Friday, May 07, 2010

6x14 "The Candidate" Post-Episode Discussion #3

I didn't know Jordan had a thing for Frank Lapidus. But we're always happy to oblige.


aimee is lost said...

Incase you're wondering, Jeff Fahey's eyes are described in biographies as "icy blue".

Stephanie said...

Wow. He's never changed his hairstyle.
I still expect something huge to come from Lapidus in the finale.

memphish said...

Which Burt Reynolds movie is that from?


JonFromNKY said...

Now that's hot

Stephanie said...

Not really.

Sexy Josh Holloway

scrdmnkydst said...

Needs more beard to be hot.

TLI girl said...

Actually Lapidus was pretty DILFy back in the day. This was the only shirtless picture I could locate.

I think he's going to be in the Machete film, which will make up for the fact that Lindsey Lohan is in it. Ehhhhch.

Anonymous said...

3 threads?! Like Kelly Jo, I too was really busy this week (not school play related though).

Really easy MBK.
M Kate (Hottest and Youngest)
B Jules
K Sun

Anyway, before I get into points I got a couple quick rants.

The lights, etc. in the sub were on so it seems like it was operational. Granted I'm no submarine expert, but it seems like it would've been a hell of a lot easier and safer to just move shit in front of that flooding room or close one of the doors and try to surface the sub and swim from there.

In no way do I mean this as a fat joke, but why the fuck didn't they have Hurley help with pulling the shelf off, etc? This is a situation where the guy's weight is an advantage. Also, why the fuck was he part of team A to get on the sub? He's not exactly stealth. Then again they just straight rushed in there like it was nobody's business. More on this later.

1. Jack is now tied with Desmond for best character. No offense to people in a vegitated state, but that person IS gone. Which is all that Jack said. I mean, who knows what tomorrow will bring. Maybe magic will happen and the person regains cognitive functions, but the fact, today, is there's nothing they can do and Anthony Cooper's a wrap.

2. James/Sawyer = season 2 Locke standing in the Hatch as it's imploding telling Mr. Eko that he was wrong.

I want someone to kick his ass already. I used to like Sawyer, now he's just a dimwit.

It's funny how Jack found Anthony Cooper so easily and James is still looking. I guess James might've already found this one and assumed it's not him.

3. I don't know why, but I'm really liking Claire this season.

4. Claire/Locke? In the scene with Claire it seemed like Locke was glad she was with him and not on the sub. Did Locke tell Kate what he told her to manipulate Kate into leaving Claire with him?

5. What's up with Widmore? He brought Desmond to the island so I don't think he's on Locke's side. But where the fuck was he? Why the fuck weren't there pillars around the sub? I got better security in my room than Widmore did the sub. WTF? The hatch door or whatever it's called to get into the sub is open? Really?!

I'll accept that he wanted them to take the plane. But did Widmore really not fathom the could possibly elect to travel by sub?

Also, why doesn't Widmore tell them that Locke is trying to kill the candidates if he knows? This leads me to think that Widmore is not as much in the know as I assume.

Anonymous said...

I could see Sayid come back ala Patchy, but I think he is the only person to have a heroic death so far.

How the f was Charlie's death heroic? There was no one in that station he could've left the room and let the entire place flood.

I guess Michael's was kind of heroic, but I feel like he only did what he did because he felt guilty.

If Desmond died when he turned the failsafe key, that would've been a heroic death.

Anonymous said...

My point was, since Sayid had a heroic death it would be a waste to bring him back ala Patchy.

Always remember that life ain't so bad at all if you're living off the wall.

scrdmnkydst said...

Sayid, Jin and Sun and are all dead. They won't be coming back in the islandverse ever.

Well, maybe as ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Herlihy, I'd like to remind you that Patchy got shot in the heart with a harpoon! He later returned that same episode. While I accept Sayid is most likely dead (and hope he is for story purposes), I would not be surprised if they bring him back.

scrdmnkydst said...

There's a massive difference between a harpoon to the chest, not heart, and a massive chunk of C4 exploding in your hands.

JoeSC said...

Poor Walt!

Chris JC said...

I saw LOST

I like LOST

Palmer - this is the first time in ages I've caught up with your Blogspot avatar. Very funny.

I really need a new one. The meerkat is feeling a bit old.

Chris JC said...

That's better. And has more than one meaning for me. Excellent times.

Kelly Jo said...

I like LOST. That is all.

JoeSC said...

More details on the Kimmel Finale Afterparty