Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You Want Me to Stick This WHERE?

Ben looks way too happy.

Pre-episode discussion here for 3x09 - Stranger in a Strange Land. Happy Lostnesday!


aimee in little rock said...

Oh my gosh, I went out yesterday & got the novel Stranger in a Strange Land; it's just hard to put down. I was up until after midnight reading the book, now I'm halfway done with it.

Why am I such a nerd? I don't grok it.

PalmerEldritch said...

Hey, Aimee. Your post looks pretty lonely all by itself. I'll keep you company. Got your camera ready for the before and after pics tonight? Maybe another picture of you reacting to the inevitable super creepy Ben Linus scene on LOST tonight?

aimee in little rock said...

We should have a contest where people post photos of themselves reacting to something on Lost. The winner gets a date with Kim.

Thom said...

Hey there podcasters!

I've been avidly listening to the SAS spin-offs and enjoying the hell out of them. And, yes, say what you want - I do love spin-offs. I always dug "Mork" and "Laverne & Shirley" better than "Happy Days" anyway. And, lets face it, "Joni Loves Chachi" was never given the chance it deserved to win our hearts. (Daybreak, anyone? No? I didn't think so.)

Anyway, I've really been digging "The Lost Initiative" (Laverne & Shirley - naturally) and "The Dharmalars" (I guess Mork. But which one is Mork? And is the other Pam Dawber? Jonathan Winters perhaps?) - so there's really no lacking in my Lost Podcast diet. But, it seems to me that the big elephant in the room (and by room, I mean, this blogspot and the lastest podcasts) seems to be the question as to whether "MYOKOMwSAS" will ever rise again? Is there a definitive answer on that question? Have the boys hung up their mics for good? Have they grown tired of Lost? Are they secretly recording a Heroes podcast that we all have yet to pick up on?

Obviously, its something they did for fun in their free time and nothing they owe us, by any means. But, as one fan that's listened to nearly every word of each of these podcasts, SAS or otherwise, I think it would be cool for one of the boys to drop a post and say, "We're done." Or, "We might be back." Or, "Leave us the fuck alone."

So, that's it. For me, it's probably one of the biggest Lost questions that has been left unanswered.

Thanks for all the broadcasts folks. You all do a great service and it's all a helluva lot of fun.

- Thom

Ralph- said...

I know that Craig enjoyed doing SAS, and i know that Craig is a very busy person. He works a lot in addition to going to school full time. I am sure he would have continued podcasting if he had the chance. I have a feeling that if either Laverne, Shirley or Lenny and Squiggy could talk him into downloading Skype, that he might want to join one of us on the podcasts. I mean, it would only take an hour of his time and he wouldnt have to edit or even leave his house. i mean come on, its not that hard to talk about LOST for an hour, is it Craig?

aimee in little rock said...
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aimee in little rock said...

Thom, that is the #1 asked question around here, so I understand your concern. Ralph's post laid out very well the many obligations Craig has right now, but to not pull a Cuselof and evade the actual question:

The honest answer is that none of us actually know. Neither Craig nor Ryan have ever officially or flat-out announced anything to anyone (to my knowledge).

I would hope that in the future we might be able to receive cameo appearances or a press conference officially announcing retirement from the godfathers of SaS. I'm sure something will happen soon.

Ralph- said...

and knowing the Sas Style, they would just show up again when you least expect it. There is always hope on this board.

keep hope alive.

PalmerEldritch said...

My prediction for tonight:

Aimee is sitting in the salon. Her hair has been straightened and looks fantastic. Her stylist puts down the comb and says "Turn around, brotha." He turns the chair around and Aimee's eyes widen in disbelief as she realizes that her stylist is...Craig!

/cue LOST music

aimee in little rock said...

That would be awesome. But unless Craig is a shapeshifter who transforms into a 45-year-old gay man, it's just a Lost pipe dream.

Or is it?

Thom said...

I was thinking that everyone was pretty much in the dark about the wherabouts of the SAS - but I guess I've just always been a little unsure since you all post on the blog and use the feed or whatever. So, cool. We'll wait and see.

In the meantime, lazy bastards like me have got it good. Lost one cool podcast only to gain two cool new ones in its place. Not too shabby.

And, whether or not Craig does make some sort of announcement, he and Dylan laid the foundation here for something cool and that should really be enough for a greedy listener like me.

Anyway, on with a new episode of Lost! Listened to Cuselof on the drive in today - and they pretty much denounced the "3 QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED" shit from the promo department. Only one answer - and that's about Jack's tatoo. Which, for me, is pretty much at the bottom of a seriously long fucking list of questions I have had about the show.

- T

PalmerEldritch said...

It'd be fantastic if he just got drunk and went to a tattoo shop.

aimee in little rock said...

Drunk on MacCutcheons whiskey and tattooed himself would be cooler.

Thom said...

Drunk on MacCutcheons whiskey and tattooing himself with the explination in Chinese of why Locke lost the ability to walk - thus getting two answers that are bound to disappoint out of the way and also giving ole' coconut head a chance to get his drunk on and bust out some more of those fantastic crazy faces!

aimee in little rock said...

Do they speak Chinese in Thailand?

I'm actually not very interesting in seeing Jack's flashback tonight. Wow, a tattoo story. I have a few I could tell you, but none that would take an hour to tell. I will have faith there's more to it than this.

On the island, I'm much more interested in finding out where all of these other Others are coming from. HOW BIG IS THIS ISLAND?

The power struggle during Ben's spineless recovery will be an interesting story I think.

aimee in little rock said...

I just watched the preview at, and Jack totally stole my rant from the pre-season all star podcast. Ehh, not verbatim, but close enough.


Thom said...

Ya know, I bet someone has probably spoken Chinese in Thailand. But, be that as it may, I guess I get the ugly American award today.


Anonymous said...

Thom, is your surname Yorke?

Aimee, since i've posted pictures of hair, i think you post your new style!


Casey D said...

my prediction:

I will like this episode a lot more than last weeks

dharmalars said...

A JACK EPISODE? we already had one this season. Cant we get a Hurley episode or Jin and Sun, or Sayid??? WTF?

Anonymous said...

I think tonight's episode is going to be really tame, and just set up the pins for the next few eps. so here's my boring prediction based on having watched Lost for 2.5 seasons:

Flashback: Christian Shepherd goes on a bender. Jack follows him to Thailand. Jack learns he has a half-sister, flips his lid, and goes on his own bender. He gets sexy time with Bai Ling and considers giving everything up & staying in Thailand. Bai Ling turns out to be conning him for money. Jack's tats are about the 5 second story which he uses to get his head straight to go back to his old life.

On The Island: Jack gets caged, meets hamhocks (damn you SASers), and learns nothing except "the children are safe." Sawyer, Kate & Karl make it back to the beach. In a sweet moment, Hurley apologizes profusely to Kate about leaving them with the Others but is forgiven withut a second thought. Charlie whines to Claire about being marked for death. Kate makes a rallying cry to go save Jack. Locke suggests that they might be able to get something to give them the upperhand at the Flame station.

Preview for next week: looks like the craziest shit ever including a shot of patchy.

On Earth: Lost fans write invectives on ABC messageboards about being misled by the promo department. Aimee's hair turns out A-OK. Ralph is grumpy about the episode. Kim is indifferent about the episode but still manages to sound impossibly cheerful. Ben is cautiously positive about the episode and makes a lude joke about Jack getting his thinger wet. Producer Ryan laughs infectiously in the background. Jimmy identifies Claire's theme. Craig & Ryan surprise everyone by releasing a MYOKMwSAS episode but talk very little about Lost and sound like they might have even missed an episode here or there.
the blogspot continues to blow up but this week is overwhelmed with talk about Heroes and how hot Bai Ling is. I talk about Cindy.


Thom said...

Sadly, I'm not Thom Yorke.

Leads me to my new theory though - perhaps Patchy is Thom Yorke. He's got that dead eye - right?

Hmm. Maybe Lost is really just a big screed against carbon emissions masquerading as primetime entertainment!

aimee in little rock said...

Andrew, I think you need to start writing for ABC because you have some special powers of your own. Especially with the on earth predictions; you know us all too well.

But you can't call Cindy "hamhocks"; there's a girl in Alaska I used to work with who we called Hamhocks behind her back. She was my nemesis, and had the biggest tree-trunk freaking legs you've ever seen on 5'0" redheaded feminist with a napoleon complex.

I think Jack's going to justifiably grumble a lot, Kate & Sawyer are going to toss Karl overboard so they can make with the water love, Desmond will have some long distant blank stares, and Charlie will definitely be mopey. Everything else is sort of up for grabs.

PalmerEldritch said...

I predict that Jack will play cards and gamble in Phuket. You know, since he said that's what he did there.

Phuket? What the hell?! The two big Thai cities are Bangkok and Phuket?! I realize that Phuket is pronounced Poo-khet and not F#ck-It but it's still pronounced POO-khet. I'm pretty sure that the Thais formulated their language over hundreds of years just so we could get a giggle out of the names of their cities. Does anyone know if New York means something dirty in another language? If not, we've seriously got to put more effort in and start renaming our cities for the benefit of non-English speakers.

t-dot kim said...

Bloggers, I am also hoping that Craig will come back with a rare MYOKOMw/SAS cast--but he has to time it perfectly to have its full effect.

Andrew, your predictions for tonight's episode and the following podcasts...hilarious. No one at work understand why I giggle in the corner when I'm supposed to be preparing my traffic reports. ;)

Palmer, how f-ing crazy would that be if Craig was Aimee's stylist? That gets my vote for best post of this thread (so far).

Ralph, I'm also not too pleased that we have ANOTHER Jack episode. I thought LOST took pride in their emsemble cast--spread the flashbacks Cuseloff!! However, I know you HATE spoilers, but I hear a rumour that the next couple of weeks we will have flashbacks from 2 of our cast favourites! Yes, I spell 'favourite' with a U.

TeeJ, we got your voicemail, but I could barely make out what you were saying in parts. I had to listen to it a few times. Get better soon!

Aimee, what does "grok" mean? Ok, nevermind I just googled it. Yes you are a nerd--probably with really cool hair.


aimee in little rock said...


I told you so. Maybe next time you'll grok and listen to me, lol.

t-dot kim said...

Oh ya...if anyone cares...

J.J. Abrams is directing this weeks episode of The Office called "Cocktail Party" - Michael & Jan go public with their relationship, should be a good one.

aimee in little rock said...

Wow, I wondering when his episode was coming up. I predict a 90% chance of Dwight inserting some kind of Lost reference...woohoo!

stephsmith said...

All day I've tried to record a spoiler section for a friend's Heroes podcast. I've screwed up my inputs and outputs. I don't know what the hell the settings are supposed to be. A whole day wasted.

aimee in little rock said...

I'm so sorry Steph! Maybe the dark Peter Petrelli went all invisible and messed with your machine.

Casey D said...

this week is the perfect week for a lost comment from dwight, cant wait

stephsmith said...

Speaking of...

His heads not shaved yet.

stephsmith said...,26385,1586109,00.html

John Krasinski is the total package.

Ralph- said...

I am really excited about tonights episode!

i am excited about recording on Friday night.

even though it is another Jack Episode, bleh, i hope that this means that we are wrapping up the whole Ben Linus island storyline. I would love to see Jack make it back to the other island, so we can get this shit back on track. i want to see some ensemble rifts!

PalmerEldritch said...

I just got home from work about twenty minutes ago. Just now, I went over to the computer to check the news, and I said to myself "Holy crap! It's 5:30. Aimee's getting her hair done!!!"

What a dweeb I am. :)

Ralph, I am completely on-board with your call to get Jack the heck away from the Others and back to our lovable band of misfits. But he should bring Juliet with him. Although, she'd probably miss the plumbing.

Kim, more French in this week's podcast. Ooh la la! Is your radio voice just your normal voice?

Ben, thanks for keeping the secret ending of ZARDOZ a secret. I've added it to my birthday list ($4.95!) and am hoping to see it in early April.

Jimmy, I'm still pulling for the segment on the music of Benny Hill.

Aimee, wow us with your sassy (SASsy) new hairdo. We can't wait.

Craig, Ryan, and Dylan, drop someone a voicemail. Hopefully one involving Grade A hilarity.

What podcast on Heroes does your friend do? Interest has been piqued.

Tim, keep on being English.

Well, I'm off to watch Ye Olde Ghost Rider and then it's LOST time.

Here's hoping that Aimee has the best hair ever. Good luck!

Datty Mike said...

I reckon Jacks gonna end up in that clockwork orange room.
The others are gonna try and turn him...

I wonder how being in that room has effected karl??

Ralph- said...

are you guys familiar with "The Stranger"?

I totally hope that this week's episode involves Jack sitting on his hand!

Ryan said...

I thought I was the only one who still said "grok."

sayten said...

that's dirty...and funny.

stephsmith said...

It's funny to hear all you guys' interest in Aimee's hair. You crack me up.
I must google grok.
ralph- Hope your mood is lighter this week.:)

Ralph- said...

was my mood not light last week?

i have accepted that i am 30. and it isnt all that bad.

Dudes and Dudettes, LOST tonight!!!!

i have 4 and a half hours.

i hope that we see charlie in peril!

Denny Mac said...


You said "the dark Peter ... messed with your machine" heh heh heh yeah,

"Shut up, Beavis"

Jimmy said...

So I go away for a day and the blog explodes!

Casey D said...

bei-ling is a horrible actress, and is a threat to jacks tonsills with that tongue

and i think jack is my new favorite character

gillian said...

Can I just say how much I LOVED the ending of this episode? And not in the snarky i-hate-this-episode-so-i'm-glad-it's-over love, but I just really liked it.

Casey D said...

i really liked that episode, especially the ending and I really liked the music at the end, cant wait to see what jimmy has to say about it

and apparently i must watch the show next week or i wont know what everyone will be talking about the next day

although i feel like the preview showed the entire episode compressed into 20 seconds

Mike Campbell said...

That was a good one. I really do like Jack. I want to see Othersville but i think we won't go back to jack and the others for a week or so. and i know the promos are lies but what is the reunion we've been waiting for?

gillian said...

Oh yeah, and the psuedo love scene looked DISGUSTING. Normally, and especially on Lost, they tend to make the sexy time scenes, well, sexy. This one? Well...yick. I half expected her to transform into a flesh eating monster and start eating his face off.

Goofball said...

Bai ling is a dog, The episode sucked, what were the three secrets revealed. OMG this lost thing is dead. Let me sober up maybe it will make sense,

Anonymous said...

Criswell i ain't.


Anonymous said...

mostly set-up but still a pleasant little episode. I'm still enjoying the Others quite a bit. I don't know about this new sheriff in town

3 secrets revealed:
- how Jack learned to fly a kite
- Sawyer lubs Kate but Kate <3's Jack but Jack looooves bagging on his old man
- dudes are never really cool with you dating their sisters.