Friday, December 16, 2005

Hiatus Week Two

Pre-Chrismahanakwanzakah Episode

As Requested a Playlist:
We open with a "mash-up" of the Super Mario Bros. theme music and "Galang" M.I.A.

"I Want to Break Free" Queen
"Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" The Arcade Fire
"Tell Her No" The Zombies
"Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)" Darlene Love

MP3 File


Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...

Hey Everyone! I just started my own podcast called "generally speaking." It will have a majority of shows devoted soley to Lost!

My podcast is not going to be as great as LostCasts, The Transmission, or MYOKOMWSAS, but will certainly be a new perspective on the show.

I figured during this six week break would be a great time to start my podcast. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I Love The MYOKOMWSAS! Keep up the great work guys!

For an easy link to subscribe to my itunes feed, or other feed, please goto...

Tristan said...

Hi Craig and Dylan,

To answer Craig about Nomar, I have to say this:


I've already have problems adapting and adopting Randy Johnson, so Nomar...

In fact, I'm not afraid of Nomar (seems like that he's going to sign with the Dodgers), I'm afraid we might want to sign Johnny Damon ! C'mon, this guy killed us in 2004... In my opinion, everything went downhill since 2001 when we let go Tino and later Pettitte.

By the way, Craig how did you fare for your college exams ?

Finally, thanks for being here during the hiatus and thanks for appreciating some of my theories.

Tristan said...

New Theory:

The Yankees = Jack & co.
The Red Sox = The Others

matt said...

newer theory:

george steinbrenner = alvar hanso

Matt said...

Hey guys. I've been listening to the podcast since your first week and love it. I listen to the Transmission too, though I don't know why. It's kind of boring. You guys are entertaining. Does the Transmission ever talk about Chuck Norris? No. Are the hosts of the Transmission growing beards? No.

One thing that the Transmission does have going for them is their voice mail...the Lost Line.

I was telling a friend that to move into 2006, we need to come up with a hip term to start using, because I said "I just commented it to your blog" and it was a very 2005 thing to say.

So the word that I suggest is podline. Or maybe Podline. Or PodLine. And insert a TM in there somewhere.

A PodLine is of course a hotline for podcasts.

And since I don't have a podcast, I thought I would offer up the term PodLine TM to you so you can stay on the cutting edge.

Keep up the great work on MYOKM w/ SAS.

In high school, I had a professor who was obsessed with a few things - Chuck Norris, Bryan Adams, and the Kennedy's. He said that he used to train with Chuck Norris, that he was in a Bryan Adams video...and he just liked the Kennedy's. Any of those topics would get him off topic for hours (and since class was only 50 minutes, that carried a long way).