Monday, March 12, 2007

The Lost Score Revisited 1.1

Welcome to ALL NEW Monday edition of the LOST Score with Seattle Jimmy. Jimmy gets into more music from 3x11 (Enter 77) and looks ahead to the Claire-Centric Episode "Par Avion".

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Lost Score Revisited 1.1


Mike Campbell said...

awesome can't wait for it jimmy.

Ralph- said...

you dont have to wait. we can totally listen to it right now!


stephsmith said...

Can't listen yet:(

Anonymous said...

I listened already. I love the show/segment. I'm not sure I understood. Does this mean that Jimmy will have 2 segments a week, one in the Dharmalars, and one separate...or just the separate one?
I hope this means twice as much Jimmy music segements (but figure that's not the case).

Either way, love your stuff Seattle Jimmy.

On a separate musical note (haha)...
BTW jimmy, did you ever listen to the score from last years movie The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky's film). Clint Mansell did it the score. I think it may be one of my favorite film scores of all time and was pissed it wasn't even nominated for an oscar. I thought the score really made that movie.

- SadAce

Jimmy said...


Thanks for the encouraging words. It's most appreciated.

Actually there will be two segments all going well. The usual one with the Dharmalars, and and then the second show will add any extra bits that either were missed, couldn't get squeezed in due to time, or just anything else. Show 2 "should" arrive early at the start of the week.

I completely agree with you about the Fountain Score. In fact, I was a little suprised about the Oscar noms this year as it is. All were deserving, but there was a lot of ommissions too. Maybe there was just a great deal of good music last year and they couldn't fit them in. As you know, I liked "The Lives of Others", but admittedly when I think about it, there was a lack of actual content. Probably only 6 tracks to the soundtrack.

Anyway, cheers,

Anonymous said...

Great, glad to hear about the 2 music segments. I never saw the Lives of Others, but did hear the clip during the oscars and thought it sounded nice.

I'm definitely not a music expert, but love the way you break it down on for all of us.
Some of my other favorite music soundtrack/scores:

1. Star Wars
2. The Last of the Mohecans
3. The Natural turns out, those are some of my favorite movies, proving the importance of sound/music is to the likability of a movie.

- SadAce

Ralph- said...

i think that the scores to X3, Lady in the Water, Casino Royale and Inside Man, Mission Impossible 3 all deserved nods.

There is never a poblem when it comes to amount of content. Back in '97, Anne Dudley won Best Score in a comedy or musical with only 7 minutes of original music. that was they same year that Titanic won for best dramatic score over Goldsmith's L.A. Confidential, a score that is still talked about today.

I was watching Patriot games last sunday and Horner totally steals music from Goldsmith. what a jerk.

Anonymous said...

but they all stole from the great composers!

t-dot kim said...

Jimmy great as always! The best part was when you said you were "naughty" hahahah! ;)


stephsmith said...

While waiting for Jimmy's enormous piece, I was thinking about Enter 77. Patchy said he wasn't lying about anything except being Dharma. Correct? He also said the satellite had been down for years. Dr Marvin Candle said the sonar and satellite was not functional. Was the satellite not functioning because of the sky turning purple? Or had it been out of service for years? Nobody's discussed this yet.

PalmerEldritch said...

Apparently, Jimmy has an "enormous piece." Happy birthday, indeed!

Anonymous said...

that's what she said

Jimmy said...

Naughty girls, behave!
And you, Palmer...

Agreed about LA Confidential, Ralph, and good info on the amount of content required (or not required). I have never seen nor heard "The Last of the Mohecans" and as a result have just stuck it on the Netflix queue. Also, Bond arrives tomorrow, as I didn't eventually see it in the theaters. Nothing like a bit of John Barry'esque scoring (I'm imagining).

Jimmy said...

Oh yes...Lady in the Water is about a week away on my queue as well, and I heard a lot about the score. I'll be interested.

There's just so little time I find to really sit down and watch a film!

Benjamin said...


I just can't bring myself to believe anything Patch said. I'm way beyond trying to take him with a grain of salt and try to figure out the truth (if any) behind his lies. It's not unreasonable to believe that the dish died from disrepair or some other phenomenon, but I'm going to blame the purple stuff. I mean, they had footage of the '04 World Series, right?

Mike Campbell said...

viva la netflix. I am about to watch fast food nation. I was thinking about getting McDonalds and see if the movie will make me throw up :) I had to read the book for a Sociology, Wish i had waited a few more years for the fictionized movie. Rats!

Jimmy will you be my netflix friend :)

stephsmith said...

Less than 7 minutes? I was expecting more like 107 minutes. Sorry, I hate to complain about extra Seattle Jimmy. I realize a podcast is a huge commitment.
Yeah, Ben, what can you believe?

Jimmy, 40 is the new 20. That's what the gossip rags say anyway.

Ralph- said...

Jimmy, if you like James Newton Howard you will like the score to Lady in the Water. and in the Casino Royale score, David Arnold channels the musical ghost of John Barry, especially with the Solange Theme. you will hear it when you see her riding on the beach on a white horse. good stuff!!

Ben, we have to figure out when the '04 series happened in relation to the Island Timeline. Maybe the BoSox winning the series caused the purple in the sky, or vise versa. it could have been the last comunication sent to the others camp.

Benjamin said...

It appears the BoSox played Baltimore the day 815 crashed. They won the series on Claire's birthday, which you all recall she spent making a crib with Locke. It was the same day Hurley got the batteries from Rousseau and told her about the numbers.

Apparently the Purple Stuff happened on November 27th, 2004. If Lostpedia is to be believed. That's the birthday of our friends Sketch and Stretch.

aimee in little rock said...

Jimmy, I just listened to it and once again, well done. I know everyone will sort of miss Jimmy's bit from the regular 'cast, but at least now you'll have more time to spend working on your musical analysis! I think I might still be a bit confused and may have missed a post referring to it, but is there going to be any musical segment at all for the Dharmalars cast, or is there just going to be the individual one from now on?

Enjoy your vacation young man.

stephsmith said...

I have heard what I think of as "psycho music" when there's a big surprising reveal. Maybe I am developing an ear for music. Thanks Jimmy.

goofball said...

Being an Opera freak my favorite soundtracks are "Excalibur" and "Callas Forever".

What do you think are the modern influences in soundtracks? Is there one soundtrack that seems to jump out and influence others. The way say "Blade Runner" affected many modern movies on the futuristic sets and styles?

BTW I really enjoy your efforts on lost soundtrack reviews.

Mike Campbell said...

There has been some attension on dates this season. I have also heard a lot of talk about the effects of the Indian Ocean earthquake (tsunami) that happened on December 26th. Do you think the tsunami will come to the island. The producers have said that there will be a major event that could be considered "jumping the shark" halfway through this year. Maybe the others and the losties will have to come together to survive this disaster.

The only thing that makes me doubt this is that the writers said they had most of the show mapped out. This event happened after they created the show. So it might not happen. I was just wondering what everyone here thought. I think it would be interesting.

PalmerEldritch said...

OK. So, my internet connection's still not working. But I did manage to download the TLI podcast over the past few days. That's commitment, eh?

Anyhow, I've finally listened to it and it was well worth the effort of having to prod the download to resume every couple of hours. Good job, ladies. Very entertaining.

Loved Steph's call. Don't lose the accent.

And I did get to hear Kim speaking a little French again. Ooh la la! Par Avion, indeed!

Don't worry, Aimee. I'll watch LOST on the ol' DVR after the '300' tomorrow night. All before midnight! Hopefully... :\

Anonymous said...

Palmer -
Is "prod the download" tantamount to "spank the monkey"? "Applying the hand brake"? "Couch hockey for one"? "Going Hans Solo on Darth Vader's head"?

I could go on, but I think you get the idea...

BTW, I really enjoyed all three podcasts this week. You all just keep getting better.

Jimmy said...

I will confirm that the intent is to have:

The usual segment...

The "little extra"/preview segment

2 Shows per week (as often as able, vacations withstanding etc) :)

Great responses and questions guys. Will be on tomorrow.

PalmerEldritch said...

Alas, DenAss, no such luck. "Prodding the download" is entirely dissimilar to "dematerializing the TARDIS" or "punching the Rodian."

What it means that I had to go into iTunes and click the "Resume" button on the TLI podcast whenever I got the chance over the past few days because my internet connection is experiencing massive packet loss. Not that they've fixed it yet. Despite sending someone out to replace everything he could think of. Meh!

aimee in little rock said...

Palmer, your dedication to prodding the download more than makes up for you going to see 300 and delaying your viewing of Lost. All is forgiven, for the sake of podcasting egos. Plus, since I've seen 300 and enjoyed it, you should see it too.