Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4x27 "The Last Hiatus" No-Episode Discussion

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JonFromNKY said...


aimee is lost said...

Yeah. I know, dude.

scrdmnkydst said...

What is annoying me about this hiatus is that back in season 3, when the end date was announced, we were told that we would be getting three seasons of 16 episodes "with no breaks".

Okay, season 4 had that whole writer's strike thing, but last year we had two random weeklong hiatus(es/ii? idk). I've been hoping that this season that we wouldn't have to have a week without an episode.

Fuck you ABC, fuck you.

t-dot kim said...

It's only 1 week...

I need a break!!


scrdmnkydst said...

At this point, i'm kinda ready for it to be over. I'm enjoying it and everything, but I'm just ready for these next 4 episodes to be watched and then we can all either proclaim the end to be amazing or gash.

Stephanie said...

I'm with you, Ryan. If it must end, I'm ready to deal with it. Like pulling off a band-aid. Do you guys have band-aids? You don't have Tylenol I found out.

PalmerEldritch said...

i like LOST.

so, i like to ignore that its about to end. :)

that picture for the thread is awesome. good stuff.

hey! i sure did like that there TLI from the other day. fan-f'n-tastic, ladies. good job.

ryan, Iron Chef UK sounds a little different from the original and from both Iron Chef USA and Iron Chef America. interesting!

Stephanie said...

Palmer, I tried denial for the first few weeks of this season. Then ABC reminded me every week of how many episodes there are left until the finale. We can't deny the ending anymore.

Stephanie said...

At least we have Glee.

mb said...

Thanks for those Glee clips Steph - good stuff :D

RE: THE END. Yeah - I guess I'm sad. But I'm with Steph and others - it just feels alright. I think because they've been allowed to end it themselves (thank god).

And my wife and I are doing something fun for the finale (Vegas) so I think Lost will go out with good memories for me and be preserved like that (whatever the finale turns out to be like).

scrdmnkydst said...

Steph, we have band-aids but we call them "plasters".

Palmer, the format was changed slightly, as is what happens with most US to UK conversions. In this case, it's shown at 5pm on weekdays, the best of the four challengers faces the Iron Chef one on one. Daytime TV fodder.

andrew. said...

- If you want me to go with you... you'll never ask me that question again. You will never ask me about Aaron. Do you understand, Jack?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for that instance of lazy writing, Andrew. Cryptic doesn't always equal good.

aimee is lost said...

I'm not sure where or how I found those valentines (there's a blog that's not the link I posted, that has the whole collection of them; like 15 or so of them.

Ben Linus

John Locke

Hugo Reyes

James Ford

Jin Kwon

Daniel Faraday

I think Sawyer's is the funniest. I'm gonna use that line on some unfortunate man someday.

aimee is lost said...

And I don't really think one week off counts as a "hiatus", really. I could use the week off too.

James said...

I'm noticing a lot of people who were as rabid about LOST as I was seem to be wanting it to just get over and end. I'm one of them, and I have real difficulty wondering to myself just when it was that I made the "switch", so to speak.

I think I'm disappointed in this "True love solves it all" business...Kyle, I'm with you.

And FYI, I have had true love, I know what its all about, I've loved and lost etc...and it still blows that this recurring theme still seems to be at the root of all this season, and I would hate, absolutely hate that to be the central theme of the last few episodes. It's as if Damon and Carlton don't realize that no one gives a fuck about the Skater, Jater thing anymore.

And my favorite line from TLI: Kim talking about Sun..."You're no Penny Widmore" :) I thought similar. And also yes, thanks for reminding me that they should have spoken (almost certainly) in Korean. That said, had they done that Frank couldn't have uttered his one immortal line!

aimee is lost said...

If the end result is "love conquers all", I'll be disappointed as well. I know I'm a lover of the love themes (well..the ones that matter), but the original themes of the show (redemption, hope, good vs. evil) are what drew me into the show to begin with.

So if they change that on us I'll be pretty upset (which I still have faith they won't). But I'm the optimist, as usual.

memphish said...

Despite my feelings about S6 I have to say I'm blue there's no new LOST tonight.

Listening to the podcast now. I love Addison's calls.

Wet Sawyer --> Wet Aimee. Wet Jack --> Wet Kim.


Ralph- said...

I am fully prepared for this!

I have keenex handy.

James said...


is the "Keenex" for "Ab Aterno" or for "Wet Sawyer --> Wet Aimee. Wet Jack --> Wet Kim"

alex said...

"Ricardo is the Spanish form of Richard". Pop-ups, you could not be more helpful.

Anonymous said...

No LOST? No problem. Watch Lakers/Thunder

PalmerEldritch said...

those pop-ups sound great. any other gems?

this week is odd. as i skipped out on the Ab Aeterno repeat, i have no concept of time for this week. if it's not LOSTuesday, what the hell day is it?

memphish said...

The worst part of Not-Lostuesday, I missed who went home on DWTS.


P.S. Read that with a great amount of sarcasm. I like DWTS like Kimberley likes babies. Sorry Kim, had to pile on.

memphish said...

Just in case you're missing them, here are some Juliet boobs.


P.S. I saw who went home on DWTS and I don't know which of those 2 people are the star and which the dancer.

Holder said...

Boobs are so boss.

JoeSC said...

Sucked not having a new episode this week. I completely forgot they were re-running Ab Aeterno.

I'm gonna miss LOST once it ends, but the way I look at it, every time I re-watch the series with someone for the first time it's still gonna be a blast all over again.

Boobs ARE boss! So are Sawyer V-Day cards. Awesome.

If "Love Conquers All" is the end game of this series, I'll be the first person to lead the torch and pitchfork mob to Damon and Carlton's doorsteps.

Aimee, I totally agree that the redemption and good vs. evil stories are what sucked everyone in. The only "couple" I still care the least bit about is Desmond and Penny. The rest of them can fuck off.

I think I've pinpointed my biggest problem with Season 6. Ben has done NOTHING. Dr. Linus was a great episode, but he's been a non-factor the rest of the season and it's a total shame. I re-watched Man from Tallahassee the other day just to get a Michael Emerson fix. Sad...

On the other hand, boobs are STILL boss. Especially if they're Elizabeth Mitchell's!

Who's excited for the special "Glee Week" episode of Fringe? It is either going to be a total disaster or totally fucking awesome!

andrew. said...

- missed having LOST this week, and i think that speaks directly to my fealings about the series. I loves it. I'm really enjoying season 6 and i'll be sad when it's gone.

- Wet Cindy

- i'm kind of dreading Glee-vitized Fringe, especially in light of what a major roll it's been on since coming back from hiatus, but i am excited to see Matthew Abaddon belt out a few tunes.

- everybody should be watching Breaking Bad & Treme.

- eyes up here, father.

Kyle from Kentucky said...


"the switch" when it happened is a great question. There's no doubt about it to me that the switch happened when the end date was announced in May 2007. That's when the show lost its soul. Everything after TTLG made me think it was somehow a different show. I still absolutely love it but things changed a bit after they announced the damn end date.

@ JoeSC

I'm gonna miss LOST once it ends, but the way I look at it, every time I re-watch the series with someone for the first time it's still gonna be a blast all over again.

Exactly how I feel. ^That may be the best sentence I've ever read on this website.

Stephanie said...

FOX ROCKS WEEK. Who came up with this idea? The premise of a Fringe musical sounds horrendous but the promo looks great. David Boreanaz. Please. Don't.

clementinesdaddy said...

Since we have no new epi to talk about this week (sniff, sniff)
Here's a new thread to discuss:

Who do you still want to see in the alt-flashes? Juliet? Rose AND Bernard? Richard?

Or someone more off the beaten path: the Goodspeeds? Tom Friendly? Rousseau? Frank? Abbadon?

I personally NEED to get my Juliet fix. Seeing her on the "meh" show "V" is not enough! I need Juliet Burke, not some namby-pamby FBI agent fighting giant lizards!

What sez you?

Holder said...

As for as off-beats go, I have no doubt that they'll show Frank at some point. And part of me thinks they'll give us a little Nikki+Paolo...at least I hope they do. Sure, everyone complained at the time, but looking back it wasn't that bad. I actually liked the Nikki and Paolo stuff, so SUCK ON THAT, BITCHES! And guess what, I liked Stranger in a Strange Land. A lot. How can you not love the last 3 or 4 minutes of that episode? But the person I really WANT to see is Mr. Friendly now that ya mention him.

That being said...if none of those things happen, it won't bother me at all. I'm only really concerned with the core group of Losties. It's just...if the have to show us some old characters, gimme some of that Friendly.

Stephanie said...

MC Gainey is playing a scary badass on Justified right now. I'm enjoying that.

memphish said...

Are you liking Justified Stephanie? Is anyone else watching it? I've been recording it and saving it to DVD to watch this summer. I think the Hubby might like it, but there's too much else on TV right now to add another hour a week to our joint viewing.

As for the flash-crossing, Charlie's insistence that it's the wrong world, one that whatever it is they're going to do will destroy, still leaves me pretty uninvolved with it. I can enjoy it as it goes by, but I do I really want Sawyer and Juliet to meet for coffee only for Desmond to rip that from by heart too? If I can watch Charlotte die a bloody death in it again I'd cheer that.


Stephanie said...

Holli, I'm not loving Justified but I am enjoying it. It's just not what I had expected. I enjoy the Cormac McCarthy-ism of it. Tone and humor. The show has great guest stars. Jack's granddad is Olyphant's dad. MC Gainey is the father-in-law of the chick who killed her abusive husband and who is sleeping with Olyphant. Alan Ruck's episode was entertaining. There's not enough Walton Goggins.

Tennant's Hamlet is on PBS tonight. Set your DVRs, Palmer and MB.

mb said...

(deep exhale) - hoh! THANK YOU STEPH! That snuck up on me - thought I had set a calendar reminder.

PalmerEldritch said...

too bad it's not Matt Smith in Hamlet.

/wokka wokka

PalmerEldritch said...

i can only hope that Alt-Frank has a mustache and is a private investigator on the island of Hawaii.

Alt-Achara would be nice to see. Well, her tombstone anyhow.

Alt-Starla and Alt-Johnny might be interesting. although we've already had Alt-Starla on Madmen. yowzahs!

i guess who i really want to see is Alt-Billy Dee. remember, that bomb went off before Empire Strikes Back (, The) came out. DUN DUN DUN!!!!