Sunday, May 16, 2010

TLI: Across The Sea

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Hey Blogspotters! Kim and Aimee discuss Season 6, Episode 15, "Across The Sea". The most controversial episode of LOST...ever?

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DenAss said...

Downloading now. Can't wait to hear THIS one, and can't wait until Tuesday night!

Talk to you soon, blogspotters!

Mr. Bill said...

Thanks ladies I always look forward and enjoy your show!

Jordan said...

I totally did not get the religious undertones that Kim mentioned. Let alone feel hammered over the head with them. I just saw it as a stupid glowing hole and crazy mom talking about the island's power and how people want it. Nothing much deeper than that.

But I could've totally missed it due to how insanely bored I was with the episode, and how stupid I found most of it. Interested to hear if others here took it as a religious analogy or something else.

Jordan said...

Also, this is pretty awesome:

6 seasons & 4 minutes worth of Hurley saying 'Dude'.

Jordan said...

Forgot to say nice job as always with the podcast, ladies. Only a couple left!!!

Kelly Jo said...

Huzzah new TLI!

Stephanie said...

I didn't get the feeling of religious undertones from Across the Sea. Only the feeling of the most boring, stupid, waste of time since Strangers in a Strange Land.

Kyle from Kentucky said...


What she said

mb said...

new thread ppl

Ralph- said...

I cannot wait until tomorrow night's episode so that we can all like LOST again.