in case any of you guys and gals listen to our BTCE podcast here it is MP3
And some links we talked a little about.

The Wilhelm Scream
The Hutchison Effect
More Hutchison stuff


Ralph- said...

Sorry that the show was not up when you guys refreshed your iTunes today. I remember the week after Dylan's Going Aweigh, waking up and checking my iTunes, only to be disapointed that there was no Craig show.

This is sort of a similar deal, but Ryan will be on the feed some time this week with an official announcement.

Sorry gang. I love the show, but cannot continue. I will continue to check the gmail, myspace and chat on the blog.

Chris JC said...

It's a shame to hear that, Ralph. Stick around and talk shit with us from time to time.

I hope you get to enjoy the rest of the season of LOST without seeing it as more work.

Holder said...

Interesting article about Oscars/Giacchino.

Chris JC said...

Oh, man. I don't know how many of you have tried conducting but let me tell you it's bloody difficult.