Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TLI: Music & Review "Dead is Dead"

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Jimmy bashes the closing moments of "Dead is Dead", but eventually chills out with the help of an iPhone App. It's 5 minutes of magic.

Play List:

Dharmacide - Michael Giacchino

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Kyle from Kentucky said...

Last 5 mins...
poorly done
lost turned into heroes
alex looked hot

All things that I thought


I hope they don't stop making new music. Giacchino and the music has been so damn good

t-dot kim said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one that found the episode anti-climatic. I think it was just the over sappy and somewhat bizzare way Ben said "Ohhh Alex, I'm soooooo sorry" to the smoke monster that made me bonkers. When the episode ended, I was like...


Jimmy, thanks!! I'll listen once I get home :)

Stephanie said...

So, I have to work tonight. I plan to get my work done early, get back to the office and snag the remote before anyone else does. Hopefully no one will arrest or come in the ER not breathing like they did during the last 10 minutes of Dollhouse last week. Damn it!

PalmerEldritch said...

LOSTnesday, mickey fickeys!

and who's going to go see Crank 2??? heheheheh.

looking forward to LOST tonight. should be good.

Ralph- said...

don't know if this has been brought up, but TLI is on the front page of iTunes under LOST FANS!!!

Congrats Ladies and Gentlemen of the TLI!!!!

PalmerEldritch said...

congrats to the lovely ladies of TLI. and congrats to the lovely fellows of TLI?? hrmm... :\

friggin' American Idol has been eating up my DVR and not letting me record Ghost Hunters while watching LOST. took care of that though. now Ghost Hunters has preference over the ladyfriend's recording of American Idol. muahhahahaha!

and, yes, i asked first. i'm not too horrible of a barbarian.

are we going to have an episode entirely in the 70s now that we have so many questions about Ben and Locke and Smokey and Iliana in the 00s? that'd be a bit annoying.

Wesh said...

music review time! Always enjoy those musical tidbits of insight into the lost score. Good stuff!

Personally I didn't hate Dead Is Dead's ending, but I agree it kinda was sub par. For instance I liked the Smokey that killed Eko better then his/it's latest appearance. The flashes where done cooler back then, while this time they were kinda retarded, to me.
Don't know what to make of Alex's actual physical appearance. I think I might've rather enjoyed her as a ghostly shadow floating about in a dark corner of that temple and then grabbing him from the back whispering not to kill Locke and then disappearing, creepily. The whole scene was too light. It needed to be darker, grimmier, kinda like Jacob's toolshed.
But that's just my opinion. I don't mind a fair amount of horror to be incorporated in Lost.