Tuesday, February 02, 2010

LA_X: post episode discussion


Stephanie said...

Lost is back! I have no idea what's going on and I love it.

t-dot kim said...


memphish said...

Thoroughly entertaining. I don't know how to process the alt-flashes with the on Island stuff though. And is Sayid now possessed by Jacob? Loved both the Sawliet and the Skate.

Back to talk tomorrow.


t-dot kim said...

WTF just happened?!

memphish said...

Steph, I'm so glad you feel that way. So apparently the 4 minutes were the 2nd 4 minutes starting with the end of the S5 finale? I agree though. I have no idea what's happening and I love it.


memphish said...

Andrew, I couldn't stop thinking of you as we saw Cindy and Cindy and Cindy.


t-dot kim said...

The episode was all over the place. So did it work, or not? Is Sayid now Jacob? The-Man-In-Black IS the smoke monster?


t-dot kim said...

Who also laughed when the outside wall of The Temple was revealed. All I could think was "Alpert stole my innocence"

Brad said...

Sayid lost his innocence.

memphish said...

I immediately thought it served Sayid right to lose his innocence too.


Oklahaimee said...

Omg omg omg.

My brain is fried.

Namaste bitches! Lost is BACK!

PalmerEldritch said...

i dont think Sayid is possessed by Smokey. Smokey is busy being Focke. and post-innocence Ben isnt possessed by Smokey. and Locke's body is still around. i think Sayid is just back alive. interestingly, did he have any innocence to lose? dude was a man-slut.

totally miss Juliet already.

kate... ugh... kate. leave sawyer the fuck alone. give the dude some time to grieve before trying to ride his bologna pony. jeez louise.

Altera-Kate looks lovely though. and Claire's around. bonus!

Alterna-Shannon is back in Australia. too bad.

no Alterna-Walt or Alterna-Michael. interesting. but i guess we know the behind the scenes reasons why.

and Alterna-Charlie written out.

the lovely girlfriend just about jumped out of her skin when Alterna-Charlie said his first words, "Am I alive?" the same damned words he wrote on his hand for Comic-Con. WTF?!!? awesome.

Hurley was awesome. liked him talking to Ghost-Jacob (not to be confused with Ghost Dad) and talking a leadership role at the Temple.

Japanese Jedi is cool. and his helper, Bizarro Faraday, is interesting too.

loved the circle magic crap from back in the day with Jacob's cabin. awesome that it wasn't keeping Jacob in but keeping Smokey out.

this show is great.

JoeSC said...

I'm sure I'll have more to contribute tomorrow, but right now all I can say is fucking WOW!

I'm completely lost and I couldn't be happier.

I agree Kim, the most surprising thing had to be un-Locke turning into the smoke monster. Not so much that it happened, but that it happened in the premier. I knew Bram and his boys were toast as soon as they picked up that bullet!

...and I'm really interested to see how this plays out for Ben. Talk about someone with no good options.

...and is Sayid going to turn into SUPER-Sayid? Are we going to see a Sayid-Locke showdown in the near future? I predict we may need to get our Chuck Norris Achievement Award nomination forms ready!

I like LOST.

Brad said...

Maybe that's why he was telling Hurley about all the horrible things he had done. He wanted to make sure that our boy Hugo was well aware that he wasn't that innocent, just in case their was any waffling about on the subject to take him to the temple or not.

Sayid you sly dog, you.

Also I was excited that those polar bears wouldn't have been killed when everything was reversed, but unless they were great swimmers I'm guessing that dream is shot down.

PalmerEldritch said...

yeah, disappointing CGI, but that was WTFery at its best with new Otherton becoming the new homebase for Aqua-Man.


Alirio said...

I LOVE how the first line of dialogue out of Charlie's mouth is what was written on Dominic's hand at Comic Con: "Am I alive?"

Alirio said...


t-dot kim said...


PalmerEldritch said...

so, Alterna-Juliet is still out there somewhere. right? right? please?

DenAss said...

I'm way out of the loop. What are the behind the scenes reasons we're not seeing Shannon, Michael, and Walt?

t-dot kim said...

I think there is an Alterna-person for everyone who has ever been on The Island.

PS...where did Desmond go? Is he with Christian Shepherd?

t-dot kim said...

(except Ethan...he was born on The Island)

How great was it to see Boone? *swoon*

WTF was with Jack's neck bleeding? Was he injected with a needle or something?

[ally] said...

• I thought of Andrew too when I saw cindy both clean and dirty version.

• Boone!!!

• "it worked"

• WTF was the whole Desmond thing? He was there but he wasn't there?

* on another note: just saw ryan & jenn from the transmission on nightline. It was pretty awesome!

[ally] said...

Damon lindelof totally just spoiled a studio full of people on Jimmy kimmel live. Hilarious.

Damon: tonight we all found out Locke is the smoke monster.

Audience: (gasp)

t-dot kim said...

Spinal surgeon + Broken back = why didn't we think of that earlier?!

James said...

So will Jack fix Locke in their alternate future...Locke not believing he can do it and Jack being the man of faith?

Really enjoyed it, and it was better than ANY episode in Season 5, I believe.

I'm glad to see the back of "Bram" or whatever his name was...and has virtually every male cast member (except for Nestor) put on 10 pounds?

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Yea Damon and Carlton just announced the finale date on Kimmel.

Sunday May 23rd.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

and here I thought the last of the Samurai had died out..

mb said...

Ok - first of all - Ryan and Jen (the transmission) were just mentioned in Nightline's piece on Lost. SWEET!

OK - so...

Holy fuckin. WTFness!!

I feel like Cuselof just stuck a pin in a giant balloon full of WTF and it got all over me. No clue what's really going to happen And I'm the spoiler guy. Great start to the season.
I don't want to overanalyze - I'm just enjoying taking a dip in lake batshit-story world.

lovin' it

mb said...

Oh wait...

So, the island is underwater in alternatimeline? Because the bomb worked (in that timeline)?

Watching Kimmel 4 Cuselof - if the finale is May 23rd that would work out pretty well 4 going 2 Vegas (4 me at least)

Oh...Cuselofs on...

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode. I was scared of them doing alternate dimension and dropping what we've seen so far, but was pleasantly surprised by them continuing the old story. Not sure how I feel about the alternate dimension storyline. Need to see more of it.

I feared they wrote off Desmond until they had the scene where he was gone. Really weird that he was on the plane and that he said something like maybe I'll see you again instead of see you in another life brother. I guess in this arc he had the guts to marry that first girl and he never joined a monastery.

People's characters were really different in this. Like Jack had faith, Lock didn't. Sawyer looked out for others (Kate and Hurley) instead of just himself. Hurley thought of himself as lucky instead of cursed. Doc Arzt was inquisitive instead of a know it all.

Really looking forward to next week. This is why I wished the show was on Thursday. Now the week is going to go by so slow.

mb said...

So now I read back thru the posts - sorry to repeat some info!

So- yeah- what IS the deal with Desmond? What's he doing in 815? More flashing?

Jordan said...

Sorry in advance. But this is going to be long. As well as a bit all over the place. I know this already as I have notes! :P

First of all, I can kind of see where people are coming from with this "Sayid is now Jacob" stuff. Jacob did go to lengths to make sure Sayid was brought to the temple. But that wasn't my impression upon viewing. Nor is it how I'm inclined to see it. To me, Sayid was saved much the same way Alpert took young Ben's innocence. Little Ben didn't get possessed by some all-powerful being. And didn't Sayid upon awakening say something like, "What happened?" Why would Jacob say this?

I'm totally with Palmer. I already miss Juliet. She was one of my favorite characters. Sawyer and her were great together. And having to watch them have a tearful goodbye for the 2nd time was just torture on the writers' part. I really didn't like that they did that. I am spoiler-free, so I didn't know anything. But given that Elizabeth Mitchell is now on V, you just knew that Juliet couldn't stick around as a main character on the show. So the ENTIRE time Sawyer and the others were frantically trying to save Juliet, as well as when Sawyer was so happy to find her alive and talk to her, you knew what was coming. All of that just to sucker punch the viewers on an emotional level for the 2nd time. Not cool.

Juliet's death pretty much seals the show not revisiting the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle. At least in the 2007 timeline. How can it not? I don't think all that much time is going to pass between now and the end of the season. Really can't see Sawyer, so grief-stricken and coping with loss, taking a couple days then putting the moves on ol' freckles.

WTF is up with Aqua land? Is Jack and the gang going to "have to go back"? They can always commision the dude and the boat that was looking for the Black Rock in that one lame ARG.

Like many on this blog, the first thought I had upon seeing Cindy was, "Andrew's gotta be doing back flips!"

Speaking of Cindy. So apparently she only gives Jack one extra bottle of booze. Where as in the pilot, she originally gave him two. I read this online, and by no means noticed it myself. Not nearly that big a nerd. No offense to those who did. ;) Just wanted to point out that I'm pretty sure this is just a continuity error. Although I'm sure all the message boards and Jay and Jack are picking apart what the true meaning behind it really is.

One thing that is worth mentioning. The writers found themselves the ultimate out when it comes to fussy, nit-picky fans and having to pay too much attention to continuity. In this new 2004 timeline where the plane lands, we find out that not everything from the past is the same as it was back in the pilot episode. Boone left Shannon in Australia, Locke sounds as if he went on his walk about (unless he was just lying to Boone. which I'm led to believe isn't the case. Locke seems pretty cheerful), Jack has a different hairstyle, and Cindy only gave Jack one bottle!!!!! So anything that happens in that time line, if it doesn't jive with the countless past episodes that all the fans have memorized to the last detail, can be explained as, "It's different this time around. Keep that in mind when you try to use past episodes to create grandiose theories for the characters in 2004.

Jordan said...

Was that all we are going to see of Charlie and Boone? It's already know that a bunch of 'dead' characters from the show making cameos in the plane landing timeline. It only makes sense that many of them won't factor in too heavily with the remaining storyline, and will more so just be there as shout outs for the fans. Was that the case for Boone & Charlie? I can only hope that was the last we have to see of Frogurt. Was anyone else hoping Kate would've knocked him silly and taken his cab?

And speaking of Kate kicking ass. Besides her looking totally hot in the off-island stuff. How the hell has nobody on here mentioned her karate kicking the marshall through the bathroom stall door into the wall and proceeding to beat the living hell out of him?!! Move over Sayid! Wow! That marshall just never learns, does he?

Jack's neck bleeding. Huh?

So was Desmond really on the plane? We have no record of anyone else besides Jacko seeing or interacting with him. And what is to be made of Jack's deja vu? Is this a glitch in the matrix, or does it have something to do with Jack seeing Desmond while others did not? Note that none of the other characters experienced any sense of deja vu when encountering one another in the new 2004 timeline.

Ok, so timeline talk. I don't see the two separate stories as that, being separate. A lot of people seem to think of them as two different possibilities. I see it more as two totally alternate timelines. But two timelines that co-exist in the same universe of alternate timelines. A lot of movies and comic books have characters from the future return to the past to alter something so as to change the future that they come from. Normally once they do that, they then go and return to their time. Reason being, only an alternate future has been created. Not an alternate present. And it doesn't mean the present world they visited no longer exists. It's just slightly different. And the characters who existed in that world continue living in their current time. That's what happened here. Yes, the bomb somehow created an alternate future. Thus 815 landing in LA. But it doesn't erase the present timeline Jacko and crew were currently in.(although for some reason, it did transport them in time back to 2007 :P) If the bomb didn't kill them, they still continue living.

And that's where Juliet to Sawyer via Miles saying, "It worked," comes in to play. For some reason that I have no clue. Once dead, Jules is able to become aware of both timelines.

All of these thoughts on the time travel and alternate time lines are obviously just conjecture. But it's the most sensible take I can come up with at this point in time, given the info we have.

A couple questions. Will the 2004 people do anything else grand and extreme on the island that will further change the world the 2007 people are living in? Will we see alterations in the 2007 as we procede? Will any of the 2007 people somehow do something to effect the past? Will Hurley see a ghost of himself at some point?

What did not-Locke mean about Richard being in chains?

And why now that not-Locke has succeeded in tricking Ben into killing Jacob. Why is he still taking the form of Locke? I'm pretty sure it's just a way for the writers to continue to use the great Terry O'Quinn in the island timeline, the one in which John Locke is dead as a doornail. And it gives O'Quinn a fun chance to be a baddie. But I don't see why not-Locke wouldn't just turn back into the guy from Deadwood or the Irish mob boss from Sons of Anarchy.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. But for the sake of further breaking blogger, I'll stop now.

Jordan said...

Oh, forgot one thing.

"Nothing is irreversible." - Jack

Fairly certain this is going to prove to be quite the prophetic line. How so? I got no clue.

Jordan said...

Way to step up West coast! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea. Honestly what the hell is up with Desmond is probably the only question I have left other than just seeing backstories of stuff like Richard's backstory and Jacob and the Smoke Monster's back stories.

I hope they do a Desmond episode this year and we get to see at least a bit of his backstory.

Still the whole alternate thing is kind of weird. Are we to think everything is the same in both timelines until the bomb exploded?

Hopefully the significance of the LA X timeline will be revealed in the near future.

Anonymous said...

"What did not-Locke mean about Richard being in chains?"

I'm guessing Richard was a slave on the Black Rock.

memphish said...

I agree Jordan that we have 2 alternate timelines existing together, but I'm not sure what that means. Why do I care what happens in Alternate LA if I know they are fighting a war and that Boone, et al are dead on the 2007 Island. That's the big thing I can't reconcile right now.

I'd already forgotten about Jack's bleeding neck. What is up with that? I don't have any answers about Desmond and deja vu and is Des was real either. Not only was Jack acting with faith a la Locke, he rather than Desmond was the one with deja vu.

I do hope this is the end of the triangle. I figure Kate and Jack will end up together because Jack needs it so badly, but it feels like Kate has moved on. And that would be great.

As for Smokey being Locke, I think Smokey needs a body and that Deadwood guy was probably just the body du jour back in Black Rock days. I heard that somewhere so I won't take credit, but I think it's a good idea. I'm much rather see TOQ than Titus Welliver who always seems to play such a prick. And I'm completely fine with Locke being the ultimate patsy. The fact that it makes Jay wrong is just a bonus.

Final note I think if we have an alternate universe we'll see the occasional original 815er thrown in here and there back in LA. I think we're done with Charlie and Boone and Rose and Bernard and Arzt but probably not the Marshal. Also things on the plane were definitely different. I just rewatched the pilot last week so it's fresh in my mind. Not only did Jack get only 1 bottle, but they were all sitting in different places. It was even a different plane with 3-4-3 rather than 2-3-2 seating. How's that for nerdy.

So who had the best and by best I mean worst wig? Sun or Claire? or Hurley?


scrdmnkydst said...

So, i've just watched it.

All i can say is that it was amazing...

Wait, no, i can say more things.

The whole thing about the "magic circle" stuff reminds me of something i read in a book ages ago, one that i can't remember the name of... but it was also touched on in Reaper. It was to do with the devil not being able to hear things said in or able to enter a perfect circle. Which seems to correspond with Smokey/Flocke. Interesting, non?

I also thought that the first half was much much better than the second... and Emilie de Ravin's return was very shit.

morgan said...

So did Alpert take Ben's innocence in the temple hot tub?

In-fucking-sane episode! Can't wait for TLI!!!

PalmerEldritch said...

"So did Alpert take Ben's innocence in the temple hot tub?"

you, sir, just won the thread.


memphish said...

Doc Jensen interviews Darlton and explains the alternate universe concept. We are asking the right questions.


scrdmnkydst said...

Why didn't we see any of the tailies in the alt-universe?

Did they not get on the plane?

Claire's alt-wig was shit.

"did you look in the case?" "...maybe"

Flocke knows kung fu... Maybe he learnt it from Mr Miagi at the temple?

Stephanie said...

In Supernatural, the Winchester Brothers use salt to make lines that demons can't cross. Don't know what that black powder is but I've always thought it was volcano ash.

Lost is so much better when it's making you ask question. Here are my questions:
Is Jack still trying to fix everyone?
Is Kate still running?
Sawyer isn't a self-centered conman. Hurley isn't afraid of the numbers. But Jin is still an over-bearing, bastard husband. Why are some characters changed in the alt time line and others aren't?
Is Desmond real? Why would he be on the plane?
Is there a reason for Shannon to still be in Australia or could they simply not get her back due to scheduling conflicts? That is the behind the scenes issues Palmer was talking about.
Can Sun really not speak English? Did she have the affair with Jae Lee and plan to leave Jin?

Lost is back. I don't even remember seasons 4 and 5 anymore.

Stephanie said...

Also, Juliet knew the plan worked before she died. She wanted to tell Sawyer something important. How did she know already?

Ralph- said...

Not sure what to make of the whole episode. It is do different than previous seasons, but i have to say, both me and stevi are fucking afraid of Locke!!

That dude is fucking scary as shit!!!!

The locke on the island, not the super nice locke in the alternate universe.

Does anyone remember when i mentioned on an early episode of the lars when i mentioned it would be cool to see an alternate version where the plane lands? Not tooting my own horn, i am just happy that i get to see what did happen if it landed...BUT what i feel it would have went down differently if it landed normally. WHY THE FUCK WAS DESMOND THERE? It was just a coincidence, i can deal with that, but where the fuck did he go? Did he just go to first class??


Stephanie said...

Kim, I always wondered how the show was going to allow spinal surgeon Jack to operate on paralyzed Locke.

PalmerEldritch said...

and Walt cant be on the plane cuz the actor grew a few feet in the mean time.

is Desmond a figment? or just traveling after completing his sailing trip and getting his honor back? did Sheppy recognize him from the Original Universe? or from his tour d'stad (sp?) before operating on Sarah?

and will Old Spock help Walter and Olivia- wait. nevermind.

ralph, good call.

people who make LOST, good show. you guys and gals rule.

Stephanie said...

Don't spoil me on Fringe, palmer. I already know more than I want.

PalmerEldritch said...

ha! amazon already has listings for Season 6 and The Complete Series of LOST. nice.

scrdmnkydst said...

Palmer, it was announced yesterday when the DVDs were going to be announced. I think it was August 24th... I'm not sure.

They should have totally made it the day before though, right?


PalmerEldritch said...


so, who are the other Others? are they more Otherly than the Others? or just those few dudes at the Fountain of Youth? why are these Others dressed as Others opposed to the other Others we're more familiar with who shop at the Gap and hang out in houses?

or did the Others fall back to the Temple to hang out with The Last Samurai?

so confused.

mb said...

So apparently she only gives Jack one extra bottle of booze. Where as in the pilot, she originally gave him two. I read this online, and by no means noticed it myself. Not nearly that big a nerd. No offense to those who did. ;) Just wanted to point out that I'm pretty sure this is just a continuity error

Actually according to Cuselof when they were on Kimmel last night it is significant (if I'm remembering what they said correctly - I was falling asleep). Probably just in the sense that things are a little different than b4 in the alternatimeline

mb said...

Who else thought "BANZAII" when Mr. Miyagi was trimming his plants? My wife and I looked at each other and almost said it simultaneously.

scrdmnkydst said...

I noticed that she only gave him one bottle of vodka... But then I just forgot about it.

memphish said...

Per the interview with Darlton at EW.com the differences in ALT 815 are there because there is a different reality and the little differences are there to demonstrate that. The nutso fans (not naming names) can obsess over them, but failure to not them should not detract from the ALT storyline.


Stephanie said...

Could there be a connection between Sayid being resurrected and Christian's coffin missing in the alt timeline. I love obsessing over Lost all day.

Stephanie said...

I left out a question mark.

scrdmnkydst said...

I just read an article where Terry O'Quinn and Lindelof are discussing Flocke being the Smoke Monster... and they're all "people have been asking the wrong questions. they shouldn't have been asking what smokey was, they should have been asking who"

this really annoys me, mainly because, in my eyes at least, it seems like TPTB are backing out on giving up a proper explanation as to what it is. they were probably all "oh, how are we going to give smokey a rational explanation? cbf, let's just make him Flocke"

Stephanie said...

I can buy Smokie has been the man in black this entire time.

I've got it! Jack is injured in the alt timeline but less severely than in the pilot when Kate had to sew him up.

[ally] said...

How did no one catch this?

Jordan: Sorry in advance. But this is going to be long. As well as a bit all over the place.


andrew. said...


- i didn't realize that it was going to be 2 full episodes last night. So when the show was still going at 10:05 i was really ecstatic.

- I loved these episodes. I thought they did a great job of moving the story forward & almost negating any of the questions from past seasons. The short answer to all of the show mysteries is that magic did it. Yes, they promised that wouldn't be the case but they lied. Now get on board for some pulpy fantasy action.

- CINDY! yes, i was overjoyed by all of the cindy action last night! Thank you for keeping our beautiful love in your thoughts during the episode.

- The underwater screen saver scene was funny. It was really cartoony, but the decision to make the whole thing CG made it okay, like it was a little animated intermission.

- The new faction of the Others were weird. Because Ben had sent his others on to the temple in season 4, and Cindy & the kids were there, i have to assume that these are just the garden variety others + Japanese dude & Lennon(i've always been a big fan of John Hawkes and his character here reminded me a little of Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now)

- i'm not sure what i think of Sayid's resurrection. I suppose it makes sense that it's Jacob, but i wouldn't be surprised if he was just kind of an empty shell, like Claire.

- i feel like i've forgotten a ton of things that happened and i need to rewatch as soon as possible.

my stab at some of Holli's questions:
* Sawyer isn't a self-centered conman. Hurley isn't afraid of the numbers. But Jin is still an over-bearing, bastard husband. Why are some characters changed in the alt time line and others aren't?
- Everyone seems to be suggesting that Sawyer isn't a conman in the alternate universe, but i'm not sure that's really established. The sense i got from the structure of the 2 episodes was that in the 1st episode we were very happy for the losties. They fished their wish and they were landing in LA safe and sound. In the second half of the episode we start to see the cracks in the happy facade. Kate is still running & despite the prickishness of the marshal, you have to feel a little sorry for a guy trying to do the right thing and bring a murderer to justice and continually getting his head cracked. Boone has left Shannon to her selfish, family-grifting ways (although, i don't think their special creepy night together happened if she stayed with her boyfriend). Charlie's still a smackhead, nearly died & is in jail. Jack's still trying to fix everyone (Charlie, Locke) & peopel resenting him for it. Jin & Sun still have a shitty marriage. Arzt is still a busy-body. Frogurt is still a prick... so i wouldn't be at all surprised if Sawyer tried to con Hurley. It's not as though he was going to turn to him and say 'give me all of your money Goodyear!' He'd make with the charm. and he certainly didn't have any compunctions about aiding fugitive Kate.

*Is Desmond real? Why would he be on the plane?
- I think that Desmond's special relationship with time travel is the answer to this. I think he was there and he did blip out.

* Can Sun really not speak English? Did she have the affair with Jae Lee and plan to leave Jin?
- This was very ambiguous to me. I could see the powers that be thinking that moment played as a big reveal that Alt-Universe Sun can't speak english. Or, as i interpreted it during my viewing, that she was still reluctant to reveal her English & make Jin angry.

Anonymous said...

One more reverse.

In real time Son is trying to escape from Jin.

In the LA X timeline I thought it was really weird how Son said no English. Also, it seemed like Jin was really worried about them checking the bags, etc. I think in this timeline Jin was trying to escape from Son and he's the one who speaks English. He was probably going to try and escape once they got to LA.

Frogurt still a jerk in LA X. I guess somethings don't change.

memphish said...

The more I reflect on it I am not loving Timeline B. And I think this is why. Detonating the bomb in Timeline A affected Timeline B, created it even you might say, but it didn't seem to have any consequences in Timeline A itself. There's been nothing to show us how anything in Timeline B might affect Timeline A in any way at all. In my mind, at this point, the only timeline that matters is Timeline A. Even Jack's deja vu in Timeline B is presumably because of actions taken in Timeline A. And so it's feeling like Fan Fiction to me. Unless and until Timeline B can somehow affect Timeline A I can enjoy Timeline B, and I did really enjoy the episodes, but I can't see any reason to invest in it.


mb said...

give me all of your money Goodyear!

Did Sawyer ever say that. If not he should have - excellent :D

I think that Desmond's special relationship with time travel is the answer to this. I think he was there and he did blip out.

I'm thinking this as well. It would make some sense too since it was the Swan Station energy that busted him loose in time in the first place - perhaps it did so again. The problem with this idea of course is that he's nowhere near the island (at last sight by the audience at least).

memphish said...

But why would a Timeline B Desmond have anything special about him? He would never have gone to the Island and been near Electromagnetism?


andrew. said...

- forgot to pass along this video that some peeps that i know made. http://www.wrestlingteam.org/blog/2010/01/31/2010-state-of-the-union-highlights/

andrew. said...

i think the answer is that timeline A Desmond is already time-fucked, so he's blipping in and out of both timelines. Also, as soon as timeline B existed he was drawn into it, regardless of his proximity to the island.

andrew. said...

shit. count the use of the term 'time-fucked' as my dirty kablamo!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the new timeline starts from 1977 (in theory). The island being underwater since 1977 (in theory) makes a lot of changes. Did CW and all the other Dharma/Others die on that island? This means Ben is dead in LA X dimension. What about Penny? I'm pretty sure Widmore was cast off after 1977, but he may have been off island when the bomb went off.

Too little is known at this time of how LA X Losties have different backstories from the ones we knew to make any conclusions.

To be realistic the changes aren't going to be 180s, but small changes due to certain events not taking place in these character's pasts.

Re: Sawyer
Remember he is supposed to be flying back from Australia after killing the wrong guy. On the original flight he was a douche and was only looking out for himself at the start. Maybe he didn't kill that guy in LA X.

Re: Jack
Remember the conversation Jack and Desmond had at the stadium. Jack didn't have faith or believe in miracles. He doubted that he could fix Sarah. Now he suddenly thinks he can fix Locke and says something like everything is reversible.

Jordan said...

I had a similar reaction to Andrew, in that I saw the alt-verse as a story of "be careful what you wish for", in that a lot of the characters had a lot of problems in their normal lives. It's been easy to forget this given their terrible predicament of being stranded on insano island for however many years.

Regarding Cuse and Darlton talking about the little differences in the alt-verse. You know, on second thought, I guess it does make sense for them to purposefully switch up the # of bottles that Cindy gives Jack. At first thought, I had it pegged as something of insignificance to the writers and staff. As there have been more than a few continuity errors regarding minor details that have clearly been more important to the rabid fans than to the people making the show. But given that this was something that happened in the pilot episode, I'm willing to admit that they prob did it on purpose. THAT SAID, I don't think the significance behind it is anything other than simply showing that things are different. Things being different allows the writers mass freedom in whatever they want to do with that storyline. Doing so is a stroke of responsibility skirting genius when it comes to dealing with nit-picky viewers. As I said in my diatribe from last night, going with a "hey, things are a little different" allows them to do whatever the hell they want and to not have to be as diligent in remembering every last detail of things they've previously done. There has been a few times during the course of the show where Lindelof or Cuse have been presented with little whoopses and have voiced a displeasure with fans overly-focusing on minutiae that they clearly didn't see as pertinent. These guys are smart. Always have been. And they found themselves a huge out for the rest of the season with everything and anything that happens in the alterna-verse. Is that a bad thing? Not at all. Just worth noting when analyzing the characters' stories in that timeline.

Anonymous said...

Re: Desmond

Desmond does not have the power to "blip". He has never teleported or anything like that.

In Flashes, he was either dreaming or his consciousness traveled back like it did in The Constant.

In the Constant, his consciousness was travelling between 2 times in which he existed.

If the theory that was being brought up was that his Timeline A consciousness is going into his Timeline B consciousness, I could jump on board with that. However, that clearly did not happen in the episode.

I am not trying to be a jerk, but rather I myself don't understand the scene and am trying to figure the Desmond scene out. By steering thinking away from something that does not seem to follow the rules of the show I am trying to move the thinking in the right direction.

Someone here (read a lot of posts don't remember who it was) suggested that maybe Jack is the one whose mind is jumping through timelines. He recognized Desmond.

Since I am assuming Desmond has not met Penny or Widmore in this time, then there was no solo race around the world and the two would not have met at the stadium. So how does Jack recognize Desmond?

Again, it's pretty risky to work off assumptions. Next week we might find out that he is returning from his solo race around the world. I'm just thinking that it seemed like Widmore used Penny to get Desmond on the island. With no need to get Desmond on the island, Widmore will not have Penny go to the monastery and thus there will be no motivating factor for solo race.

Hell, there may not even be a solo race because Widmore died on the island in '77.

Jordan said...

And I'm still shocked that nobody besides myself has commented on Kung-Fu Kate laying the Marshal to waste in the loo. If that was overrated Sayid, you guys would be geeking out.

Anonymous said...
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andrew. said...

you're right that Desmond hasn't teleported in the past, and you're right to flag my use of 'blip'.

i guess my argument is that we are constantly given new wrinkles in the lost universe to deal with, like corporeal time travel after a season of Desmond's consciousness time travel.

i don't know what exactly to make of the Desmond on the plane, but i do think it is related to his ability to deal with time differently.

Plus, we don't even know that timeline B is even a physical dimension. It could be a shared dream of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Last thing.

The main thing that gets me is that they changed Desmond in the scene. If he is an apparition and not real in LA X timeline, then why is his character different?

The fact that he did not join the monastery in this timeline and that he didn't recognize Jack are major changes. Not recognizing Jack because he most likely didn't run in to him at the stadium.

The fact that Jack recognized Desmond is also a reversal of timeline A. Desmond recognized Jack in the hatch.

I'm starting to lean more toward Desmond was actually on the plane and he just switched seats again to get his things from the overhead. It just doesn't make sense for him to be different if he's an apparition.

mb said...

lol - you know Jordan - I actually meant to include in one of my posts that both the wife and I simultaneously said "damn" followed by "ooooh!" when she busted out of the stall and swiftly slammed the guys head. It was a good reminder that Kate has been a badass b4.

RE: Desmond never having PHYSICALLY disappeared before, you make a good point Kid. I guess I just don't find it a big leap to make at this point that with the creation of a whole other timeline, that the "flashes" could become more intense and include physical appearance/disappearance instead of just his consciousness.
Although - I can go with the idea of it just being Jack's consciousness moving between different timelines too.

I don't know - I'm still wiping all that WTFness off MY consciousness

Anonymous said...


I really hope they are not dreaming. That's all I can say about that.

This show in a way is all about destiny and the premiere left me with the feeling that the finale will be the war that has been hyped for all this time. At the time I thought it was going to be between Ben and Widmore, but now we think it's going to be between Locke and Sayid.

On a side note, I really hope they explain the rules. Like what Ben said about they changed the rules and Flocke said about loopholes. I understand what the loophole is, but why are there rules and who set these rules? This question along with what's up with Desmond are basically the 2 questions I have left.

Anonymous said...

Last thing for real then I gotta get back to work.

I liked how they finally had someone who didn't know how to use a gun.

But most importantly, if I rolled my eyes I would have been super rolling my eyes when Kate was trying to pick her handcuffs with a pen. The fact that she wasn't able to really saved the writer's credibility in my eyes.

mb said...

God I love it when Lost returns - 2-4 posts go up just in the time I type a response :)

I think the reason Jack had deja-vu w/Desmond is the same reason he's bleeding at the waist - there's some connection between Timeline A and B. A may be bleeding into B (no pun intended).

But maybe Des did just change seats - although - would the writers have made a point of having Jack ask Rose "where did he go"?

Jordan said...

Maybe in the alt-verse Jack sees dead people like Hurley does in the present day one? Or maybe like MB said, maybe Jack is sorta stuck between worlds? Or maybe Jack

Good points with Widmore, Kid. I too wonder how or if he'll factor into that timeline. Remember, some things are different in that alt-verse, so we can't really say or have any sort of clue at all until we get some kind of info.

Totally agree with Steph. Lost is at it's best when it's making you ask questions. That was a weak point in the some of the stuff from earlier in last season. The show just went into exposition mode and when it did that was boring. It might piss off the people who get annoyed by being asked more questions. But I'm glad the show is back doing what it does best.

Jordan said...

I think the reason Jack had deja-vu w/Desmond is the same reason he's bleeding at the waist - there's some connection between Timeline A and B. A may be bleeding into B (no pun intended)."

You might be right, MB. But are the two timelines connected themselves? Or is it Jack the connection?

memphish said...

Kick Ass Kate was indeed kick ass. Even Island Kate wasn't as annoying as usual. The fact that the Marshal was hurt in exactly the same place I really, really liked it.

Jordan I agree the differences shouldn't be read as anything but differences. I think they are this year's Easter Eggs, fun but ultimately insignificant.

I like the idea of the timelines bleeding over like Jack's neck. But other than the bleeding and his vague recollection of Desmond they didn't really bleed, and I need them to bleed pretty much in the next episode, two at the outside to move past this Fan Fic feeling.

Oh, and hey, we're all adult enough despite our immature Kablamos to disagree the blog. Bring it.


memphish said...

And I too like the stuff about Widmore being dead and therefore the whole Desmond/Penny drama may either a) not exist at all or b) not be dramatic because her prick dad is dead. If only bloody Charlotte hadn't been on that sub.


Jordan said...

If Widmore died long ago and Pesmond doesn't exist in the alt-verse (is that the best name for it, btw? we should be able to come up with something more original), Pez-heads like Aimee might be very disappointed. Cuz I don't see how they factor in too much in the post-Jughead island story either.

Jordan said...

Same question would apply to Faradork. Does he exist in the other-verse? Cuz he's pretty much dead in the 2007 island story.

Ralph- said...

I think that it's not alternate reality, but the future. Jack and the rest were drugged (dart in the neck) and placed in a plane they thought was is 2004. Jack looked in the mirror and noticed he had aged. Charlie was "Black Shirt" and wanted to die because Black Shirt can't die on the Island and wanted to "Go Home" to some sort of afterlife cause him and Jacob are banished gods.

Anonymous said...

Ralph, what about Locke, Boone, Arzt, Frogurt and the Marshall? They too are dead in the current timeline.

There isn't much I'm confident about regarding Lost, but I am very confident that what we saw is an alternate timeline and not the future or past. Even the title LA X suggests it's an alternate Los Angeles.

Everything they did reminded me of Back to the Future II. They created a new alternate timeline, however, since they are not from that timeline, when they detonated the bomb they (those who had been displaced in time) were returned to the present of their own timeline.

They should be running into Rose, Bernard, etc. soon in the 2007 timeline.

It really hurts your brain when you try and think about the time in LOST (main storyline) between when the bomb went off and 2007. Here's why.

In 2007, the Dharma picture in that cabin had Hurley and co. in it.

This is significant because it eliminates the possibility that the story we saw last year in the 70s was an alternate past and not the past that they come from.

Since it's their past, it means that it affects their future. The bomb going off had to be the Incident (obviously since that was the name of the episode) and that after the bomb went off nothing happened just the people vanished from the island.

This is because the island still exists in 2007 in LOST. This is really weird.

Why would the island be under water in LOST X and exist in LOST?

LOST X is a result of the bomb going off. In theory, LOST should no longer exist since the bomb went off. However, if LOST didn't exist then the bomb couldn't go off. So LOST has to exist. For this reason, the bomb going off has to be the incident and something has to have happened to save the island in the LOST timeline, while destroying it in the new LOST X timeline.

Please let me know if any of this made sense and if you have a better theory of how it makes sense also let me know.

Last thing.
In LOST X, we are currently on September ??, 2004. Sorry I don't remember the exact date of the crash.

I think when Desmond turns the fail safe key in LOST time and the sky turns purple that will do something with joining the two timelines.

Anonymous said...

I really should've spent more time to articulate my point better in my last post. I could barely understand what I was trying to say.

Jordan said...

That made sense, Kid. And I think it jives with a lot of what some of us were saying last night and earlier today. You're saying that Lost X, as you put it, is the 2004 future of the timeline where the Losties were back in the 70's. Jughead going off blew up the island or did whatever to it, and that's why it's underwater in the Lost X verse. It "worked" as Juliet put it, because all the Losties in that timeline were born and never end up crashing on the island. Seeing as how it's underwater. And Jack and the people who set off Jughead were sent back to their original timeline, back to 2007 where they left it. That makes total sense to me. There is no new timeline. Just a new future to the past that the Losties had visited. They don't realize it as they are no longer in that timeline, but back to their original one. Makes sense and better explains what I was talking about last night. But beyond that I'm pretty confused. Hahaha.

andrew. said...
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andrew. said...

i'd like to refer you all to this important time paradox table:

t-dot kim said...

Arrrgh, stupid WORK getting in the way of my LOST theorizing!

Kyle from Kentucky said...

When MIB said something about Richard in chains it can mean two things.

-clearly it probably means he was a slave on the black rock but

-he could also be saying at the same time that Richard is no longer Jacob's "slave"

btw just tried to call Ham Menu and I'm getting that old time internet dialtone. Tried on different kinds of phones too I guess they are recording or something is wrong.

Ralph- said...

the answer to all the questions is The Force.

Kelly Jo said...

I agree with Ralph.

Jordan said...

Pretty much. The Force being a code word for it's all magic.

Jordan said...

Check out this Lost finale countdown clock that someone made. It's exactly 108 days away!!!!

mb said...

Andrew that's awesome :D

Kid - I think I agree with what you said. Makes sense.

Where the hell are they going to go from here?

Kelly Jo said...

Is anyone else having problems calling into the Ham Menu?

Kyle from Kentucky said...

yep kelly

memphish said...

Movieline breaks down the Flash Sideways BTW I hate that name. Got called an idiot (or some variation) on another board yesterday. That was fun. Ahhh Lost.

For those of you who said Tuesday was too early in the week, right now I agree. But at least we have the Super Bowl to distract us. Who's everyone rooting for and what are you cooking? I'm rooting for the Saints, but will be happy if the Colts (well Peyton) wins too. I'm cooking Jambalaya and hosting the family thing.


PalmerEldritch said...

this whole 'not next tuesday yet' thing is pretty awful. wtf.

that said, what do you think we'll get answers to next week? i'm thinking we'll find out that Smokey-Locke (Smocke?) wants to go "home" to the Temple. Not the real world. Of course, the real world would be more interesting. but i think he wants in to that Temple.

clementinesdaddy said...

What if "the bomb" didn't blow up the entire island? Since it was just the uranium core, what if the explosion was contained to the immediate area of the electromagnetic pocket/drilling site/Swan station?

Is young Ben still alive? Do Richard, Eloise, and the Others still take over the Barracks? Does the Purge happen? Someone on this or another site mentioned that the New Otherton site is in the crappy underwater scene. Since it was built AFTER the incident, what did and didn't happen in the LA X timeline?

Btw, I agree with those that said taking away Juliet twice was just cruel and unusual punishment. I have always been a fan of Juliet from day 1.

Heeeeyyy.... what if events in the LA X timeline could cause Ben and Juliet to get together? "Julien" anyone?!?

(They could have a little girl with humungous boobs and eyes!)

PalmerEldritch said...

i agree that detonating a thermonuclear bomb in the Swan Hatch's magical anomaly could have unexpected results. (twss??)

i think New Otherton was where our heroes were living before the bomb went off. but Aqua-Town looked soaked, not blowed up. interesting...

mb said...

New Otherton was definitely built pre-bomb detonation. That's where Jack & Sayid & co. came from in the VW van just before they went to the Swan construction site & threw the bomb down the hole.

Smocke. like it. Bram got the Smocke-down.


Ralph- said...


Stephanie said...

Getting to 108 so quickly on a thread- I love it.

Andrew.- did you comment about the obvious stunt people? After 7 seasons of Buffy and 5 of Angel, I have conditioned myself not to notice.

Holli, someone called you stupid for not liking the term "flash sideways"? I thought that was what we called the flashes through time Desmond took in season 4. We need another word for it.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Juliet - Not important

PalmerEldritch said...

watch as Flight 815 Crashes and Not-Crashes Side by Side

very cool video.

memphish said...

No Steph, they called me stupid for a different, totally unimportant (and IMHO uninformed) reason. It's kind of funny though on this which I consider my cuss board the discussion is more civilized than it can be on other boards.


PalmerEldritch said...

you're fuckin' right we're civilized, bitches!

/"double asshole to you"

memphish said...



PalmerEldritch said...

boobs, indeed.

anyone wondering if the water in the Temple is a Hot Tub Time Machine?

mb said...

....and you think the Others @the temple just forgot to change the filter (so the water's all dark)?


mb said...

lmfao - Palmer - were you referring to

this movie?

that is stupidly awesome :D

here's the NSFW trailer (cuss words - no nudity):

Hot Tub Time Machine

Jordan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jordan said...

I still don't get why Michael Cera's annoying and ugly friend is supposed to be friends with John Cusack and a bunch of dude's old enough to be his dad. Bad casting IMO. Besides him not fitting in, he's chronically unfunny. People who are friends of celebrities shouldn't get work.

Holli, I totally agree with you. Flash-Sideways sounds really stupid. Cuselof came up with it, right? Very annoying cuz now there is no way of ever escaping it.

Not sure I understand people not liking having the show early in the week. The way I see it, we get the ep early on. Then have the rest of the week to re-hash and discuss. Then comes the weekend where people are busy and got stuff going on. And then boom! We get the ep in 2 days. As opposed so spending the first part of the week in anticipation. To me, it kind of works better this way from a group analysis standpoint. Wednesday worked ok. But Thursday not so much. I'm totally cool with Lostuesday.

Speaking of amalgamated words. I'm hoping we continue to get more Sawyer and Miles scenes. If not for the witty banter, but the ability to call them Smiles. :P

Kyle, Entirely disagree on Juliet. Nuff said.

And make it thread #326 that Steph has managed to reference Buffy. ;) Now excuse me as I try to figure out a way to compare this episode with The Wire.

mb said...

and I'm sure I can factor Doctor Who in here....let's see....
oh...duh - TIME TRAVEL

I agree Jordan - Tuesday's not so bad from a discussion point of view.

Smiles :D well done.

PalmerEldritch said...

obviously, Sawyer/Jack is... Sack.

memphish said...

I'm sure next Monday I'll be loving Tuesday. I just wish LOST were back on tonight. Why don't they air it Britain's Got Talent style - 18 nights in a row! :-)

I think I twittered that Hot Tub Time Machine thing a couple of weeks ago. I so wish that's how the flashes had worked. Not we have the Hot Tub of Youth or the Hot Tub of Stolen Innocence or the Hot Tub of the Body Snatchers or something.

One final thing about that Hot Tub Time Machine -- I could totally be the "moms" in that. And I would not want my kid (or any of my friends' kids) dropping in on the past Spring/Winter breaks of my life.


clementinesdaddy said...

Good thing these couples didn't get together:

Ana Lucia and Ben Linus= Anus

and if both were gay:
Miles and Bernard= Minard

"Hey, Jack, everybodys getting sick, you better take a look at Minards."

clementinesdaddy said...

or maybe:

Frank Lapidus + Jack = Lapjack

Hurley + Charlotte = Hurlalotte
(well, anyone and Charlotte= vomit!)

Jack + Horace = Jackace

Kate + Jack + Sawyer = Whore

(oh, yes I did!)

Stephanie said...

We're all civil here, Holli, because we're all adults. I figure the problem with most boards are all the little 13 year olds who love to stir up shit.

memphish said...

I wish. Apparently this person is just obnoxious according to those in the know.


PalmerEldritch said...

heheheheheheh. i like those slash names. good stuff.

Jordan said...

I dunno if I attribute online idiocy strictly to youth, Steph. Yeah, there is a lot of that. But have you ever read the reader comments underneath the average newspaper article? I can't even read that stuff. Makes me too angry reading all the ignorance and hatred. Adults can be just as immature and childish and rude as kids can online. It's the glory of internet anonymity. Everyone is able to channel their inner dick head with no consequence. Instead of going home and kicking the dog, people today go online and take all their frustrations out on the world. I'd love it if everything anyone ever posted online was accompanied with their picture and full name. You'd see a good deal of the b.s. go away. Not all of it sadly. As some people are at peace with their jackassery. But it wouldn't be as silly and sad as it is.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

A picture of me and a full name. I'll do that.

memphish said...

Facebook is suggesting I become a fan of Rebecca Mader. Hells to the no Facebook.


JonFromNKY said...

This is the first time I've had a chance to actually sit down after the premiere and join the blog. I loved it (period).

One thing I that crossed my mind last season when the concept of changing the timeline became feasible, well 2 things actually.

1 - Any Star Trek TNG nerd like me can recall the episode "Yesterday's Enterprise." It dealt with a change in the timeline that needed to be resolved. The only person aware of the change was Whoopi Goldberg's character "Guinin" because for some reason the "rules" of time didn't apply to her.

2 - In 1995 Marvel released the comic series "X-Men: Age of apocalypse." Without getting too spoilery on a 15 year old comic, the timeline got changed by a paradox, and the only person who knew it needed to be fixed was Bishop because the "rules" of time did not apply to him.

Is there any character on LOST that the "rules" don't apply to? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

mb said...

Jon - awesome point! Which further makes me believe that Desmond is Flashing (between timelines?). Dunno if he's the key to resolving it and what role Jack plays in the end - can't wait to see. (No, I mean I literally can't wait - that's why I read spoilers ;)

TOTALLY remember one of the best Trek TNG eps of all time - very nice parallel - good point.

Hey peeps - thanks to Steph for posting this on Twitter -
Jorge Garcia's doin' a podcast about some show he's on

mb said...

Hmmm....not finding it on iTunes, despite the urge by Jorge @ geronimojacksbeard.blogspot.com

Well - you can download it from their blogspot too

Jordan said...

Jon, the X-Men storyline with Bishop was what first thing that came to mind for me. Wouldn't be surprised if Dez is the guy. And that he'll need Jack and his deja vu & bleeding neck to help him out somehow.

Stephanie said...

Jordan, what did I say about Buffy? I know I talked about the other great television show Supernatural.

Oh yeah, guys! Buffy airs every weekday morning on MTV! I'm so glad I'm not in school this semester.

Jordan said...

"Andrew.- did you comment about the obvious stunt people? After 7 seasons of Buffy and 5 of Angel, I have conditioned myself not to notice.


Jordan said...

Just listened to Jorge & his gf's podcast. Entertaining. But don't expect too much insight. It's them responding to the script after Jorge first received it. They're more confused about what's going on than we are. Cool idea though.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot JG was doing it.

I'm gonna start watching LOST again on Thursday night. I normally dvr 30 Rock and Parks and Rec and save them for when I'm super bored. Since there's nothing else on on Thursday nights I'll just watch Tuesday's episode again from now on.

Steph don't hate on kids.

Holli, you shouldn't take what random people say to heart, especially random internet people.

I rarely ever go on other Lost blogs. I'll occasionally go on the Jay and Jack message board, but it's too much work. I've gotten used to blogger and the Blogspot.

Jon, thanks for not spoiling AoA, I still haven't got around to reading it. I actually have every issue but never read them. I think I'm just going to buy the graphic novel version, don't feel like busting out my comics.

Also, prior to this season I was also thinking Desmond would be the key to fixing the time stuff. But the scene with Desmond on the plane has really thrown me off.

Why would there be an alternate Desmond if the rules don't apply to him? He should have been having flashes or visions his entire life or at least for the years he was on the island. So let's say he got on the island in 2002, then in LA X dimension, he should start having flashes of that life starting around that time. I am really lost, pun intended.

We really don't have enough info to form any kind of logical theories. Too little is known of the LA X dimension. I am just holding out hope that we have not seen the last of Desmond.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to Geronimo Jack's Beard podcast. Dude . . . Hurley and co. made me more confused than I was before.

Now I'm thinking that it's possible the 2007 that they are in is in the same timeline as LA X. So in theory, there are 2 Jacks, 2 Hurleys, etc. in that timeline.

So Sun and Lapedus, etc. flashed to the alternate timeline with the Ajira Flight, but Jack and co. flashed to their original timeline 1977? Doesn't explain how the Island is underwater in '04 of LA X and how it could be above water in the present. But we did see the island move when Ben turned the wheel so it is possible for it to be underwater at one point and above at another.

This new way to think about it just hurts my brain too much. I hope it's the 2 separate timelines that most people are on board with.

memphish said...

Thanks Kid. I'm not taking it to heart. I find it sort of amusing.

I listened to Jorge and Beth too. I found it entertaining if not terribly informative. I loved the part about the lines Jorge was excited and unexcited to say and Beth was quite funny.


Jordan said...

Yeah, I laughed when he said mocked his "Who reads a book in a cave?" line. As I thought that was a pretty stupid line when I first watched the episode.

And Kid, I thought the exact same thing the other day. That WHAT IF somehow the two different stories are in fact in the same timeline, just in 2004 & 2007? I tried to start thinking about all the consequences, but it just started to hurt my head. Like the island is under water in '04, but above ground in '07. How could that be? As with nearly everything with the show right now. The way the writers have sort of re-set the game and the rules they're playing with. Pretty much anything can happen and any explanation would work. It's prob best to just not think about it too hard. Like you said, we can only go off what little info we've been given at this point. Pretty much NOTHING from past seasons matters when analyzing things anymore. Makes it really hard. Guess we just have to wait week to week and see what crazy shit the writers come up with next. ;)

mb said...

I read a theory yesterday (which I cannot find a link for now - it was by either Doc Arzt or someone @Dark UFO I think) which posited that the "alternate" timeline we saw in LA X was actually the future for Jack & Co. after they resolve the inevitable conflict which seems to be brewing on the island - that their lives would be reset AFTER the resolution of that conflict (between Jacob and MiB? Not sure).

I wasn't clear if the author was saying that Jack and Co. would be cataputled back to 2004, and what we were seeing in LA X off-island was 2004, or if it was post 2007.
He/she was saying that the reason Jack had a bleeding neck and that he seemed to be remembering stuff was the result of them still being in the same timeline as before, and his memory of previous events was coming to him.

I don't think I buy into this idea - but I thought I'd mention it.

mb said...

I think this is a truncated or shortened version of the theory I read

memphish said...

I'm actually thinking along those lines MB. I think what sunk the Island is what's happening in 2007, then there will be a timeloop that results in what we're seeing from the new plane forward. That's the only way I can make those 2 worlds collide in any meaningful way. Otherwise I really don't care about what happened in LA X.

Is anyone here watching Archer? Last night's episode had been rolling. It's completely un-PC, but that's okay with me.


Stephanie said...

Jorge and his girlfriend are making me feel super intelligent right now.

JoeSC said...

Okay, so work sucked every ounce of my time for the last couple of days, so let me bring my severely belated thoughts to the party.

RE: The Others: Atlantis Edition – The Island isn’t really underwater. Widmore just spent a shitload of money to buy an island, recreate the landscape and sink it all in a ploy to make sure no one else ever finds the real island (again).

RE: Desmond – I find it totally plausible that Desmond could be flashing a la The Constant, but my issue with that argument is that Desmond was only moving his consciousness and not his physical body. Did he flash in order to join the Losties on Oceanic 815(b)? I think he disappeared after talking to Jack, though, so that would rule out his traditional flashing since he couldn’t move his body, only consciousness.

RE: Sayid’s Rebirth – I don’t think that Jacob is inhabiting his body. I just think that he was reborn with a new purpose (finally) and he may ultimately end up taking the lead in the war against F-Locke. Will we see a point where Ben has to choose sides between Locke and Sayid? Oh the irony!

RE: Juliet – I miss Juliet as well. Definitely my favorite female character on the show. I did find the Death Scene Part Deux was a little unnecessary. It just felt tacked on to give them a way to know “it worked”. And how exactly did she know it worked? At first I thought that you cross to the alternate timeline when you die, but I think we’re led to believe that Juliet was going to say this to Sawyer before she died, so it was something other than death that caused her to know “it worked.” The only part of the episode I wasn’t completely sold on. …although Kung-Fu Kate made some major strides to get back in my good graces! I really missed Season 1 Kate.

RE: The Temple Hot Tub – Great idea, but who the hell wants to use that thing after Mr. Miyagi sticks his bloody hand in there (which apparently happens with some frequency). Plus, that thing looked like it had some air jets making bubbles. How is that possible with no electricity? Will we see a Real World: Others Temple spinoff? More Cindy!

Welcome back LOST!

Kyle from Kentucky said...

So I've been having a huge argument with my sister over Sun in the alt timeline or whatever it is. I don't see why they would show that whole checking Jin's suitcase scene unless she DOESN'T know English. She says she still knows English. If that's the case then we are just reliving a story from season 1. I say there is no way she knows English in the new timeline because if so then I just don't see the relevance of that scene.

scrdmnkydst said...

Who's good at decrypting MD5?

Apparently LOST's ending will be revealed if you can decrypt a certain hash string.

elias said...

Lost is back? Indeed it is.

The episode was amazing except for the prolonged goodbye to Elizabeth Mitchell's boobs.

I've been off the grid for a time but am determined to stay alive until Lost is done - no unneccessary risks like smoking or doing sex.

I was in Seattle for a night in September 09 and can confirm it is a delightful place. When I asked for the nearest internet cafe nobody knew what the fuck I was talking about and looked at me like I was some kind of perverted beast. Still - good times.


JoeSC said...


Oh, and I agree with you Kyle. Sun hasn't done anything of any consequence since the finale of Season 4, so I think they had to make a drastic change with her character and having her not speak English is an great way to try and shake it up a little. The impression I got was that she was almost remembering that she spoke English (like Jack's deja-vu on the plane), but in the reality, doesn't. Either that or she's just playing dumb to try and save Jin's ass.

Wesh said...

Okay, quite late to the most awesome party of the year, but just watched Lost yesterday, and enjoyed it heaps!

* Proper entertaining.
* CGI was meh, but worked its purpose.
* Alternate reality: I can live with it, cause surely it'll somehow come together with actual reality (island story). And I'm thinking Desmond will be key in that.
* Black Locke is fucking mint!
* Juliette dead, what a waste.
* Love the two hour episode! Wouldn't really mind, skipping a week to have a two hour episode every other week :)
* What's the story of the Last Samurai. Cool character though. Maybe he learned Black Locke his moves.
* The Jacuzzi of Healing didn't seem to work right (Samurai's cut in hand didn't heal). So why did it work for Sayid? Not sure if I'd be happy if Jacob is in Sayid. (Not sure if he'd be happy either)
* Why was the bullet bent like that? (the bullet Bram shot BLocke with). Looked very weird. It should be more impacted if it hit his indestructible skin, or the rock wall behind him.
* I just hope they don't leave it at: Smoke Monster is actually a person. Done. Even a slight explanation on how that's 'possible' would be fine for me.

Anyways, super cool season premiere, not disappointing, and some more questions. Just how I like my Lost ^___^

Bring on Tuesday.

Stephanie said...

Welcome back, Elias and Wesh! It's like old times at the Blogspot again.

Did y'all listen to the official podcast? Lindeluse don't like the idea of calling it an alternate timeline because it would mean one is not as important as the other. Bringing the two stories together is the key to the series. I'm hearing a lot about it.

I can not tweet this evening from work. I'll try not to fill the blogspot with my random thoughts and rants about co-workers.

Wesh said...

Thanks Steph. yeaaah kicking it ol' skool!!! :D

haven't gotten around to checking the official podcast yet. I first listen to j&j, then tli, then when the next Lost episode has already aired, I check out what Cuselof have to say. I find them, though enjoyable, quite spoilery :)

OK, flash sideways it is then :)
But I'm enjoying both timelines I think. Lost without a sketchy timeline isn't the same anymore. :)