Saturday, February 27, 2010

TLI: Lighthouse

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In this patriotic edition of TLI, Kim and Aimee discuss Season 6, Episode 5, "Lighthouse"...and the Olympics

Enjoy Responsibly...

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t-dot kim said...

Here's the playlist y'all:

Crazy - Gnarles Barkley
Oh Canada - Classified
Lighthouse - Hope
It's America - Rodney Jenkins
Lighthouse - Maria Taylor
American Idiot - Green Day
Canadian Idiot - Weird Al Yankovic
Lighthouse - The Hush Sound
Canadian Man - Paul Brandt
Rocking in the USA - John Cougar Mellencamp
Turn Off the Lights - Teddy Pendergrass & Al Green
The Lighthouse's Tale - Allison Krass & Nickel Creek
Hockey Night in Canada - Theme Song
Oh Canada - Tdot Kim

JonFromNKY said...

This week has gone by fast.

memphish said...

Kim, do you have Olympic detox planned? Sounds like you're going to need it.


memphish said...

Brad - Your Jacob, Richard, Dogen haiku cracked me up. Keep up the good work.


scrdmnkydst said...

omg, The Hush Sound. I've very impressed kim.

Anyone heard of Chatroulette? It's a website where you're randomly matched up with a stranger on webcam and you chat about stuff? Normally full of rude people, but it can be quite funny...

Like this LOST example

/season 2 humour.

scrdmnkydst said...

I just read a synopsis for Emilie de Ravin's new film, Remember Me, which she's the female lead alongside Robert "footface" Pattinson and it sounds so dumb.

Stephanie said...

I love Nickel Creek. Did I know they recorded with Allison Kraus? Love her too. The voice of an angel. I also love The Lost Initiative.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Good for Canada. If Canada ever played US in a pro football gold medal game (if there was such a thing) in Odessa Texas and US lost then that would be the equivalent of Canada just now losing the hockey game.

mb said...

Doh! Missed posting here yesterday -


Kyle from Kentucky said...

So I have no clue where I can buy the season posters for season 5 or 6. I've got all the other ones lined up and have a big empty spot at the end of 4. But in all the time I've spent trying to find them to buy I cant.


mb said...

Huh - you're right Kyle that's strange. Just a quick search and all I came up with was a poster of that "Last Supper" promo pic that they released a few months ago.

No "official" season posters though (for S.5-6)

Jordan said...


i HATE computers!!!

typing this on my ps3 as my computer is totally screwed up beyond belief.

my comp was locking up whenever it was connected to my modem but not able to connect online. when i'd unplug the ethernet cable it was fine. thiis coincided with some other stuff that led me to assume it was a virus of some sort. tried some stuff but nothing worked. so i got super frustrated and reformatted my hard drive and did a clean install of xp. AND I'M STILL HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM!!!

does anyone here have any ideas or advice, or a suggestion of a site to get help from? i am my witts end and about to toss my comp out the window.

this msg just took me 20 min to type with the stupid ps3 controller.

PalmerEldritch said...

oh man. been without power since thursday night. boring as all get out. still dont have power but work does so i can finally post.

kyle saving a puppy? very cool. good on you. and Mr Eko is an awesome pet name.

what have i missed? new TLI?! earthquake in Chile? tsunami in the pacific?! new thread on the blogspot? AIMEE'S BIRTHDAY?!?!?

sorry, aimee! happy birthday (belated). eat some ice cream and cake (belated).

jordan, you're PC locks up if the ethernet is plugged in? i'm guessing that's onboard (part of the motherboard) and not an expansion card. if so, do you have an old PCI ethernet card laying around? if that's the only weird thing about your motherboard, it'd be a lot cheaper to sink $20 on a card with an ethernet port than to replace your motherboard. the only shitty thing would be if more components started failing down the road.

Holder said...

So they had the funeral before they went to get the body? What's the deal with that?

Holder said...

Does anyone remember the smoke monster being referred to as a 3 headed dog? I can't remember where this was, but I had it in my head that there were 3 different smoke monsters. Anyways, if Jacob is also a smoke monster, that leaves one more tbd.

I dunno,

memphish said...

Holder -- see Aimee's laminated blast-door map. It refers to CVs which supposedly means Cerberus Vents. Also when Smokey was chasing muddy Kate and Juliet it looked like it broke into 3 heads.

I'm not a huge fan of the multiple smokey theory, but it could be.


Holder said...

I would love to see Aimee's laminated blast door map.

PalmerEldritch said...

that's what he said.

PalmerEldritch said...

oh! this is perhaps the most startling revelation that i've had about the two universes.

in our universe, Jack Shephard has Juliet shave his stomach to remove his appendix. then, in the future when he's banging uberhot FutureKate, he's shaved his entire chest. in the alterniverse, Jack Shephard has already started shaving his chest by the time of The Lighthouse in September or early October of 2004. months before his stomach was shaved by the lovely Juliet.


memphish said...

Side-flash electrolysis. That explains everything.


andrew. said...

- in universe-x, jack got addicted to shaving his chest when he had an appendectomy at the age of 7.

- proposed nickname for smokemonster-lock: devilocke

PalmerEldritch said...

well, work's over. back to the land of no electricity... but once i get power back, i'm downloading the fuck out of TLI.

Anonymous said...

APB: Missing Podcaster

All Points Bulletin - Be on the lookout for a Mr. Jimmy, first name Seattle.

Last known location - Seattle, WA.

Known to put out awesome music segments.

Brennan said...

Jordan, I don't know about your computer problems but I hope you're not having PS3 problems today. The non-Slim PS3's are experiencing an internal clock issue which is causing general havoc when trying to play games and such. Sony has even said not to use your PS3 until a fix is released.

Anonymous said...

Brennan is factually correct.

I am fascinated by the fact that an internal clock/calendar issue of some kind is causing such havoc and is taking so long to fix.

I refused to upgrade my original PS3 to the slim cause of the lack of backward compatibility.

This is really wack but at least the PS3 didn't die ala 2 of my previous 360s.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Yea I subscribed to the ripples dip podcast and there hasn't been a new show on there yet

Anonymous said...

Jordan, do you have an external drive connected?

I had a similar problem with a Seagate external HD that I connected to my comp. Whenever it was connected, it would freeze and not load because it would try and boot from the external drive for some reason.

Also, since your comp is working when it's not connected to the internet, have you run a boot scan on it? Install Avast or whatever virus protection you use via CD since you can't connect to the internet, then see what happens after the scan.

Those are the only things that come to mind. Other than that, maybe your harddrive's been corrupted. That doesn't match since you're saying it works perfectly when it's not connected to the internet.

Anonymous said...

Also, it seems the PS3 thing is fixed. My PS3 is online and running normally.

JoeSC said...

"but once i get power back, i'm downloading the fuck out of TLI."

Palmer - That has to be the greatest endorsement of TLI ever! If there was ever a TLI movie poster, that would be the perfect critics quote. Anyone care to mock one up?

t-dot kim said...

I think you should do it Joe, lol

JoeSC said...

Kim, if it involves anything more than stick figures, I'm waaaayyy out of my league.

I may give it a try, but I make no promises.

TLI: The Movie
Escape from Jizz Island!

Jordan said...

Hey all. Thanks for the tips. I was up all night driving myself mad troubleshooting to no end. Palmer, I think you might've been on the money about the ethernet card. You must work with computers or something. After a 2nd clean install of xp, I decided to try connecting to my modem via usb as opposed to ethernet. And I'm not positive if that's what did it. But so far, so good. Spent most of the morning dl'ing a billion and one windows updates and service packs. Ugh. Sure seems like they want me to upgrade to a newer OS, eh? So I ended up doing way more work than I prob needed to. But given the recent state of my computer, a fresh install and reformatting of the hd was prob a good thing. Things are much smoother and quicker than previously.

Question to those in the know. What free anti-virus/spyware/malware programs do you guys use? I used to use Ad-aware, but it's newer version is a huge resource hog. Also use Malwarebytes and Spybot for scanning for bugs. And Avira for anti-virus. Anyone have any personal favorites?

Crazy stuff about the PS3 clock issue. First widespread issue I've heard of with the PS3 besides a funky firmware update or two. I actually noticed it myself last night. Watched some shows on my PS3 while my pc was reformatting, and noticed the clock and date was all messed up, and that it couldn't detect it via the internet. Didn't have any other problems though. Good to hear whatever the deal was is fixed.

Mir, what is your PSN ID? Not sure if I got you on my list or not. Bunch of peeps from here on there. Been a while that I've played any games online. We should all get together and play some Uncharted 2 sometime, like the good ol' days. Anyone here bought the new multiplayer maps? Looks like there's a bunch of new online trophies as well.

I mentioned it on the Twitter the other day, but don't think I have on here. Heavy Rain is an intense, unique, highly gripping experience that should not be missed if you own a PS3. Might not be a purchase for everyone as you'll play through the game faily quick due to the story progressing regardless if you succeed or fail, as well as how hooked you get. But it's at least a must rent. It's a solid buy IMO due to the re-playability with all the different paths and choices you can take with the story, along with the numerous endings. And the fact that it's just flat out fun. Be warned though. It does start a bit slow. But once it gets going, good luck putting the controller down. Not a game for 1st person shooter 'kill kill kill' ADD gamers. But if you got some patience early on, it's a damn good ride.

LOST tomorrow (today actually)!!!

Speaking of our beloved LOST. I've always mentioned how it is THE random tv show to joke about or shout out to for other mediums of entertainment. But this was ridiculous. I was catching up on some tv the other day and I watched 3 shows in a row that all made Lost references. The Life & Times of Tim, The Sarah Silverman Program, and The Soup. Not to mention a 2nd episode of The Soup that I watched that had Michael Emerson making a studio appearance.

memphish said...

Lost was in the digital short on SNL this weekend too.