Thursday, January 19, 2006

The New Deal

All right, MYOKoMw/SaS is changing time slots. With our respective schedules it will just be easier for Craig and I to become Scott and Steve on Friday instead of Wednesday. Benefits to you, the listener: we will do a slightly more thorough job, we can cover listener response to the new epidsode in the new podcast*, we won't feel as rushed and we should have more energy. Drawbacks: we are sure to disappoint. Benefit/Drawback: I am certain to be drunk during the recording of every podcast. I hope the change finds purchase in your fertile soul.


*not this week, though. We've actually recorded the show already, but once again computer problems are going to delay its availability.


colin_cristopher said...

two words.



nah, suits me fine, i don't get to see the episodes til usually the weekend anyways so it's all good.

and i can be drunk listening too, everyone's a winner!

namaste. and good luck.

Alyx said...

Does that mean that you are actually going to do some research now?

I can't see how that will benefit the show.

Well, as long as the show is still on...

(I usually don't get it until the weekend anyway)

Ralph- said...

fuck it!
its all good to me!
now i can spread out my LOST entertainment throughout the week. I get LOST on WED. Ryan and jen/jay and jack THURS. you guys on FRI. and another jay/jack on Mon.

Now my week can be completely devoted to being a complete loser, and listen to lost shit all week long!


this is awesome guys.

Mike City of Industry said...

Total losers. I hate you! grrr see you Friday...

aimee in little rock said...

Seeing as how my ABC affiliate has been screwing me every Wednesday night, I haven't been able to see the episode until it's available on iTunes anyway. I can get drunk on MYOKM w/SAS any day of the week, it doesn't matter...

Scott and Steve said...

Thanks for the great response. And no, Alyx, it probably doesn't mean that any more research will go into the show. Exhale.


Katie said...

Let the MYOKoM w/ SAS boozefest begin!

Ralph- said...

kate is hot.
claire scrunches her face funny.
sawyer could have trimmed his hair a little more.
and everyone should get a haircut on the show, so the actors can look more like humans and less like bums.
did kate cut her armpit hairs? or do they have the ability to NOT GROW, the way that locke's hair does?

URMothersMullet said...

No complaints from me or Billy Jack. Shit your Podcast is free. Never complain about a free meal I always say.