Saturday, January 28, 2006


Leave Cliff alone about the stoner thing (feel free to sound off about any other issues). He was joking when he said it. We were joking when we defended ourselves. I really don't care if you, Cliff or anyone thinks I'm stoned unless one of you is the po-leece. And neither does Craig (whom I now speak for). Just listen to some Lee Perry and chill out, man.


Ralph- said...

i feel guilty, and i didn't even say anything!

alex said...

eight loves, mon.

aimee in little rock said...

What provoked this apologetic posting? Did Cliff slap you with a lawsuit or something?

Scott and Steve said...

He apparently got some hate mail over it, and I'm obviously jealous.


humpzekeinthejungle said...

You should feel humbled that your Army of loyal MYOKOM w/SAS listeners rallied to your defense.

Alyx said... hate for SAS
The love is just too great, I guess.
Have we all been banished to the hatch (oops...I mean bumker)?

Sidebar: Have either of you been to a Hornets game?

Katie said...

Aimee (my good friend, apparently ;) ):

I can see him getting hate mail, but only because there are many strong MYOKoM w/SAS fans.

I can see where they are coming from because it's an unsubstatiated claim, but hate mail is uncalled for. I purposefully didn't participate in the flame war because I didn't know what it was about...Even though I mentioned Cliff (in a nonoffensive way) in my call in comment, I don't mean any kind of ill will or bad feelings towards him. (This isn't some aquiescent comment...Even though I don't agree with what he thinks the show is about I don't hate him for it.)

I know it's not about what I said in my call-in segment, but I think I have the resposibility to say I had nothing to do with it because of what I had said, albeit harmless and just my opinion. Also, I would think that Cliff would personally embrace my ideas without prejudice (like I do with his ideas), whether we agree or not. However, I stand by my statement.

Katie said...


Yes they have! Dylan mentioned that he shit his pants at a Hornets game when he found out that Carlton Cuse was a part of Brisco Country, Jr. I don't know which episode it was from, but it was recent.

aimee in little rock said...

I think us just talking about it is making it a bigger deal than it actually is.

By the way, thanks Katie for the shout out last week. I feel like the little nerd starved for approval from the cool kids, so it felt good to have some validation!

The guy with the accent gave me a holla on that call-in, but I can't remember his name. I can't remember his name now.

I really can't pull off using the word "holla".

Katie said...

Hey Aimee, you and me can be nerds together. Let's really be in cahoots and freak Craig and Dylan out.

Katie said...

Also Aimee, I can't get my photo to work (even cropped down for size), only icons...any tips for me?

jiberius said...

the funny thing about all of this is the fact that i was stoned during my call-in segment. no lie.
i think it explains all of my giggling about donald swayze, my irrational fear of mc gainey, AND the fact that i was eating nachos.
free the birdman,

Scott and Steve said...

I would bet (and callers you can confirm or deny this or choose not to respond) that four or possibly all five callers were stoned. Obviously Jiberius is confirmed, but I already knew that for certain.

And if you weren't stoned, it's too bad you guys don't have a podcast where you can blast me for falsely accusing you.

The Merchant of Thighs

Alyx said...

Random post to break up what little tension may or may not be left.

Jin does hair dye

Its actually Daniel Dae Kim, but whatever.
Any speculations on what color its for?

rhinosalad said...

Alyx, that picture would look great with "Digital Attitude" pinned across the front of it.
Hatemail is cool I'm guess but I'm to chicken to send anyone an angry e-mail.
Also, Scott and Steve, if you're looking for a stoned segment on your show where you call high lost fans, just let me know the time to be high because chances are I'll be there.

Katie said...

I really wasn't stoned during the call in. But I was shortly afterwards to watch Red Eye. And let me tell you, it didn't make the movie any better. It still sucked big time.

Jimmy said...


Firstly, to Aimee in little Rock, I can point out that I am "Accent Guy". Jimmy.

2nd...yeah, I was partaking in some NW green. It is Seattle, after all! It's virtually legal in the city limits anyway. It might explain my incredibly dodgy impression of Mr Echo! were a laugh, mate. Loved it.

Ralph- said...

Hey Aimee!
What was the outcome of the "Boy-Girl" Party?

Ralph- said...

i saw this on line today. i am not whoring my own product or anything. i just stumbled accross it, and thought the Master Chuck fans would enjoy it as much as i did!

Chuck Norris said...

This is getting out of control...

aimee in little rock said...

Ralph - I'm not sure what the outcome of the boy-girl party was, but I'll make a special inquiry just for you.

Everybody else - I would be so busted if it got out that I hung around with a bunch of stoners...Katie, you know what I'm talking about.

aimee in little rock said...


Sammie's love interest, coincidentally named Aaron, turned out to be the only boy to be at the boy-girl party. But alas, they were sitting on a couch, and he put his arm around her. No smooching. He hasn't asked her out yet, but they both know they like each other. Gentlemen, feel free to post love advice for Sammie. However, do remember that she's 14 and goes to a Catholic school.