Monday, February 27, 2006

Thank you.

Thanks very much to all of you for your remarks re: my leaving for the Navy. I appreciate your advice and am humbled by your kind words. I will encourage Craig to continue with the podcast, and I will participate at every opportunity in the future. Namaste.


Scott and Steve said...

First, bitches!

Dylan is King

Starline said...


Much luck though!

Ralph- said...

Craig better continue that good shit!
it will be akward at fist, but who the flip cares, IT'S STILL MYOKOMW/SAS!

sayten said...

you are fucking badass. we will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Dylan -

Fist off, good luck. You'll do great, I'm sure.

Second, since I've recently moved to a new apartment in Sicily, I haven't had internet access, and as such haven't been able to get Lost or your podcast.

Needless to say, I've been in MYOKOMW/SAS withdrawl, and have only been able to sate my thirst with expensive Scotch and my seaside view.

Anyhow, drop me a line. I'd be happy to give you any advice, words of encouragement, or inside tips on your new job. It's a different kind of experience being an ex-college boy in the military, but it can be a blast at times. I don't love it, but I've gained a lot from it.

Hope to hear from you.


p.s. I hope to have the 'net soon...Craig had better keep the show going.

goofball and wife said...

When I first heard the end of your very special show I thought you were joking.

Then after a while I realized Dylan was serious. So I put a plastic bag over my head and duct taped it around my neck.

Then after a while I realized I wasn't breathing to well so I cut the bag off.

Then I wondered why Dylan would join a branch of service which is rumored to attract a lot of sheep herders.

Why the navy? I could see leaving MYOKOMW/SAS for the adventurous life of the infantry. Nothing could be more exciting than podcasting except maybe digging latrines in the desert.

Good luck, we'll miss you. and thanks in advance for your service to your country.

Gilyan said...

Aw man, Dylan, you will be missed!

I really hope Craig continues the show, but you cannot be replaced.

aimee in little rock said...


Regarding boot camp, the best (or worst) part of your day will be mail call.

You should have Craig post your mailing address once you get it, so your MYOKOM w/SAS fans can send their best wishes.

Regardless of what's written or sent, it's always a moral boost to get mail.

Congrats & good luck

aimee in little rock said...

I meant to say "morale" boost, not moral.

rubycalaber said...

Well thanks for everything, goodluck man, dont screw anything up to much.

colin_cristopher said...

this is one big long con right? i mean, the punchlines coming up soon right? right?

Laura (its.mrs.b) said...

Dylan, sending lots of protective and supportive light your way. There is a reason for everything, or so I've heard ;) and so this decision of yours is meant to be.

My husband is former Navy and he loved it. Now he makes submarines for the Navy :) I know 2 navy wives and, while there are special challenges they face, they are happy with their husbands' decisions. Hey the Navy made one of them a doctor (nope his name isn't Jack).

Maybe you can sign on the show thru skype - that would be awesome! And I am sure that the universe will send the right co-host to fill-in for you.

Still, it won't be the same, but nothing in life ever is. The two of you have a wonderful gift for bringing laughter and fun to others, and that is a gift that will serve you both well through life no matter where you go.

I am glad our paths have crossed, even if only over the podcast airwaves. I hope they will cross again. You will be missed.

Jai Bhagwan, I honor the light within you.

or, as you speak it,


Dan C said...

Admit it, you signed up to be a cryptologists simply on the hopes of being able to crack the whole "4 8 15 16 23 42" thing.

Good luck, you will be missed!

Katie said...

We need a reaction post for the new episode.

Anyway I have a lot to say, so here it goes:

* Henry Gale, although I really thought I knew it last episode, I REALLY know now that he's an Other. There's no way he isn't. I don't care if we find the balloon. He could have seen the balloon and made a story up from seeing it OR the balloon itself could have been planted. Like I said in earlier replies to other comments, on the Island, innocent until proven guilty doesn't work here as much as all of us want us to be so. It just isn't so in this universe.

* Eko was steaming this episode. That is all.

* There were many questions I was asking the whole time this episode was "Is DHARMA good or bad?" Is it as easy as "good" or "bad"? Does the means justify the ends? Are their motivations pure? Do their motivations matter? If they ARE good, why do they have to drug Claire? I'm not the type of LOST fan looking for the "end all be all" of the show, but this has something to do with it and something we should keep in mind.

* Sun being pregnant/maybe being pregnant will further the plot. This is not something that is a throw away thing. Perhaps we will see parallels between her and Claire. Just keep an eye out, Losties!

* My scientific mind goes to this question, though it really may not be relevant: There are no drugs that I can think of that would impair one's judgment like it did to Claire that wouldn't harm the fetus. How can you protect an unborn fetus by drugging it's mother with something that will hurt the fetus? This could be nitpicking, but I don't think it should be go unnoticed and not regarded either way.

Great episode! Well done!

PS: Although I posted this, I will probably call, too. Should I not do this because I posted or does it matter? Thoughts?

Katie said...

Oh, and the "replies to other comments" thing is because I totally copy-and-pasted my LJ reaction.

At least I'm honest.

Ralph- said...

HI CRAIG, i still remember that you are here, and that you are in fact NOT chop liver!I like Craig, he is a really cool guy. even though he is not leaving the show to go fight for my freedom, he is still pretty sweet!

Alyx said...

This can go in the replies section.

It's official (according to the previews for next week) Jin and Sun have sex. (or maybe its Michael's?)

Uncle Igmar said...

Dylan - go for it - I wish you luck - maybe in your Navy training you'll just find that underwater hatch that everyone is convinced is yet to be discovered.

Good luck - and I am sure Craig will carry on - I am sure there is someone in the burg of Oklahoma "City" that has some opinions on LOST. Maybe Craig can troll the high schools there for a partner.

aimee in little rock said...

Eko is the new Sawyer (the major Lost badass)!

aimee in little rock said...

There is a new horror movie coming out with Emilie de Ravin, called "The Hills Have Eyes". The name sounds familiar, so I think it might be a remake. I think I might actually go see this one. It looks a lot scarier than Maggie Grace's "The Fog".

Scott and Steve said...

Yes, Aimee, it is a remake of an old Wes Craven movie.

aimee in little rock said...

Doesn't surprise me. Why dont people make original horror movies anymore, like showgirls, or pootie tang?

URMothersMullet said...

You panzie ass soon to be squid. Good luck getting your clearances. I hope you didn't hit the pipe too much or miss some credit card payments.

You could of gone Marine Corps CI (Counter Intel)! Now you are doomed to spend your life and career in a dark room looking at numbers all day. Hope you don't crack like Hurley's Friend in the nuthouse.

Who cheated for you on your ASFAB to get that high of score to rate Cryptology? Craig stop being a nasty civilian and trump Dillian by joining the Corps! 12 weeks at the beach side South Caroline Isle would do you good.

Get used to saying Aye Aye Sir! And don't drop the soap in the group shower, they don't call sailor Rear Admirals for nothing you know.

But seriously good luck. The Intel Community needs more people with a sense of humor.

Unknown Sgt USMC (Oorah!)

URMothersMullet said...

Oh one more thing. Aimee is right about the Mail being important. Have your female listeners send some explicit photos for the Bitch Board and for late night watch duty in the head, if you know what I mean ;-)

8 weeks is a long time to go without. Trust me I went 13 and I was ready to chew my face off!

Good luck and godsped. Hopefully will cross paths in fine and far away land.

Ryan said...

Aloha guys! Jen and I just wanted to join your multitude of fans in expressing bummitude over losing Dylan, at least for now, but also great appreciation for his decision! We wish you only the best in your grand new adventure. We better hear updates, you hear? We'll miss you.

Craig, I think you're up to the challenge. Bluestone or no Bluestone. We'll be listening!

ally (houston, tx) said...

Good Luck, Dylan! I expect to see pictures of you in your Navy uniform.

You'll be missed.


Ralph- said...

Ryan can play 'scott' or Jen can portray 'Stephanie'


fuck_MYOKoM said...


CHuck norris said...

hey dylan keep your chin up serve your country i once had to serve in the navy in world war two i was what ended the war there was no nuclear bomb. they dropped me off a plane and i single handedly destroyed a whole city with little more then two fly kicks and a karate chop that had so much kinetic energy it literaly sent shockwaves that bitch slapped half of asia.

ill leave you with a random chuck norris fact,

The most effective form of suicide known to man is to type "Chuck Norris" into Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky!".