Thursday, May 06, 2010

6x14 "The Candidate" Post-Episode Discussion #2

Happy now, Jimmy?


aimee is lost said...

...and speaking of Elizabeth Mitchell....

3 episodes to go...



PalmerEldritch said...

much better. but, still, i'm sure there are better pictures. ;)

has anyone ever escaped a sinking submarine and swam to a beach while rescuing someone? seems like that'd be a fuck ton of trouble to do. good thing are boys are candidates.

so, only two 77ers are left alive? Miles and Sawyer? interesting.

do we get to see Alt-Radzynski sometime? and can he blow his head off in this timeline too?

Holder said...

OK guys...and girls? MBK->Kate, Juliet, Sun. Let's not just judge on the pictures posted her though. Also, you can MBK the actresses as well, if there's any difference.


Can you bang the 'bang' more than once? Or is it just once? Because I'd need to bang Evangeline approx 2.5 times because I'd preemy-jack the first time. If it's only once, I wanna switch Kate and Juliet.

aimee is lost said...

Radzinksy's location/status would depend on when the Island was sunk in the alternate timeline. All we know is that Dharmaville existed, and Roger Linus went there with Ben, so it sunk sometime between 1977 and 2004.

Radzinksy was in the completed Swan with Kelvin, and Kelvin couldn't have joined the DI until after 1991, when the Gulf War ended. If the island sunk before then, Radzinsky may have left the island and would still be alive presumably.

aimee is lost said...



Ralph- said...



Stephanie said...

M Juliet
B Sun
K Kate

James said...

Aimee...I like it :) Palmer says there are much better but I disagree...this ones a little quirky.

I think Aimee knows this, but I'll mention that there is an astonishing resemblance to EM and my ex wife (been years since we were in contact). So much so that my ex got all bent out of shape every time Juliet appeared on LOST.

Sorry..that was a major digression! been listening to Jay and Jack and all their calls etc and I can say that there is a major difference between those with kids, and those without re Jin and Sun. I personally would have saved myself for my daughter...not even a flicker of doubt in my mind about that. I'll add that I don't have (and never did) have a relationship like the Kwons with my kids Mum, but the principle still stands.

Jay said that "He would have weighed up the probable chances of surviving anyway and chosed to be with his true love" and I'm sorry, I'm with your old man. It doesn't avtually work like that. When you become a parent a weird internal switch is literally thrown and you end up being continually astonished as to how you sacrifice your own needs for your kids...nature stuff I guess.

Sorry..I;m being all boring and parental...but it's the way it is...

I'm getting older by the minute!

scrdmnkydst said...

This picture is only quirky because she looks like her arm has been amputated and the other one looks like it's veering a bit too close to her lady garden...

She doesn't even look like Elizabeth Mitchell much in that photo, it's weird. Maybe she was airbrushed too much..?

scrdmnkydst said...


James said...

M - Juliet (I kind of did already)
B - Nikki (Then Sun)
K-Kate (No hips...that's the clincher)

Tough though as Evangeline looks great in the morning :(

mb said...

M - Juliet (this is apparently unanimous amongst da boyz so far)
B - Ana Lucia cause she'd fuck u like she hated i'm joking - I'd biblicaly 'know' Sun in a heartbeat

K - is for KATE - don't hate her - would not turn her away, but I def wouldn't marry her and Sun's hotter

"When you become a parent a weird internal switch is literally thrown and you end up being continually astonished as to how you sacrifice your own needs for your kids"

So perfectly said James! As poetic as Jin and Sun's death was, wouldn't even be a choice for me or my wife. Can one of us get out? GO! Go to our child! NOW!

Finally listening to the F'Larshback podcast. (sigh) dammit guys, you are TOO GOOD. Miss ya. Really well done - SEAMLESS misdirection. Impressive. :D

Actually - I smiled when I realized there's at least one clue in the ep that some time-fuckery going on. The music selection of Jizz In My Pants didn't come out until Dec. 2008 (this ep WOULD have been recorded @end of March/beg. of April 2007). Love it!

Jordan said...

M - Juliet
B - Kate
K - Sun (& Charlotte)

scrdmnkydst said...

M - Rose
B - Eloise
K - Shannon

JonFromNKY said...

M - Sun, Kate, Juliette Penny, Nikki, and all the other hotties... right after I convert to Utah Mormon

B - Rose (Yeah, I just said what everyone else was thinking)

K - 2004 Charlotte, just to keep squirrel baby from being born

Kelly Jo said...

Sorry that I haven't been on the blogspot as of late. This week is the week of my school play but I'll be on much more soon! BTW Lost was awesome....

Jordan said...

Can't wait til Aimee posts the Frank Lepidus pin up pic.

Holder said...

Kate has got to be the best in the sack though. Although Sun would be cool if she talked Oriental during.

Jordan said...

To continue Aimme's theme of saucey Lost pics:



Penny (nsfw)


Ana Lucia






Jordan said...

Another nsfw Penny ;)

Holder said...

Wanna know my favorite Little Rascal? Spanky.

JoeSC said...

Jordan, those pics just made my night. Much appreciated!

M - Juliet (duh)
B - Kate (because eventually she'll run away)
K - Sun and Jin (If you married or banged Sun, Jin would kill you, so logically you'd need to get to both of them first).

Fringe and Community were both fan-fucking-tastic again this week. FringmuniThursday is turning out to be almost as great as LOSTuesday.

So I was dead set on not going to any Finale parties and then the wife gets an invite to one today, and accepts without even asking me...


JoeSC said...

Oh, and that pic of Elizabeth Mitchell is TASTY!

Gracias Aimee!

Stephanie said...


clementinesdaddy said...

Really? Nobody is going to comment on the wonderful pics of Charlotte and Ana Lucia posted by Jordan? REALLY!?!

Very nice...