Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Aloha, Transmission

Sadly, the Godfather of the Lost podcasts has signed off. We've enjoyed Ryan and Jen's entertainment and appreciated the blood, sweat, and tears they poured into their show. Your input and influence on the Lost community will undoubtedly be missed. Thanks for all that you've done for the listeners, and not to mention, the podcasting network. You'll always have an open invitaion to MYOKoM with SAS.

Thanks again, Namaste and good luck,
Craig & Dylan


Ralph- said...

yes we lose their Transmission, but i am sure that they will still call MYOKMw/SAS, now that there is a listener line.
they were very concise thwith their podcast, as well as very thorough.
it will be large shoes to fill if any podcast were to try to step up to the plate. actually, i hope that all podcast stay the same. dont try to do any research guys. just keep it going!

Katie said...

Crazy, sad, and SUDDEN.

I hope that doesn't give you two any ideas. ;)

Ralph- said...

yeah, you guys work a lot better with NO IDEA! jk-lol-wtf-orly-naacp

Anonymous said...

Now the SAS can be brought'en!

polar bear style

chad said...

man, that's sad. that was the first lost podcast i listened to, i'm going to miss those guys.

Ryan said...

Craig and Dylan, mahalo a nui loa for for your warm sendoff. We're going to miss our show more than anyone! But our listeners have been so understanding and wonderful... just a testament to what great folks "Lost" fans are. Knowing there are great, fun, entertaining podcasts like MYOKoMwSaS out there makes it a little easier to sign off. And you better believe we'll be listening, and hopefully trying our hand at leaving some listener feedback! Keep up the awesome work, guys. Stay 'Lost'!

Ralph- said...

ryan you are awesome!
i hope you call in every once and a while and spout off some of those Hawaiian words that sound made up. Now that you are no longer Transmitting, did you ever say anything Hawaiian, that was "naughty", just because you could probably get away with it?
just wondering!
Love the Podcast, and Don't keep up the good work.


tell jen that you two will be missed!

Mike City of Industry said...

Somebody hold me?

Baby Jesus is crying...

aimee in little rock said...

The Transmission will be remembered as the podcast by which all other podcasts are compared.

I, along with everyone else in the Lost community, will anxiously await your triumphant comeback.

You won't be soon forgotten, so take your time.

In the meantime, Craig and Dylan can take the wheel.