Sunday, April 25, 2010

TLI: The Last Recruit

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TLI's Aimee and Kimberley discuss Season 6, Episode 13, "The Last Recruit". A little bit of everything rolled into one.

Enjoy Responsibly and Namaste...

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t-dot kim said...

Should be up in about 15 mins...

t-dot kim said...
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t-dot kim said...

Playlist anyone?

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies
If I Fall You're Going Down With Me - The Dixie Chicks
Rendez-vous - Alpha Blondy
Secret - Maroon 5
Little Sister - Queens of the Stoneage
Come With Me - Jay Sean
Twist of Fate - Olivia Newton John
Let's Go Back - Everyday Sunday
Hey, Soul Sister - Train (request for KY from KY)
If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher (2 weeks in a row with a Cher song, wtf)
Back To Go - Matchbox 20
Nos Rendez-Vous - Natacha Saint-Pierre
When You're With Me - Lonestar
If You're Ready Come With Me - Staples Singers
Jump - cast of GLEE :P

Stephanie said...

Yay! I can listen on my in to work! And then, while I chart.

Holder said...

Come on down to Mattress Land!

memphish said...

I may save my TLI for this week's NotLOSTuesday.


Dr. F. Linus said...

Hilarious podcast!
Totally enjoyed it.
@ Thomas: well done, dude. Really nice job!

Now I want me some wet Kate, too, thanks a lot.

Dr. F. Linus said...
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Stephanie said...

I wish the teacher luck with finding a job. I'm afraid however that thousands of teaching jobs are going to be eliminated all over the country soon. So sad.

Holder said...

Did anyone see Bill Hader's 'Stefon' on SNL this weekend? Insanely funny. Google will not disappoint. And I feel like I've seen that character before, but I can't find the clip online. Anyways, it's hilarious, you gotta watch the clip from last Saturday.

Holder said...

What if Sayid DID shoot Desmond? Obv we're supposed to think that he DIDN'T, but isn't that why it would be super crazy if he actually did kill Desmond? I think they will flash back to that scene and Desmond will get kilt.

And Jack def isn't dead, you sillies.

Kelly Jo said...

20 minutes in and loving it :)

JonFromNKY said...


t-dot kim said...

Jack is NOT dead, imo. That's just crazy talk!

Holder said...


James said...

Great show, of course!

Was also thinking about dead story lines...Walt of course is at the top. But remember that Virtually all of S3 and even some S4 seemed to have the whole "trying to get pregnant on the Island" thing going? Didn't we even call it "Baby Island", or "Jizz Island" for a while? Was this whole deal purely to add some drama to Sun's pregnancy and nothing more?


There was a really big moment in S5 when Sayid tried to convince Hurley that they had to lie...and he said something like "One day, you'll need something from me, and I won't give it to you" or something along those lines?

Hmmm, I wonder...

Stephanie said...

Leave Kimberley alone! Love stories suck.
I have embarrassed myself in front of my co-workers by laughing and applauding at TLI this morning.

t-dot kim said...

Yeah!!! TEAM KIM

t-dot kim said...

Jimmy...I think you're right about the pregnancy scares in S3-4

I think that it was just to add a bit of "drama" to her pregnancy.

I'm sad a lot of storied died along the way. For a brief period in S3, it looked like they were going to build a little community on the island--with Eko building the Church, the make-shift Kitchen, Tent City, etc. It had the makings of a mini-civilization...they could have done something really cool with that.

Remember how everyone got a little exited with Jack asked Ana-Lucia "How long to do you think it would take to train an Army?"...what a waste of time. THAT is a something I wish they hadn't discarded

I hate that we had to get rid of Michael/Walt, Boone/Shannon--but on the flip side, I'm happy we got Ben and Desmond.

JonFromNKY said...

Anyone ever seen the Wil Ferrell skit "Good Cop, Baby Cop?" There's a part where he says "I don't know who blackened your soul a long time ago, but may God have mercy on it."

I'm just glad that it's a female who is carrying the torch against the sappy love story. Go team Kim.

Stephanie said...

Kim, that's what I had imagined Lost was going to be. More sociological. More like a dramatized version of Survivor. Which, in case you've missed it, is freakin awesome this season with the heroes vs the villains. Survivor makes me scream at my tv like nothing else except maybe Breaking Bad.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

the Twu Wuv happily ever after storyline where nobody dies and there are no consequences for your actions is really bothering me. I just don't see why I should care. Half of the final seasons storyline is showing a world where everything we have come to know about the characters ... hasn't even happened. I guess we are supposed to assume that everyone on the island dies so their flash sideways lives will sync up with their memories of the real timeline. Then What? Everyone is alive and happy? Thats a shitty ending. There better be something more to it.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Look its Walt and John >

2 characters that mean nothing in the end.

Stephanie said...

"Loop, dude, loop." is my all-time favorite line from the series.

Name that episode.

memphish said...

Lockdown. Probably my favorite episode featuring the triangle. It's also one if my favorite episode endings.


mb said...

omg - finally finishing the podcast - GOOD. F-In. STUFF ladies. reiminds me why, back in Season 3, I latched onto TLI like a broke houseguest with no sense of decorum or restraint. owe me a pair of shorts b/c I ruined these listening to you - it was "...Coconut 3.1 really sucks guys" that did it. So funny.

RE: the teaching position - Portland Public schools are stable right now (barely) but I don't think they're doing much hiring - I'll definitely keep an eye out.

Brad said...

Go team Kim indeed. I would like to run for team treasurer.
Not only do I not care about love, I have (inadvertently) kicked two kids in last month. One was literally running about underfoot, somebodies gross little toddler that was being allowed to crawl around on the grocery store floor grabbed my leg from behind and I instinctively kicked it away.
The other was at the mall and it was running haphazardly and ran straight into my foot as I was walking.
Kids are the worst.

Stephanie said...

Kids are not the worst. Other people's kids are the worst. Mine's pretty cool.