Sunday, January 22, 2006

Geronimo Jackson

Please shut up with this theory. On all the message boards people keep claiming that the DeGroots are on the Geronimo Jackson album cover. No way! It's simply a blonde lady and a brown haired dude. Look for yourself, shortstack.
And no, the bearded man isn't Gerald DeGroot either, shut up with that.


evilgus said...

It's still a bullshit band.
Chimpanze that.

evilgus said...


Ralph- said...

i enjoy listening to theories, and listening to theories that are based on other theories that have never been proven on the show! i love that this is HANDS DOWN,become the most epic show in the history of TV. but if you go back and watch season one, this show is not actually that epic.
i'd like to think that if all of these theories were in fact true, and the producers would have to come up with Billions of dollars to make them a reality. on that note...
Geronimo Jackson is a band that was comprised of Locke's dad (aka the real sawyer), Jack's Dad,Shannon's step mom, who is in the picture with desmond. and that the nano bots are playing air guitar with driveshaft, whose song made hurley go crazy and go out and try to kill the writers of that song, and killed Liam instead of charlie, while charlie was hanging out with ethan, plotting the abduction of clair, when a gold pontiac bonneville crashed into jin's colection of gold watches, which made him snap. as a result this made jin start to look down on sun, who was buying art from michael, that had a secret stash of money in the frame that belongs to kate, and James Ford!

i am really bored right now!

i love LOST and i love the theories. i am just bitter that all of my theories get debunked!

keep up the good work everyone.
and keep the show EPIC!!!!!!!!!

Ralph- said...

is it just me?
when you watch the official lost podcast on itunes, does the picture that pops up look like Cartleton and Damon are in the middle of a lover's embrace?

ooh la la!

Ralph- said...

...or is it their Prom Picture?

Jon said...

Man those guys get more annoying with every official podcast...

Check out the promo pics for 2.13 The Long Con - more confrontation with the Others? What's with the bag/shirt on Sun's head? Clicky

Ralph- said...

sun is the hottest on the island,Craig!

did you see that transmitter type thing behind Sayid and Hurley?
and it totally looks like Ehthan Rom attacking sun. I can't wait!

Jimmy said...

There's a lot of guys who think Sun is the hottest on the Island. Totally disagree there, but it's a matter of taste, isn't it?

Kate and Ana Lucia for me.Wahay!

Ralph- said...

dont get me wrong. i think all the girls (rose and daniel not included),
are totally hot. even though claire scrunches her face funny, she is hot.

sawyrzballs said...

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ,blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah if you look closely you can see Vincent on the album cover, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah .

Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...

You must listen to this!


Here's the photo Link!

The Father-In-Law Photo

Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff stop being a Whore,

I am sick of you shamelessly promoting your podcast on every other Lostcasters page. I understand you want to get the word out about your show, but it seems every chance you get, you plug your show on another lostcasters site.

You dont see any of the other lostcasters out there posting on someone elses site about how great and funny they are and how you need to check out their show.

You could learn a couple things from Scott and Steve and the other lostcasters out there who don't desperately beg people to listen to them and give them money. Craig and Dylan are cool because they dont care if you like them or not.

Sorry if this seems harsh, but I had to get that off my chest. I feel better now. You have a show with potential and I do listen, but please turn of the whore button and show some respect man.



A fan of the many lostcasts

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris!

Ralph- said...

hey everyone!
visit my webpage,

rhinosalad said...

Let the man plug whatever he wants man. He took up four lines of space and the link to the video was funny. What makes him cool is that he wasn't the one who just spazzed out about him whoring his podcast around.

Anonymous said...

OK Rhino I understand were your coming from, but there is a difference between promoting and whoreing your self.

That is not the first time Cliff has made a post to check out his podcast. he does it quite often.

Like this one

"The HIGH PRIEST Connection

I've not seen this anywhere else yet... So I thought I would share in a new thread. I'm a pastor of small groups in a non-denominational church in.........Thanks
(Generally Speaking Lost Fan Podcast)"

It was a long winded (but good) theory that he put on just about every lostcasters page word for word.

When he first started, even after most of the major lostcasters pluged his show on their show. He posted this....

"Hey Everyone! I just started my own podcast called "generally speaking." It will have a majority of shows devoted soley to Lost!

My podcast is not going to be as great as LostCasts, The Transmission, or MYOKOMWSAS, but will certainly be a new perspective on the show.

I figured during this six week break would be a great time to start my podcast. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I Love The MYOKOMWSAS! Keep up the great work guys!

For an easy link to subscribe to my itunes feed, or other feed, please goto..."

Its funny that he put Scott and Steves show in there because look at what he did on Jay and Jacks page...

"My podcast is not going to be as great as LostCasts, The Transmission, or Jay & Jack's show, but will certainly be a new perspective on the show.

I figured during this six week break would be a great time to start my podcast. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I Love The Lost Podacast with Jay & Jack! I listen to every single episode as soon as it is released! Keep up the great work guys!"

He did the same exact post just switched out Scott and Steve for Jay and Jack.

Not to mention Cliff put a review on every Lostcasters iTunes page telling how that specific lostcast inspired him to start his own lostcast and he conviently plugs his show on the other lostcasters iTunes Page!

And I am not even showing all the times he has whored himself, just some of the occasions.

Now sure I may be spazing out, but I am sick and tired of going to my favorite lostcasters site and seeing a shameless plug by Cliff. He is like one of those flashing ads on a website saying "CLICK ME AND GET A FREE IPOD" as far as I am concerned thats piggybacking off of other people.

So call me a spaz I dont care, but people like Cliff really get me pissed off.

Cliff is like School on Sunday.......No Class



rhinosalad said...

Looks like the Rev just lost my vote. Nice evidence, Chris. Rev's like an empty piggy bank... no cents.

sayten said...

check out the peice 'o shit geronimo fansite:

Ralph- said...

that has to be the worse thing i have ever seen. and i have seen that Avengers movie!

Scott and Steve said...

Alex and/or Chad,

Did you recognize anyone who tried out on American Idol, the tryouts were in Greensboro?


URMothersMullet said...

Cliff's movie was actually funny. Sucks to be your mother-inlaw Cliff seeing as she is married to a SeaBilly. I hope he doesn't have a pension for little black boys!

Geronimo Jackson was probably Carlton Cuse's pathetic High School Garage Band. So he pulled up a bad high school year book photo of them and had it in the show.

FREEBIRD !!!!!!!!!!

alex said...

there were two new episodes of Scrubs tonight, so my evening was mostly already claimed. but i do know a couple of people who tried out. i'll try to get a tape of it and see if i can place anyone.

colin_cristopher said...

do you think carlton and damon are talking about abbey road in the official podcast? and the signiature is geronimo jacksons?

Ralph- said...

hey dylan and craig!
talk about other shit besides lost, all you want. if i wanted to listen to non stop yammering about lost (which i do) i would go over to the transmission or jay and jack (which i do). and anyone who give you shit about not keeping on the subject of Lost, can go and make thier own free podcast on thier own free time!


Anonymous said...

anyone know what's up with this site?

Ralph- said...

i know what's up with it. its unofficial and stupid

Wesh said...

^ rofl! Yeah the purple gave it away. :)

More arguing on MYOKOMWSAS!! That was freaking great!! :)
Musolini moments for the win!

Best wishes,

sayten said...

talk about stealing thunder

Marc said...

Your show is not dull like the other podcats out there. It is definately the funniest one, it is the first one I want to listen too.

Keep up the good work, if you want more listeners, spend more time advertising (i.e, adding the podcast to services, calling other shows, etc).

Greetings, Marc

humpcharlieinthehatch said...

I agree w/ Marc that yours is the funniest and also the first podcast I look forward to listening to.
Did anyone notice in the latest episode of Lost how strange Libby acted when Hurley asked if he knew her from some where? She totally pretended that he had stepped on her foot at the airport but clearly knew something else. She's setting him up for something and well dammit I just don't want Hurley to have his heart broken.

Anonymous said...

Just a short note But I agree with Chris here. Ravenscoft is NOT the funniest podcast (as it claims to be alot of the time),Changes its allegiance each time it posts somewhere else and always feels the need to whore itself out on everyones podcast page. The only funny podcasts out there are Jay and Jack and Scott and Steve. I almost find cliffs to be bumbling sometimes. . Cliff does however come up with good theories and I listen to his podcast for those even though he can be annoying with the endless spamming. I really wish he would just stop doing that.

, B

Anonymous said...

Worst is even when he spams his podcast within his own podcast with his how famous am I crap.

Marc said...

Yes, Jay and Jack's is also funny, but not as funny as Myowkomwsas.

The next episode is going ot be great, Sun trying to be kidnpaped and radio contact.

It sucks that we have to watch Numbers again next week.

@humpcharlieinthehatch: Yes Libby is hiding something, but she is totally hot. Check out her facial expression, tone of voice, response time etc. You will find some clues.

Can not wait for a new episode. Sadly I do not think I am related to Chuck Norris in any way..

URMothersMullet said...

I hate to be a "me too" but the posters above are correct MYOKOMWSAS is by far the funniest & best Lost Podcast of them all. Jay & Jack deserve an Honorable Mention. But you guys rule the Lost Podcast world!!!

My only real beef with Cliff's Podcast is their incessive laughing. They think they are so funny. You guys don't have to laugh your asses off in order for us Listeners to realize you just told a joke. Cliff you might as well add a Laugh Track to your podcast. I won't bother bashing the other Podcasts because everyone of them has something good to add & they all try hard.

Billy Jack can kick Chuck Norris's ass!!! Fact!

Ralph- said...


i just realized something. Libby is a big fat stinking butt-faced LIAR! how did Hurley step on her foot as he walked by, if she was seated behind him in THE BACK OF THE PLANE?

Ralph- said...

hurley should have freaking known better, and noticed he was being lied to. he is not tht naive.

rhinosalad said...

1.) Jay and Jack aren't really funny... you just might think they are.
2.) When could Hurley have stepped on Libby's foot? Well, wasn't he the last one to board the plane? If so then the only way would have been if he boarded the plane through the back which isn't common (but maybe down under it is)
3.) Libby looked really fricken hot and so did Claire.
4.) I really hope Hurley realizes Libby is a liar and doesn't end up depressed like Charlie.
5.) Can't wait for MYOKM w/ SaS! When do they record and post the podcast? I think last week I got it on the thursday night but I'm not sure.

Jimmy said...

Clearly, Libby is both extremely hot, and "An Other". I personally believe that there are two groups of others. Hanso/Darma "Others", which included Ethan, Goodwin...and now Libby, and then the "Sea Billy" others.

I can't actually think of a show where there are so many totally gorgeous people, none of which were big stars (if stars at all) to begin with. Peace,

Jay said...

Yea Jay and Jack aren't that funny

notahowiefan said...

Libby's hot.

Ralph- said...

hey JAY, you should be whoring your page like ravenscraft, or whatever that bag of douche's name is!

Ralph- said...

what happened to libby, i watch all episodes, and she looked beat, the whole time. Now she is like totally smoking hot.she is giving Sun a run for her money!

humpinhurleyinthecaves said...

I think the Dharma issue make-up on the island makes everyone smokin hot... did you see Eko? Daaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnn he's fine.
Also, I think Jay and Jack (podcast) are father and son, and that their Star Wars bit at the end was their way of telling the truth without being taken seriously.

Marc said...

Libby is awesomly hot. Cant wait for your podcast. The last J&J had a funny Dharma Peanutbutter comercial.

Greetings. I dont like Ravenscrafts that much, its like a family thing, too much laughing. But again I listen to all of them.. (I am lost.. yes)

sayten said...

Mad props to Jay!

A present for all the rhinosalads and the casinoskunks out there: clicky

Ralph- said...


if my wife can oogle over jin,sawyer,jack,sayid,sayid and locke. i should be able to say...

just an FYI i am no longer casinoskunk, i have come clean... i am ralph

rhinosalad said...

Those gals really get my horn hornin'. I should come clean too, I am no longer "hump[someone]inthe[somewhere]". Wait no I like posting like that so I will still do it.
I should also admit that Jay and Jack's podcast today did make me laugh. Maybe I only laughed though because I felt guilty for saying they weren't funny and found out Jay read that... not that he would care being a big podlebrity (yo I'm coining that term okay) and all.
Did anyone else hear that Evangeline Lilly and that hobbit guy (Charlie) are dating in real life? Well once Evangeline realizes how hot everyone thinks she is consider hobbit man dumped, he's as ugly as a guy with a big nose and big ears.

Ralph- said...

i have one big ear? what are my chances

URMothersMullet said...

1) Jay & Jack are funny, but not nearly as funny as MYOKOM.
2) Libby is balls Hot, she's the new strange on the block. Her back story is she's a nympho money chaser.
3) If Hurley stepped on Libby's foot it would of exploded just like when step on a ketchup packet and it shoots 20 feet.
4) Evangeline & Hobbit are apparently engaged. I give that marriage 6 months. She is now tainted goods and needs boob job
5) I have this sneaking suspicion Cliff is trying to hook us in with Lost then convert us all to Satanism . I'm onto you Ravenfat!
6) I actually like Charlie now. Damned your Cuse, Abrahms and Lindeloff. I still hate Claire she is a lazy piece of "shrimp on the barbie" non-contributing pile of shit, but she is getting hotter everyday.
7) Billy Jack can kick Chuck Norris' ass. If you want a serious laugh, rent some old Billy Jack flicks and try not to pee your pants.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, Evangeline Lilly is the hottest thing i have seen on tv for years.