Tuesday, May 05, 2009

TLI SPOILERS: Follow the Spoilers

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Follow me for some spoilers! And hear what they're doing to Mac in JAIL! :) Enjoy responsibly :)



Keep looking forward!

The feed: http://www.switchpod.com/users/mimms515/feed.xml

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mb said...

Sorry to cut the previous thread short.

I'm still noticing that iTunes is not updating.

Kim - I think this may be the beginning of the end on Switchpod - not sure.

Stephanie said...

Weird. I came to the blogspot and this post wasn't here. I refreshed and it appeared. I knew it was supposed to be here because I saw it earlier.
TLI nor the spoilers are dl'ing for me either.
Jordan, thanks for reminding me of Party Down. I've been meaning to watch it but keep forgetting.
Yay! TLI for cleaning today!

PalmerEldritch said...

yay for all this new TLI stuff!

boo for none of it downloading!

how ya'll doing today?

anyone had any Pepsi Throwback yet? buying some tonight for a taste test tomorrow night before LOST. a taste test probably involving ice cream and waffles.

t-dot kim said...

Switchpod--which we use to upload our podcasts to iTunes is switching to Libsyn.

There could be a problem with our feed, it's in the process of being changed, or forwarded to a new feed address.

You can still download the ep from this site, hopefully we'll get our feed back to normal soon.


memphish said...

Manual download. But I'm feeling lazy today. That'll require what 3/4 clicks?

/grumble, grumble

t-dot kim said...

LOL, Holli...

Try now, I think I fixed our new settings :P

Stephanie said...

Dl'ing now.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Hostile(!) podcast hosting takeover!

memphish said...

W00t! Downloading with no clicking on my part.

Thanks Kim!


Stephanie said...

Farraday does his mother. Blech! **Shudder**

Stephanie said...

We have Pierre Effing Chang here too.
I totally expected Aimee to invite the Podcaster That Shall Not Be Named to join her on the couch in Las Vegas.

Stephanie said...

Holli, you don't have the flu, do you?

Rrb said...

If the Hostiles took over the podcast would they make Kim and Aimee dress in browns and ..and Palmer or "Other" has to finish this I got nothing.

memphish said...

No flu here. I eat pigs; I don't kiss them.

I did step on a bee about 30 minutes ago though. My big right toe is throbbing. Beware the Footpocalypse!


mb said...

(having trouble getting air laughing)


Hoooooolyyyyy crap! Christ Ben Linus calls are good stuff. Thank you VERY much for your effort Felix!


mb said...


(sigh) It was building up inside and had to be released. Sorry for 'the incident' (ba-dum crash)

/is now crawling under desk for horrid-joke shame

mb said...

Nice damn episode ladies! Laughed a lot!

/laughed about what? whatever - that was so, like, 2 mins ago

Jordan from the 206 said...

I always thought PF Chang's was everywhere. We got one here.

Back to the last thread. I disagree with Kyle. I think it would be very interesting if the final scene of the show was the 815 landing and all our favorite Losties walking off in their different directions as total strangers. Think of a final shot of Kate and Jack exchanging a passing glance, each not knowing the other one bit. To me, that would be very deep and thought provoking. It doesn't make the 5 seasons of what we have seen not have happened. Because it did. It would be no different than a movie where the main character has his memory erased at the end. I would take a daring and interesting end like that over some hammy stereotypical love fest.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Holy crap. It's Cinco de Mayo. How did I miss this fact? Holidays from other countries that are associated with drinking are the only worthwhile ones in my book. Time to go get plastered! Just be careful drinking any Mexican beer people. Be sure to ask if it's been wearing a surgical mask before devouring.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Dang blogspot. Don't all talk at the same time.

Herlihy said...

I don't get Cinco De Mayo. What's it in celebration of?

I'm celebrating Wednesday tomorrow with copious amounts of cheap lager and overpriced spirits.

Stephanie said...

I admire Felix's gift of creativity.

Herlihy said...

Also, i just remembered.

Aimee called me weird. >:|

Anonymous said...

Listened to the start of MB's podcast. Damn funny.

Again wish there was a non-spoiler Mac and MB segment. Waiting on Jimmy's show. I was at ustream, but listened to the show again. Felix was damn funny, but kinda sounded like the Chinese guy from South Park doing a Ben Linus impersonation (meaning he sounded like he was that guy doing a Ben Linus impression). I don't know why. Did anyone else think he sounded like that guy? Go back and listen.

Great Dan impression and overall cool segment (call).

cinco di mayo and Taco Tuesday, great combo.

Herlihy said...

Shitty Wok.

PalmerEldritch said...

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage in North America (and an excuse to eat Mexican food and drink alcohol). it's like St Patrick's Day but Mexican.

in parts of Mexico, they celebrate it too. it's the anniversary of a battle against French forces.

i choose to think of Cinco de Mayo as the celebration that Mexicans aren't French.


memphish said...

I'd like to request a special hiatus gift -- an mp3 of all of Ben Linus' calls to the Ham Menu number.

The amount of Star Trek integration on Fringe tonight was annoying. Anyone planning to see it on Friday? We won't see it until Memorial Day weekend. Too much real stuff other than space movies to do between now and then.


mb said...

Holli you just beat me to that very idea. If Felix is up for it - I or Kim (or Felix if he'd rather) could edit the Ben Linus calls together for a special mini-cast or something. I'd be happy to do it - I just need the audio files.

andrew. said...

- yeah the Star Trek stuff was kind of awkwardly shoehorned in there. Of course, if i had a television show, i would use it to pimp my new summer blockbuster.

I did really enjoy the utterly ridiculous use of a turntable and mixer to play back and enhance the piece of a window. It's a really good sign for the vinyl record retail business that nobody knows how a record player works.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Was it any worse than how Lindelof did so with the Wolverine/Hulk comic? Did anyone read that issue?

PalmerEldritch said...

hidden Fringe Star Trek easter egg #1:

Clint Howard was alien in 60s Star Trek

hidden Fringe Star Trek easter egg #2:

Howard's character's last name was Grayson... the last name of Spock's mother.

//no useful spoilers

mb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mb said...

wish there was a non-spoiler Mac and MB segment.

Flattered Mir - thanks! I've thought many times if there another kind of podcast I would do after Lost ends. Not sure I have the time for a full length thing (like the hour+ that K&A average), but you never know I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I meant like Mac and MB talking Lost non-spoilerish with antics, etc.

When I listen it's usually damn funny. The call from jail this week was hilarious. Why is Mac in jail?

Anonymous said...

Also, PF Changs is a major food chain. They are all over the place. I don't know if I'd characterize it as fancy. I'd put it in the same category as The Cheesecake Factory.

Anonymous said...

Lastly, I told everyone to watch the Bulls game during the show (TLI on Ustream).

It was almost the end of the 4th when I said to "catch the NBA on to TNT." I don't know why Kim was clowning me for that.

Good night and good luck. (i gotta watch that movie)

Stephanie said...

I'm going in to work at 2:30 Friday. Maybe I can squeeze Star Trek in before. Yay. Fun. I've missed you.

Chris JC said...

Aiming for Star Trek on Saturday.

During the finale, I and the wife are going to be in Scotland - possibly not at a place with Sky 1 and definitely not at a place where shady internet funs can occur. So, I'll be viewing that a bit late.

Felix has made it pointless for anyone else to ever call in ever again (ever). Absolutely brilliant. Where's he from? He says "mobile phone"...

Jordan from the 206 said...

"I don't know if I'd characterize it as fancy. I'd put it in the same category as The Cheesecake Factory."

Yes. This is the exact same comparison I used to explain it before. And as for fancy. I'm that would qualify for such in Arkansas.