Sunday, April 11, 2010

TLI: Happily Ever After

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TLI's Aimee and Kimberley discuss Season 6, Episode 11, "Happy Ever After" the DESMOND-centric episode.

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t-dot kim said...

Who wants a playist?

Amazing Grace - Dudes on Bagpipes
L-O-V-E - Nat King Cole
Dream On - Aerosmith
Happily Ever After - Ca$e
All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
Ever After You - The Gabe Dixon Band
Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood
Love Will Keep Us Together - Captain & Tennille
Insane in the Brain - Cypress Hill
Ever After - Bob James
No Happily Ever After - Nicole Scherzinger
Heart Ain't a Brain - Chris Brown
Happily Ever After (Now and Then) - Jimmy Buffett
Check My Brain - Alice in Chains
Dreams Be Dreams - Jack Johnson
Ever After Happily - Jay Brannan
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

JoeSC said...

F'n SWEET! Thanks ladies!

Kelly Jo said...

Yay! Something to keep me sane during the day tomorrow!

Brad said...

Guys, I've got a friend crashing at my place for a couple of weeks and he just watched the Season 1 pilot for the first time ever.
He says he want to try and catch up, methinks this is going to be very interesting.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Impossible to catch up before May 23rd. Unless he is really really devoted and into it. I quit giving people a chance to start the show last October because I know the commitment and the time was too short.

mb said...

w00t TLI!

now how about a spoiler seg?

sorry I'm about to cut this thread short, but I actually have a seg ready on SUNDAY (well, early Monday) for once.

albeit it's a short one (TWSS)

Wesh said...

I think I'll start picking up on the earlier spoiler segments. Just to hear mac's shenanigans and whether spoilers were hit or miss :)
I also hope they don't spoil too far ahead, like "this is what's happening in the finale" lol. Then I shall pass until the finale has aired and pick them all up.

mb said...

Wesh - I don't have my earlier scripts in front of me and I'm fairly certain there wasn't any finale stuff out yet within the first few TLI SPOILER segs but, just to be safe, I would just listen to each spoilercast up to the point where the music starts, or if you want to hear a few early season spoilers, then just listen to the first couple of items since I always put spoilers in chronological order of which episode they pertain to - so ANYTHING to do with later eps wouldn't be said until near the end of the podcast.

Also - the next thread is (or at least SHOULD BE) completely safe to post at - there should be NO SPOILERS there (in case that's why there has been virtually no posting today). ALL SPOILERS happen over at the SPLOG.

Not that I've done S**T for posting anything there this season - so sorry folks!

Wesh said...

aight, thx for the heads up mb! Will start cruising through them shortly.