Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dharmalars: Flashes Before Your Eyes

Ralph and Ben talk about the very concise and detailed episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes". Jimmy in Seattle gets into a couple of themes that seem to center around Desmond and his relationship with Penny. Sit Back and enjoy!

History Repeating- Propellerheads w/ Shirley Bassey
Spirit- Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew
Dig My Grave- They Might Be Giants
On Our Own- Bobby Brown
Martian Lounge- Danny Elfman



Goofball said...

Happy birthday.

I'm a bit older than you. I've gone from complaining about kids on my lawn to worrying about falling and breaking my hip.

Fun podcast keep it up! At your age it may take some pharmacological help.

Casey D said...

happy birthday ralph

t-dot kim said...

I just finished listening to your Podcast, great stuff and highly entertaining yet again!!!

stephsmith said...

I finally remembered.
Me llama Veronica.

PalmerEldritch said...

Buenos dia, Veronica. Me gusta la biblioteca. ?Tienes un libro? 'La Bamba' es un ejemplo de la musica de Veracruz.

/yay for the spanglish!

PalmerEldritch said...

Oh, yeah.

Kim! Aimee!

Will you podcast us a podcast this weekend? Please?! We miss you. :(

p.s. Como se dice podcast en Espanol?

p.p.s. Does Kim know any French? Kim's radio voice speaking French? The fellows will go crazy. Or, in French, 'Le Crazy.'

stephsmith said...

Palmer, as I remember, everyone in the Spanish books were going to the disco.

Let me get my notes out.
red touches yellow- kill a fella
Jimmy, great piece.
I agree, the dialogue is horrendous, but what a gorgeous shot of Locke and Sayid standing with the jungle behind them and the sun beaming down on them. Beautiful.
Bobby Brown? Wasn't that the theme to Ghostbusters 2?
Chipper Ben vs Melancholy Ralph-
That's what I wrote down.

stephsmith said...

Why another Jack flashback? Does anyone care how Jack got his tattos? Maybe that was a major mystery last season, but they've waited so long to answer it, it doesn't even matter now.

stephsmith said...

Watching the promos are so unsatisfying now since we've been seeing them for months.

stephsmith said...

OMG, I was kidding about Ghostbusters. I googled it and I'm right. I'm bored.

aimee in little rock said...

Me llamo Esmerelda. (Me gusta la "Pulp Fiction).

Great show guys. I hope your party last night was fun and took Ralph's mind off the fact that he's all old and shit.

aimee in little rock said...

I don't know how Kim's editing will work out, but we had to pause several times so I could run upstairs and puke. Towards the end of the show I am exhausted, so it's probably not going to be very impressive.

I think Juliet got me pregnant.

DenAss said...

Aimee - You didn't happen to eat any Peter Pan, or Great Value p-nut butter recently, did you?

PalmerEldritch said...

Yowzers! Get better, Aimee. I imagine that the frequent vomiting put an end to the proposed first ever international Skype pillowfight on a LOST podcast. That's too bad.

Esmerelda esta infirma. Ella esta vomitando mucho veces cada dia. Ella no puede tolerar un otro episodio de PERDIDO sin el guapo Jin.

Hablando de Jin, where is the dude? Didn't we get some line from Sun like "Jin went for a walk?" Will this walk come in to play? Will he find Kate and Sawyer? Or was it just the writers sitting around thinking of why Desmond would have to save Claire if Jin were at the beach? Well, here's hoping DDK gets to put some of the training from being on '24' to good use soon.

And what're Paolo and Nikki up to? Back to Jack's tent for another quickie? These people are kinkalicious. Sneaking into the tents of other people for a little Wham-Bam-Obrigado-Mam. That's nasty. In a bad way.

t-dot kim said...

Hey guys, I am editnig our podcast right now, and should be up this evening. Aimee wasn't feeling too hot, so we had to cut it a bit short.

I'll remember to speak in french for next weeks podcast ;)


PalmerEldritch said...

I think I can wait until next week for French speakin' Kim. But only because there's a new LOST on Wednesday.

Thanks, T-Dot Kim!

Datty Mike said...

Great podcast. jimmy's segment rocks as usual.
Happy 30th, ralph.

I'll try and get round to calling the dharmaline tommorrow about penny's accent.
time to sleep now....

oh yeah, Get well soon aimee.

Jimmy said...

Steph, Datty Mike,
Thanks for the support etc.

Yeah, me out there? I've been away so long, and she's more (to my ear) just generic public school (which is private to Americans). Somewhere southern...near London well spoken.

Lets not forget Marina Sirtis. Now her screen British accent was/is totally different to her true Brit accent.

Datty Mike said...

Imagine how funny the deanna troy character would have been if she'd used her actual accent...

mystic cockney mind-reader.

aimee in little rock said...

Caution: Podcasting may cause uncontrollable nausea.

Feeling much better today though.

Ralph- said...

thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

aimee, i know what you mean.

t-dot kim said...

...or podcasting can cause EXTREME outbursts of anger! Aimee, you will not believe, I was like 15 mins away from posting the fuckin' episode and my fuckin' computer crashed! I had to start again from scratch...mother fuckers! *Sigh* OK...I'm calm. It's GOING to be up today. I promise

PalmerEldritch said...

Ouch. Good luck, Kim!

Oh... and when you're done fixing the computer and uploading the podcast, want to come over and fix my furnace?

/no heat since last night

Nick said...

Hooray, Dharmalars. Always entertaining. But I think we need some more "scott and steve" podcasts. Craig and Ryan just seem to be letting everyone else do the podcasting work these days, when it was their podcast to begin with.

aimee in little rock said...

Sorry Kim; it must be the SaS curse.

Anonymous said...

happily birthdates Ralph & Ben. Another fine podcast. I liked the Hurley theory but i don't think that Lost is that twisty at the end of the day.

Battlestar Galactica was good last night. That's how you do a filler character episode (unlike the previous 2). As soon as I heard the word "airlock" i pretty much knew how the episode was going to play out but atleast everyone's motivations seemed to be in character. It's good that Chief's going to get back to being the affable but duty oriented character we love, rather than the Andy Capp of space. I like the would-if-we-could romance with Adama & Rosalin, and hope that they don't try crank up the tension there any further or bring it up very often.

All of the Lost questions will be revealed this week! After wednesday everyone will just hang out on the beach with a bonfire and reminisce over those crazy island times.


PalmerEldritch said...

I thought BSG kind of blew last night. But maybe I'm just spoiled now that LOST is back.

All of a sudden it's 48 or 49 days since we last saw a Cylon. Say what? So, you've just been holding Baltar for a month and a half? And you interrogated him for a day and a half?

And Adama's got some mean ex-wife whom with he has crazy time in his brain once every year?

All of a sudden, Lee's gone from borderline alcoholic cheating on his wife to "really coming into his own" as a CAG. Which would have been cool if we'd seen any of the in-between. And Starbuck and Lee are just "ha ha"-ing after a meeting. Bleh.

It's better than the infamous quadrangle but sweet baby Jebus, BSG filler episodes suck. Gimme some Baltar. Gimme some Cylons. Gimme something that advances the plot.

That said, HEROES tonight. w00t!

/furnace is fixed, thermostat slowing climbing towards 60 f.

t-dot kim said...


Glad the furnace is fixed, and guess what...??? The podcast is finally up!! Well it will be in moments...