Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5x15 "Follow the Leader" Pre-Episode Discussion *Spoiler Free*

Post your thoughts, theories, and predictions on tonight's upcoming episode here!



aimee in little rock said...

Damn, I'm gonna miss coming up with different threats for spoiling every week...

memphish said...

I like that photo. It should go with the Ben Linus calls.

We've got PF Chang's too. It's pretty good though the wait staff sometimes takes itself too seriously. We've also got Pei Wei which is a low-end, faster version of their food which I think is crap. I'll take a good local Chinese restaurant over a chain any day. In fact we're having Asian Palace takeout for LOSTnesday dinner tonight.


Herlihy said...

Aimee just likes threatening people.

Chris JC said...

That's twice now I've lumped mega praise on Felix's calls and found that it's about two posts away from Thread Death.

I'll keep it simple this time:

They're great.

JonFromNKY said...

Holy crap! I just listened to the Ben Linus call. CLASSIC!

JonFromNKY said...

By the way,,, Richard Alpert + Young Ben Linus = Canteen boy.

PalmerEldritch said...

that photo is Ben deep in thought about the day he lost his innocence to Richard's Alpert.

i found a way to improve PETA's website.

who's having what for dinner tonight? and will you be joining me in the Pepsi Throwback Taste Challenge? i'm pitting regular (corn syrup filled) Pepsi against Pepsi Throwback (cane sugar filled) in a taste test tonight.

waffles and ice cream tonight.


was there a preview for tonight's episode last week?

Chris JC said...

I only know of Pepsi Throwback through Palmer.

I drink Pepsi Max which, in the UK at least, is sweetened with Aspartame and, of course, Acesulfame K.


aimee in little rock said...

I think I'll eat some Chinese tonight. He better buy me dinner first though.

Herlihy said...

I'm going to have copious amounts of alcohol. YAY!

Also. The Deadpool movie has got the greenlight. YAY!

Ordering tickets online is such a fucking hassle sometimes.

Ralph- said...

last week i wrote:
"So, when Locke and Sun come back from 2007 to meet up with the rest of the "oceanic folk" it will be much later than '77 and everyone will be already inserted into the "others" camp, with a Younger Ben Linus as their leader. THIS is why Ben Linus has been so insistent on guiding the oceanic survivors along their path this whole time!"

I believe this more now than ever!!

At the end of season 3, Ben Linus says that if Jack leaves the island it will KILL US ALL, which i am sure ben believes this because it appears that Jack's purpose is to Shut Down JUGHEAD. Ben knows that the Jack needs to help "The Others" and, much like Elouise and Faraday, is aware of the events of the past. Ben has been spending his whole life doing whatever it takes to make sure that the Oceanic 6 stay on their path. The smoke monster can see the future and the past and this is why it allowed Ben to move on.

The thing that sold me on this is because we know that Eloise knows EVERYTHING that happens up until the point of Desmond being in the Hospital. Since she knows everything, she told the remaining oceanic 6 that they needed to go back. All of the first half of season 5 people and the last half of season 4 everyone (ben, locke, eloise, jack) have been saying that they NEED to go back. But why? when they finally returned nothing really happened. They did not save the day...yet. we have not seen the purpose for all of them being there.

I feel that, with the current situation of all of the oceanic 6 and Miles being outcast from The Dharma Initiative, that they will spend the remainder of the show as "Others"....

1) Learning about the members of Oceanic 6
2) Learning the history of The Hatch
3) Learning about Ben, Juliet and "The Others"
4) Learning about the Freighter Folks and Widmore
5) Learning about the past of the Dharma Initiative
6) Learning about the history of Richard Alpert and the entire history of The Island!!!

This is what i believe is going to happen.

Stephanie said...

Mother-in-law is cooking speghetti for us tonight. I'm not crazy about it her speghetti. At least I don't have to cook and clean the kitchen before Lost comes on.

Chris JC said...

I've long been a fan of your highly detailed theories, Ralph.

Time to place bets on what ThEmIsFiTiShErE will call the episode during his review. My money's on "Swallow the Ladder".

andrew. said...

- i've stayed away from ThEmIsFiTiShErE, but i plan on enjoying it after the finale airs.

- i caught up on the last 2 TLI's last night. Good stuff. Ben Linus singing along to MYOKM was the best. THE BEST JERRY!

- i've had Pepsi Throwback, but i have a hard time judging it because prior to 2 weeks ago, i had been off of soda for 3 years, so it all tastes sweet and carbonated to me. When i drank soda regularly my favorite was classic Royal Crown that used cane sugar so i probalby prefer Throwback.

- when we last left the losties, Farraday was shot at the Others camp. Eloise, Alpert, Jack & Kate were there. Hurley, Sawyer, Miles Jin(?) & Juliet were headed to the beach but got caught with a Phil in the closet. Rose & Bernard & Vincent(?) were steaming up the jungle. Sayid was crying in the woods. Ben & Locke were having laughs at the temple. Sun was playing risk by herself? Frank was sailing. Ilsa the shewolf & crew were dragging around the big footlocker. Caesar was dead. Desmond was in the hospital with Penelope. Little Charlie was wandering around by himself in traffic. Aaron was running up the Littleton's juicebox budget. Ji Yeon was all grown up and running Pike Industries into the ground. Eloise & Widmore were reminiscing on being Others. Present Alpert & Cindy are at the temple, where all the sexy people hang out, branding eachother for kicks. Is that everybody?

mb said...

Good ideas Ralph.

What I'm wondering is how do you fit the supposedly upcoming "incident" into the whole scenario. What do you think the incident will do to our Losties? Catapult them in time? Have no effect? Kill them (I'm not ruling anything out at this point with a whole season to go still)?
Or do you think the incident won't happen?

Also - I don't think "Jack's purpose is to shut Down JUGHEAD". I didn't get that from the episode - if anything, wouldn't he WANT to detonate it so that the Swan hatch energy (which doesn't have anything to do with the Swan yet) is negated, so that 815 never crashes (& so on...)?

Sorry to sound like "the inquisition" - just interested in your theory

Rrb said...

" Caesar was dead. Desmond was in the hospital with Penelope. Little Charlie was wandering around by himself in traffic. Aaron was running up the Littleton's juicebox budget"

That and just listening to "Ben Linus" on T L I , I now have to change my Undies and go to the Dentist my Jaw hurts so much, from Laughing!

Rrb said...

MB thats what I got from the episode. Jacks all about the BOOm! Kate not so sure about Boom!

Rrb said...

I don't want the BOOM! I want What ever happened happened. No Do Over!!! Play for keeps LOST no cheatin.

Chris JC said...

I'm not one of those tedious Whedon is God people, but I've been rewatching some Buffy recently and for all its peaks and troughs the way it manages relationships, plot dynamics, continuity and dialogue has been making quite a lot of LOST seem hugely amateurish.

This will pass, I'm sure, but I wanted to share the unjoy.

Still enthused for tonight's though - always am.

memphish said...

Andrew your list worries me that we may get a 35 minutes "Previously on LOST" and only 5 minutes of new show.


Chris JC said...

Oh, and I'm aware Drew Z. Greenberg wrote for both.

Ralph- said...


Chris JC said...

He's a comedy LOST blogger that, even after all the time he's been doing what he does (getting a screen grab of a character just as they've shut their eyes and saying that it made no sense for that character to fall asleep, or using screenshots from the actors other appearances and claiming they are upcoming spoilers - but much funnier than that sounds) still gets comments like "o my god do u evn wath ths show?" on his blog.

I linked to it once, but at the time he had actually used spoiler images and they were seen by Palmer, and maybe some others so I felt bad.

Perhaps it's safer to look at his Lostpedia page:


PalmerEldritch said...


i know next to nothing about this episode. excellent!

unless it sucks.

Stephanie said...

I know what you mean, Chris. Buffy has shown the light on all the short-comings of Lost for me. Perhaps it's watching on DVD as compared to live. It just seems to be more disappointments with Lost lately. And by lately I mean the past three seasons. Is Lost not the greatest tv show ever made as I once thought?
Maybe Joss isn't a god but he is my Master.

Herlihy said...

I wouldn't ever say that LOST is the best tv show ever, but for my money, it is the best hourly drama on air at the moment.

Chris JC said...

The scope, the ambition of LOST is like nothing I've ever seen on television before and it tends to balance a very large cast pretty well. That's where its strengths lie and that's where it begins to disappoint when it starts to fail in those areas.

PalmerEldritch said...

i like LOST.


i am so spoiler free for this one that it's crazy. i'm not even sure who's episode it is.

about to embark on a crazy binge eating pre-LOST adventure.

see you on the other side, bloggah!

Herlihy said...

if this episode doesn't make me speechless by the end, then i'm going to kick off...

mb said...

The blogspot is a place where miracles happen people -

I posted a few things on THE SPLOG including a theory of mine that I'm wondering if anyone else has ideas on.

JoeSC said...

Happy LOSTnesday everyone!!!

If tonight's LOST is anywhere near as good as Fringe was last night, I'm gonna have to change my pants!

Mr. Bill said...

"At least I got chicken"

Thanks Oprah!
Thanks KFC!

Chicken for me tonight!