Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TLI: The Incident, Part 1

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The TLI gals discuss their point of revelation of "The Incident", the Jacob centric episode the season 5 finale of ABC's LOST.

In part 2, they read emails and listen to your voicemails. Stay Tuned!

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t-dot kim said...

Should be up in about 15 minutes...

Only 1 song so far and that's
Bruce Springsteen - The Incident on 57th Street

Alirio said...

Deuxième putains!!!

I miss seeing you guys record live... Basement keeping me away form the TLI awesomeness on Ustream...

Can't wait to listen....

memphish said...

Shit, shit, damn. Today for unknown reasons my 1 year and 4 week old iMac started rebooting itself, but in a way that led to black screen and now will not boot up at all. And so getting TLI to my preferred iPod is all screwed to hell for at least a day until I can get to the Genius Bar.

MB, have Mac pray for my Mac.


Jordan from the 206 said...

For all of Apple's condescending commercials about how little problems people have with Macs, I sure hear a lot of people I know talking about helplessly having no choice but to visit the Apple store.

Got this list from a blog. Network TV shows that have been canceled, er, not renewed:

NBC: "My Name Is Earl," "Life," "Kath & Kim," "Lipstick Jungle," "Kings"

ABC: "Samantha Who?," "Cupid," "The Unusuals," "According to Jim" (finally!)

CBS: "The Unit," "Without a Trace," "Eleventh Hour," "Worst Week"

CW: "Privileged," "Reaper," "Everybody Hates Chris," "The Game."

Fox: "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," "Sit Down, Shut Up"

PalmerEldritch said...

happy birthday, steph! :p

andrew. said...

- Oh Snap! Happily Boreanaz Stephanie!

- i'm a little sad that The Unusuals got canned. I liked the cast and the look of the show. I stopped watching after one of the main detectives let go a cop killer because 'everyone deserves a second chance' though.

- Listened to all of the spoiler segments last night and listening to the new TLI today. LOST!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, guys. I wish me happy Boreanaz's too. And chocolate cake.

Glee is cute as pie. Quirky.

Kris progressed well but I chose Adam to be the next American Idol.

Don't forget to watch So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night on Fox. You'll love it!

elias said...

Happy Birthday Steph!

Let's celebrate with new TLI.

mb said...


From the last thread:

- Touché Jordan - you point is well made

- MIR - All past TLI episodes should still be available through the iTunes store. If you just search "The Lost Initiative" it should come up (along with the brittish SkyONE podcast of the same name).
Alternatively (assuming it's the same on Mac or PC) you can "unsubscribe" to the podcast and then subscribe again, and then all the TITLES of the past episodes which you don't have show up in your podcast list with the titles in GRAY text, and they each have a "get" button next to them. Just click on "get" for the episodes you want. I would say that you could just use the "get all" button at the top of the list - but that (at least for me) re-downloads all the episodes you already have as well.

[ally] said...

Should be up in about 15 minutes...THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

~Ally (from her pole dancing cave)

Stephanie said...

But how did the Black Rock get so deep into the jungle?

PalmerEldritch said...

steph, is that some sort of euphemism?

ally, welcome back!

also, the black rock could have been pushed there by a giant wave, a smoke munster, a teleporting island, or a plot hole. :)

[ally] said...

all excellent possibilities, p.

how's your birthday treating you so far, steph?

Herlihy said...

Jacob was some sort of creepy psiren on the rocks luring in some ship that Richard seems to have been on...

Maybe Jacob showed Richard how to take the innocence from people.

mb said...

Forgot to say - thanks Andrew and Mir for listening to the spoiler seg!


Holli - Mac's an atheist but I'm sure he wants your iMac to get better (as I do)

PalmerEldritch said...

So, all y'all who complain about CBS' Ben Silverman... yeah, sounds like he's a douche. and CBS will officially suck this fall.

check out the CBS fall schedule at the end of this article.

i dont watch Medium but the lady it's based off is FREAKY (but nice). saw her at Comic-Con a few years ago and while she may or may not be actually psychic, she has a real weird quality she projects that kind of unnerves and fascinates you.

weird stuff.

oh. and, again, look at that fall schedule. with apologies to NPH, nothing that interests me.

andrew. said...

- CBS, is that still around?

- MB, you're silly. Don't thank us. Thank YOU for doing that thing and making it so pro & entertaining. I have to say that I did start to worry about your sanity during the 'Incident' cast. :)

- I liked both Kim & Aimee's theories for season 6. I hope they're both right (or it's a tie and they have to have a Dharma Whipped Topping wrasslin match to selttle it.)

Jordan from the 206 said...

Quick nitpick. Mega Douche & TV programming moron extraordinaire, Ben Silverman heads NBC. But yeah, CBS sucks too. They get good ratings. But besides HIMYM, there is not a single show I watch.

Stephanie said...

CBS seems to be the middle-aged persons network. I don't watch anything other than HIMYM either though my elder co-workers urge me to watch NCIS and such.
Elizabeth Mitchell plays a FBI agent/mom in V. I think it looks good. The cast are all from some of our favorite canceled sci-fi tv shows. Bad sign?

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. Aimee is such a nerd. Why didn't I think if laminating the blast door map?

Herlihy said...

Right. I'm looking at the blast door map, and it totally doesn't mean that the TPTB had a plan from season 2 at all.

It's just a load of giberish. Means nothing at all.

PalmerEldritch said...

V looks dreadful.

Kind of like Morena Baccarin's new haircut.

But it's got Joel Gretch, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Morena Baccarin so I'll probably try to give it a chance.

Stephanie said...

Morena Baccarin would even be beautiful bald.
I remember V from when I was a kid. It scared me shitless.
Off to see Terminator today. Trying to forget that everyone hates it. Hoping it'll be the converse of Star Trek.

PalmerEldritch said...

breaking news!

ABC's fall schedule sucks too. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/41128. nothing on there to watch. sorry, Jamie Ray Newman.

ok. should finally have time to listen to the podcast today. i know, i know. i feel so dirty. :(

Stephanie said...

V also has Supergirl, Wash, the guy from Boyz n the Hood, and Bailey Salinger (who if Morgan had been a boy would have been named).

Stephanie said...

I have to say, I'm kinda curious about Cougar Town.

PalmerEldritch said...

listening to TLI. thank goodness!

memphish said...

Giacchino articleGreat podcast ladies. Looking forward to the rest. Dribble it out though and make it last (TWSS?) Kim I like your time loop without Jacob idea.

So I was the lucky winner of an iMac with a bad logic board (motherboard in the PC world). On the plus side even though it was less than 1 month out of warranty they are fixing it for free. I guess they could tell by looking at me that I was willing to commit the time to creating a Twitter trending topic had they dicked me over.

Kid leaves for camp tomorrow at 2 pm. We're then going to Zoo Brew - beer + food + lions. What could go wrong? Then we're leaving the next morning for New Orleans for the weekend. So if I have to be iMacless I guess this weekend if the weekend for it. Everyone have a great Memorial Day! Does Canada and the UK get that?


Jordan from the 206 said...

V looks pretty goofy. What's with Elizabeth Mitchell and working with former Party of Five leads with animal last names? Not that the show looks good or anything. But the second I saw Scott Wolf, I just knew it will likely not be very good. Scott Wolf makes Matthew Fox look like Laurence Olivier.

memphish said...

Mac's an atheist.

I thought Apple was a cult complete with it's own forms of worship.

So V has only been picked up for 6 episodes. So don't write off Juliet yet.


Ralph- said...

did anyone watch american idol last night?
was it just me or did Kara remind anyone of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs?

pic not really safe for work.

mb said...

Thanks for the kind words Andrew :) And yes I was FEELING a little less sane upon finishing the Incident podcast - things get pretty loopy for me at 3am - lol.

Finally finished listening to TLI last night.
Kim - I like your theory as a possibility and have been thinking the same thing as a possibility. I don't think it would (or should) take up a majority of the season - I actually think it would be good drama if they did an "other 48 days" kind of thing, where they just show highlights of the 815ers lives going differently. Who knows how they would get out of it - I have to think that Desmond would be involved b/c of his wacky abilities.

mb said...

Holli - I had that same thing happen with my brand new (at the time 12 years ago) Powermac 8500. Glad they are stepping up and replacing the board (as they should).

Stephanie said...

Why was Kara in a bathing suit?

I enjoyed the heck out of Terminator Salvation.

t-dot kim said...

Kara was in a bathing suit because she's the biggest loser that ever lived! At first I thought she was a good addition to the judging panel, but after "The Incident" (with bikini girl), she became batshit crazy.

Showing up in a bikini did it in for me. She wanted to show the super hot Bikini Clad Girl that she had a better voice than her--grow up Kara. Grow UP!

Steph, So You Think You Can Dance! I CAN'T WAIT! Let's podcast about it :D

Herlihy said...

I'm pretty sure that Kara was in a bikini because she was bet some money for charity that she would do it...

Stop being mean. I liked her! Also, the way she showed up Bikini girl last night was amazing.

Also, i love how Adam is trending so much higher than Kris on twitter.

PalmerEldritch said...

i like LOST.

steph, i'll go start a Terminator Salvation thread on the BBS so you can tell me all about it. i'm spoiled as all hell at this point. may check it out. may not. T3 was a pretty good movie. T2 is overrated. Linda Hamilton's T1 hair is UNSTOPPABLE.

fun podcast, ladies. as usual, it was highly enjoyable. i'm hoping we dont retread season 1 (or seasons 1 thru 5) in a different timeline. seems kind of... meh. i hope our LOSTies simply end up back in 2007 via "jacob's magic touch," that jughead was The Incident, and that somehow the Time-Fuckers were Jacob's loophole to save him from Dark Shirt Guy(DSG?)'s loophole.

new shirt idea?: Esau found my loophole.

guess we'd need his name first, eh?

Stephanie said...

Kimberley, SYTYCD is the greatest! When do you want to record? Tomorrow night? Squee!

t-dot kim said...


Kara is ANNOYING. She's a great singer, and a great producer. She knows it, the people who work with her know it--why does she have to prove it to the bikini gal of all people? That moment was all about one-up-ing the dumb hot girl.

Do you remember Kara in the audition rounds how he got up and just started singing over her--then called her a "crazy bitch". Ridiculous. That just made me laugh out loud watching last night. I really hope she's not on next season. I do give her kudos for wearing a bikini in from of a billion people last night--that's hard core.

What's happening on Twitter with Adam and Kris?

PalmerEldritch said...


/not watching SYTYCD