Saturday, February 13, 2010

TLI: What Kate Does

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t-dot kim said...

The Playlist for the peeps:

The Sickness - Disturbed
Poison - Bel Biv Devoe (by request)
Tell Me Lies - Fleetwood Mac
Bitch Is Crazy - Drake
Purple Pills - D12
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) - Beyonce
Poison - Alice Cooper
White Liar - Miranda Lambert
Who Are You - The Who
Cryin' - Aerosmith (possibly the most used song in TLI playlist history)
Run This Town - JayZ

JonFromNKY said...

Woo HOO!

JonFromNKY said...
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memphish said...

Sunday is becoming my LOST podcast mainlining day.

For Valentine's Day I'm getting you all a new LOST episode. Due to the holiday it will not arrive until Tuesday. Enjoy.


Chris JC said...

Ahoy there, kids. Been a bit busy but have kept up with TLI, have resubscribed to The Lostiles and found myself not listening to any other LOST podcasts. No, not even those two.

I've been listening without reading the tracklisting so enjoyed on the LA X episode having Lucky Man by The Verve and Pink Floyd's Coming Back to Life poke their way through the audio.

And it goes without saying that hearing Codex Machine's Controlled Relaxation on one of MB's segments a while back was a jolly experience.

We all well?

Chris JC said...

I remember, when Poison was requested, thinking it had been on before. I believe the Exposé episode.

Then I though "you should have used Poison by Alice Cooper" and then saw you had.

This is the extent of my exciting thought processes.

Stephanie said...

It's good to see Chris is surviving employment outside of the house.

I think I might have offended Evangeline Lilly the other day on twitter. Not believing it was her I said she was anti-everything. Then she discussed it with Emilie Deravin.

Stephanie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Blogspot!

JoeSC said...

Wow! I get a new TLI, the Lostiles and the Transmission today?

Greatest V-Day EVER!!!

Good thing the wife's out of town so I can spend the day under my nerd rock!

memphish said...

Those accounts don't look real Stephanie.


scrdmnkydst said...

my thoughts exactly.

Chris JC said...

As Ryan hasn't, I thought I should let you know that Elias's "Peace and Fucking" is a reference to, depending on who you ask, very funny satirical sitcom or depressingly rubbish waste of the talent involved, Nathan Barley.

Peace and Fucking.

scrdmnkydst said...

I got the reference. I just didn't have much to say other than "LOL I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE".

Also, Nathan Barley is amazing.

JoeSC said...


PalmerEldritch said...


PalmerEldritch said...


Chris JC said...


Stephanie said...

I didn't think the twitter accounts were real but when I thought I could have offended someone I began to second guess. She hates being a celebrity as well as tvs. She probably doesn't even have internet. It's probably a 14 year old girl.

t-dot kim said...

S'up blogspot?!

Happy V day to those you celebrate it <3 <3 <3

PalmerEldritch said...

awww... thanks, kim!

i almost forgive canada for hosting the olympics. :p

happy valentine's day, gang. today has consisted of way too many strawberry cupcakes and will soon include sandwiches and calzones.

also, we went to look for a Wii but the Americas are apparently sold out until the end of the month. oops.

beat Mass Effect Uno. ahora es el tiempo para Mass Effect Dos. except that i have to download about 600 megs of add-on content first. got my space goggles from my Dr Pepper bottles though!

new TLI? sweeeeeeeeeeeet. should help make Monday less sucktastic than normal. and the day after is LOSTuesday? fantastic.

is claire immune to Smokey Syndrome since she got all those shots? is desmond?

will we learn about the babies? why Michelle from 24 could spit out a baby but nobody else can?

if V gets shitcanned, can we have Juliet back? please?

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Who took the shots?

-Desmond for three years.

Besides that I'm not really sure. I do know that Charlie took it one time to test it before he gave it to Claire. But I dont remember either Claire or Aaron taking one on screen. Because I remember when she was about to Desmond walked by and said "I took that shot for three years and it didn't do anything." Then she put it down or something. Not really sure.

Don't trust the others. Not even Dogen. They want everyone to think they are making decisions on their own but really they are just making them thing it's their own decisions. Like the conversation Ben had with Locke right after they found the Dharma pit with Hurley there. Others are bad.

memphish said...

Yeah Kyle. We completely see where Ben got his manipulation techniques from.

I heard people on some podcast - don't remember which now - talking about how Jack was all man of faith and now he's not. Of course he's not, his one act of faith didn't achieve his end and killed Juliet, and the Others complete unwillingness to answer any question other than what's that you're holding in your hand should even drive John Locke into skeptic mode.

How do the Others know that Claire is Jack's sister? And how do they know that Jack knows he has a sister? Also did they poke her with a poker? They hardly know her.


Stephanie said...

I assumed Claire was taking the shots. So the shots keep you from being infected and also from time jumping? I'm confused again thank goodness.

Holder said...

So I was the fuck can an island sink? I think that is the terminology that's been tossed around... This is assuming that islands FLOAT, which they obviously don't. That just kinda hit me and I wanted to share.

scrdmnkydst said...

ummm. Back when they had Jack locked up in the Hydra, they had a massive file on him. They knew everything about him and his family and ex wife.

They could have researched his dad, and found out that way?

memphish said...

I'm still unclear how these Temple Others connect to Ben's. I know they are related since we've seen Cindy and Aldo in both places, but who the heck is the leader - Ben or Dogen? Did they communicate?

The thing about saying your sister really stood out since yeah I can see the Others knew Claire was Christian's daughter, but knowing that Jack knows, that's kind of the kicker. I guess Jill the Butcher could have been sending information via that typewriter a la Fringe to keep them up to date.


memphish said...

Whoa - Kim and Alirio and other Canadians will get this episode of LOST 2 hours before those of us in the US due to the Olympics.


scrdmnkydst said...

In my head, I'd say that they're the same type of Others, if that makes sense. At the end of season 3, Ben sent all the remaining Others who'd left New Otherton to the Temple, while he and Alex went to meet / confront / stop the 815ers from contacting the boat.

This would explain why Cindy and Aldo were at the Temple. But I also think that Dogen and Lennon and maybe some more people were already at the Temple, protecting it... The same way those two bints were protecting the Looking Glass...

But I could just be wrong.

memphish said...

I think that's right too Ryan, but Dogen is such a leader, and an effective one, it's hard to reconcile that with Ben and what he had been up to on the Island especially in terms of manipulating the 815ers in order to get his back surgery.

I also don't get the whole "Shephard's not even on the list" statement with the fact that Shephard now seems to be on the list.


scrdmnkydst said...

He could be just like Richard? A really knowledgeable person who isn't a leader. But with the absence of Ben and a suitable replacement, he's stepped up to the mark? I dunno... I doubt we'll find out though...

scrdmnkydst said...

I must say though, I am really enjoying the addition of Dogen and Lennon to the story very much.

memphish said...

That's a good analogy. I supposed they might also be the religious leaders kind of like how Moses led the Israelites and Aaron was the High Priest. So they have different spheres of influence.


PalmerEldritch said...

Dogen seems like the dude in charge of the Temple. Ben was in charge of the Others. Then Locke. Then three years we don't know about. And then Focke. Up until he was all "Oops. I killed Jacob. LOL."

As for Dogen knowing about Claire Shepard, the Others seem to have had files on everyone. We know they had info on Locke and folders of info on Jack and Sawyer. A little research on Claire Littleton seems like it'd come up with a hit on her "secret" old man who was so secret that he used to hang out with her as a baby. Why Claire never asked what his last name was? Uh... Umm...

As for the Island sinking, maybe there's more to the story than just Jughead? Maybe Jughead made the Electro-Magnetic doohickey under the Swan Hatch blow up good and that took out the Island? Or maybe someone sank the Island for shits and giggles?

PalmerEldritch said...

only 20 minutes in, but did Aimee and Kim just forget that the bomb blew up in 1977 after Ethan had already been born and moved off Island via the sub?

t-dot kim said...


PalmerEldritch said...


it's ok, i forgive you. this time...

are you all olympicked out yet? cant stand the olympics myself.

here, go buy some LOST shirts or something.

t-dot kim said...

I don't get why you hate the Olympics. I love watching every minute of Olympic coverage I can squeeze in. I'm kinda upset b/c I'm at work watching on a shitty monitor :P

Here's why I love it...

Imagine training most of your life for one moment. It's thrilling for me to watch. Who can thrive under the pressure? Who brakes down, or falls apart? It's unscripted drama that I can't get enough of. I have the Olympic spirit.

Last night, Canada won its first gold medal at an Olympics held IN Canada. It was great! The entire country was--and still is--buzzing. They had a montage of reactions of THAT moment from coast-to-coast. It was awesome. In Dundas Sq in Toronto there was a crowd of about 400 ppl that just gathered waving flags. In PEI they showed a small pub where people spontaneously started singing our national anthem. In Vancouver, I'm sure the energy was exciting.

I like to think that for a little over 2 weeks, the World watches people do their absolute best. It's inspiring to me. It makes me feel happy to watch.

The End.



t-dot kim said...

Plus...Canada usually sucks so bad in the Olympics, so it's super amazing when they can place in the top 5!!

Jordan said...

Palmer, Canadian national pride and American national pride are two entirely different things. That and Canadians love crazy winter sports like pushing rocks with brooms on ice.

andrew. said...

- listened to the 5 hour Lost Lowdown podcast for 'What Kate Does' and they brought up the ugly little chapter of the palette drop. But listening to them, got my gears turning and i think i solved it. bear with me:
* it's 1977, someone in the flame station enters 42 or whatever the code for 'request palette drop' is.
* The Michigan Dharma crew send out a plane with a palette
* the plane drops the palette
* while the parachuting palette is negotiating the weird time dilation surrounding the island, Juliet blows up the hydrogen bomb
* the palette gets time-fucked into 2004
* as it enters the airspace of the Swan Station, an alarm is triggered. Insanely paranoid Radzinsky has programmed his precious Swan Station to lock-down in the case of a perceived threat.
* it explains why Dharma is still delivering palettes after the purge. it explains the lock-down. and it explains why nobody saw a plane.

- another thing. i think Ben's back tumor was a result of him being infected when his innocence was stolen. His infection spread very slowly, over many years. He doesn't remember his dip in the bad-touch-pool which is why he was surprised by his tumor. His corrupted leadership of the others may be related to the darkness in his soul. Also, the fact that Ben seemed to know how to summon Smokey means that they had some sort of relationship, that Ben may not have understood the full ramifications of.

- i'm still very confused by Christian Shepherd & Claire.


JoeSC said...

Andrew - I completely agree with you on the Christian Shepard & Claire issue. I've been trying to rationalize who they're on the side of and whether they're even on the same side anymore.

Of course that could explain why the Others hate her and Rousseau so much and why Rousseau had such a vendetta against them. I mean, did we ever see Rousseau get attacked by the Smoke Monster other than right after they landed on the island? Was Smokey protecting her?

BTW, I know who I'm rooting for at the Westminster Dog Show!

Razzle Dazzle bitches!

PalmerEldritch said...


oh snap. half an hour til LOSTuesday.