Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TLI: Par Avion

OMG!!! Better late than never right?! Be sure to listen to Jimmy's Lost Score Revisited before you listen to this because he's awesome.

The Lost Initiative discusses Season 3 Episode 12, Par Avion, the Claire-centric episode.

No spoliers, no girl talk, but we welcome back a VERY special guest.


Enjoy Responsibly!!!

The feed: http://www.switchpod.com/users/mimms515/feed.xml

or CLICK here to download


t-dot kim said...

Sorry for the lateness, I know, I know, quit it already!!! You've heard it all before, right? Dharamalars rule, they're always on time! Ok, here's the playlist for anyone who cares:

Home For A Rest - Spirit of the West
Under Pressure - Queen
Angels Losing Sleep - Our Lady Peace
Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Stuck In A Moment - U2
Say It Ain't So - Weezer
Into Your Hideout - Pilate
Tell All Your Friends - Project Orange
The Long Day Is Over - Norah Jones

Up All Night - Joe Sibol (By request for TeeJ)
Children - Robert Miles
You All Everybody - Drive Shaft
Take A Letter Maria - Johnny Rivers
One More Time - Daft Punk


aimee in little rock said...

Oh my gosh Kim, I can't believe you opened with us!

aimee in little rock said...

Wow, that streaming really stinks. I'm going to have to wait til I get home & download it on iTunes to listen to it. It keeps buffering.

This is so embarrassing.

memphish said...

Can't wait to give it a listen. I was working on an email after listening to the Enter 77 podcast when my damn PC erased it. I'll just say I enjoyed listening post-Spring Break and noticed that a certain J word did not make an appearance. Looking forward to this podcast.

Aimee, I started Slaughterhouse 5 because of the discussion over here and OMG is Desmond Billy Pilgrim? I can buy coming unstuck in time better than literal turning the key sends me to whatever that year was in "Flashes." Have you started The Fountainhead?

aimee in little rock said...

No, I've spent the last week in an alcoholic haze. I'll pick it up tomorrow on my lunch break.

memphish said...

I read Atlas Shrugged this past summer on the recommendation of Josh Holloway in the Lost Magazine which is a pretty queer reason to read a book, but the book was great and had been lingering on my Books I Want to Read list since post-college. I'm looking forward to The Fountainhead, but it will probably take me a while to have time to get to it. Stupid real life invading and all that jazz.

Ralph- said...

Craig, constantly pausing LOST is for dorks.

MB said...

Listening right now - holy SHIT Aimee - this is 100% drunken awesome!

Anonymous said...

if you guys turn into objectivists and start calling for getting rid of the fire department and FDA then i might have to quit the blogspot.

Locke episode tomorrow!!! i might miss it because of work. :( luckily i'm spoiled with the DVR and internets as back-up.

i tried to listen to The Dharmalars last night but i fell asleep (my tired ass not the Dharm O'lars fault) and i ended up dreaming i was hanging out with Ben and Ralph in my highschool gym playing basketball. You guys should talk about Cindy a bunch in your next podcast.


aimee in little rock said...

Oh wow, this is so embarassing. But funny as hell. Laugh it up fellas, cuz it don't happen often.

goofball said...

Atlas shrugged is an excellent novel. I heard angelina jolie is gonna play dagny taggert. should be interesting.

for anyone interested the Thin Man is on TCM at 9:30 EST. A great screwball comedy from the 30's with william powell and myrna loy. They drink a lot and they have great chemistry together.

PalmerEldritch said...

Aimee, you are the drunkenest!

I love it. New gimmick for the podcast, maybe? Only a few minutes in to the podcast but I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Nice to have Craig back again too.

stephsmith said...

Goofball, my DVR is set. I enjoyed An American In Paris today. Ahh, to break out into song in the middle of a Parisian cafe- my life's goal.

aimee in little rock said...

Yeah, don't let my drunkenness take away from the real treat, which was getting to hear from the Podfather. It was an awesome week hanging out with him!

Anonymous said...

I am dying to hear this, but can't get it downloaded from either Itunes or the blog. The world is against me, as usual.

PalmerEldritch said...

fantastic podcast. aimee, you sound like a fun drunk. get craig some skypage so he can call in when he has the time. same with dylan and ryan.

t-dot kim in french! even if it was just the title ("par avion"). it was really a treat to hear the return of the Lost Diary.

thanks, everybody. and for aimee's drunken shenanigans, i'd like to say "thanks, alcohol... thalcohol!"

Anonymous said...

I want to hear the drunken revelry, damn it all!

There is no God in heaven. No one hears my screams.

I fall upon the thorns of life; I bleed.

I need to go get hammered.

aimee in little rock said...

It took my computer about an hour to download it. Switchpod sent an email out saying they are trying to fix their server problems, so it's just running really slow...kind of like my brain was during the podcast.

I downloaded Skype with Craig when I was at his house, and he's loving it now. I think now that he's gotten that out of the way, we may be able to hear from him more often! (cross your fingers) But remember, he's like the Ryan Seacrest of OKC, so consider this a treat, and just appreciate whenever we are able to hear from him because he is really busy.

Hey Ralph, that one chick on AI sang "diamonds are forever" tonight...just thought you like to know incase you aren't watching the show. I'm, uh, not watching it.

What the fuck Sanjaya?

PalmerEldritch said...

aimee, my girlfriend was heckling American Idol while I was in the other room listening to little old you. i came into the room and Sanjaya was on. i was not impressed. but we did laugh our asses off at that poor little crying girl. what the heck was up with that?!

also, i liked Seacrest's unintentional masturbatory movements when he was talking to the kid with the crazy hair.

which reminds me of my favorite handjob joke i've ever pulled off. ever do any IMing for others when they leave their computers unattended? my buddy was talking over IM to another buddy of ours when he foolishly left his computer unguarded. the conversation soon devolved into this thanks to my crafty bastardness.

Friend1: Do you like beef stroganoff?
Friend2: uh... sure.
Friend1: howabout stroganoff my beef?

t-dot kim said...

Am I just crazy--but I liked Sanjaya this week. (For once) He's a better rocker than the Rocker Chick. She was AWFUL!

Aimee, you were hilarious this week. There's a part where you say "I'm gonna need your help on this one, Kim." I WASN'T THERE!!! hahahha, and Andie laughing in the background. lol!


t-dot kim said...

OMG, we got our first hate mail.

Anonymous said...

bottom of the barrel. please bring kim back. she keeps the show on the tracks. drunken aimee is self indulgent and boring.

Anonymous said...

another great episode of TLI. Aimee really sounded sloshed at the beginning but she held her own. Craig sounded like he's been keeping up with the Lost too. i hope skype is all it takes to get MYOKM back.
Kim has got some mad crazy production skills and like a true master she worked her magic undetectably. let's just say that i called twice and neither call was coherent on its own.

are we ready for this week's episode? are we prepared to find out what gave Locke his squiggly squiggly legs? Is jack evil now? will he grow a goatee to prove it? Will Ben spend the rest of the season laying seductively on his side?


t-dot kim said...

...and now, our second.

Anonymous said...

Kim & Aimee,

There's always gonna be haters when you're good. Show me anyone who's successful, and there's plenty of people who hate her. That's just human nature. So try to take it as a sign that you're doing better and better.

And I have to agree with "anonymous" two posts up about Kim's mad production skills. THe one call I've made sounded WAY better after Kim worked her magic on it than when I fumbled through it initially. Kim = Awesome.

Aimee & Kim - please keep up the podcast for all of us that really enjoy what you do.


memphish said...

Happy LOST Day!

I was finally able to get Jimmy's podcast and TLI this morning. Listening to Jimmny now (per Kim's recommendation), and I can't wait to listen to TLI once munchkin goes to school. I really want to hear some Bond theme on top of Locke tonight.

Don't let the hate mail, especially the anonymous type get you down ladies.

Kayla said...

Hate mail! That is hilarious! What did they say, alcohol is bad you fools!!!

Why does everyone keep calling Patchy Russian when is Ukrainian cause he was born in Kiev.

aimee in little rock said...

WOW! Two hate mailers! I'm loving this shit. Especially the anonymous blogspotter. At least the emailer had the balls to leave his name and email address behind.

How do you expect a drunk girl NOT to be self indulgent and boring unless you're listening to her being drunk yourself? Oh my gosh anonymous, you are so retarded! Grow a pair.

aimee in little rock said...

My self esteem for the day is totally shot. I need to get in a fight or something.

PalmerEldritch said...

I don't really have any complaints. My only suggestion about the podcast would be... more cowbell.

aimee in little rock said...

Top it all off with a nasty email from my husband too, that I got from him this morning. He doesn't like his wife getting drunk and dancing while he's gone either.

Wow, and I thought I couldn't feel any worse this morning.

stephsmith said...

Can't you just imagine the producers all had huge boners when the crying little girl was caught on camera? How fitting for "British Invasion Night".

Don't let the hate mail bother you, girls. Anyone that doesn't enjoy Drunk Aimee is not the targeted audience.

memphish said...

I'm listening to the podcast and I want a photo of Fluffy Craig.

aimee in little rock said...

He was quite fluffy.

PalmerEldritch said...

Good Lord, the "fluffy" comment was hilarious. Drunken Aimee was pretty terrific but I think her liver would thank her not to get quite that drunk every podcast.

memphish said...

Aimee, I don't think you were getting sober-er-er-er there at the end.

t-dot kim said...

LOL...I'm not gonna let that e-mail bring me down! We have a new episode tonight, and I think it's going to be the episode of the year!


Anonymous said...

That was a truly disturbing podcast. It was cool hearing Craig though, even if it did sound like he was being held hostage by an escapee from the Betty Ford Clinic.