Monday, February 05, 2007

The Losties

WARNING: We have a tiny spoiler section, I'm not kidding it's between 54:30 and 57:30, keep that in mind if you want to avoid it.

This episode Aimee & Kim hold the 1st Losties awards! Wednesday LOST RETURNS, this means MORE podcasts, yeah!!!

Enjoy Responsibly.

The feed:
For iTunes users - Copy the url. Open iTunes. Select the Advanced tab, go to "Subscribe to Podcast...", then paste the url

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Jimmy said...

I'm loving it :)

Had trouble with the feed via iTunes, but am listening live anyway.

Great stuff you two. Awesome...

Anonymous said...

Same here AimeeKim, is it on your religious adding feed Kim?


t-dot kim said...

Probably :(

I guess I should have got to chruch on Sunday...

I'll try to fix it, keep you posted

Ralph- said...

I hope you dont snatch up jimmy up from us!

nice work!!! keep them coming!

stephsmith said...

Wildly entertaining, girls! Great sound effects, Kimberley. Very creative.

The hottest guy on the show-
Season one- Jack
Season two- Sawyer (Remember, I have a thing for bald men-Locke was hot as the hunter but not the hatch monkey)
Season three- Kevin
Honorable mention- Jin, Desmond
Jimmy, I don't think you're MR's type;)

Obsidianrock said...

WOW! That's a big pic.

aimee in little rock said...

It's okay Obsidian; I just shrunk it.

Yeah Kim, the iTunes still isn't working; it says the url isn't good? So basically, no one will get to hear this that doesn't hang out at the blogspot! I'll post it up on the MySpace page, post bulletins & send the url to Jay to have it added to the LPN.

That was great Kim, and so much fun to record. Awesome job with the sound effects! Thanks again Jimmy for hanging out with us chicks.

Scott and Steve said...

Ha Ha Ha, Nathan Petrelli; the obvious choice. That's cute though...uncle Peter!

stephsmith said...

Holy shit! Sweeps is like Christmas for coach potatoes. I cannot believe how happy I am to see who Claire's father is. That invisible man is awesome. I wish Peter would cut his hair and stop talking out of his mouth sideways. Best eposide ever.
And somehting I forgot earlier- Juliet is interesting but Elizabeth Mitchell looks like a mom.

DenAss said...

Hey girls. Downloading the podcast now. Can't wait to hear it tomorrow on my way to work.

And hey! Please, nobody write too much about tonight's Heroes yet. I haven't watched it yet.


Anonymous said...

halfway through the podcast. i took a break to catch up with my stories (finished season 3 of Deadwood. amazing buildup to a fizzle ending. When the Sopranos come back for the wrap-up they had better not take a page from Deadwood or Carnivale)

very deserving picks all around for the Losties.

- Lost girls i find super cute but don't know enough about to award them the sexy woman lostie: Amina (nun at Eko's church) & Cindy (flight attendant)
- i don't understand why people find Juliette so attractive. i agree that she looks like a mom. i never really got all of the hubub about Libby either.
- i have a man-crush on Desmond and season 3 Jack
- Jin/Sun's flashbacks were the most annoying because they were always tied together and seemed to be set on repeat, but "glass balerina" was probably the most eventful flashback in a long time and really turned their story around.
- i find Desmond's flashback and the way it intertwines with Jack's to be the most intruiging right now.
- best death was Boone. it might be different if Charlie hadn't come back to life or Danny had pulled the trigger on Sawyer though.

great podcast, way to keep the initiative alive.


sayten said...

weeheeheee - pre-Lost goodness.

sayten said...

Nathan Petrelli: this means peter petrelli will not perpetuate any cheerleader penetration.

Anonymous said...

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stephsmith said...

Insest aside, Sayten, Peter and the cheerleader would be statuatory rape. She's not even 16 and he's like 26. Here's a question for ya. Simone's hair. Straight or curly. I can't decide. I like it straight but it makes her look a little older.
Andrew, tell us about your radio show. What kind of music is it?
And Libby was gorgeous about 15 years ago on soaps but hasn't aged well.
Best death- I'd say Shannon. At the time of his death, I didn't care about Boone.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is zithromax?

stephsmith said...

An antibiotic pulse pack you take for about a week. High dose for the first day and lesser dose as the week goes on. With a bad cold, you're 50% better after the first day or so.

stephsmith said...

i thought it was for colds. I didn't know it'll cure STDs.

aimee in little rock said...

I guess Peter wasn't looking at her as a love interest, but because he felt sorry for her. I really like the invisible man; he's hilarious, but exactly what a pansy ass like Peter needs. I'm also loving these Lost-style connections between the Heroes.

What is everyone doing tomorrow?

stephsmith said...

Am I the only human being on earth that did not like Little Miss Sunshine? I think I am.
I liked the little girl and the grandfather and Steve Carrell doing something different. But other than that, it seemed like it was 20 years old.

stephsmith said...

My day tomorrow will revolve around getting ready for 9:00 pm central. I'm trying to decide if I'll let Baby Cakes stay up past her bedtime to watch. Am I a horrible, push-over parent for this? She's been preparing her case for 3 months to pursuade me.

Ralph- said...

you get to watch it at 9? lucky.

Sayten! what up dog?

Little Miss Sunshine was all abou tthe performances.


stephsmith said...

Comparing Lost and Heroes- It must be that people with short attention spans are the ones complaining about Lost. Heroes answers their questions so quickly that you don't have time to think. But that's ok. That is what makes Heroes fun.
Are we going to see Hiro's father again? Such a media build-up for just a couple of scenes.

Ralph- said...

LOST is rad!

Anonymous said... should post some you tube videos of you on TPIR.
I missed the show, and heard Amiee and Kim talking about it on the podcast and want to see too.

- SadAce

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ralph! Get it on!


aimee in little rock said...

I can't wait to see TPIR, Vol. 2. You should wear the same exact shirt, so it's easy to spot you.

t-dot kim said...

Thanks everyone for listening. I'm working on a new feed... I should have known better to try posting with a free feed ;)

Steph, I like Peter Petrelli's hair. ***MINI SPOILER*** I'm sad they shaved his head...that's coming up in a few weeks. Also, a bit of Milo trivia, the actor who plays Peter was born with dead nerves in his bottom lip. (He doesn't talk out of the side of his mouth by choice) That's also what got him cast as Stallone's son in the last Rocky film.

Tomorrow night I'll be locked in the basement watching LOST with my snacks and my PVR! I think I'm going to record LOST at 7pm (just for the preview for next week at the end--they've also got LOST trivia between commercial breaks which is always fun). However, I will watch it live at 10pm on ABC.


aimee in little rock said...

Did I forget to mention that I had a dream a few nights ago where I got to make out with Peter Petrelli? The nerves on his bottom lip seemed fine to me..

I have the coolest subconscious.

:) Aimee

aimee in little rock said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aimee in little rock said...

Okay people, try not to wet your pants here, but the movie Frequency just came on TV (the movie with Elizabeth Mitchell in it), and the character that's the cop who's actually that serial named Jack Shepard.

Mike Campbell said...

What about Arnst i think he had the best death scene. It made me jump off the chair and rewind it 100 times and each time i yelled holy shit

aimee in little rock said...

Death scenes are supposed to be emotional, and "Arzt goes boom" was too comical to be taken seriously.

aimee in little rock said...

He didn't even have a funeral.

FYI, Jay put the episode up on the Lost Podcasting Network.

Anonymous said...

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PalmerEldritch said...


google is your friend. i once ALMOST learned about that .httpaccess stuff but then i was too lazy. but i googled it for you just now and you want to read up on .htaccess

aimee and kim,
good stuff. i'm a huge fan of Kim's radio voice and Aimee is very entertaining as well. now, you ladies just need to get on The Price is Right and we're in business.

cant you just hear Kim bidding "One dollar, Bob?"

PalmerEldritch said...


Here's a link with the google search you want: Click Me Like Nobody's Business!

aimee in little rock said...

With Kim's smiley voice, I could totally hear her saying that!

aimee in little rock said...

I can't wait to pick up my old Lostnesday habits again (which mainly consisted of wearing my MYOKOM, Dharmalars, and I heart Lost buttons). Oh yes, and watching John Hensen talk about Lost in the morning on TV guide channel's "Watch This".

rubycalaber said...


Tall Guy said...

Actually it is starting to irritate me that Heroes answers its mysteries so quicky. I love Lost because of the puzzle quality of the show and I'm probably one of the few people not in a hurry for everything to be answered. Quite a poor episode of Heroes this week, I thought.

Ralph- said...

i cant wait to see "Not in Portland" - episode discussion thread on this board. maybe CWS will rear his ugly head and grace us with his presence.

Casey D said...

ok i am stateing for the second half for when we meet the guy with the patch: I am saying its kelvin, he didnt die when he encountered desmond out of the hatch but because of the blow went blind in one eye, unless someone else here called it before me i would like to call it

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Good Luck!

aimee in little rock said...

Casey, that is a really cool theory!

Uncle Igmar said...


Great job - it needs to be an annual event :)

Goofball said...

Thank you Aimee and Kimberley. Great show. Keep up them coming PLEASE!

BTW you were both good on the jate, skate episode of Jay and Jack.