Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dharmalars- Series Finale Predictions!

Only one more episode of LOST and the Dharmalars are here to shed some "Magic Light" on what they believe will happen. Will they be correct with their predictions? Only time will tell, but we are guessing that they will be 100% accurate yet again!! Prepared to be Spoiled Away by Ben and Ralph the all new Dharmalars begins in 4-8-15-16...

All One - Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
I've Got a Plane to Catch - Michael Giacchino
Devil Inside - INXS
Everybody Plays the Fool -
Smoke and Ash - Howard Shore
Mambo 1000 - Ursula 1000

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Series Finale Predictions


PalmerEldritch said...

new dharmalars?!

/screams like a little girl

Stephanie said...

Bitter sweet. New Dharmalars, Lost ending.

Thanks for the warm birthday wishes, guys.

MB, safe travels. Share pics when you get back.

Chris JC said...

Happy Birthday, Steph!

Happy Return Day, Dharmalars!

Happy Travel Day, MB!

Unhappy Return to Work Tomorrow, Me!


mb said...

DAMN its amazing to see that logo heading up a post on the blogspot again! GOOD f'n TIMES!

And since I'm a narcissist - I must RE-post the TOME that I posted at the end of the last thread before I realized this thread existed:



t-minus 7 hrs. and I am on the plane to Vegas!

Haven't given my thoughts about "What They Died For" but suffice to say - I liked it. Although - since it was the penultimate episode, the end result it had on me was a little unsatisfied, mainly because I am now REALLY impatient for Sunday.
- I want to know that they did not off Richard like that - that sucked. Was not a satisfying OMG moment or anything for me.
- I want resolution to Ben - I appreciate that some like Kyle are all about Ben going to the dark side, and I wouldn't be totally against it, but I was one who was really moved by the "No one will have me" speech, and the end to that ep was easily one of the most emotional of the season for me. So, I do have hope that Ben ends up doing something heroic.
- Obviously Desmond is the link between realities so I'm anxious to see his endgame
- want to see Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Hurley take some ACTION. I enjoyed the scene around the fire - very poignant, but am really anxious for MiB to start really taking some blows (not necessarily hand to hand combat - I just want to see what they're going to do to him).

I know its a little silly for me to list these things out - it's not like I'm requesting for Cuselof to 'hurry things up' - it's all finishing Sunday. I'm really just sharing how keyed-up I am for "The End"

Also, since I seem to be one of only a small few here who is willing to defend "Across the Sea" I will say that my enjoyment of "What They Died For" was enhanced by the knowledge I got from ATS. I'll say no more b/c we've discussed it to death and obviously we're all going to agree to disagree.

LOST changed my life :)

andrew. said...

- fun episodes dudes & much appreciated

- i agree with the growing consensus that Jack is going to bite it (i mean die, i know how the deviant minds at the blogspot think) in the finale. It seemed like the entire series was building to someone taking over Jacob's spot, so to do it with such little fanfare last episode suggests we haven't seen the last of that business. I can't decide who gets the position though. Hurley, Kate, Sawyer & Ji-Yeon all seem like reasonable guesses for various reasons.

- I don't think that the flash sideways are season 7. If the losties all go through all of this shit, just to continue to get chased, beaten up, run over and shot, then they really haven't gained much from the experience.

- can't believe how close we are to the finale. I know Korea is pissed about Sun & Jin getting voted off early, but they better keep their shit in check until after LOST is over.

DenAss said...

MB - I'm with you regarding ATS and how I enjoyed WTDF more because of it.

That's all I'll say about that topis as well.

I will be surprised if Jack dies in the finale. Not shocked, but surprised. Unless somehow they could get off-island Locke to receive the power of Jacob when the two realities are reconciled. It would be pretty interesting to see if Cuseloff could pull THAT off.

Kelly Jo said...

Yay new Dharmalars! Happy Birthday!

JoeSC said...

Happy Birthday Steph and welcome back Dharmalars! It's been far, far too long!

The Fringe finale was just terrific! I'd be furious right now if they didn't get picked up for a 3rd season.

Only 3 days 'til LOSTunday (weird, eh?)!

JoeSC said...

LOSTunday = Lost Undies?

Are we gonna have an epic LOST / South Park Underpants Gnomes crossover in the finale?

JoeSC said...

Step 1: Crash on Island

Step 2: ?

Step 3: Save the World

PalmerEldritch said...

who's this Producer Ryan guy? what happened to Engineer Jeff?

anyhow, it was great to listen to the dharmalars again. even if it was the second to last time ever. :(

wait? did absolutely no one ask me for my predictions? then i'll just have to volunteer them.


i predict a happy ending for Desmond and Penny. and for them to leave the "masseuse" a sizable tip.

i still think jack will say "no" to smokey and jacob on some issue or another. then he'll stubbornly do something against their wishes (prolly to save kate, hurley, and sawyer).

the kwon in question doesnt matter cuz sun and jin are both dead and ji yeon was just a plot device to make us give a shit about sun for a season or so.

somehow, claire and aaron meet.

ben is a greedy shit and somehow manages to save the day while being self-serving ala gollum. if he falls in lava, so much the better.

the volcano on the Island will never be addressed again despite it being a good excuse for the Alt-Island to collapse into the sea.

we'll never learn about the Egyptians or why the Island hated babies for a bit.

we'll see Penny and Juliet. but, unfortunately, they wont wrestle in dharma whipped topping.

we'll see either ghostpidus or alterna-frank and he'll say something snarky and cheesy.

i really wish that they'd have ghostpidus talk hurley through taking off in the jumbo jet but i'm not willing to make that a predic- wait. GHOSTPIDUS WILL TEACH HURLEY TO MAKE AIRPLANE GO!! PREDICTION!!!!!

howabout that fringe finale, eh? fucking shit, that show turned around from a slow start in the first season. go to and talk the fuck out of that show.

have we all decided which MYOKM family podcast shirt to wear during the finale? i'm lazy so it may have to be which one is A) clean and B) closest. as a failsafe, i can resort to just B.

final LOST meals? i should find something with bacon. or maybe ham with dipping sauces.

Lost_Revisited said...

Ralph, Jorge Garcia mentioned you and the Dharmalars at Lost Live. Thousands of fans across the country heard him say it.

Jordan said...

MB, I know you said you wanted to drop it. So I won't retort. Just say that it's funny how you said that this episode made you enjoy/appreciate Across the Sea more. Because it made me hate it all the more. I mentioned my reasons in a previous thread. I'm guessing our two reactions break down to what side of the coin you were initially on regarding the ep.

And I agree with you in not digging seeing Ben go back to being evil. I did not cheer by any means. In fact, I was put off by it. If he doesn't re-redeem himself in the finale, all the 'no one will have me' and symapathetic back stories we got for him were a total waste of time IMO. I can see how some will say it was a big game on his part. Or that he is deep down just evil. But I don't buy that given some of the episodes we've had to make us sympathize with the character. If it ends with he's just basically evil, that's sloppy herky-jerky storytelling to me.

Jordan said...

Question for the blog. What character or what image do you think is going to be the very last thing we see before the final, LOST? My guess is going to be the eye of Jack.

PalmerEldritch said...

it's bad writing if you dont agree with a character's actions?

what if he tried to be good, should have been good, was given every chance to be good, but just ended up being an evil little sack of crap when he was reminded of Alex and gave up?

i'm cool with that. remember when ben was trying to kill penny? he still needs some beatings/killing from that.

however, i would not at all be surprised if he's playing Smokey or has a last minute change of heart.

btw, prediction... BEN KILLS SMOKEY! why? cuz he killed Jacob. thematically, it makes sense to me.

PalmerEldritch said...

think we'll get a ROTJ ghost re-union on the beach while vincent plays the drums on stormtrooper helmets?

Jordan said...

"it's bad writing if you dont agree with a character's actions?"

No, not because I don't agree with the actions. It's because his motivations would ultimately not feel earned. For me, at least. His character has taken a long journey of dealing with issues of inadequacy and manipulation. Up til now, they've done a good job of giving him motive for everything he's done. It's felt earned. But for it all to be followed up with a out of nowhere 180, just seemed cheap. Like I said, herky-jerky. Obviously they could explain it all with a nice little bit of character exposition. Ben could just say that he's been playing everyone all along. Or that he just can't take it anymore. And that would be fine. I just don't see the narrative value to either. Mainly due to the fact that his character has mostly been portrayed as symathetic for the past season and a half or so. I'd be fine with Ben ultimately proving to be evil at the core. No prob with that sort of character at all. But I feel that if you were to do that, that he'd be a bit more ambiguous in his last couple centric ep's. Just my own two cents on how I reacted to him shooting Widmore. Which I also felt was kinda, "really?" in that it sorta feels like all of the stuff with Widmore all season was all for nothing.

Jordan said...

Maybe Ben just killed Widmore because he hates the guy. They do have history after all. I'd be fine with that. But it didn't come off that way to me in that scene. That said, he could be in the midst of playing Smokey (which wouldn't exactly be un-Ben-like by any means) and simply took advantage of the situation to kill a dude he disliked. That would be cool to me.

My main thing is what Holli or Steph (sorry! can't recall at the moment) a few days back. I just want a good conclusion to these characters' story arcs. Preferably ones that make sense and stay true to journey the characters have been one all this time. I want Jack to do something in the end that plays thematically to how he's been portrayed all along. Same for Kate, Sawyer, etc. And when it comes to Ben. Just my own take on how I've read the show. But an out of nowhere return to pure evil would lessen some of the more recent journey that character has taken.

Jordan said...

Ben killing Smokey would make sense. I could buy that.

And I'd rather a Return of the Jedi ending as opposed to a Return of the King one with 20 drawn out sappy endings and hobbit on hobbit man-love.

Kyle from Kentucky said...


Jordan said...

Here's a prediction. The two sides are battling on the beach when out of nowhere comes Walt flying onto the scene. And he starts blasting people away with his laser vision. Then Aaron shows up in a air-cycle and begins to mind battle Smokey.

Seriously. Walt and Aaron being 'special'. Give me something!!!

andrew. said...

Walt would of course use his bird-summoning powers to wrangle a Hurley Bird to fly in on!

Chris JC said...

Funnily enough, when I made my comments about the series ending with Hurley remembering that he never found out what the deal with that bird was, I did omit my original ending of Walt opening a door and saying "It was me, Hurley, using my bird powers to try to communicate with you".

PalmerEldritch said...

could baby walt control big bird?

holy crap. almost time for Sunday Night LOST. what's this crazy lost schedule looking like and who's watching all of it?

t-dot kim said...

I'm watching it the re-airing of the pilot episode 1 and 2 on Saturday.

I've decided to lock myself in the basement for the weekend and emerge when LOST is all over.


memphish said...

I'm trying to decide if I want to rewatch any old episodes leading up to the finale, but in a way I don't want to for fear the finale won't measure up to the favorite moments I'd pick out to watch.

On Sunday I don't think I'll watch the recap. I'm going to rewatch What They Died For to get psyched up for the finale. As for what I want from the finale, I just want to enjoy it emotionally. I also want people to act rationally, for them. Less importantly, I want how X world and original world go together to make some sort of sense.

I'm trying not to think about it too hard.


aimee is lost said...

Welcome back 'Lars!

clementinesdaddy said...

Back on the topic of evil/good Ben,
Does anyone else think that Ben is just playing Locke until the right moment to strike? I think that is why he shot Widmore; so Charles couldn't pass on his info to Locke (and if he got a little revenge in the be it)

I think Ben will be key in taking down Locke. He may not strike the "killing blow" but his actions will allow it to happen.

Besides kickass Ben, I can't wait to see "Vinceeeeeeent!" (who we all know is the one who is going to take Jacob's place)

aimee is lost said...

As satisfying as having the old (evil) Ben back, I'm not 100% convinced. I think maybe he's playing along until he manipulate his way into surviving this endgame.

Jordan said...

Everything Holli just said. To a tee.

I still do not know if I will be working that night or not. Hoping I get to watch it ASAP so as to be able to join in on the conversation here while y'all are still all about it. Also to be able to avoid walking down the street and hearing somebody say, "Holy crap! Can you believe that it was all Aaron's dream?!"

JonFromNKY said...

I like this new podcast... Dharmalars,,, that's a odd name. Too bad there's only 1 episode of LOST left.

Jordan said...

Totally dude. A little late to the party, don'cha think? haha.

memphish said...

So what's for dinner on Lost finale night? Anyone find any boar meat? Bananas? Mangos? Papayas? Sea urchin?


Ralph- said...

@ Lost Revisited, I have heard about that. I wish i could have attended the event, but had no idea it was going on.

Jordan said...

Yuck to sea urchin! Tried it once at a sushi place. Yikes! And I'm a rather adventurous eater.

Kyle from Kentucky said...


I was completely unmoved by the "I'll have you" speech.

Jordan said...

Kyle, I wasn't exactly 'moved' either. But it was a seemingly meaningful character moment at the time.

PalmerEldritch said...

is "i'll have you" what she said to sayid when she was wearing those boots? i think sayid was probably "moved."

JoeSC said...

+1 Ralph! Great answer!

Finally finished listening to the new Lars show. Your short return is off to a spectacular start! Great to hear Ryan again, too.

I'm most likely gonna watch the 2-hour retrospective and Kimmel, but I haven't decided if I'm rewatching the Pilot yet. I may just DVR it and save it for Monday.

...and Jordan, you're totally on point. Sea Urchin is just terrible! It one of the few truly frightening frightening things I've ever eaten.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Jorge said "Dharmalars" on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Anybody else hear that?

Kyle from Kentucky said...

No no I mean Jimmy Fallon

PalmerEldritch said...

douglas adams-blamo!

thinking about picking up the season 4 soundtrack today. is season 5 out yet?

PalmerEldritch said...

also, here's a neat refresher on LOST characters, when we met them, and when they died.

click the season numbers to add that season's additions.

Ralph- said...

Season 5 is available on iTunes.

and Jorge had to be giving out a shoutout.

andrew. said...

- congrats on the shout-out Dharmalars. Did he happen to say "Ham Me0w" too?

- avoiding internet stories about LOST obviously. Please don't post spoilers here, including anything hinted at during the Lost Live event thing.

- Lost Lowdown managed to rush out a new 7.5 hour podcast for "What They died For" and are releasing a commentary track for "The Pilot" to watch along with tonight's airing.

- i really need to get stuff done today because tomorrow is going to be a LOST cause (pun realized as i typed it, sorry)