Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6x12 "Everybody Loves Hugo" Post-Episode Discussion



Holder said...

Please always works. OK...can anyone tell me what happened (this is at the end of the ep) from the moment Hurley walked up to Sawyer and Locke up until Desmond creeping on the schoolchildren and Ben walking up. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

PalmerEldritch said...

boy, Ilana really made an Arzt of herself.

holder, hurley makes Smocke promise not to hurt them after promising not to hurt any of Smocke's folks, right?

wtf, desmundo? hit AlternaLocke to make him see Regularworld? just hate wheelchairs? or pissed at "Locke" for tossing you down a well. wtf?!

PalmerEldritch said...
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Holder said...

Thanks Palmer. That sounds like a Hurley thing to do.

t-dot kim said...

Desmond ran over Locke with a car!!!!

Was it the same car that ran in over when he worked at "Walmart"?

t-dot kim said...

I didn't love this episode. Hurley was cute, there were a bunch of great call backs, but...I hate love stories.

Desmond down the well (which will lead to another wet Desmond next time we see him, I'm sure), and Desmond running down alt-Locke was bloody fantastic brotha!

PalmerEldritch said...

The Smoke Monster wished Desmond well.

whats up with the magic well? that's not the donkey wheel cuz thats under the flower station, right?

Holder said...

Hey Kim, I just ran a tour de stade with my girlfriend. She's my soulmate.

How does that make you feel?

PalmerEldritch said...

hope you're not dating a baby or kim'd be ripshit.

Holder said...

Kim no like. KIM SMASH!!

PalmerEldritch said...

why'd Ilana have to blowed up? tragic loss. she just lost the mom pants and Linus vest.

...and put on other clothes.

miss her already.

altDesmond is a creepo at the end of that episode.

what's the matter vincent, desmond's stuck in the well?

whispers explanation was pretty ham handed. not sure why that was so awkward. seemed like Hurley really spelled it all out for the stupids to understand.

"so, the whispers that we hear in the jungle and which sound so mysterious are the voices of people who died on the island but cant leave because they did bad stuff and you are one of those whispers, michael?"

btw, michael's cameo wasnt nearly as cool as i'd hoped.

and no Dave sighting.

can AltHurley see dead people?

t-dot kim said...

Holder, what stadium? I'll be hiding in the shadows, and when the two of you get to the top of a row, I'll jump out and trip you up and watch you tumble down the stairs.

PalmerEldritch said...

sweep the leg, kim.

Brad said...

I think this scores pretty high on cramazaballometer for the sheer amount of bizarrely wacky events tonight. exploding black rock, Hit-and-run-Hume, the old fashioned whoopsie-daisy-down-the-well and so much for the whispers. check that one off your scorecards folks. Whispers = mopey ghosts.

Kim, I want to move to Canada can we get a green-card/loveless marriage? Because that would be the cats pajamas.

aimee is lost said...

Desmond is the new Jacob. Connecting people to their alternative (real) (Island) lives.

Just sayin.

scrdmnkydst said...

Palmer, i'm guessing they blew up Ilana just to make sure that she doesn't find another pair of mom jeans on the island?

i did an audible snort when Jack said "you don't know how hard it is for other people to tell me what to do". what a dbag.

i loved this episode times and above last weeks. restored my faith and everything.

although, i was completely confused as to why altDesmond would run over altLocke in the altverse. maybe he was angry at altBen accusing him of being an altPaedo.

scrdmnkydst said...

PS. I think me and Alirio invented boob-poutine on twitter.

t-dot kim said...

Herlz, you liked it that much?

I thought it was...ok

t-dot kim said...

Brad... let me know if you're serious? I've been praying for a green card marriage for years. But it doesn't work if you want to move to Canada. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Aimee, I apologize. You were right.

This is for Desmond.

scrdmnkydst said...


i'm not the biggest fan of Hurley episodes, but this was my favourite so far. well, of the series, as i doubt there'll be anymore Hurley-centric episodes now.

i loved ghost Michael. a tiny bit of Libby resolution. and the fact that this episode had a bit of everybody.

Hurley blowing up the Black Rock also reminded me so much of season1 Hurley which was so awesome too.

plus, Mama Reyes is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hurley episodes are fire. 2nd best episode of the season.

Everybody Loves Hugo and Happily Ever After are by far better than the next best episode, which would be the Ben centric one (don't remember the name).

scrdmnkydst said...


Kyle from Kentucky said...

9/22/2004 - 4/12/2010 Kyle's expectations of the last Hugo centric episode of LOST ever - HOLYFUCK YES

Reaction after the last hugo episode ever - Zzzzzzzz........

I don't understand whats going to happen in the flash sideways. Ok Des is going to get all the O815ers together and ... get them to realize they were on an island and an atom bomb blew up..ok..

I guess I just have to deal with the fact that I had HUGE expectations and they cant possibly live up. But they are nowhere close.

Illana - from the day you were born I trained you...to tell the candidates... that they are.. important. Now begone. Ok...

I just have to get used to 1 simple fact:

Season 1 (10X)> Season 6

I'm starting to agree with fishbiscuit: "since the creators announced their infamous end date the show itself has lost it's heart and soul"

Didnt hate the episode. It had its moments. But theres 6 hours left and I should be fucking excited. Yet I'm bored.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

"But I also loved this sequence because it reminded me of how much LOST used to make me feel. I have to confess I'm one of those fans who has felt that, ever since Darlton began to write towards their end date, the show's abandonment of its earlier character driven storylines sucked a lot of the heart out of the show for me. I've heard the endless crowing of the fanboys that Seasons 4 and 5 have represented a refined acme of all that is best about LOST. But sorry, I just can't agree."

Jordan said...

How about the explanation of the whispers? Sheesh. That exchange between Hurley and Michael made the dumbhanced captions seem subtle in comparison. Hate to keep harping on it. But that was a picture perfect example of why I've always been saying that I could give a shit about getting answers to the little island mysteries. Some things are better left unexplained.

And is it just me, or does Evangeline Lilly really seem to be phoning it in this season?

Thought the ep was fine. Nothing great, nothing bad. Definitely had fun with all the connections and classic Lostiness. Just not much more than a par for the course.

andrew. said...

- Mixed reaction here. Obviously some fun, shocking stuff mixed with some clunkyness.

- On-Island; lots of back to back surprises, which is good fun.

- Was expecting Michael to be in a side-flash, so it was cool that he was a ghost. It would have been cool if Hurley had continued to distrust Michael & started to second-guess whether he should be trusting any of the ghosts (including Jacob). I thought that was where his conversation with Miles was going to go. 'Dead people yell at you a lot? Dude! You can't trust dead people! They're angry about dying and they love to take it out on the living!' or something like that. But I realize it's not fair to blame the writers for not agreeing with me.

- Ilana blowing up was disapointing. I liked her character (even when given awkward things to do like ask 'hey. nice grave. who's burried there? oh, somebody you loved? Weird. later man.') and while sudden, meaningless deaths can be shocking & create unease, hers felt more like '& then that happened' (was she tossing rocks into the bag of dynamite?) Whoever wrote the checks for Caesar & Ilana probably dragged a few writers in to explain themselves.

- Whispers explanation = okay. I firmly believe that the writers have changed their minds about the whispers several times. They're ghosts. No they're The Others. Okay, they're teleporting Others. No, they're ghosts again. That's fine, & i understand that they were happy enough with the answer that they decided to be painfully explicit about it. mystery solved.

- Libby. Happy to see Libby again. I really didn't give Cynthia Watros enough credit when she was still on the show, because I was excited when she showed up in Michael's season 4 episode & i was stoked to see her here. Not just mythologically either. She seemed like a fully realized character & I believed her delivery.

- Terry O'Quinn had some wonderful scowls this episode. Even though i groan every time he comes back to the camp and Sawyer grills him 'what are you doing? where have you been?' and he gives some non-comittal 'nothing. walking. getting food. talking to someobdy. taking a crap.' I'm enjoying Terry playing the bad guy

Jordan said...

Agree that it feels as if the writers changed their minds on the whispers a few times. And I'm also enjoying evil Terry O'Quinn.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

well considering that Evangeline has done nothing for a month besides stir a stick around in a fire while still making $130,000 per episode.

andrew. said...

- Evangeline Lily seemed to be pretty game during the 1st 2 episodes, so i agree that she's probably just annoyed to be sitting around a camp fire.

Jordan said...
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memphish said...

Last night I dreamed the end to LOST. They were in the X world and Jack and Kate were together getting ready to go out to some event. Kate doesn't like the dress she's wearing and removes it covering her bare breasts with her hands, then she removes her hands flashing her boobies then puts on a black strapless bra. And then in the Jimmy Kimmel show that follows that's all Jimmy can talk about.

I have no idea why I dreamed that given, but actually dreaming the Kimmel part after it puts it over the top.

I enjoyed the episode last night. The opening cracked me up. It was sweet. And we saw almost everyone on the Island and most of them did something. That's the kind of episode I like.


PalmerEldritch said...

holli had a boobies dream. no fair!

Kelly Jo said...

I like LOST. I cried 3 times.
My mind has been turned into goo.

PalmerEldritch said...

at what did you cry? we'll compare it to aimee's crying.

Kelly Jo said...

Almost anything with Hurley and Libby made me cry. Especially Hurley at Libbys grave.

Lexi said...

I'm sorry, but if you didn't think the exchange between Flocke and Desmond was f***ing amazing, then what the f*** are you watching LOST for?!

Stephanie said...

Holy crap! Ilana blew up, Flocke pushed Desmond into a well, Desmond ran over Locke in his wheelchair. I, with all my heart, love Lost. Everybody Loves Hugo knocked my socks off.

Chris, I love you too.

Rrb said...

Just had 2 teeth pulled. Feel I should have a vicoden related rant. Hmmm Vicoden isnt helping thinking process. F#*K you Not Locke if you killed Desmond I'll, I'll, Well you dont want to know! I know how you felt Aimee...(NOW)! Not all there. As a smoker/drinker I pray for no dry socket!! Alright episode Desmond getting a push and Locke getting a free ride, very surprising. Good for the surprise bad for the 2 of them. I hope Locke can walk again if he aint dead! And Desmond! My man love for the Scottsman will hopefully help save him? Wow Im a bit high Peace out blogspot!

Rrb said...

Also any one who was surprised by ilana pulling an arzt!! Did you look in here Bag?? She had the four WORST sticks of TNT she could find. Her sticks wereway more Nytro leaky then the one Alpert was toosing around in Black Rock!! I didnt think she was going to blow then! but i knew she was a goner. Thou TV guide was abit of a help. First line Of Synopsis Libby back second line illana might be goner..AVOID TV GUIDE THEY SUCK Balls of spoilers! Mucho high must say BYE!

~~ Jay said...
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Jimmy said...

God, Michaels reappearance was lame. I wondered if it just happened he was vacationing in Hawaii at the time and they asked him over for an hour of filming!

Stephanie said...

Jimmy, can you verify that Desmond's new music is a nod to Bernard Herrmann?

mb said...

REALLY enjoyed Everybody Loves Hugo - Hurley eps ALWAYS make me FEEL better - part of it is I just personally warm to his character (as do many of us).

Agree with several of you that this was something of a mixed bag, but the Hurley-Libby resolution very much worked for me, and coupled with the suprises made me enjoy the hell out of the episode.

- RRB - the Illana-BOOM did catch me off-guard, but I had to laugh reading your post b/c I had JUST finished commenting to my wife about "jesus, how many times are they going to cavort back & forth across the island with nitro-bleeding-sticks of dynomite thrown into a bag while Artz barely moved one of the sticks in season 1". And then she blew up - lol.

- Agree with Andrew about Cynthia Watros - she sold it here and I very much enjoyed her. I had no trouble believing that Libby desperately wanted to connect with Hugo.

- Palmer - you win the thread w/ EITHER "Illana really made an Arzt of herself" OR "sweep the leg Kim"

- Aimee - yesterday afternoon, I had the same thought about Desmond - that he might be the new Jacob (or at least doing his job in the alterniverse)

- My thought about why he ran Locke over was - could it simply be that he doesn't understand that Flocke is actually MiB on island when he falls into the well, and alterna-Des is aware of getting thrown down the well by him on-island, so he runs him over in the alt-world? Or maybe he thinks alterna-Locke is ALSO evil? I just wonder if the explanation is simpler than we probably want to believe. I'm not sure what I think - just spitballing.

- Yeah - the whispers explanation is anti-climactic, but it works for me (like Jordan said - I'm not too invested in the answers to specific mysteries). I actually think it could be a nice vehicle for Michael's character - if the resolution to series includes the island ghosts finding a way to "move on" (like - maybe older Walt appears and forgives him). Could be good if done right.

- OH - and what about the boy in the jungle. That's a different kid right? The other one was blond and had blood on him I think. Gonna go over to the SPLOG and spout an idea if anyone's interested.

Kim - I think you talk a big game about hating babies - but I'm not buying it. I'll bet you'd change your tune if you thought about how much $$ kids can make you. You're already working in media - a child with a face like yours could pull in some serious bank. Or if you're not comfortable with that, I bet you'd be awesome at that street trick where a woman (you) tosses a baby at someone so they'll catch it and your sneaky pick-pocket partner steals their wallet. Just pointing out a $$-making opportunity (my wife won't let me try these things so I'm hoping to live vicariously through someone else)

I keed. I think what you really don't like is mush - and I pretty much agree with you.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

no shit about Michael.

3x? All the Hurley Libby scenes made you cry? Seriously?

I loved the way the Man in Locke was talking to Desmond by the well and he got more and more hostile in his tone of voice. What is it about Desmond?

Stephanie said...

Did we see Jacob and Man in Black as children?

I feel as if Michael is lying. I don't think that's him.

Jordan said...

I don't really believe this to be the case. But it popped into my head during the episode. What if the stuff with Libby and Hurley from this alt-verse somehow in a roundabout way explains why Libby was originally in a loony bin? Like there was a glitch in the matrix or something and she was partially aware of both time lines way back then. Don't believe it to be the case, cuz it would take a lot of explanation and for the story to get even crazier. Just thought it was an interesting thought. But this is Lost we're talking about. Not like a ton of things have been exactly grounded in sensibility of late. :P

Jimmy said...


There has been so many nods to Bernard Hermann throughout the LOST seasons it is highly likely. I did notice new music, but I have to be honest and say that after 51 LOST Score episodes, I just can't find anything new at all to talk about. I really try to but I am suffering from terminal LOST burnout.

The fact is my life changed last year in an enormous way and LOST has become something that I manage to catch whenever I can as opposed to something I previously counted down the minutes until it aired. The show lost it for me from about the time they did the Danielle Rousseau flashbacks coupled with the love triangle/s becoming about as meaningful as my bimonthly department meeting...

Holder said...

I know Ky from KY won't like it, but I actually did hear something interesting on Jay and Jack. A caller theorized that...

A) The on-island Desmond is currently inhabited by Jacob.

B) And that when Desmond was in Widmore's electromagnetic cabin, he fully flashed over to the alt-world.

We'll know this is wrong if we see Mark Pellegrino in the next episode, but I think it's a cool idea.

Kelly Jo said...

I may have been slightly exaggerating when I said three times

mb said...

Alright - sorry to diverge from Lost for a moment, but has anyone seen/heard about the Star Wars Uncut project? (apologies if I'm really late to this)
This could be cramazeballsingly entertaining. These guys (or guy? not sure) split up Star Wars into 15 second pieces and asked anyone to claim a segment and re-shoot it in whatever way they feel like (live action, animation, spoof, whatever). They've already cut together a trailer + the They've cut together "the Escape" from the Death Star sequence

Holder said...

mb, that's definitely something that is gonna be REALLY good or REALLY bad. I wanna see it though.

Ralph- said...

B ( o )( o ) BS!!!

Last night's episode was pretty good, but liked last week's more. I wish it was more Hurley-Centric.

Ralph- said...

I am surprised that Lost-Media.com didn't grab any of the racks from the beach scene. Not the girls walking by or Libby's sun dress.

So weird.

Stephanie said...

Jimmy, I understand completely. I've decided I am extremely fickle. No matter how much I love something, my feelings for it can change at the drop of a hat. I wish all I want to do on Wednesday morning is to immediately rewatch Lost as I did in seasons two and three. I don't care if I ever watch any of the past three seasons ever again and I wish it wasn't the case.
That being said...
I forgot the point I was about to make.

Jimmy said...

I understand, Steph....

I actually can be very patient and don't really switch without good reason. I believe S5 was where I began to lose interest. I cannot for the life of me understand these people claiming that the last few seasons are "LOST Gold" etc. I thought S5 was fucking weak.

But I think it's the choppiness and arbitrary romances, dumpings, re-hook ups, sudden deaths...killing people off who are interesting, keeping people around who no one cares about...clumsy exposition.

Frank is now a character who exists purely to say things like "I see it, but don't believe it"....or "you make friends real good"...though i guess he might be around to fly the plane out of there. My point is I fel it was once a really, really clever, beautifully written show and that has been lacking pretty much from half way through S4. My opinion, true...but it is mine.

I also really wish other podcasts might try and look a the show with a more critical eye...I feel everyone is terrified that they may fall out of favor with the stars who contribute to their show or such....

I could go on but won't. I know the show can't be perfect, and I know they are wrapping it up, but as I say to so, so many people, "If you actually sat down and watched S1 to S3 you would see plainly that this show is nothing compared to what it once was"...and there's nothing that's going to change that for me, I think.

Holder said...

What is this, Bitchfest '10?

morgan said...

Jordan, I actually thought the same thing about Libby after the episode. That maybe the first time 'round she had memories of the alt-verse.

Overall, I really liked the episode. The whispers were anti-climactic, but it made me think of Harper. When she appeared in "The Other Woman" to Juliet there were whispers. So was she dead too?

Ralph- said...

Jimmy, i understand where you are coming from. If i was still doing the show, i would have bitched about the majority of the season, but "Happily Ever After" actually made me go back and rethink a lot of moments from previous episodes.

Kate and Jack need to die.

Anonymous said...

Hurlihy BLAMOed it. Sad I couldn't remember the title.

I would say I can't believe people didn't love this episode, but the fact that people actually enjoyed "the Package" made me realize some people are just freaks.

Re: Whispers
I think they'd been trying to decide what to make 'em and they finally pulled the trigger last night. Didn't really have a problem with it.

Every time I heard whispers I thought of that scene with Jules and that lady (ghost, former other) in the jungle when it was raining. Somebody help me out.

Kyle, you're really forgetting all the filler episodes in the earlier seasons. Not that there weren't any in season 6. . . *cough* "the Package."

People have higher standards for these episodes because they're the final ones.

Put "Happily Ever After" and "Everybody Loves Hugo" against any episode of this show. They are def top 20. Happily might even be top 10. (I don't include premieres and finales in normal episode rankings because they are not regular episodes.)

Up until they announced an end date, people were going with the flow 'cause there was no end in site. There was no reason to think the story is ending.

You could've kept the characters on the island trying to get off and had that go on for years before even introducing the Others or Dharma (Gilligan's Island).

But the flashback episodes started getting fillery (for lack of better term) and luckily they introduced new characters which led to us getting their flashbacks.

As in real life, things are most interesting when you don't know much about them. It's season 6, safe to say we are pretty familiar with the show and characters. There is less mystery to speculate about and many of the answers we're getting are worse than things we'd come up with on our own (as others have pointed out).

It makes sense that a person would not enjoy these episodes as much as the earlier no end date episodes. Doesn't mean the episodes are worse, it's just normal human psychology.

Anonymous said...
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Jimmy said...


I liked "Happily Ever After", and am not saying all the episodes are crap etc...just that the "magic" of the show left me in S5. Agreed, Sir....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

YES!!!! Thank you Morgan. Harper! That's the bitch's name.

I'm pretty sure she wasn't dead, or at least we would have no reason to think she's dead, which is why I linked whispers to Others.

Crazy that that would be posted as I was asking the question in my previous post.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! The Harper thing is pissing me off now. I guess the whispers thing confirms that she was dead.

Ralph- said...

It's pretty hard to keep that magic going for any decent amount of time.

Right now, i feel the same as you do about other shows on the air. i find that i am enjoying Community more than the Office and 30 Rock. Which have both sort of turned into relationship based shows.

alex said...

Sorry to hear that, Jimmy. For me Lost has always been sort of bigger than just a tv show. I for one know that I would not have become interested in things like film scores without listening to your segments. I'll admit that the show has gone downhill somewhat, but to be honest, that doesn't bother me that much. I will be interested in things like film scores long after Lost has died, so I guess I'm more in it for the experience at this point rather than the story if that makes any sense.

Jordan said...

The Office now blows. That show has really fallen off for me. Used to love it. But I borderline hate it at times now.

Steph said:

"I've decided I am extremely fickle. No matter how much I love something, my feelings for it can change at the drop of a hat."

Says the person who has watched all the seasons of Buffy 5 times over. :P

Jordan said...
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Jordan said...

And I totally agree with Jimmy about Lost podcasts being afraid of being too critical with the show. But I've felt that way for much longer than just this season. The hardcore fans who go far enough to want to do a podcast, for the most part, view just about everything with rose colored glasses (cough*Buffy fans*cough). They lack objectivity. Just the way it usually is. That's the reason I was initially drawn to the podcasts here. Still a bit of fanboyism. But not nearly as bad as most places.

Chris JC said...


Libby's dress really was low-cut, wasn't it?

Ryan: "Alt-Paedo" wins you some kind of special thread prize.

Jimmy: As "Locke" and Desmond walked to the well, my wife asked "did Giacchino listen to While My Guitar Gently Weeps before doing this bit?"

Kim: Sent you a playlist request about something from this episode that I've waited ages for the reappearance of.

I didn't have boob dreams.

Alirio said...


I was blown away by Everybody Loves Hugo. :-P

I am enjoying the different call-backs and re-imaginings of connections in the sideways universe.

I love the fact that one of my all-time favourite TV shows is actually ending the way the creators choose it to end.

Although I can see the show's last 2 seasons not being as rock-solid as they "could" have been, I'll take what I can get.

Whenever an episode or scene seems meh, I always ask myself how meh it is compared to having the show be cancelled before they had a chance to answer ANYTHING.

My love of Twin Peaks will always put me in that mind-set. That show needed proper closure.

At least Lost will have some kind of closure! I think we forget how rare it is to have a show get that chance.

The series finale will leave some of us puzzled, some of us angry, and some of us needing a cigarette.

Wesh said...

Very excellent episode indeed! I liked it quite alot. Very much in the style of season 1 episodes.
I also went WTF??? when Desmond ran over Locke. I went "Why? Why did he do that?"
1point was a bit less cool: how they straight up explained what the whispers are. I rolled my eyes.
other then that: sheer awesomeness to the max! This is going to make me miss Lost a lot if they keep this up...

For a second there I thought it was going to be Desmond walking out of the forest instead of Hurley and co, seconds after have been thrown into the well.
Would've been pretty fucking bad ass :D

PalmerEldritch said...

jimmy, sorry that you're not enjoying it as much as you used to. pick it up again on netflix/dvd in a few years and see if you enjoy it more.

i, however, still have a hell of a lot of fun watching it. desmond is the man. wonder if we'll get another Locke episode next week where we'll learn what happens next with our recently concussed Alterna-Locke.

i'm guessing we won't get an Ilana episode. :(

Wesh said...

Racks4Ralph :D


Rrb said...

Couple vicoden induced thoughts. 1 Everyone who "Wakes up to the other side, or sees" says, or shows it as if they Remember* Not like they had Sceene* something. I vote for One time line theory. Same as on flight 316 went back in time when they left the island lost there MEMORYS and got on to 815. This explains why Desmond was on the plane, he should not have been on. This is not the end of the story thou. We now go to what everyone is calling the altervese which isnt it one verse just like Daniel told us "Whatever Happened Happened" So now I think things will be resolved in LA. Maybe why Locke was run down Maybe he's MocLOCKE? Don't know..or want to theorise that any further.. I wonder why my grammer and spelling is so bad..vicoden..
Thouhgt 2..shorter Vincent finds Desmond down the well!

Rrb said...

Rack03 Double WHAMMIE Big money Big Money

James said...

Rack 03 is the best...double whammy, correct.

LOST is and will always be the show that I have enjoyed the most, I'll just get that clarified. Only X-Files and Twin Peaks have captured me to the same degree...and those two shows went downhill far, far more than I think LOST has.

I will actually be in Hawaii for the Finale! Kind of funny (for me).

Wesh said...

That's cool Jimmy! I hope the writers/producers cook up something magical for ya (and for all of us), so that, you don't leave Lost with a bad taste in your mouth.

The finale has gotta be (a) mint!

mb said...

You're gonna be in Hawaii Jimmy? Nice! You going because of Lost?

My wife and I have decided to go to Vegas for the finale despite there being no Viva Lost Vegas. We had talked about it, and just decided it will be nice to have some alone time and watch our favorite show end while we have our first vacation without children (gonna feel a little weird - but good). I'll say hello to sin city for the blogspot :)

As far as Lost's quality goes, I do understand people's dissatisfaction with the last few seasons, as it did shift it's focus and became more of a sci-fi adventure less of a character piece, but I guess I never saw that progression as awkward since I've viewed Lost more than partially through a sci-fi lens from day one. I heard J.J. Abrams explain (at the 2007 TED conference) that Lost and Alias for him were part of his interest in the idea of the "mystery box" - any entity/thing (he likened stories to mystery boxes) which you can open up and discover that it has a multitude of unexpected parts/items inside of it which reveal themselves the more you explore.
So, I realized that the "mystery box" idea is a really compelling characteristic of storytelling for me as well, and has seemed like the most apt metaphor for what Lost is in my eyes.
The Lost mystery box opens up and we discover FIRST, a group of characters with unexpected previous links to each other (which they were unaware of for the most part) thrown together in an extremely volatile situation (a plane crash); SECOND that they had all crashed on an island on which they start finding clues of a more complex history and nature than one would have imagined; THIRD another group of people on the island who are at once hostile to them and a complete mystery; FOURTH that in discovering more about the Others and the island, they find this island represents something much greater than the people or unique powers that it seems to have; and finally FIFTH, that whether they like it or not, they are involved in a struggle on the island that seems much larger than them, but which they are actually an integral part of.
I'm know I'm forgetting elements but I think that is basically how this show's narrative has unfolded for me. It has felt like looking into a mystery box each season and seeing another layer of stuff inside. It's been unpredictable (even despite becoming the TLI Spoiler guy) and thus really entertaining for me to watch.
I understand people when they say they can't find as much to care about in these characters as in the first few seasons, but I guess for me, the sci-fi/adventure ride they've given was punctuated by character moments and has been more than enough to keep me enjoying and finding some magic in pretty much every episode. Even with the elements I thought could have been done better on the show, I haven't had anything make me really truly disappointed.
But like I said, I CAN see where some of the disappointment comes from.

Ralph- said...

Thanks WESH!!

James said...


I'm going to Hawaii because I'm getting some R&R with a girl I've been seeing for a few months...purely for pleasure.

your take on the shows narrative I agree with.

I'm sure I will be reasonably happy with the ending no matter what it entails. I think though I will be annoyed if we don't get to find out exactly "what" the Island is though. Several times it has been implied that it is not an Island...it can travel through time etc.

An explanation like "It's a cork in a bottle holding in evil" is not an answer, despite several morons phoning in on other podcasts and apparently being satisfied with that explanation. Some folk are easily pleased!

Holder said...

So really you want to know who created it? Because I'm personally fine with the bottle/cork explanation of what the island's PURPOSE is, and I don't think that makes me a moron.

PalmerEldritch said...

a wizard did it.

think the Island is a "special place." like narnia, oz, or wonderland. dont know why that works for me. maybe i just learned to let go.

everybody watching Fringe? cuz it's sort of f'n fantastic. also, the new Doctor Who is great. so, if you're a fan, make sure to watch this weekend.

JoeSC said...

Palmer - I haven't had a chance to comment on the new LOST yet, but I just had to jump in and say that Fringe is amazing. That's what? Five awesome episodes in a row. Those writers are on on hell of a hot streak!

More thoughts to come on LOST, but I'll just say that I watched it again and enjoyed it MUCH more the second time. For those of you that didn't think it was much of an episode, give it another try and you might feel differently.

PalmerEldritch said...

oh! jimmy! congrats on the "things going well with a lady and going to hawaii" thing. hopefully, it's the choo choo soul girl. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Kyle from Kentucky said...

Just read all of Jimmy's stuff on the page.

I agree and think I already said this here but ever since they announced an end date the writing has LOST much of the heart and soul of the show. People used to complain about season 2 but to me everything, even some of the cage stuff, was wonderful from pilot through TTLG.

When I first saw season 4 I wasn't happy with it. But after 108 rewatches the freighter story grows on me and I'm much less critical of it now. The Economist,Eggtown,SNBH stunk but the rest was interesting to me.

As of now I think season 5 was the worst season. The love in your face story and the slowed down Dharma stuff is boring, shoot a little boy, blow up a hydrogen bomb, everyone gets conned by MIB - its just not as good. Some good moments and episodes no doubt but notthe same as back in the day. They spent so much time with Dharma but we still don't even know why the hell Dharma was there and we still have no clue about the Degroots/Hanso thing.

It's impossible to captivate my imagination the way they did in 2004 - 05, but my expectations are WAY too big probably.

There are a few storylines I still want wrapped up (Jack/Chrisian, Ben/Annie, Walt, Aaron, pregnancies, smoke monster? apparitions that make no sense, whats the island, science vs faith, fate vs free will, etc.) but as long as the last few episodes make me say WTF a few times and as long as they make sense with what we have seen up to now I will be happy.

^ "as long as they make sense with what we have seen up to now" - like Christian appearing to Jack in the flash forward makes no sense since it has to be MIB who cannot leave the island or he has to be one of the "whisperers" which makes no sense bc they are also trapped. I won't be thrilled if the Adam/Eve bodies were two people we never knew back then. The answers aren't that important but I would be happy if they just made sense.

It is LOST after all and it hasn't been absolute shit since season 5, admittedly its not as great as it could have been, but I still really like it. That being said I guarantee you that I will never haave the same passion for a tv show ever again. Not even close.

I don't care if Emerson decides to quit today and one of the Jonas brothers takes the place of Ben I'llstill finish the show with as much interest as ever. I may shoot myself afterwards but I'll still watch it.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

"The old smoke monster stories make no sense. There was a circle of ash to keep him prisoned in the cabin. The Dharma had a fence to keep him out. He kills anyone who crashes on the island except for those who might kill Jacob for him. Yet everyone on the plane is left untouched besides the pilot. And they were certainly not all candidates. Also the Others never spread ash around their surroundings. So we are led to believe the others work with smokey. Ben pulls a lever to summon smokey. Yet this season out of nowhere the smoke monster is their dire enemy. Ok.

Ben tells Danielle "Every time you hear whispers you run the other way." And every time we have heard whispers the Others are right around the corner. so trapped souls makes no sense. Otherwise they would have been whispering all the time. Instead it was a plot device to make the audience ask questions and get invested in they mystery. Even though the answer is not awful it also does not really connect with everything seen thusfar.

They have said for so long that they are not making this up as they go but many many plot points are clearly being made up and or changed as we go along."

Sorry for the long post. But I feel better now.

Rrb said...

Kyle I think everone is safe as long as they are on the beach! Smoke doesnt like sand.(Unless he killed the people on Hydra and dragged them in to a pile, doesnt sound very smokey. He sure didnt clean up the bodies at the temple.)
As for the wispers if I could make my dead self be known to the living, I think a good time to do it would be warning your friends trouble was coming. Take Take freakie mole ladie Harper Stanhope. I guess Nikki and Palo didn't like her much and thought they would give Jack a heads up.? Lame I know considering the whispers also help them to leave un-seen?

memphish said...

Jordan, you can now take a class on The Wire. Ironically it's one of the most expensive, insular colleges in the world teaching it.

Also I heard DirectTV is going to start reairing The Wire, so maybe Stephanie can finally watch it.


Stephanie said...

Yay for reruns! I guess I could send it to the top of my queue.

Speaking of Fringe, I only need episode 2:12 to have all the torrents. Anyone know where I can get that one?

memphish said...

You won't need the discs for The Wire. I think they plan to air it on that channel they air FNL on.


Stephanie said...

I shall clear my DVR then.

I will be watching Doctor Who on Saturday even though I've seen it already. Can't wait to see it again.
Outstanding. The Beast Below kinda creeped my out but I ended up liking it.

memphish said...

Looks like you have until July Steph. Here's the details


scrdmnkydst said...


Stephanie said...

That's racist.

scrdmnkydst said...

what? what?! WHAT?!

Stephanie said...

That's offensive to native Americans. Surely I read that somewhere.

Alirio said...

Genocide is offensive.

Another culture's re-appropriation of one of your ancestor's names... not so much.

But since I'm not Native American, I can go fuck myself...

I LOVE LOST and Doctor Who... podcasts

Rrb said...

Fringe is Awsome
oops I meant LOST is awsome no wait I meant they both are awsome White Tulip give alot of lost like thoughts! Hmm don't want to spoil any one but there is a Fringe thread if any one remebers the forum:)

James said...

The new Doctor saying Geronimo may be technically inappropriate (in the US), but I find it to be just stupid really. I'll add that he mentioned not being "Ginger" last season and that apparently upset some Irish folk...and that was suddenly news to many in Britain?

Either way I am really liking the early stuff from Matt Smith.


You are right, actually. It's "Purpose" is a cork in a bottle etc...and yes, I too am happy with that (in retrospect), but a metaphorical explanation as to "what it is" would not work for me. Just a personal preference. It has a wheel deep down in it covered in ice...is the wheel part of a machine that can move the Island, or is the actual Island a machine?

It's just one of those things that I would really, really like to know . I never really cared about the whispers so when they were brought up I was like "Oh yes, those?"

I would also like to actually find out what the smoke monster is?

Also, and I know this will never be mentioned because I think the writing just changed direction...but what was up with the Hillbilly attire the Others used to dress up in in S1 and 2. I think that there was once a point and then they altered the course.

Season Rank (my opinion, best to worse (so far))

3 (besides first 5 eps)

Wesh said...

Didn't care too much if the whispers were left unexplained (or barely explained) either.
The Smoke Monster, the Donkey Wheel, mythical Island stuff, The Big Picture-players (Widmore and his wife. Maybe Paik too. Christian. Unless he's just a ghost.)
I care about those and their explanation.
Please don't just explain everything willy nilly, just to have it over with and quickly make that long, long list of Lost Question shorter.
Answer the most important few and answer them well, and - I think - many will be pleased.
Try to answer everything, and fail.

Jordan said...

"Jordan, you can now take a class on The Wire. Ironically it's one of the most expensive, insular colleges in the world teaching it."

What, you mean they're not offering it at Oklahoma City Community College?

Ralph- said...

Jimmy, you didn't like the first five episodes of season three because there wasn't that much of Nikki, huh?

Wesh said...

Have to complete another rewatch of all seasons (cause havent seen3-5 in a long while), but here's my season Ranking, best to worse, including this unfinished season:

(might mix it up after rewatch. And 6 might move up or down, but I'm guessing up :) )

Jordan said...

I'm totally with you, Wesh. The problem is the Lost writers are afraid of the obsessive fans out there who would rant and rave if they leave too many unanswered "questions". Very stupid. But it's the truth. There's a lot of them who are more concerned with who is Adam and Eve and what the Hurleybird is than and who could give a rip about the overall narrative and character arcs.

Wesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wesh said...

Kind of Music

Blogger Wesh said...

LOL you're right Jordan :)
That Hurleybird indeed desperately needs resolution or might punch a kitten!

But yeah, I get what you're saying.
Maybe they could just hint at the less important question. That way it would kinda please the Hurleybirdhuggers and it would leave space for theorizing and discussion, which after all, has always been a massive part of the Lost phenomenon.

Or maybe part two of that Lost game that came out a while ago, (never played or even read a review about it, since not canon at all.) but this time make it more canon and include bits and pieces of answers to unanswered questions.
Level 6 would be fighting a hurley bird to get to its nest and obtain eggs for Keamy to make an omelet with (which is sideways level 6bis)

That was a KABLAMO up there. (tried to delete the post, but I guess it doesnt take it off the post counter. oh well.)

clementinesdaddy said...

Hey, anyone with HD can tell me if our favorite stewardess is sitting in Mr. Cluck's to the right of Hurley and Desmond?

Kelly Jo said...

Did anyone else notice the guy at the counter in Mr. Clucks was in Inglorious Basterds?

Wesh said...

Did you mean this girl?
Not Cindy, sorry.

Didnt recognize him Kelly. who was he in Inglorious Bastards?

Wesh said...

LOL @ the slogan on the poster.
Locke wants to go on a walkabout.
Hurley answers: "How about I walkabout in you mouth?"

Just me?
ok, just me.

Kelly Jo said...

Without being spoilery here's a pic of him in Basterds.

Wesh said...

Good eye!
(either that or creepy stalker. u choose ;-) )

Kelly Jo said...

More like I listened to Doug Benson's podcast where they made a joke about it. Also I knew the guest stars and his name popped out at me so I went imdb. Wow that was long winded.

PalmerEldritch said...

Jorge Garcia + Gangsta Rap

Stephanie said...

I recognized Samm Levine right away because I was looking for him. He tweeted that it was a blink and you miss it cameo.

Wesh said...

So on the same page as Jorge :)
That DoggyStyle album was the shiznit dawg! My fave tracks are definitely Murder was the Case and Serial Killer ("6 million ways to die, choose one!")
Somehow I missed out on the Chronic :(
Chronic 2001 didn't escape my radar though.
Still love to pick those two up every once in a while.

Brad said...

wow it's been crazy busy around the blogspot as of late. I've been so busy with work I've barely been able to dip in.
Question, is there a hiatus week on April 27th.
I feel like I heard this somewhere and it would make me incredibly happy as I just got word that I have a 7-10pm read-through that night.

Anonymous said...

I was having a conversation with this girl (not a close friend) and in passing I mentioned that I'd never seen an episode of Buffy. They just showed up to my house and gave me the dvd boxset. She didn't even really stay that long. I was really confused.

Is the show that good?

What's with chicks and vampire shows? This other chick got me hooked on True Blood.

Anonymous said...

Also, Lost came up at lunch cause there were these people playing bagpipes in the background.

When you have the overall picture, the story is really stupid.

Couldn't the Others have just gone and helped the survivors and experiment, etc. on them then? Doesn't the way they went about it make everything way harder? Why did they have to present themselves as hostiles? It makes no sense. Is it that unbelievable that there's natives on the island?

Plus there's all the stuff Kyle brought up.

I give up on analyzing Lost, or at least over analyzing.

Holder said...

Mir, she wants to bang you.

Dude...I fucking HATE the vampire craze and anything vampire related. It actually makes me kind of angry.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, except for True Blood. That show is good. It is super boring at points, but the new Vampire chick they introduced season 2 and the brother (Rogue's brother) save the show.

Stephanie said...

Tha Kid, Mir, whatever your name is, she might want to bang you but she wants to share the greatest tv show ever with you which is ever more intimate. Do it. Watch it. It takes a season and a half to really get good. Give it a chance. And give the girl a chance.

PalmerEldritch said...

best show ever might be overstating it.

as a non-fan, i urge you to watch and find out for yourself. while i dont like any Whedon stuff (although his casts are usually pretty great), other people seem to like it and be quite passion about it. at the least, buffy has charisma carpenter and julie benz. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Anonymous said...

Just got home? Can't sleep? Come on the blogspot!

Eh. . . the chick is not bang worthy. Come on she likes Buffy!

Seriously though all I knew about the show when I was a younger kid is the movie and that the band camp chick from American Pie was in it. (it's really the chick from Buffy was in American Pie).

I am expecting it to be like the early seasons of Smallville. I'm gonna try and get through the series. Know this is a LOST board, but I'll comment if I think anything is super sick or if I give up.

Bringing it back to Lost, Everybody Still Loves Hugo.

Non-spoiler question,
Do people think next week's ep is Locke, Jack, or many character centric?

ELH kinda suggests the next ep will be Locke centric.

Stephanie said...

Comparing Lost to Buffy, I wonder if I watched Lost straight through as I did Buffy, would I not complain so much about the past couple of seasons. The experience of watching on DVD compared to watching week to week is so very different. I seem to overlook weak episodes when I can immediately move on and end on a good one. So, me saying Buffy is the greatest show ever made might be an overstatement. But I do love it.
Tha Kid, if you twitter, you can follow and me and let me know there what you think if you don't want to comment here.

Rrb said...

So I'm watching Some Like It Hoth and the term "The Package" is used by the Dharma folkes as code for a dead body...Is this a coincedence...I hope not..Or Poor Desmond is dead..Widmore could be the founder of DHARMA. He did get kicked off the island. And was afraid to come back till now. I think because he had no choice other then to come back! There is a " Time Table". my question I guess is , is Whidmore the Founder of DHARMA.,and afraid to come back to the island, and why? Was he afraid to be Judged? I don't think thats why, but it's possible. Also I'd not be surprised if Widmore's fAKE ID's name is Hanso.

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holder said...

I've always wondered what that whiteboard looked like.

Also, I'm gonna say the above link is kinda spoilery. But I dunno.

Stephanie said...

Spoilery? I don't think so. You have to look really, really hard to maybe see anything. Or either I have bad eyesight.

Sidekick 22 is creeped out or grossed out by everything. She's starting to irk me with all that.

Jordan said...

Steph, That is exactly it. IMO, any show is more enjoyable on dvd watched in short order. For the exact reasons you stated. The lesser to bad ep's don't resonate the way they do when you are week to weeking it. And the good one's stand out all the more. Also, you're allowed to get much more sucked into the show and have less time to sit and analyze things.

Stephanie said...

I deleted the picture because it was really spoilery as I gave it another look.