Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hey Scott and Steve, how come no Hiatus 5 podcast?

Hi, folks. Dylan "Digital Attitude" Speed here. I'm afraid it's bad news. Scott and Steve will be taking this last week of the hiatus off. Why?

Craig "The Crybaby" Sanger and his yuppie friends will be going on a yuppie ski trip from tomorrow until Monday, and I don't have another night free until Wednesday next. So sorry. One suggestion as to how you might make the final hiatus week pass without us: heroin. It works for "genius" rock stars.

My predictions for the ski trip: the words "rad" and "booyakasha" will be completely exhausted. The whole group will drink trendy microbrews and high five each other like it hasn't yet gone out of style but it's about to. Most will even opt to snowboard rather than ski to seem like they're "with it." One of them will get drunk enough to get a tattoo from another lodger.

In all fairness, Craig did offer to do a short show tonight. However, we have said before about eighty percent of the podcasts that we would do a short one that week, and we have yet to produce one. Ultimately it just doesn't seem very neccessary to do in a week when ABC isn't even airing a rerun of LOST. So enjoy the Rose Bowl. I like the Trojans.

Also, if we haven't yet given you an on-air salute and you would like one, please email Make "Holla File" the subject line and include any or all of the following: your name, city, state, country, favorite Lost flashback character (and not why), and any questions you may have for the two of us or for Chuck Norris.



Scott and Steve said...

I have no idea why Dylan "The Jerk" Speed is being such an absolute prick.


Scott and Steve said...

Just giving them what they want: The Truth.


Scott and Steve said...

Screw you steve.


alex said...

Screw you chad.


Scott and Steve said...

Yeah. Screw Chad. Good luck in Tahoe, Craig.

Mike Former Hollywood/City of Industry said...


I just got back from Tahoe for a New Year weekend trip; I spent some time and well-needed money in Reno too! It's nice up there, Mt. Rose is totally rad!

But do to lack of self-control from my girlfriend in Reno, Henderson, and Bishop casino's, I ended my relationship with her and moved on out of Hollywood -- it was never my scene anyway.

I guess for now I'll be living in Running Springs (Two miles from the slopes!!) and continue working in Industry.

Hope you guys have a good time in Tahoe! Wish you would have told me; I would have gone there and dusted you jokers down the hills!

You could have at least tricked us into thinking you made a new podcast by moving one of the first ones into place, I'm sure no one would have noticed.. haha



Chad said...

wha? screw me? send craig my regards.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck goes skiing anyway? Surely you'll ultimately end up looking like Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber?

Scott and Steve said...

It's what we call a "Radio Promotion" which translates to "FREE," and you know how I love free stuff.


gus said...

I went snowboarding once and i really hurt myself. The snow thinned out and my board got caught up in grass or some shit and I somersaulted and fucking creased my shoulder.
It was sore for 3 days at least.