Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TLI SPOILERS: Some Like it Spoiled

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MB dishes out more spoilers for this weeks all new episode of Lost, and Mac apparently is on the run. Enjoy responsibly :)

(despite this thread title advertising spoilers)


Keep looking forward!

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t-dot kim said...

Woo hoo! Thanks MB (I listen to them in May...but thanks!!)

PalmerEldritch said...

"spoiler? foiler?"

yeah, mb, i gotta wait until May but i always enjoy listening to them when i do finally listen to them.

new LOST tomorrow night? when do we have another week without LOST?

andrew. said...

according to my DVR we're getting a clip show next week.

PalmerEldritch said...


that'd blow.

Chris JC said...

I refuse to have hot running water in my house.

I'm boiler free.

PalmerEldritch said...

i ignore all Houston based (American) football teams.

i'm "Oilers" free.

what's up, blogspotica? any cool LOST things i should be aware of before tomorrow's episode?

PalmerEldritch said...

and, yes, the Oilers dont exist anymore. but, c'mon, work with me, people.

mb said...

I'm afraid the clip show IS true say according to my sources.

Sux - but whattaya gonna do.

mb said...

I do a considerable amount of double checking and vetting of the info I report in my seg -

I'm foiler free (usually)

And THANKS Kim and Palmer. The fact that you go back and actually listen to them is flattering.

memphish said...

Last time around I was ready for the break. Yeah that was mostly because I was selfishly on vacation at the time, but this time a clip show is not high on my list of things I'd like to watch on TV. It's entitled something about the Oceanic 6 and that makes me wonder if it will be full of the conspiracy stuff like on the DVD set or if it's just S5 clips. I liked that conspiracy extra.


James said...

Thanks MB...always appreciated.

I actually made a segment...I will post it late tonight or early Wednesday in order to give some space for TLI and MB...but I'm warning you, it's mainly me just bitching about how much I disliked "Dead is Dead". It's nothing more than a gripe set to music!

Seriously...does anyone think this season 5 sucks! ?

Chris JC said...

I've certainly been less wowed than before, but am trying not to turn into the "bitchy fan".

Although, I realised in watching the last few Sarah Connor Chronicles episodes (at least of the season, and possibly ever) that while my brain keeps telling me that LOST is the best show on US telly at the moment, that it was complete bollocks as I was enjoying what I was watching FAR more.

Holder said...

I am anti-gun. Recoiler free?

Yeah, not really. I sleep with a gun under my bed. Fact-It is a law in my hometown of Kennesaw, GA that every household must own at least one gun.

Also, Recoiler would be a sweet band name.

Chris JC said...


mb said...

Thanks Jimmy!

I just emailed you RE: posting your segment (in short - go ahead if your ready).

RE: Season 5 - I have enjoyed it. But it certainly has felt clunky in places. I guess to me, seen as another set of puzzle pieces, these episodes are filling in the big picture nicely IMO. It just feels like they are REALLY racing to get all the information and story into the remaining episodes, somewhat to the detriment of the dramatic tension and mystery we have been used to in the first 3 years.

But that said - I personally am enjoying the hell out of getting so much information (despite the aforementioned aspects that are lacking a bit).

Jordan from the 206 said...

Or the fact that it's all made up. :P Just kidding MB. I couldn't resist.

Yay. A day where MB's thread isn't usurped 10 minutes after posting! Congrats!

And I am very disappointed that I have yet to get any date offers for Baconopolis. :(

James said...

Yeah, it's an odd thing but LOST just hasn't really fired for me this season. It all feels a bit like Season 3 from ep 1 to 8... with the exception of every man for himself it kind of lost it's way. But then it really, really picked up.

I feel though that with just 4 more episodes to go, that this season will go down as the one that fell a bit flat.

I get what Chris said about not being a bitchy fan. That said, I've been a fan for so long, I feel I can bitch if I want to. C'mon, that last 5 minutes of Dead is Dead was more than disappointing, it was cringe worthy.

Perhaps I'm a bit too cold sometimes? I tend to often see things T-Dot's way...like the Desmond Penny phone call in S4...total rubbish ;P

Stephanie said...

I don't think season 5 sucks at all. I think it's a pretty solid season. I'm afraid I'm burned out with Lost or lost my enthusiasm for Lost. I noticed I quit listening to The Lost Podcast a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I'm just busy. School, work, family. I'm just tired.

t-dot kim said...

James, I knew there was a reason I liked you :)

Anonymous said...

I was watching Red Dwarf V (I still don't understand why they break groups of 6 episodes into a series/season) "Quarantine" and I suddenly had the urge to come on the blogspot.

There really hasn't been much to discuss Lostwise lately. I'm gonna go read the previous thread to see what you peeps have been talking about since last week's episode.

I haven't listened to MB's spoiler show in some time. It's weird listening to spoilers after the fact, but on long road trips I sometimes listen to old TLI episodes and crack up during the Mac and MB segment. I wish MB had a segment on TLI that was non-spoilerish.

Speaking of spoilers, I've once again been spoiled and once again I am psyched about an upcoming episode.

Let's hope episode 100 doesn't disappoint like "Dead is Dead" did.

t-dot kim said...

PS...I filmed my first high speed chase from the chopper tonight. It resulted in a pretty bad crash on the highway. We were fighting against the wind, but we got some wicked footage. (Sad that I was excited filming it--when someone probably died)

/ok, now I'm ashamed

Herlihy said...

Red Dwarf and many other UK tv shows are grouped into 6 episode seasons for a few reasons. Mainly, the fact that we don't have the money to produce 24 episode seasons along with the fact that our shows are generally written by one or two people compared to the writing teams of the US.

PalmerEldritch said...

tha kid, it seems like with all of these answers that we're getting, there's less to theorize about. either that or we burned out on goofy theories.

goofy theory: Iliana and her naughty boots were sent to the Island by... DANIEL FARADAY.

no idea how or anything. but we havent seen hide nor hair from him in quite a while.

kim, sounds cool (besides the horrific ending resulting in probably loss of life). canadians are having high speed chases now? first beheadings and now this? yeesh.

Chris JC said...

Don't be ashamed, Kim. Regardless of what happened on the ground, that doesn't mean it wasn't an adrenalising experience for you.

In the history of cinema, cameras have captured great disasters and tragedies and many of them, regardless of the human cost, are fucking amazing to look at.

Anonymous said...

@Kim, you gotta YouTube the car chase. Yes, I am one of those people who will actually sit thru an entire slow speed car chase and then go online to read about the aftermath.

@Herlihy, good point. I always wondered why there were so few episodes of Mr. Bean. I guess it's a similar issue.

Speaking of Bean, did they actually air the cartoon series in the UK? Wow. That show is terrible and this is coming from someone who like the Bean movies (which many people did not). I am pretty sure the cartoon never aired in the U.S. Someone got the series for me on dvd and I just watched a couple episodes then tossed it aside.

Stephanie said...

Kim, I can relate. At my work, someone will arrest or code and I'll sigh and I'll be all mad that I can't go sit down or eat or watch tv or get online.

Anonymous said...

President Palmer/PE, I think the point of the "Shadow" comment by Iliana was supposed to get us to theorize. I don't know about the blogspot, but the whole new Iliana story arc just seems stupid and forced to me.

Forced? I mean it's been created as filler so that there's more story to tell. I guess you could say that about anything, but they could have at least made it interesting.

The whole hostile group has been done with the Others, the Tail Section, and the Freighter Group.

Anonymous said...

Last thing. When Kim wrote CRASH I took it as the high speed chase guy crashing (like into a tree and blowing up). I hadn't thought about the fact that the dude or chick might've crashed into someone else.

If it's my scenario of crashing into a tree and blowing up, I don't really have a problem with the high speed chase person dying because he or she is the result of his or her own death.

Anonymous said...

Result? I mean cause. Why did I write result?

Jordan from the 206 said...

There really isn't much to theorize about given the change in the course of the show. It's a bit of a jolt and is taking some getting used to for Lost fans. Given the fact that exactly what drew most of them to the show was the constant theorizing due to the format of the show. I don't think you can really blame the show. Yeah, maybe it's not as awesome as it could be. But they can't keep up the old pace of tons of new mystery and intrigue with little answers. Not during their end game.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Oh and you people are terrible. Revelling in human tragedy. For shame. Tisk, tisk.

Herlihy said...

Revelling in human tragedy is the only reason i get up in the morning.

memphish said...

Just put together between Twitter and ABC that Ralph is going to see Jorge on Kimmel tonight. In fact he's there now. Go Ralph. Gralph?


PalmerEldritch said...

yeah. set your DVRs!

andrew. said...

- i've been a little critical of this season of LOST. It's just that now that we're into answer mode, some of those answers are turning out to be a lot more mundane, sometimes even sillier, than i imagined. In season 2, i imagined D.H.A.R.M.A. as a really bad-ass organization mixing eastern mysticism with hardcore science, a secret organization made up of the top people in their fields who left the regular world behind to focus on the purity of intellectual pursuit, perhaps with a blindspot for moral limits. Now i'm finding out that it's a bunch of bumbling dropouts with a penchant for mob justice.

It's not that i'm not enjoying this season, it's just that, like Chris said, it's turning out that LOST is just a TV show sometimes.

- what is the deal with this American Idol bullshit going over whenever they want. I missed the end of Fringe last week. If i weren't doing my taxes in front of the TV i'd miss the end of this week too. Keep the pretty-people karaoke on a leash!

- ooh, crank 2 commercial.

Jordan from the 206 said...

But Quentin Tarantino is the guest mentor tonight! How can you not love that? lol.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

James you really opened up a can there didn't ya.

I don't want people to think I was one of those bitchy fans. Season 5 has been ..... eh really. When people ask me what I think of season 4 I say well I'm still trying to develop my opinion on that one. You know the Constant was great. The Shape of TTCome was great. Something Back Nice Home made me cringe. The last 2 parts of the finale were great while the first part wasn't. Cabin Fever was about average but pretty disappointing to me.

Like when I think back there is no other and will probably be no other show that has captured my attention like this. I have devoted a lot of time to it - hell I even lost my innocence to RA. but like the episodes from deus ex machina through exodus were fabulous. The last half or so of season 3 was really brilliant.

It's just so hard to judge a season to me I have always done it episode by episode but when it comes to season 5 - TLADOJBentham was pretty good but very disappointing while Dead is Dead is another one I had BIG expectations for and it was ok too but dissappointing as well. I was bored to death with the O6 stuff last year and right now I am pretty damn bored with the Dharma stuff.

Even though there have probably been more disappointing episodes this year than great ones I still have faith in the writers and producers because they have been brilliant in the past. I really really hope that they didn't jump the shark with "We have to go back Kate!" but it may just be like that when all is said and done.

I am not expecting a hell of a lot tomorrow but anything with Pierre Chang usually is great to me.

I am, however, expecting a GREAT 3-4 episode run to close out the 5th season.
It's a leap of faith James. Why do you find it so hard to believe? Why do you find it so easy?! It's never been easy!

It's not an easy show to watch like American Idol. But it absolutely will be worth it. I have faith.

mb said...

Thanks for the kind words Kid!

RE: nobody supposedly having questions anymore -

I don't totally disagree about Season 5 being in answer mode, but if you all want things to ponder, there are still plenty:

- after all this time - who the hell ARE the others, why do they protect the island?

- related to that, who is Alpert?

- also related, how did Widmore come to join the others - and for that matter, how do most of the others join up? Where did they all come from?

- Is there more story to tell of Aaron and Ji Yeon? Perhaps not much - maybe nothing for Ji Yeon, but I imagine there's more for Aaron to do.

- There's a WAR coming?

- Who is Ilana? Who's she working for - is it Dharma?

- I imagine Daniel currently gathering all kinds of freaky info about the island and what it is and what it can do. He has some 'splainin' to do.

- We need a better explanation of Jack's tattoos from Achara.... ....joke ;)

- Is Locke going to actually finally LEAD the others? Or is he going to fuck it up and start blowing shit up again? Seriously though - is he going to be able to lead them? Does he have it in him to be a leader - b/c in truth, I haven't seen a LOT (a little - not a lot) of real leadership from him since the beginning.

- What's Desmond's endgame - he doesn't want anything to do with the island. Unfortunately for him the island doesn't feel the same way (kind of like a psycho ex-girlfriend really).

- WHERE THE HELL ARE ROSE AND BERNARD?!?! (ok...i'm not really THAT concerned)

I'm sure I'll think of more - and I'm sure that many things won't ever be fully answered.

/ Yes Jordan I can hear you now - i.e. "IT'S CAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW THEY'RE GOING TO END IT!!" - lol

I keed 'cos I love

Kyle from Kentucky said...

what about the volcano on the island

why did the others/hostiles let dharma come to the island and inhabit it


will the o815ers and des and ben end up happy or dead or miserable in the real world

why was ben able to sneak his way back but not charles

how did the island come to be and what is it's purpose

will daisuke matsuzaka throw a strike this season

seriously there are a TON of questions yet to be answered I just hope they're not as disappointing as the Ben steals Alex reveal.

Jordan from the 206 said...

There are questions (more like things yet to take place). But they are are big in a grand scheme, overall way that they used to be. There's a sizable difference in my opinion.

mb said...

smartass-ness aside - I agree with you Jordan that while we have many plot points that we know are probably coming, there's not as much to theorize about like there used to be. We are definitely ramping down to the resolution of the overall story (fairly rapidly it feels like).

Jordan from the 206 said...

Yeah. The main difference is we no longer really have much of the "What exactly is this?" feeling anymore. Yeah, we still don't know exactly what. But we got a good idea. It's just a matter of the particulars being singled out & getting the final resolution for the characters. Not as engrossing a thought process as when you have no clue what you are watching.

I still think it's good. In fact, I think I might be less disappointed than most. Might have to do with the fact that I've lowered my expectations a bit back due to not loving some previous stuff as much as others. I guess I'm just Mr. even keel. Like it. Don't love or hate it.

But like I said, it's still well worth the ride and very fun to watch IMO. Even if it's not exactly the most awesomest thing ever & not on par with seasons past. Also, I myself have always been more into the storytelling & dramatic aspects of the show as opposed to being answer hungry. I think that now works to my advantage in terms of enjoyment as opposed to ones who may be mostly into the mythology and have been waiting for answers. Either way, I still think there's more than enough to keep the show enjoyable. But obviously not everyone is going to see things the same way. And some are just going to think it sucks. We all got our own tastes, I guess.