Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Kate Did


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Scott and Steve said...

The last line of this podcast is the titular line from our upcoming sci-fi fantasy romp. Kevin Williamson is slated to not watch.

Mike Hollywood/City of Industry said...

Scott and Steve,
Why is it that everyone who is listening to your podcast is a brain surgeon? It makes me feel inferior; I’m only an application engineer. Should I go to school and further my education before I continue to listen?

desmondsbrother said...

Just listened to this. How about you guys come up with some better content. In 45 minutes maybe there was 20 minutes dedicated to the show LOST. The rest was you guys jerking around. To get a clue give LostCasts a listen. Those guys throw in a bit of humor but the podcast is dedicated to the show. And they provide some real CONTENT!

alex said...



Craig said...

Sorry pal, content is not our focus, the musical choice at the open and close of the show is our only concern.

Tom said...

Hi guys: I like your podcast, I've been subscribing for a few weeks, but the music that you play beneath your voices is completely distracting. For one thing, it's too loud compared with the level of your voices to be able to concentrate on what you're saying. But beyond that, it's just uneccessary and annoying. I end up fast-forwarding, hoping to find the spots where there's no music.

Forgive me if this is a subject you've addressed before, but even if you have, it needs to be brought up again. For example, go back in your "What Kate Did" episode and listen around the 39 and 40 minute marks. It's like two people at a party trying to have a conversation by talking loudly over the band.

Intro music, transitional music, sure, but why throughout the show? Please make it stop. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Thanks, and otherwise keep up the good work.

Tom in Seattle

Craig said...

Thanks Tom, I agree it is distracting for the most part, we should try to play more instrumental music if we plan on talking over it. Thanks for being constructive.

BizzeeFred said...

Is desmondsbrother one of those lostcasts jerkoffs? That show sucks.

Anonymous said...

Those tools over at LostCasts are way too serious.

Anonymous said...

Love the show. You provide a great alternative to the Transmission and LostCasts.

Jesus Herbert Walker Christ said...

Hi, desmondsbrother.

I think LostCasts' bid to get more listeners by posting fake comments on the websites of the other podcasts is pretty fucking pathetic.

By the way, how did you come up with the name. Surely you didn't just pluralize Lostcast in a hope to pick up their listeners. Did you think "The Transmissions" or "Get Losts with Scotts and Steves" might be to obviouss?

en vie said...

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Jay said...

Hey that en vie guy posted the same thing on our message board.

Well as a Lostcaster myself, I like the way you guys do the show. If all of the Lost Podcasts were the same nobody would listen to them.

Keep doing what your doing


Lost Podcast w/ Jay and Jack

Dylan said...

Thanks, Jay.

I'm glad to know that we can share the crazy. We shouldn't have en vie to ourselves.

jackswifepregdesmondbaby said...

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