Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finally, real answers from Carl and Dam

Go to the comments section for some info from the new Offical Lost Podcast.


Scott and Steve said...

A significant plot twist between Kate and Sawyer will take place in Sawyer's flashback

Easter egg in Fire +Water the sign said "Widmore Construction"--they say pay attention to the name, it is significant and will come up again

They say Locke is frustrated by what the hatch contained and feels the island has stopped giving him direction. HIs anger was uncharacteristic and gave hints of his angry past.

Also they seem to imply that the Alex with the Others is in fact Danielle's Alex.

Someone asked about the caves-they said from a production standpoint they prefer the look of the beach and the hatch takes the place of the cave as a shelter. People tend to want to stay together so they've congregated on the beach. It's now beach/hatch instead of beach/cave.

The black outline behind the dove in F+W is just a shadow, not another bird.

Evangeline, when pressed on her opinion, says that she doesn't think that Kate will make a decision on Jack vs. Sawyer this season (what a surprise, heh). It doesn't fit with the character, since it's only been about "60 days" and pre-Island all she ever did was think about herself (interesting in light of the fact that Kate ostensibly killed her father partially for her mother's benefit....), so how could she possibly make a decision to love one person...

They admit that Hurley felt bad about Randy after the meteorite hit Mr. Cluck's and got him the job at Locke's box company.

For the record, they say "plus", not "and" for "Fire+Water" when referring to the episode.

Locke "capable of violence" and has a "growing in interest" in Claire and the baby. Feels like a "prisoner" in what he thought would "liberate" him (the hatch).

Rhino said...

couldn't they have just made the sign say "degroot construction" or "hanso construction" instead of making a new name.

Katie said...

Maybe Michael worked for Widmore Construction.

Scott and Steve said...

That's what i wondered.


Ralph- said...

In the podcast Carlton and Damon appear to hate having to do a podcast, and thier sarcasm is not lost by anyone. it is almost like they act as if they are little kids on a play ground saying,"na na na na na naaaa- i know something you don't know". i dont know why i keep listening to them, but if you guys update your page like this, i wont have to listen to them anymore. in short, i think that Damon and Carlton sound like a couple of major league "Douche Nozzles"! i honestly think that Damon would be a lot "cooler", if Carlton was not around!

Jeff said...

Also they seem to imply that the Alex with the Others is in fact Danielle's Alex.

And also that Alex is Danielle's daughter (and not son as some have thought).

The Genius said...

I'll bet Widmore Construction was contracted by the Hanso Foundation to build the bunkers on the island.

Rhino said...

Did anyone else pick up on the sexual frustrations between the two of them?

aimee in little rock said...

I'm with you Katie.

Alyx said...

You will be happy to know that Damon won the "You Know" contest in this week's podcast.

He started off in the lead, and then in a surprise showing, Carlton overtook him for a stretch. In the end, it was Damon by a landslide.

The final score 33-18, Damon.

Alyx said...

For those who care (or have nothing better to do) I am going back to the original podcasts by Cuse and Lindy and tabulating the frequencies at which they say the phrase "You Know"

Expect charts and graphs in the near future...

In the very first podcast, Carlton and Damon talk for a full 12 minutes and 20 seconds. Damon dominated the "you know"-ing by saying 26 times. Carlton said it a mere 4 times. Way to be bitch slapped (is that hyphenated?) man.

So you know, thats like, you know, 30 times in 12 minutes.

It appears that all of this, you know, stuff has taken its toll on Carlton, because as you know...he has increased his usage more than 400%.

Disclaimer: the exact number of times may be, you know, wrong because, you know, these guys talk fast and, you know, I have other things I do in a day (multitask!), and you know, following in the groundwork laid by MYOKoM w/SAS, do not double check anything.